Ramsey provides PowerMaster products

Ramsey Winch, a subsidiary and premier brand of Ramsey Industries, announces the PowerMaster series of products.

“The PowerMaster series includes a complete bumper system,” said Phil Halt, marketing product manager for Ramsey Winch. “This is the bigger, better bumper for utilities, with a bigger non-skid work surface, better tool storage, and a feature packed 20K planetary winch. The PowerMaster series also offers a 6,000-lb capstan drive, a capstan head, and a stand-alone 20K hydraulic planetary winch.”

The PowerMaster bumper assembly was developed in response to the need for a better-built, integrated bumper system. Manufactured from galvanneal steel, each bumper is precision-welded in the firm's Tulsa OK factory. A modern contour design provides for a better fit to a utility vehicle and is available with a durable non-skid coating for a more stable and safe work surface.

At the heart of the PowerMaster utility bumper system is the 20,000-lb-capacity hydraulic planetary winch. It is SAE J706-rated with 200 feet of 9/16" wire rope capacity. The winch is provided in manual or air shift and achieves 49 feet per minute line speed at 20 gpm. Sold with the bumper assembly or as a stand-alone unit, the PowerMaster 20,000-lb multi-stage planetary winch has an assembly that will fit other manufacturer's bumper designs. An extended shaft operates 3.5 times faster than the base drum, and a matching capstan head is also available.

Additional details may be found at www.autocrane.com, www.eskridgeinc.com, and www.ramsey.com.
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