Rear-dump trailer adheres to codes, hauls whopping loads

Titan Trailers Inc has a new all-aluminum rear-dump trailer that provides load capacities of up to 78 cubic yards while remaining in compliance with the new harmonized codes for “road-friendly” limits for Ontario and Quebec.

Designed with Titan's original Thinwall extruded aluminum sidewall panel, the new Titan rear-dump was custom-built for Mitchel Transport of St Thomas, Ontario.

The tri-axle Thinwall dump design offers lower operating costs, backhaul versatility, and durability for truckers hauling bulk grain and aggregate. With its self-steering forward lift axle, the multi-axle configuration meets harmonized requirements for hauling within certain areas of Canada.

At 45 feet long with a clear 98.5" interior width from side to side, the Thinwall dump handles loads of more than 78 cubic yards. Also featuring a Thinwall aluminum floor, the Titan dump body combines strength and light weight with smooth inside walls for clean, quick unloading. With no posts for loads to hang up on, the Titan semi-dump requires less clean-up and maintenance and provides more resistance to corrosion.

The hollow-core aluminum floor lowers the trailer's center of gravity, and the smooth underside minimizes ice build-up on winter roads.

For full details, contact Titan, R R #3, Delhi, Ontario, Canada N4B 2W6.

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