Reinke unveils low-profile flatbed

Reinke Manufacturing launched the UltiMax, a low-profile flatbed trailer originally designed to maximize the inside height of curtain vans or rolling tarp systems. However, the trailer offers the same advantages without the use of tarp systems.

The trailer's deck height depends on the height of the tractor fifthwheel. On a 47" fifthwheel height, the UltiMax has a front deck height of only 53 inches. With standard 295/75R22.5 tires, the deck height at the rear is only 48 inches. Using the same specifications with a curtain van or rolling tarp, inside heights of 107 inches can be accomplished.

The UltiMax in its original length of 53 feet and width of 102 inches will have a tare weight of 10,435 pounds. It has a load rating of 50,000 pounds in four feet when the load is astride both beams. Reinke Manufacturing Co, 101 Reinke Road, Deshler NE 68340.

TAGS: Trailers
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