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PTS tops one million hose assemblies

The Parker Tracking System (PTS) from Parker Hannifin Corporation has gained rapid acceptance since its launch just over one year ago. The system now manages more than one million uniquely identified hydraulic hose assemblies within its global database. Using this tagging and identification system helps Parker's customers identify, track, and replace hose assemblies with greater speed, accuracy, and ease than previously possible.

“With PTS, our global OEMs and distributors can identify and replace hose assemblies with nothing more than the eight-digit alphanumeric code on the PTS label — which is a significant change in the way we can service our customers,” said Bill Sayavich, business development manager, Parker Hannifin Corp, Hose Products Division. “Customers can simply call ahead with the PTS ID number, giving their distributor advance notice and time to retrieve the assembly details from the system, including hose and fitting part numbers, assembly length, optional sleeving, and accessories. With this detail in hand, the distributor can make the assembly and have it ready for pick-up when the customer arrives.

“With more than 18 countries represented, this is truly a global system,” Sayavich said. “The same hose that is tagged by a distributor in Germany, for example, can be replaced in the United States, and vice versa. With so much equipment being shipped all over the world these days, our global database enables Parker's OEM customers to facilitate hydraulic hose replacement on their equipment, regardless of the country of origin. Equally important, the system can record specialized information such as pressure tests, certifications, or even engineering drawings, as well as the ability to keep track of maintenance cycles for replacing old assemblies.”

The PTS system is comprised of a web-based software application along with Parker's labels and printer systems. For more details, visit, where a copy of the PTS White Paper can be downloaded. To inquire directly, call Parker's Hose Products Division at 440-943-5700.

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