Quality jobs await in manufacturing sector

Dear Editor,

I had the opportunity to read your article “Harvard, we have a problem” (TBB editorial, December 2012) and agree with everything that you say.

Unfortunately, our generation has placed too much emphasis on having a four-year degree and forgotten that the manufacturing mentality of our forefathers led to the past prosperity of America.

Today's youth need to be informed, educated, and welcomed by the manufacturing sector and shown that there are quality, rewarding life-long jobs.

As board chair of Waukesha County Technical College in Waukesha Wisconsin, we have continually discussed and addressed this very issue and struggle with the re-education of parental expectations of today's youth.

I would welcome continuing this discussion.

Jim Riley
Board Chair
Waukesha County Technical College
Waukesha WI
Mgr of Commercial Real Estate Lending

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