Product Profiles

North Coast adds platform, stake bodies

North Coast Truck Body has added new formed steel platform and stake bodies to its product line.

With body lengths from 8 to 26 feet; rugged 10-gauge steel, 6-inch-high frame rails; structural I-beam crossmembers, and structural channel long sills, this formed body is both strong and affordable. Floor options include #1 Southern yellow pine, apitong, tread plate steel, smooth steel, or steel over wood.

Options include up to 60" powdercoated bulkheads, powdercoated steel stake racks, tie-down cargo control straps, lumber rollers, contractor sides, and LED lighting.

Using lean manufacturing techniques, North Coast has short lead times for faster order fulfillment.

E-mail Rick Sippola at [email protected] for further details.

For real: Mag wheels on commercial truck

Custom mag wheels on a commercial truck? RealWheels has made it possible with its new RealMag hub cover. Manufactured from high-impact, chrome-plated ABS, the RealMag offers over-the-lug installation on 22.5 and 24.5 aluminum or steel wheels. RealMags are available for front and rear wheels with 33-mm lug nuts. Both models offer pop-in centers for easy oil cap viewing.

Based in Gurnee IL, RealWheels currently works with many OEMs, distributors, and dealers and will be expanding distribution to meet the demand for the RealMag and other new products to be released in early 2007.

For more information and a 24-page, full-color catalog, e-mail [email protected].

Safety yellow mudflaps help boost safety

Buyers Products Co has added yellow mudflaps imprinted with “Caution Wide Turns” to its standard mudflap line.

The bright-yellow and “Caution Wide Turns” imprint are designed to increase traffic safety.

Constructed of 3/16" durable polymer, these mudflaps withstand impact and stress, subfreezing temperatures, and buildup of ice and snow while maintaining their appearance and anti-sail properties.

Three standard sizes are available: 24" × 24", 24" × 30", and 24" × 36". E-mail Brian Smith at [email protected] for further information.

DEL provides ACK1201 air compressor kit

DEL Hydraulics introduces the ACK1201 air compressor kit. This kit is designed for trucks without air brakes to engage and disengage power take-offs. The kit eliminates problems with control cable routing and also problems with PTO electric solenoids. It includes PTO air valve, custom console, air compressor, pressure switch, electric relay, tubing and fittings, blinking warning light, and an inline fuse. The kit comes pre wired for simple installation.

E-mail Arthur Rhodes at [email protected] for more information.

Carlisle's new shoes fit braking demands

Carlisle Motion Control Industries Inc is launching a new line of OE-quality brake shoes featuring induction-hardened cam and anchor ends to prevent mushrooming and improve long-term durability. All Carlisle new shoes will receive an e-coating where paint is more uniformly and completely bonded to the steel for better resistance to environmental conditions. These shoes are coined after welding to correct shoe distortion and deformation that can occur during welding.

The new brake shoes will be available through the company's Altec Brake Systems division. These shoes guarantee consistent ISO 9000 quality and come in a wide range of FMSI numbers.

For more details. access

Durable FiberTech bushing resists slippage

Ridewell Suspensions's new composite FiberTech bushing is the result of more than a year of collaborative development with the firm's European custom bushing supplier.

The FiberTech bushing offers high frictional resistance to bushing slippage after installation, requires low force to install and remove, and is exceptionally durable due to a special bushing and eye interface. The bushing has a self-preserving nature when subjected to radial overloads and is securely retained to the eye without adhesives or clamping.

FiberTech is solidly designed to offer durability and improved suspension roll stability over “cavity”-style bushings. There is no need to orient the bushing upon installation, as is required for cavity bushings.

This bushing will be available on several new Ridewell suspensions for various applications and capacities.

E-mail Kristin Persson at [email protected] for more information.

Dometic, Lombardini reach APU agreement

Dometic Environmental Corp and Lombardini Srl Italy have agreed to integrate Dometic's auxiliary air-conditioning systems with Lombardini's Ecowind Power 702 auxiliary power unit (APU) for the North American trucking market.

The Ecowind Power products are being manufactured in North America by Kennedy Power of Canton GA.

The Ecowind Power 702 system uses a Lombardini two-cylinder 13-hp liquid-cooled diesel engine at 2,600 rpm, which produces 7.5-kw, 115-volt, 60-Hz power to run the air-conditioning and other AC loads in the truck's sleeper. It also produces 12-volt, 45-amp battery charging power. The system is totally independent of the truck's main engine and can run on shorepower where plug-ins are available.

Dometic is supplying a 14,000-Btu air-conditioning system that provides year-round comfort with a built-in 2.5-kw heater. The Dometic system consists of an externally mounted condensing unit and a compressor/evaporator/blower unit that mounts inside the sleeper. The two units are connected by refrigerant linesets that are precharged at the factory for hookup without special tools.

Wireless remote keeps tarp operations safe

Users of Roll-Rite tarps operated via electric gear motors can now more efficiently and safely control their tarps with the touch of a button, thanks to the company's enhanced Wireless Power Pack with Black Box remote control.

With conventional truck-mounted tarp controls, drivers “tethered” to the truck may be unaware of potential load obstructions or debris hazards that could interfere with tarp operations and driver safety.

A six-function wireless key fob powers a hydraulic tower up and down, adjustable pivots in and out, and tarp open and close.

The Black Box houses relay-activated controls and can also include an optional audible safety alarm signal, indicating when the tarp is in operation.

The electric-over-hydraulic Wireless Power Pack is designed for rolloffs, hooklifts, and luggers using one or more adjustable system features.

E-mail Cindy Cook at [email protected] for complete information.

TotAL S2F optimizes aluminum MIG welding

The Lincoln Electric Co has developed a program that includes welding processes, equipment, and consumables all designed to offer optimized aluminum MIG welding results. The new TotAL S2F (Start-2-Finish) aluminum-welding system and pre-assembled welding equipment packages deliver systems for the entire aluminum welding cycle.

The TotAL S2F equipment system includes recommended Ready-Pak pre-configured packages optimized for aluminum welding. Lincoln's Power Wave 355M, Power Wave 455M, and Power MIG 350MP are all delivered with standard aluminum-optimized waveforms.

SuperGlaze aluminum MIG wire consumables feature a polished surface finish free of irregularities to deliver a smooth feeding and consistently smooth arc action. Standard SuperGlaze packaging includes 200-lb Accu-Pak boxes for high-volume shops demanding the latest in 100% recyclable packaging to related after-weld costs.

Phone 888-355-3213 for complete details.

SwitchQuick simplifies trailer switching

Drivers can now hook, drop, and maneuver trailers hooked in tandem more safely, efficiently, and cost-effectively thanks to a new trailer-connecting device from SwitchQuick LLC.

The SwitchQuick connecting device prevents the converter dolly from articulating when the vehicle backs up by bracing one or two struts from the dolly against the lead trailer with struts extended. The device is easy to install, and minimal training is required.

Because the device is easy to use, it allows drivers to switch trailers (typically two 28-foot trailers) quickly.

“By cutting down on the time spent switching trailers, fleets are able to reduce labor costs for hooking and dropping time by as much as 33%,” said Greg Helton, company president.

SwitchQuick also minimizes the risk of driver injury by reducing the number of times the driver must exit and enter the cab. E-mail Greg Helton at [email protected] for more information.

Buyers adds anti-skid tape, utility light

Buyers Products Company has added anti-skid tape to its line of safety products.

This black, coarse-grit tape improves traction and safety, and is ideal for bumpers, steps, walkways, or anywhere foot traffic can be hazardous.

The self-adhesive tape is easy to apply and comes in three roll sizes: 2" × 60', 4" × 60', and 6" × 60'. It is resistant to detergents and solvents, and helps meet OSHA and ADA requirements.

Buyers Products also has added a universal utility light to its product line. This 5" rubber-housed sealed lamp is ideal for salt spreader applications. The light includes a 5/16" stud base and universal adjustable mounting bracket.

E-mail Brian Smith at [email protected] for further information.

Braided hose supplies abrasion resistance

Eaton Corp is providing a new Weatherhead-brand braided hose with superior abrasion resistance.

New Weatherhead RhinoHide II hose offers 700 times more abrasion resistance than polymer-covered hoses, says the company. It won't wear out in high-pressure applications, even those as high as 3,000 psi.

This makes the hose ideal for logging, construction, mining, and other off-highway jobs. An ultra-high molecular polyethylene cover helps make RhinoHide II hose suitable for specific water applications. It lowers overall hose assembly costs by eliminating the need for abrasion-resistant sleeving.

RhinoHide II hose is qualified for use with Eaton's newly launched WeatherGRIP hose ends.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

Dielectric grease comes in one-use tubes

Phillips Industries is providing Qwik-Shot one-use dielectric grease tubes. Using dielectric grease will protect electrical connections and stop corrosion by sealing out moisture, high heat, and contaminants. Phillips recommends the use of dielectric grease before installation and every time electrical connections are disconnected.

Qwik-Shot tubes are an easy way to have dielectric grease available whenever it's needed, either at fleet maintenance locations or for on-the-road use. The one-use tubes are available in buckets of 200 (part number 80-250). E-mail Travis Hopkey at [email protected] for more information.

Steerable lift axle for vocational trucks

Kenworth Truck Co offers a new 13,200-lb steerable lift axle on selected Kenworth Class 8 vocational truck models for dump, mixer, heavy haul, logging, and other vocational applications.

The Watson & Chalin Tru-Track Alumilite steerable lift axle provides greater payload capacity, reducing tare weight by nearly 150 pounds compared with the company's previous Tru-Track models. Extended life bushings help make the lift axle more durable.

Other features include a quick-change ride height system with heights of 7" to 18", 13½" axle travel, up to 11" axle lift, pre-loaded locking fasteners, parallelogram design, and a five-year warranty.

E-mail Jeff Parietti at [email protected] for more details.

East dumps now offer advanced Genesis

East Manufacturing's original aerodynamic Genesis smooth-sided dump trailers are now available with an advanced smooth-walled Genesis tailgate. The new Genesis tailgate features the strength and durability of the traditional sheet-and-post design, with a smooth surface that is easy to clean, and leaves nowhere for dirt, mud, snow, and ice to build up. Currently available as an option, the Genesis tailgate will become standard in fourth quarter 2006.

The original Genesis sidewall panels are offset about two inches inboard of the top and bottom rails, and the front and rear posts. Until now, the inboard Genesis dump trailer was only available with a traditional tailgate that uses an external bracing (sheet and post) structure. The new Genesis tailgate is interchangeable with external-braced tailgate hardware.

Tailgate walls are built of Genesis 2"-thick double-wall aluminum extrusions, robotically welded together in a patented process. Thicker aluminum walls are available as an option for abusive loads. All tailgate options, such as coal/grain doors, are provided on the advanced inboard Genesis tailgate. E-mail Charlie Wells at [email protected] for further information.

In-cab display unit new from GeoLogic

GeoLogic Solutions introduces its new in-cab Color Display Unit (CDU). The Windows-based touch screen display features a high-resolution graphical interface and incorporates several new technologies that optimize its use in emerging mobile trucking applications. The CDU will be a display option for new GeoLogic customers and an upgrade for existing users of the company's MobileMax system.

The GeoLogic CDU is totally compatible with existing MobileMax systems now deployed. It is equipped with industry-standard USB ports both in the front and rear of the device to further enhance productivity. For example, by using a standard memory stick, drivers can access training programs and other Windows applications such as their logs and easily move them from truck to truck.

SSSI rear-view system puts fleets in compliance

Sonar Safety Systems Inc (SSSI) offers fleet owners a compliance unit for laws being considered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

The combination unit from SSSI provides drivers with both audio and visual detection, exceeding requirements that may be implemented soon.

NHTSA has introduced a proposal to upgrade current safety standards to require a rear object detection system in straight trucks with a GVWR between 10,000 pounds (4,536 kg) and 26,000 pounds (11,793 kg). To comply with the rear detection system requirements, fleet vehicles would need to be outfitted with either a mirror system or rear video system that would make the area behind the vehicle visible to the driver.

SSSI's system includes a seven-inch TFT LCD monitor, three-channel camera input, two-channel sonar input (for rear detection), six-step detection distance indication, and built-in speaker and microphone.

E-mail Fred Motta at [email protected] for more details.

Cutting edge of durability Boss SuperDuty XT

Available in three models (8'-0", 8'-6", and 9'-0"), The Boss Snowplow's Super-Duty XT is designed for the professional contractor. This plow comes with a 1/2" × 8" high-performance cutting edge that the firm says lasts three times longer than conventional cutting edges.

Standard features of the plow include:

  • SmartHitch 2 attachment system

  • High-performance hydraulic package

  • Snowplow sight system

  • SmartLight package

  • SmartTouch 2 control

  • SmartShield baked-on PowerCoat paint finish with exclusive zinc primer

  • Dual shock absorbers with four trip return springs

  • Chainless lifting system

  • Two-year, factory-backed limited warranty

Phone 906-776-3511 for more information.

ITW's electrostatic spray guns aim higher

ITW Ransburg's new Vector Systems have taken electrostatic spray guns to a new level with reduced weight, increased durability, lightened trigger pull, improved finish and transfer efficiency, and simplified electrostatic controls.

Improved atomization and transfer efficiency is achieved through the new design of the Vector that redistributes the pressure in the air cap and adjusts the balance between atomization and fan air. This causes paint particles to move slower through the charging field, resulting in stronger charging and more paint delivered with less waste.

Weight of the Vector guns is up to 24% less than other electrostatic guns. Front to back and top to bottom, Vector guns are tougher and more streamlined with better weight distribution for improved balance and ergonomics.

Vector guns contain 25% fewer parts than other electrostatic spray guns. The guns use oversize, coarse threads for the air cap retaining ring and fluid tip, enhancing durability and cleaning.

E-mail [email protected] for more details.

Stamped steel end fittings cut weight

Liteflex LLC has added another weight-saving design to its line of composite springs. Stamped steel end fittings allow direct support of the spring for hybrid suspension designs. These new fittings are one-third the weight of the cast aluminum parts that they replace. The new designs also are more cost-effective than their predecessor.

Load-deflection testing has shown that Liteflex lightweight composite springs, a proprietary mixture of fiberglass and epoxy, are virtually identical to steel. A fatigue life nearly 10 times that of steel eliminates the sagging common with steel leaf springs over time. Virtually indestructible Liteflex lightweight composite springs provide life-of-vehicle service.

Suspension designs can include integral ball joints and other components that reduce extraneous component costs and the labor required to install them. For further details, e-mail [email protected].

New Peterbilt based on award-winning truck

Peterbilt is introducing a new cabover, the Model 220, based on the 2002 “International Truck of the Year.“

The Model 220 will initially be offered in Class 7 truck configurations and will be limited to 100 units. Full production and distribution is scheduled for late 2007, at which time a Class 6 configuration will be provided.

“The Model 220 is based on the award-winning design of the DAF LF, a European market leader for our sister company DAF Trucks, which introduced the vehicle in 2001,” says Dan Sobic, Peterbilt general manager and Paccar vice-president. DAF is a subsidiary of Bellevue WA-based Paccar Inc.

The DAF LF received the International Truck of the Year honor from an international jury of truck journalists representing 20 European nations. This annual award is given to the new truck that “makes the best contribution to the development of the transport of goods by road in countries involved in the poll.”

Underlift system has self-loader grids

Jerr-Dan Corp's new carrier underlift system with self-loader grids features hydraulically operated L-Arms, eliminating the need for operators to handle L-Arms.

One of the most important safety features of the self-loader grid configuration is the patented Locklink mechanism. This over-center, self-locking device mechanically locks the wheel retaining arms in the “fully tire engaged” position. This prevents the vehicle from becoming released should a problem occur with a hydraulic cylinder, hose, or fitting.

This self-loader grid system was first developed for the Jerr-Dan MPL40 light-duty wrecker. It is now offered as an option on all Jerr-Dan standard-duty carriers with a minimum GVWR of 19,500 pounds and a lifting capacity of 3,000 pounds. The underlift is provided in optional ZOD (zero-degree) and non-ZOD configurations. The ZOD underlift option provides maximum clearance to towed vehicles regardless of ground profile.

E-mail Kirsten Skyba at [email protected] for complete information.

Goodyear expands DuraSeal applications

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co plans to expand its self-sealing commercial tire technology to include more mixed-service tires for vehicles that require maximum off-road traction. DuraSeal Technology will be available in Unisteel G177 severe-service drive tires.

Goodyear G177's aggressive tread design helps provide superb off-road traction. The tire also features high-tear strength tread compound to help resist rubber chipping and chunking. An enhanced casing design helps improve strength, puncture-resistance, and retreadability.

The technology helps seal tread-area punctures up to ¼" diameter when they occur. Previously only offered in Unisteel G287 MSA and G288 MSA mixed-service tires, the technology allows tires to remain in service. They can be retreaded and retain sealing effectiveness.

Grote's white LED lamps leave others in the dark

Grote Industries has unveiled a new line of bright, white 18-diode LED lamps. The result of new technology and Grote engineering, the new lamps leave behind the typical dim, bluish cast of other LEDs and also cast the familiar, broad light pattern of fluorescent lamps.

These LED lamps demand less power than other types of interior lighting. The LEDs draw 2.1 amps for startup, compared with 2.7 amps needed to start up a fluorescent lamp. Plus, the power demand to keep on an LED lamp remains low, making them suitable for “no-idle” areas where engines must be switched off.

Unlike fluorescents, which take time to brighten in cold temperatures, Grote's LED lamps snap instantly to life. They even work better in the cold. At -40° F, they are still instant-on and instant-bright.

Grote's LED lamps are easier to install because the wiring set-up is more forgiving, and the self-contained LED units are far more tamper-resistant than incandescent set-ups.

E-mail Chris Cammack at [email protected] for more information.

Fuel-efficient truck tires provided by Goodyear

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co has introduced a new fuel-efficient commercial tire technology and three new tires for long-haul trucks.

The company's new Fuel Max Technology includes new steer, drive, and trailer tires and retreads for a complete “cradle-to-grave” tire system for trucking fleets and owner-operators. An 18-wheeler outfitted with tires featuring Fuel Max Technology could achieve up to 4 percent improved fuel economy. Actual Society of Automotive Engineers test results showed an 8 percent improvement in vehicle fuel economy compared with standard Goodyear over-the-road tires.

Goodyear tires featuring Fuel Max Technology include the Unisteel G395 LHS steer tire, Unisteel G305 LHD drive tire, and Unisteel G316 LHT trail tire in standard (11R22.5) and low-profile (295/75R22.5 and 285/75R24.5) sizes.


Bluetooth takes bite out of rival systems

Josam Products' new wireless Bluetooth truck wheel alignment systems have a battery-powered Mobile Support Center, including PC, flat panel monitor, and docking stations. Only two “Bluetooth” measuring units are required to perform total vehicle alignment on all vehicles and axles.

PC's and Window SP Pro provide a familiar operating environment for the intuitive Josam software. The flat panel display screen adjusts from floor level to overhead to provide visibility from the cab to under the chassis. The wireless remote frees the operator to become even more productive. Color graphics depict axle specifications, conditions, and before-and-after reports for the customer.

Able to measure any configuration of up to 16 axle vehicles, the station's database can store an almost unlimited number of reports. The optional proprietary Handheld computer is self-contained and designed for severe use.

For further information, e-mail [email protected].

Blind rivet fastener has extended grip range

The HuckLok blind rivet fastener from Alcoa Fastening Systems offers a quarter-inch grip range, effectively joining a wide range of assemblies from truck bodies to HVAC.

This extended grip range allows the HuckLok to join assemblies from 1/8" to 7/8" thick. The fastener's large footprint, or “bulb,” spreads the load over a broader area. This results in a more durable and dependable joint.

HuckLok's wider grip range is due to the shear ring. After the maximum clamp has been achieved from minimum to maximum grip, this shear ring breaks free from the pin and settles into the appropriate catch groove. The clamp is consistent through the HuckLok's grip range.

In addition, the HuckLok is double-locking, which means it securely locks assemblies from both sides.

Designed for use with a variety of Huck air-actuated tooling, including the new 2024(L) tools, HuckLok blind rivets install precisely within seconds and require only a quick visual inspection to confirm accurate set.

The high-shear, high-clamping HuckLok is available in 3/16" and 1/4" sizes in steel. Huck plans to offer aluminum and stainless steel HuckLok rivets in 2007. For more information, access www.alcoafasteningsystems/hucklok.

Durable JOBOX products resist theft

Delta Consolidated Industries introduces its new line of JOBOX high-security crossovers and inner side boxes. These products offer anti-theft features without compromising functionality and accessibility.

The boxes feature the new Gear-Lock II dual rotary locking system, tested to resist more than 2,000 pounds of pulling and prying force. The dual, self-adjusting rotary gears clamp onto a new, high-strength lid striker with 360-degree engagement, ratcheting the lid down tightly.

Each box offers additional weather resistance with a deep beveled edge lid design that allows the body to fit further inside the lid. EPDM automotive-style bulb weather stripping also protects against the elements, and the adjustable lid striker ensures the lid's tight seal. Special box coatings and finishes provide rust resistance.

JOBOX truck boxes come in steel and aluminum varieties. Each JOBOX product consists of a one-piece body with two side pieces bent and flange-welded to it at a 90-degree angle.

Boxes come in single- and dual-lid versions in a full range of sizes. Each includes a five-year limited warranty. For more information, access

Safety device minimizes towing accident damage

Research Machine Development (RMD) announces the market introduction of a new safety device designed to prevent severe trailer equipment accidents and reduce associated collateral damage and traffic fatalities.

Poorly made leaf spring suspensions can cause damage from unpredictable snapping of the metal blades while a trailer is being hauled behind its towing vehicle.

A new trailer safety device invented by George Yonekura reacts as soon as a leaf spring breaks. The device functions as a sort of temporary suspension to protect both a trailer and boat being towed. In case of a leaf spring failure, the device is set off, and an airbag instantly overrides the broken leaf spring. The device will keep the trailer functioning until it can be taken for repair. Yonekura recommends that a deployed device be used only temporarily for up to a couple days until the trailer can be safely driven to the repair shop. When the device is repaired, the air bag canister can be replaced.

E-mail him at [email protected] for further details.

Back-up alarms help reduce noise pollution

Brigade Electronics has introduced a safe, environmentally friendly back-up alarm for truck fleets and plant managers in the United States.

The bbs-tek back-up alarm uses broadband sound technology, a gentle “shh… shh… shh…“ to improve safety, get rid of noise complaints, and reduce the risk of hearing damage.

This alarm is instantly locatable, which improves safety because one can tell which vehicle is reversing. Broadband sound (white sound) does not rely on high decibels because its multiple frequencies do not have to compete with other, single-frequency sounds. As a result, the bbs-tek is just as effective at much lower sound levels. The multi-frequency sound is dissipated over a short distance, and the sound is directional, which means it is localized to the danger area.

The bbs-tek range of back-up alarms covers heavy-, medium-, and light-duty uses ranging from 107 to 77 dB(A).

E-mail [email protected].

Light by Wire strips meet specific needs

Innovation Technology (I&T) is offering Light by Wire lighting strips for vehicle lighting, commercial signage, task lighting, architectural, and appliance lighting applications. This compact, high-efficiency strip lighting concept is based on proprietary I&T extruded flat flexible cable (FFCe) technology with directly attached LEDs.

“Light by Wire flat cable lighting strips can be produced to meet very specific application needs at low cost,” said Rich Daykin, general manager, I&T North America. “This technology integrates the lighting source with power distribution, and thereby eliminates need for PCBs and cable-to-board interconnects. FFCe cables with flat copper conductors can be selected from TPU, PVC, or PBT substrate material, depending on application requirements. Direct LED attachment results in a very low profile, and efficient, economical manufacturing.”

Light by Wire and other proprietary flat cable products are produced by Innovation Technology in collaboration with 3M. E-mail Rich Daykin at [email protected] for more information.

Rhino Linings, HIT create BattleJacket for tankers

Rhino Linings USA Inc has joined forces with High Impact Technologies (HIT) in creating a new protective lining for United States military forces.

BattleJacket is a self-sealing skin on fuel tankers that reduces the threat of insurgent attacks by using an engineered multilayer technology. This proprietary technology allows penetration of a bullet or other ballistic projectile (exact details are restricted), and after penetration, a complete seal is formed around the puncture. The vehicle is left fully functional with no leaks, preventing possible fuel loss, vehicle explosion, or loss of troop lives.

Rhino and HIT developed BattleJacket by combining Rhino's Rexar polyurethane with patented ingredients. BattleJacket works as a second skin to almost any fuel tank, and it provides protection in most climates.

E-mail Arika Anderson at [email protected].

Freedom ACS an all-digital troubleshooter

Component Technology, a division of Certified Power, has introduced Freedom ACS, a new CAN Bus complete control system for the mobile hydraulics market. This all-digital hydraulics controller replaces switches, hardware, and their associated failure points with a smaller, sealed, software-driven system. The system is easy to install, diagnoses problems continuously, and is readily adaptable and expandable for more functionality. It incorporates joystick, spreader, and liquid functions and features a backlit control panel and a large LCD display that can be mounted anywhere inside the truck cab that space permits. Installation time is shorter than conventional systems, says the company.

E-mail Nancy Franz at [email protected] for more information.

New pintle hook equipped with FastLatch

The Holland Group Inc has launched the PH-30RP41 pintle hook, which replaces the PH-30 and PH-T-60-AOL-8 models and incorporates advanced technologies.

A versatile rigid-mount pintle hook, the PH-30RP41 is designed for over-the-road and off-road towing. It comes equipped with Holland's new FastLatch, a one-handed latch that replaces the original latch and has an automatic secondary lock, eliminating the need for chains or cotter pins. The PH-30RP41 also features stronger steel and Holland's patented NoLube technology that eliminates lubrication. These technological advances will be worked into every model of Holland pintle hook over the next few years.

The PH-30RP41 is 20 percent lighter than the PH-30 and PH-T-60-AOL-8 models. It is designed for medium-duty service, accommodating a 6,000-lb maximum vertical load and 30,000-lb gross trailer weight.

For complete information on this product, e-mail Jeffrey B Peterson at [email protected].

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