Putting more parts on the shelves

The parts manager can never have too many weapons.

In recent months, Trailmobile Parts & Service Corporation has added several new products to the arsenal. Speaking at a meeting of its dealer and branch parts managers, Tom Nolan, director of purchasing, reviewed them.

  • Shell Oil. This includes the company's line of motor oil, transmission fluid, synthetic grease, antifreeze, and hydraulic oil.

  • Uni-Bond brake shoes and LED lights and mirrors. These are imported products for customers who are price sensitive.

  • 3M automotive products. This program began about two years ago as an effort to consolidate the multiple divisions into a single buying source, Nolan said. Dealers and branches can now order such diverse products as caulk, duct tape, respirator masks, sandpaper, and trim adhesive with one order.

  • Penz twist locks for intermodal containers and chassis.

  • Replacement corner caps for competitive trailers, including Monon, Lufkin, Pines, Stoughton, and Strick.

  • Windshield wiper fluid available in gallon containers or in 55-gallon barrels of fluid or fluid concentrate.

  • Holland fifthwheels.

  • Plywood from Brazil for price-sensitive customers.

  • Nineteen-ply container flooring.

  • Brakleen brake cleaner that meets California regulations.

  • Kemlite ETR roof sheet.

Also in the works are separate programs for handling Duracell batteries and another for the sale of disposable gloves. “There is a huge market for disposable gloves,” Nolan said. “People do not want oil and dirt absorbed in their skin. These gloves provide the protection that they are looking for.”

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