Qatar Places Two Orders for Emergency One Vehicles

Qatar has ordered 45 vehicles from Emergency One to complement its existing fleet. Qatar's Ministry of Interior has purchased 39 vehicles, while the nation's Ministry of Defense will take delivery of four pumpers and a pair of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) units.

The 39 vehicles for the Ministry of Interior will consist of 14 Jackrabbits, 20 Wildcats, and five pumpers with foam and dry chemical.

The Jackrabbit units offer a maneuverable 135.5" wheelbase, a 200-gallon water tank, foam reserves, and a rear discharge. The Wildcat vehicles feature International 4900 chassis and have been engineered with left- and right-side discharges and carry a 500-gallon water tank and a 50-gallon foam reserve. The Jackrabbits and Wildcats will be distributed to the 24 Civil Defense Fire Stations throughout Qatar.

The remaining five trucks are also built on International 4900 chassis. Each of these units will come equipped with a 1,250-gpm Hale QSMG pump, a 2,000-gallon water tank with an integral 500-gallon foam tank, and a dry chemical powder extinguishing system.

For the Ministry of Defense, the ARFF units are Titan HPR 6×6 vehicles that have dual coil spring independent suspensions on all six wheels. The ARFF units come equipped with a 3,000-gallon water tank and 400-gallon foam tank.

The pumpers feature International 4900 four-door 4×4 chassis with 300-hp engines, and seating for six firefighters. These pumpers also have been outfitted with a foam system. Specifications include a bronzed, 1,000-gpm DSD pump with a 1,500-gpm ATP foam system, a 850-gallon water tank, and a 150-gallon integral foam cell.

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