Quality Drive Away earns Blue Bird Corp award

Quality Drive Away Inc, headquartered in Goshen IN, has been named a winner of the 2011 Global Supplier Of the Year award by Blue Bird Corporation, based in Fort Valley GA.

Blue Bird Corp manufactures and supplies Type A, C, and D school buses to more than 60 nations. Trey Jenkins, vice-president of purchasing and supplier quality, said six winners from the total supply base were selected to receive this award. These six suppliers were selected based on their superior performance related to cost, quality, delivery, and technology.

Through its Motorized Division, Quality Drive Away is rapidly growing as a transporter of semitractors, box trucks, UPS trucks, ambulances, and buses. To support its business, Quality Drive Away contracts with more than 1,300 independent contract drivers and services customers from six terminals throughout the United States.

The firm's sister company, Foremost Transport Inc, can help individuals who own a pickup truck begin as independent contractors. Quality Drive Away and Foremost Transport, also based in Goshen, expect to contract with 250 to 300 more independent contract drivers in the coming months.

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