Reading Truck Body opens new plant

Reading Truck Body, LLC, a Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of service bodies, platform bodies and truck accessories, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

The 120’ by 630’, 72,000-sq-ft facility is situated on 29 acres of land, allowing for major expansion in the future.

The new plant became operational in June 2007. It is producing a newly-designed series of 98”, 108” and 132” service bodies, utilizing new processes that greatly reduce manufacturing labor.

“The opening of this new manufacturing facility is the culmination of over a year of planning, process flow analysis, automation analysis, and design” says Dan Perlman, president of The Reading Group, LLC. “We call the new manufacturing plant “Facility X”, because we are presently restricting all plant visits and plant access to just a very limited group of employees.

“We fully expect that the manufacturing technology used within this new facility will revolutionize our industry in the near future, in much the same way as e-coat priming did back in the late 80’s. Reduction in labor cost content was our key goal at this facility, and this goal was met and exceeded within our first 20 days of operations. We are very excited to launch the new service body into the market in July 2007.”

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