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Record year for Volvo Trucks

Last year was the best in Volvo Trucks’ history, with deliveries increasing by 29% to 97,264 from 75,312 –- boosted by considerable demand for heavy trucks on all the major markets in Europe, North and South America and Asia.

As in the previous two years, the demand for heavy trucks continued to increase in Europe last year. The total market expanded by 12% to 256,000 vehicles. The German, French and Spanish markets increased by 17, 5 and 8% respectively. Sales in Eastern Europe increased by 29%, led by Poland’s 58%.

The demand for heavy trucks in North America was illustrated by a 42% increase to 255,000 vehicles, primarily because of increased transportation and the haulage companies’ need to renew their vehicle fleets. Sales of Volvo trucks (Class 8) rose 52% to 26,035.

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