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Quik-Draw Simplifies Pulling Slider Pins

Hendrickson's new Quik-Draw eliminates manual slider pin pulling and possible shoulder and back injuries. Quik-Draw is a pneumatic pin-pulling system that nearly eliminates driver effort, and is powerful enough to dislodge frozen or jammed pins.

To use Quik-Draw, after the trailer brakes have been set, the driver pulls the externally mounted Quik-Draw operating knob, which is located on the slider. This opens the system valve, which directs air from the trailer pneumatic system to retract slider pins from body rails. Once the slider has been repositioned, a push on the knob releases the slider pins.

Quik-Draw automatically resets the pins when the trailer emergency brake is released. This prevents an operator from driving away with a loose slider.

Quik-Draw weighs about 29 pounds less than the assisted mechanical devices, it is compatible with all Vantraax slider designs, and it will be compatible with other slider systems soon.

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