PulseCode locks improve vehicle security

RMP Security Inc has become the master distributor for PulseCode high-security locks from Master Lock. These locks are a versatile access control system engineered with E-Lock technology and with application flexibility.

E-Lock technology enables the PulseCode system to operate without direct contact between lock and key. In fact, there's no keyhole or conventional key at all. Instead, E-Lock technology uses an encrypted sequence of mechanical pulses. transmitted by the keypad through a solid surface. The opening code passes straight to the lock — even through solid metal, wood, or glass. If the lock hears the correct code sequence, it opens.

The 32-digit, randomly encrypted code allows for billions of possible combinations. This makes the PulseCode system secure because it never uses the same code twice. So it's impossible to imitate the keypad — even by recording the code.

PulseCode lock mounts on the inside of a door of the trailer, compartment, or toolbox. The lock does not have a keyhole or require direct contact with the key itself to operate. Since the locking mechanism is concealed from the outside, a PulseCode lock is virtually impossible to detect, pick, or vandalize. Only a management-authorized user code can operate the lock. Each user has an individual user code that can be programmed as to the hours the code will operate the lock.

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