Prolam Zig-zags its way to advance its trailer flooring

Prolam has set a new benchmark in the trailer flooring industry with its Zig-zag joint technology. This flooring technique provides greater strength and enhanced water resistance, which, combined with the light weight of maple wood, translate into savings for fleet owners.

Key to Prolam's new flooring approach is a technique where floor strip ends are precision-cut in a zig-zag pattern, which is how the technique got its name. The strips are then fitted together and sealed under 200 pounds of pressure to form an exceptionally strong joint. Consequently, the number of joints that need to be resealed during the assembly process has been reduced by more than 90%.

Traditional hook joints often allow water to penetrate the joint, which weakens the bond around the joint over time, the company says. Prolam's new improved seal is much more water-resistant and virtually eliminates water intrusion.

Adding to the integrity of the Zig-zag technology is Prolam's knowledge of the gluing process.

“At Prolam, we believe the gluing process is as important as the wood and the zig-zag pattern of the floor strip ends,” said Pierre Thabet, owner of Prolam. “We have developed a gluing technology that allows all of the components to be treated with a single, meticulously controlled process.”

The Zig-zag technology also allows weight to be redistributed along the entire length of the floor beyond the joints. This significantly reduces harmful stress that occurs from the weight of forklifts and cargo during trailer loading. Laboratory tests have shown that Zig-zag joints are twice as strong as conventional hook-shaped joints, which prevent weight from being redistributed between floor strips, according to Prolam.

Precise wood selection and preparation ensures the quality of the Zig-zag technology. Prolam uses leading suppliers in North America to obtain its hardwood, which undergoes an initial selection process, is stored for a specific amount of time, and is then treated in dryers.

Prolam is a trailer floor manufacturer based in Cap-Saint-Ignace, Quebec, with more than 225 employees. Find out more about Prolam at

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