PSI provides Fleet Tire Digest, Volume 1

The Commercial Fleet Tire Digest is an authoritative guide to reducing tire expenditures. Each month, Al Cohn, director of new market development and engineering support for Pressure Systems International (PSI), discusses a subject of particular interest to fleet operators and others concerned with tire safety, wear, and cost, as well as how to enhance fuel economy through tire technology and use. Cohn draws on his experience to address subjects including “Ambient Temperature and Its Effect on Tire Pressure,” “Are the New Wide Base Tires Right for Your Trailers?”, and “Over- Versus Underinflation.” A complete list of subjects covered in Volume 1 can be viewed at

PSI is offering to fleet managers the complete Volume 1 of the digest covering November-December 2006 through November/December 2007 printed and spiral-bound. To request a copy, visit E-mail suggestions for Volume 2 (2008) topics to [email protected].

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