Product Profiles

Body offers 3 different temperature zones

Johnson Truck Bodies is offering specially designed multi-temperature refrigerated food service truck bodies that provide logistical distribution efficiency for packaged frozen, fresh, and dry product from the same vehicle.

Center Partition System bodies can be designed to handle up to three different temperature zones, each with positive temperature control. The separate temperature-controlled compartments are created by movable or fixed insulated panels that divide the truck body longitudinally. Half-width horizontal insulated bulkheads are used to partition off the lanes created by the panels. Lanes are wide enough to accommodate pallet loading/unloading of product.

Horizontal bulkhead systems can be permanent or portable, and both styles are offered with access doors.

Johnson multi-temperature, compartmentalized, refrigerated foodservice truck bodies are available with the exclusive ArcticTherm liner with 10 times the forklift puncture resistance of standard liners. Multiple-temp and compartment foodservice truck bodies come in 6- to 26-foot body lengths.

Phone Johnson at 800-922-8360, ext 302 for more details.

Heil, Sterling provide dump body packages

Dump truck users now can get a Heil dump body on a Sterling chassis with one trip to their local Sterling dealership. A new partnership between Heil Environmental and Sterling Truck Corp enables Sterling dealers to offer Acterra chassis with Heil 10-foot DuraClass SL bodies installed at the Sterling factory, for a competitive package price.

Through this partnership, customers can choose among three chassis specifications and two body specifications for their Class 6 and 7 medium-duty dump trucks. The Sterling Acterra features the Mercedes-Benz 900 engine and Eaton Fuller nine-speed manual transmission. Many popular options are available. Both specifications of the DuraClass SL feature Heil's patented DuraClass sidewall, formed from one continuous sheet of 10-gauge, high-tensile steel. The base of the DuraClass SL is Heil's interlaced subframe.

DuraClass SL bodies offered through this partnership are equipped with the 1721 direct-mount hoist, a single tower and lights, integrated cab shield, and reinforced, multi-position double-acting tailgate. To find a participating Sterling dealership, phone 800-STL-HELP or visit

Tesco orders 120 more Krone Cool Liners

British grocery chain Tesco has signed a new order for 120 Cool Liners from trailer manufacturer Krone. The vehicles will be deployed at the Tesco subsidiary in Poland, which ordered 160 Cool Liners in 2003.

Krone is the only trailer manufacturer to offer refrigerated trailers with a load-securing certificate. TÜV Nord awarded this certification to Krone in June for the new Cool Liner series (with or without double deck arrangement). In structural stability, the Krone Cool Liner exceeds the minimum standards for a certified curtainside trailer.

Tesco is the largest grocery chain in Great Britain, although business in Central Europe is increasingly responsible for the rise in the group's sales. Klaus J Gierl, sales manager at Danish branch Krone A/S, has turned over the first of the 120 new series Krone Cool Liners to Zbigniew Gocek, transport and customer service manager at Tesco's Polish subsidiary. Tesco operates about 40 supermarkets in Poland.

Bostik sealant says ‘so long’ to sagging

Bostik Findley Inc has introduced Bostik 2175 FS, a one-component, 100% solids sealant for the transportation industry.

Based on Bostik silyl polyurethane sealant (SPS) hybrid polymer technology, Bostik 2175 FS is a moisture-curing formulation with non-sag properties. Its non-yellowing, paint-compatible formula provides adhesion to aluminum, wood, FRP, and other substrates used in fabricating and assembling transportation equipment and vehicles.

Free of xylene, acetone, MEK, or similar solvents, Bostik 2175 FS is an environmentally compatible product. Volatile organic compound content is less than 30 g/l, and it does not contain hazardous air pollutants.

Virtually odor-free, 2175 FS is suitable for waterproofing exterior lap seams and gap filling applications that require low-sealant shrinkage upon cure.

Bostik 2175 FS quickly cures by reacting to atmospheric moisture to form a tough, flexible seal with UV resistance. At 70° F, the product is tack-free in 20 to 40 minutes and fully cures in 24 to 36 hours.

The sealant comes in 10- and 20-ounce sausage packages, as well as 10.3-ounce cartridges. It can be dispensed manually or by way of a pneumatic (air-powered) applicator equipped with interchangeable nozzles.

For more details, contact Bostik Findley, 211 Boston St, Middleton MA 01949-2128.

Truck storage box series joins RKI line

RKI has added the UST Series top-opening storage boxes to its construction contractor product line. New features include top-opening storage and drop-down storage units. These truck boxes are provided in heavy-duty steel or aluminum treadplate and come in black or white powdercoat direct from the factory.

Additional features include machine chain door supports, and eight dividers are included for the top compartments. All dividers adjust on 2" centers. The UST-Series is designed for welding trucks, flatbeds, and equipment trailers used in businesses such as construction and landscaping. RKI backs all its products with a lifetime warranty.

Contact RKI, 2301 Central Parkway, Houston TX 77092 for more details.

Hutch 440 built for dump trailer applications

Hutchens Industries' new Hutch 440 Single Point Suspension system is ideal for dump trailer hauling applications. Based on its Hutch 900, the Hutch 440 Single Point Suspension is:

  • Suitable for dump trailer hauling of solid waste, construction materials, bulk commodities, and similar loads.

  • Built for over-the-road use and for handling tough terrain and operating conditions.

  • A lightweight spring suspension that allows for greater legal payload due to its weight reduction of more than 120 pounds.

  • Equipped with the latest in parabolic taper-leaf spring design, and a polyurethane free-oscillating bushing is standard.

  • Outfitted with standard 38" spring centers, but wider spring centers are available.

The Hutch 440 Single Point Suspension is backed by Hutchens' on-time delivery, warranty, and commitment to after-sale support and service. For further information, contact Hutchens, PO Box 1427, Springfield MO 65801.

Scotchlok splice taps: no stripping required

Waytek announces its Scotchlok splice taps, used for quick connections with no wire stripping. To use these taps, insert both wires, squeeze down the metal insert with pliers, and snap the cover in place.

Wire ranges from 22 to 10 gauge are available. These taps are patented with protective gel to ensure a moisture-resistant barrier.

For more information about these products or to request a free catalog, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.

Pass-through blast system handles a range of speeds

Viking Blast and Wash Systems has released its newest development in foundry and industrial blast systems. The CB 1818 uses four, six, or eight Model VC-1 direct-drive blast wheels for 360° part coverage.

A cast chrome/moly lining protects the cabinet from abrasive wear. This pass-through system employs a manganese belt conveyance system and variable-speed drive to accommodate from one- to 60-feet-per-minute blasting speeds. Optional cabinet openings can handle large or smaller parts than the standard 18" × 18" square opening.

Blast wheel horsepowers range from 5 to 30, and rotary scalp screens, part presence sensors, auxiliary abrasive adding systems are optional.

For more details, contact Viking, 3810 N Toben, Wichita KS 67226.

SprayMaster fender for use on 19.5" or smaller wheels

Fleet Engineers is offering the SprayMaster, an injection-molded polypropylene fender to use on 19.5" or smaller wheel applications.

SprayMaster's mounting system starts with a plastic-molded component called a Slidetrax, which has teeth on the underside. The outside edges of the SprayMaster fender also have teeth in four places. To mount the fender, match the teeth of the Slidetrax to the teeth in the fender, push to engage the two, and tighten the setscrew to the mount to secure in place. No need to drill and redrill holes to get the correct alignment.

With 8" of adjustment, if the mount does not match up perfectly with the rail, just loosen the set screw, reposition, and tighten the set screw again.

For full information, contact Fleet Engineers, 1800 E Keating, Muskegon MI 49442.

SuperPlank comes on deck

Creative Pultrusions Inc has developed SuperPlank, a new decking system that can be used in applications including platforms, walkways, bulkheads, structural roofing, scaffolding boards, machinery guards, and truck floors.

SuperPlank is 24" wide × 1.5" high and is available with solid surface and 7% open planking. Benefits to using this product include corrosion resistance, high strength, light weight, and non-conductive properties. No maintenance is required, and SuperPlank is environmentally safe.

For complete details, contact Creative Pultrusions, 214 Industrial Lane, Alum Bank PA 15521.

Rear dunnage boxes added as flatbed trailer option

Transcraft Corp has introduced factory-installed rear dunnage boxes as a flatbed trailer option. Addition of a rear dunnage box reduces paint damage caused by storing dunnage in the knee brace area or between the main beams.

Measuring 5½" high and 8' long, the dunnage box is just the right area for storing 4×4s and other timbers used to secure loads and disperse the weight of a load properly to engage the main beam flanges, which allows heavier concentrated loads to be carried. The rear dunnage box adds little weight to the trailer and is located in the rear plate between the rear frame lights in an area normally not used.

The box comes standard with a drop-down door that locks into place to keep the timbers secured when not in use. They are available on any model Transcraft flatbed, with an all-steel or aluminum rear plate.

Contact Transcraft, PO Box 500, Anna IL 62906 for more details.

Strobe warning lamp gives users options

Truck-Lite Co Inc's new Super 44 strobe warning LED lamps offer a choice of strobe frequency and viewing angles. Users can select among dual, quad, and alternating dual flashing patterns by altering the way each lamp is wired. The Super 44 Strobes can also be connected through double-throw switches, allowing operators to alternate between patterns.

Users can also select the field of view they desire by ordering a metalized or non-metalized reflector version. The non-metalized reflector lamps have a wide field of view, similar to standard TruckLite Series 44 LED lamps. Other Truck-Lite Super 44 Strobes incorporate special metalized reflectors that concentrate the light in a narrower, more intensely focused pattern.

These lamps meet SAE specifications J845 and J1318, as well as providing Class 1 or Class 2 rating as applicable. The Super 44 strobe fits standard trim and protection rings, as well as other existing 44 and 40 Series components and accessories.

When wired according to directions and used in conjunction with Truck-Lite LED lamps, the Super 44 strobe is part of the company's Limited Lifetime Warranty covering the entire body or trailer lighting system. For more information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Extreme Hose can accommodate SAE specs

Parker Hannifin's Hose Products Division introduces the 791TC Extreme Hose for very high-pressure applications where space is tight.

This hose features a constant working pressure of 6,000 psi in all sizes. Hose inside diameter sizes include 3/4", 1", 1¼", and 1½". Its tight bend radius helps 791TC meet or exceed SAE 100R15 and ISO 3862-1 Type R15 specifications.

Hose construction includes a neoprene synthetic rubber inner tube surrounded by four or six spirals of high-tensile steel wire reinforcement. An MSHA-accepted Tough Cover is engineered to resist abrasion in aggressive environments. This hose handles a variety of petroleum-base hydraulic fluids, lubricating oils, water/oil, and water/glycol hydraulic fluids.

When combined with Parker 79 Series Monoblok fittings, the 791TC provides superior leak protection. The hose is compatible with Parker's Parkrimp family of crimpers and can be crimped without removing the hose cover due to its No-Skive design. For a copy of Bulletin 4480-B90-US featuring the 791TC, contact Parker Catalog Services, 8940 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.

Power Grip functions well in cold weather

Cold weather can take a toll on coiled air lines making them brittle and more susceptible to breaking. Phillips Industries understands this and offers the Power Grip option on all popular sizes.

With an extra-long brass handle, 12' and 15' coiled air assemblies give added leverage, making connecting and disconnecting easy and quick, especially in cold weather. Power Grip coiled air hoses have been designed with a standard end at the tractor and angle-slanted end at the trailer to address different connecting locations. With superior recoil memory, the 3½" coil diameter offers greater flexibility and matches electrical cables; the extra long spring functions as a nylon tubing protector.

For more details, contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

Sta-Dry anodized gladhands fight corrosion

Phillips Industries offers Sta-Dry anodized gladhands as the best protection against harsh winter corrosion-causing conditions. Anodized to MIL-A-8625, Type II, Class 1, they are fitted with color-coded steel connector plates and e-coated hardened steel screws for additional corrosion resistance. Further, the optional urethane seals on service and emergency, straight- and angle-mount anodized gladhands ensure a long life.

For more information, contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

Wiser Visor takes away cares about glare

The Wiser Visor from Skunes Mfg blocks 99% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and allows drivers to look through a distortion-free tinted shield for safer driving ability. A hinged sun guard, this product attaches to a vehicle's visor and extends down as much as 5". The Wiser Visor's hinge system allows side-to-side movement of the tinted shield. This visor can glide back and forth almost a full foot beyond the vehicle's visor. Its ratchet system also keeps the shield from rattling out of place once a driver has set it to block glare.

This visor also reduces the glare of snow or reflections from wet pavement during rainstorms. Because the Wiser Visor is designed with a lighter shade, it also can be used to prevent night glare. It can be positioned to cover the rear view mirror to cut the glare of headlights from behind, and can even be used to block the glare of bright, oncoming headlights.

Cleaning the Wiser Visor is as simple as a quick wipe with water and a soft cloth. For more details, contact Skunes, PO Box 151, Arthur ND 58006-0151.

Hoist can convert flatbeds to dump trucks

Heil Environmental Industries Ltd's new 1520 scissor hoist is ideal for converting most flatbed trucks into dump models. It is also suitable for installation with small dump bodies. The 1520 is effective on two-axle trucks from 10,000 to 30,000 pounds GVW. This makes it a fine choice for applications including delivery, landscaping, and excavating, as well as use by municipalities and contractors. For maximum versatility, a double-acting electric power unit is standard on the 1520, or it can be ordered with a direct-mount pump application.

The heart of the 1520 is a 5" cylinder. This 20"-stroke cylinder provides the force to lift the body to the desired angle for efficient load delivery. Although the 1520 is a National Truck Equipment Association (NTEA) Class 30 hoist, Heil says its cost is comparable to lower-rated hoists.

For complete details, contact Heil, 6400 Building B, 5751 Cornelison Rd, Chattanooga TN 37411.

Locking Gaskets provide a secure seal

Trim-Lok Inc stocks a line of extruded PVC vinyl and EPDM/Neoprene rubber trims and seals for finishing, protecting, and sealing applications. Its Locking Gasket is a dense EPDM rubber extrusion designed to “lock” the installation of stationary windows or windshields. These gaskets provide a secure seal between applications and are highly resistant to environmental conditions. Locking Gaskets come in one- or two-piece styles; minimums do apply.

For a free catalog, samples, or more information, contact Trim-Lok, 6855 Hermosa Circle, Buena Park CA 90622-6180.

GlideLock lets fleets adhere to federal regs

Ancra International LLC has made its GlideLock cargo bracket available for flatbed trailers. GlideLock not only secures flatbed trailer loads, but it also allows commercial vehicle operators to meet Federal Motor Carrier Safety Carrier Administration (FMCSA) tiedown standards.

GlideLock slides onto the trailer rail of any standard flatbed trailer. It can then be easily moved along any point of the trailer to capture and lock in any standard flathook strap. This ensures the correct pull angle to the trailer bed and proper load securement of cargo. It also means vehicle operators don't have to invest in trailer modifications or buy proprietary straps.

Manufactured of high-strength 6000 Series aluminum, GlideLock weighs barely more than three pounds, yet each bracket can handle a 5,000-lb working load.

GlideLock prevents cargo from being secured to, or over, flatbed trailer rub rails. According to Ralph Abato, national sales manager for Ancra, the use of trailer rub rails to secure cargo is a practice that is being frowned upon. Under new FMCSA standards, some enforcement personnel are issuing tickets to truck operators because loads are being secured by using rub rails as cargo anchor points.

For more information, contact Ancra Cincinnati, 2685 Circleport Dr, Erlanger KY 41018.

Kenworth exhaust system lets truck engine heat dump body

For Derry PA-based William Dickson Industries, a heated dump body is a must-have to keep operating the fleet of 42 trucks during winter.

“About two months of the year, temperatures will range between 45 and below freezing,” said Bill Dickson. “Asphalt and aggregate will stick to our dump bodies, and the only way companies in our area can deliver is if they have a liner or run with a heated body.”

The result was a recent order of Kenworth W900B tri-axle dumps outfitted with a special Kenworth exhaust system to allow Dickson's Caterpillar ACERT engines to heat the 19½-foot Benson aluminum dump bodies.

According to Kenworth chief engineer Jim Bechtold, the introduction of catalytic converter exhaust systems on Caterpillar's ACERT engines originally posed a challenge for body builders in routing exhaust through the dump body.

“To make it work, Kenworth rearranged the exhaust system on Caterpillar's C15, C13, and C11 engines,” he said. “Our system features an independent catalytic converter mounted under the chassis, and either single or dual mufflers are attached on the side of the cab. This enables body builders to mount their exhaust diverter box in a place that allows exhaust to pass through the catalytic converter before it is routed through the dump body.”

“These are the first Kenworths in our fleet, and driver response has been very good,” said Dickson.

Dickson says he's also impressed with the engineering of the trucks. “Little things make a big difference,” he said. “Mirrors are cowl-mounted, and the weather stripping is on the door — not the body — for better sealing.”

Dan Bahre, owner of Canton Village Construction in Canton CT, recently switched brands with an order of a Kenworth T800 tri-axle with Beau-Roc 17-ft body.

All of the company's dumps feature heated bodies to ease unloading of aggregate, shot rock, and sand in the winter. “If we want to do any work in the winter with the municipality, we have to be able to get the sand out of the box in freezing temperatures,” Bahre said. “When we ordered the T800, we wanted a Cat engine and were happy that Kenworth had engineered a way to allow the exhaust to heat our dump.”

Bahre was not the only Kenworth convert.“When I gave the keys to the truck to the company driver, who for the past 28 years had driven nothing else but a competitive brand, he was convinced going in that he wouldn't like the truck,” said Bahre. The driver's original grimace turned into a grin. “He said he thought he'd never say this, ‘but this truck is better.’ He said it was the best truck he had ever driven,” said Bahre.

The exhaust system is available on Kenworth's T800 and W900 day cab models and is exclusive to Caterpillar C15, C13, and C11 engines.

Hydraulic Launch Assist system boosts productivity, conserves fuel

Emerging technology that recycles a truck's kinetic energy to conserve fuel and aid acceleration is being jointly developed by Peterbilt Motors Co and Eaton Corp. A Peterbilt Model 320 with the Hydraulic Launch Assist (HLA) system was displayed at the recent Hybrid Truck Users Forum in Kalamazoo MI.

Initial testing shows HLA can be used to improve fuel efficiency considerably in fuel economy mode or reduce cycle times in productivity mode. In both modes, reduced brake wear of more than 50% has been observed.

From a driver's perspective, operating a vehicle equipped with the HLA system is seamless and requires no new training or skills. From a service standpoint, because it uses common hydraulic-based technologies, the system should be familiar territory for shop technicians.

HLA works by recovering a portion of the energy normally lost as heat by the vehicle's brakes, in the form of pressurized hydraulic fluid. This fluid is stored in on-board accumulators until the driver next accelerates the vehicle.

Fuel savings occur when the stored energy is then used to launch the vehicle during the initial, high-fuel-consumption start from stop, followed seamlessly by power from the primary engine. In performance mode, the stored energy is released and blended with engine power at launch. This can improve acceleration due to the high power density of hydraulics.

As a safety consideration, the HLA system is bypassed in panic-stop events, immediately activating the antilock braking system.

HLA is designed to provide maximum benefit for vehicles with 7,000 pounds or higher GVW and engaged primarily in stop-and-go work.

Peterbilt is targeting evaluation of a production representative vehicle in 2005.

Hino picks Comfort Air for medium-duty units

Hino has selected Hendrickson's Comfort Air rear air-ride suspension for its new conventional medium-duty truck. Tailored specifically to the Hino vehicle, this single-axle suspension is suitable for straight truck applications.

Comfort Air mounting brackets for Hino match common frame hole locations with their mechanical suspension allowing relatively easy conversion to air ride.

Employing advanced spring technology, Comfort Air's main support member uses an elongated design for optimized roll stiffness and to shift more of the vertical load to the air springs for a softer ride.

Based on Hendrickson's HAS suspension and axle connection technology, Comfort Air features Quik-Align for easy, quick realignment and a pivot bushing connection for maximum durability and quiet operation.

A stamped steel cross channel enhances lateral support in the suspension system while outboard mounted shock absorbers maximize stability.

Cement mixer has front and rear air-ride

A Mack cement mixer truck equipped with Raydan Air Link suspensions was displayed at Truxpo 2004 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, recently and also selected for the BC Redi-mix Association rodeo held in Victoria, BC.

This is the first mixer truck that has Raydan Air Link air-ride suspensions on both front and rear. The 46,000-lb-capacity rear suspension is offered as a factory option with Mack Trucks; the front 20,000-lb × 2 suspension is installed in Raydan's modification facility.

Ocean Construction Supplies (part of the Lehigh Cement Group) in British Columbia purchased the mixer truck. The chassis is a 2005 Mack CV713 with a McNeilus 14.5-cubic-yard barrel.

Western Star supplies a more powerful Cat

Western Star Trucks is providing the Cat C15 engine rated at 600 and 625 horsepower in select models. For heavy-haul and severe-duty applications, the engine can be paired with Western Star's new 1,570-square-inch radiator. The new engine ratings are available for 2005 production on the 6900 XD, 4900 EX, and 123" BBC 4900 FA and 4900 SA.

To accommodate a higher gross combination weight rating, the 4900 SA 123" BBC also is available with a new 1,570-square- inch radiator for demanding jobs, such as off-road vocational applications requiring a higher cooling capacity and torque. The available 1,450-square-inch radiator is suitable for operating primarily on-highway applications.

The Cat C15 625-hp engine supplies 2,050 ft-lb of torque at 1,200 rpm for extreme heavy-duty applications. The 600-hp engine, which delivers 1,850 ft-lb of torque, is for operators looking for a high horsepower with a lower-cost driveline. Equipped with Caterpillar's ACERT Technology, the engine meets 2004 Environmental Protection Agency standards.

Spartan enhances Gladiator's features

Spartan has introduced independent front suspension (IFS) and a full-color electronic display multiplex system on the Spartan Gladiator. With a durable IFS system, rescue vehicles have a heightened level of control and maneuverability. In the emergency response profession, these two features are crucial in safe vehicle operation.

In addition, Spartan has teamed with Weldon Technologies Inc to offer a new, full-color display on multiplex-equipped chassis that gives the driver complete control of the vehicle's electrical functions at a centralized computer electronic display mounted anywhere inside the cab. The multiplex system's advanced electrical design can detect system failures and even allows for climate control at the touch of a button, automatically monitoring and adjusting cab temperature.

For more details, phone 517-543-6400, ext 111; or access

Creep Drive: When slow is the way to go

Cotta Transmission Co has announced the launch of the new hydrostatic motor Creep Drive. The new transmission is designed to be installed in the vehicle driveline, between the main transmission and the drive, allowing the vehicle to creep along at slow speeds.

Once on the job site, the truck operator shifts the main transmission into neutral, the creep mode is selected, and a hydrostatic motor rotates the driveline through a reduction gear set in the auxiliary gearbox. This allows precise vehicle speed control down to inches per minute. The main transmission is protected because it is removed from the wear and tear of start-stop operations. When the Creep Drive gearbox is shifted back to the road mode, the gears disengage and do not rotate. This means horsepower loss and heat generated from gears churning in the oil — as well as back-driving the hydraulic motor — are eliminated.

The TR2218, Cotta's current single-reduction Creep Drive model, has a capacity of 12,500 ft-lb through the shaft. Maximum through shaft speed is 3,000 rpm, motor pad 500 rpm, and the ratio is 3:1. Maximum hydraulic motor torque is 900ft-lb. The shift mechanism is an air cylinder with dog-type clutch; input and output shaft spline size is 2-3/4 × 10.

Contact Cotta, 1301 Prince Hall Dr, Beloit WI 53511 for further information.

Enhanced Simplex fifthwheel gets new name

Consolidated Metco Inc (ConMet) has re-engineered its Simplex fifthwheels and introduced a new name: Simplex SE.

Improvements made to the fifthwheels apply to both the Simplex (formerly known as Simplex Lite) and Simplex II models. They will now be known as Simplex SE and Simplex II SE to better reflect the improvements made to the product in recent years. This year's enhancements include:

  • An improved handle design improves driver ergonomics and requires less force to operate.

  • Updated jaw shape and return spring prevents jaw from closing while bobtailing.

  • A new eccentric pin design allows for much finer increments of slack adjustment.

  • A retooled top plate maximizes surface contact and extends product life.

ConMet has also introduced a new, improved optional slider. Because slider weight is reduced another 42 pounds, the Simplex SE slider will enable drivers to carry as much as 64 more pounds of cargo. Other features include:

  • Optimized one-piece saddle casting to reduce weight
  • Two-inch adjustment increments
  • Dual-tooth lock for improved security
  • New in-line air-operated cylinder
  • Machined lock interface to reduce slack

Simplex SE product options include an air-operated TouchLoc fifthwheel unlocking system and a range of stationary mountings, including flat mounting plates, drop-over brackets, and bolt-down brackets. For more details, contact ConMet, PO Box 83201, Portland OR 97283-0201.

Composilite FX weighs less than 850 pounds

Hendrickson launches Composilite FX, a 13,500-lb-capacity lift axle for trucks and trailers that weighs less than 850 pounds. It trims more than 300 pounds from previous Hendrickson models.

“By utilizing Composilite technology, the suspension components of the fixed-axle version are virtually identical to the steerable system,” says Paul Brown, marketing manager of Hendrickson auxiliary axle division.

In-line air springs provide maximized packaging space and remove the risk of possible driveline interference. Composilite FX measures 23.5" from the front edge of the hanger to the centerline of the axle and delivers axle travel of 13.5" with a 10" lift.

For additional information, contact Hendrickson, 277 N High St, Hebron OH 43025.

Hagelnut facilitates preload adjustment

The Hagelnut spindle nut system is an improved adaptation of the conventional three-piece jam nut used for years as the primary wheel end retention system in the tractor-trailer industry. Old-style jam nut configurations could not be used for preload adjustment of tapered roller bearings because the final jam-tightening operation of the outer nut could introduce excessive and uncontrollable preload. The Hagelnut provides installation of controllable preload when installed properly.

Done correctly, the wheel end assembly is installed with a controlled amount of wheel bearing preload sufficient to assure ideal running conditions. This eliminates any possibility of the wheel installation being too tight or with any degree of looseness due to the installation process.

The retainer nut cannot be moved because the nub engaged by the hole in the intermediate washer cannot be moved to allow disengagement until the adjustment nut has been retightened to eliminate intended interference. This is the Hagelnut's patent-pending design feature for added reliability of fastener assembly.

For special requirements, unitized hub assemblies using cartridge bearings could also benefit from the advantages provided by the Hagelnut system. Some compliance would be necessary with the positioning of the adjustment nut to allow lateral movement needed for disassembly.

For complete details, contact Rather Engineering, 414 S York, Dearborn MI 48124.

Monitor real-time tire pressure from the cab

The Doran PressurePro tire pressure monitoring system from Doran Mfg continuously monitors pressure of all vehicle tires and displays it in a digital readout in the vehicle's cab. Pressure of up to 34 tires is shown, allowing driver to monitor leaks and schedule repairs or replacement without breakdowns or downtime. Audible and visual alerts notify driver of low-pressure conditions. Doran PressurePro features duplicate signals that minimize the effects of electronic interference, weather, and other trucks.

Patented Doran PressurePro installs by replacing existing valve caps with sensors, mounting the monitor on the dash, and hooking up the standard two-wire power supply.

For more details, contact Doran at 513-699-6224.

Dana S170 axles built with future in mind

Dana Corp has introduced the Dana Spicer S170 series of single-reduction, single-drive, heavy-duty axles. Similar to the S190, which debuted in 2003, the Dana Spicer S170 series axles are designed to perform in future vehicles with drivetrain ratings of up to 2,450 ft-lb of torque and up to 700 horsepower.

As a benefit of Dana's integral component design processes, the S170 family requires fewer than half the components of similar products, providing increased robustness without extra weight.

The S170 drive axle series features extra-wide face-width gearing and a new hypoid gear design for extra strength, durability, and quieter, more dependable operation. For maximum flexible spec'ing options, the S21-170 (21,000-lb gross axle weight rating) and S23-170 (23,000-lb GAWR) models offer a ratio range of 2.69 to 7.17 pounds. The S25-170 (25,000-lb GAWR) model has a ratio offering of 3.31 to 7.17 pounds.

Optional upgrades for the S170 series include:

  • Driver-controlled, full-locking wheel differential
  • Dana Spicer LMS Low Maintenance Hubs
  • Wide-track axles for maximum stability
  • Welded suspension brackets
  • Axle mounted electromagnetic retarders
  • ABS-ready axles

S170 features include patent-pending axial power ribs, an integral pinion cage and carrier, induction-hardened bearing journals, large wheel differential gearing, and precision-forged differential gears.

Features contributing to longer component life include extra-wide, four-bolt bearing caps; forged heat-treated steel differential cases; and a patented precision differential bearing adjustment system and carrier design.

All S170 drive axles qualify for the 250,000-mile initial lube drain interval when used in line-haul service and specified with a Dana-approved factory-filled extended-life lubricant, Dana's patented (U-Tube) axle breather, as well as Dana Spicer LMS Hubs or Outrunner wheel seals.

The standard warranty for the S170 series is up to five years/750,000 miles for approved linehaul applications and with Dana-approved factory-filled, synthetic lube.

For more information, contact Dana, 6938 Elm Valley Dr, Kalamazoo MI 49003.

Donaldson systems earn ARB approval

The California Environmental Protection Agency's Air Resources Board (ARB) has verified Donaldson Co's Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) muffler with Series 6000 catalyst formulation alone and with the Spiracle Crankcase Filtration System for 1988 through 1990 model year diesel engines used in on-road applications operating on standard ARB or lower sulfur content diesel fuel. These systems employ either a DOC alone or a DOC with a crankcase filtration system to achieve at least a 25% reduction (Level 1) in particulate matter emissions.

Under ARB's Diesel Risk Reduction Plan, about 1.25 million diesel engines in California are candidates for retrofitting with technology like the Donaldson DOC muffler and Spiracle crankcase filter system. The combined DOC muffler/Spiracle filter system reduces engine particulate matter emissions by 26% to 50%, meeting ARB Level 1 standards requiring greater than 25% reduction.

For additional information, phone Donaldson at 866-675-2847 or visit

Roadranger technology saves money, lives

With Eaton VORAD collision warning systems (CWS) and automated transmissions like the Fuller UltraShift and AutoShift, Roadranger says fleets can make money and save lives. Dimitri Kazarinoff, director of global marketing for Roadranger and Eaton Corp, cited fleet experiences with Eaton VORAD CWS in reducing accidents:

  • One fleet cut rear-end and lane change crashes from .33 million miles traveled, to zero (100% reduction).

  • Another fleet reduced fixed object crashes by 81%.

  • A third fleet reduced lane change crashes by 80% in 1998 and by 76% in 1999.

  • A 605-truck fleet equipped with VORAD over an 18-month period from July 2001 to December 2002 ran a cumulative 196 million miles with an accident rate of 0.0665 per million miles — a 92% reduction from the non-VORAD accident rate of 0.88 per million miles.

These and other fleet accident statistics were compiled and combined by Roadranger over three years on 1,900 trucks to show VORAD-preventable accidents were reduced by 78%, said Kazarinoff. Six of the eight fleets in the study saw accidents reduced 100%.

Kazarinoff then quoted Safestat accident rates in 2001, and compared average total accident rates (VORAD-preventable and non-VORAD preventable) for that year with VORAD-equipped trucks (14,046 trucks) versus non-VORAD-equipped trucks (72,964 trucks). In VORAD-equipped trucks, all accidents were reduced by 34% compared with non-VORAD-equipped trucks, and fatal accidents were reduced by 58%.

“Based on this data,” said Kazarinoff, “just one VORAD-equipped truck can reduce its total accident costs to society by $9,600 per year. At a conservative fatal accident rate reduction of 50%, every 1,000 trucks equipped with VORAD CWS can save two lives per year.”

Tiremaax can handle pressure situations

An option for Hendrickson's Intraax and Vantraax trailer suspension systems, the company's Tiremaax provides a responsive tire inflation system that taps the trailer air supply to maintain tire inflation at a preset level.

Tiremaax nearly doubles the size of the hubcap tee fitting compared with earlier connectors. High-stress areas received added material for a stouter cross-section and more generous radii. An added guard around the tee fitting protects it during tire removal and reduces potential damage from improperly using the wheel hub as a step.

Hoses feature braided stainless steel jackets and larger barrels for fitting connectors. Hendrickson improved the seal structure for the tee connections, providing redundant sealing faces to help maintain leak-free fittings.

Governed by an electronic control unit, the system detects low tire pressure and signals the operator to situations or circumstances requiring attention. It responds by directing air from the trailer tank to the one or more tires when the inflation pressure dips below a pre-set level.

With Tiremaax, air travels from tile supply tank through air lines inside the axle to the wheel ends. A bolt-in, ball-bearing rotary union allows air to flow through the axle spindle to the rotating hubcap fitting, and hoses connect the hubcap tee to the tires. For more details, contact Hendrickson, 2070 Industrial Place SE, Canton OH 44707-2641.

Watson & Chalin axle on Kenworth models

Kenworth now offers Watson & Chalin's new 20,000-lb Tru-Track steerable lift axle on Kenworth T800, W900, and C500 models used for vocational service, including heavy haul, logging, and dump truck applications.

This steerable lift axle suspension, which can function in either pusher or tag configurations, has an integrated axle design that eliminates the need to specify a separate axle, resulting in reduced weight, increased axle travel, and improved wheel cut.

The new offering complements Kenworth's line of factory-installed steerable and non-steerable lift axles. Benefits of factory-installed lift axles include factory warranty, and Kenworth engineering review of the air and brake systems and frame strength.

NEF power units require little maintenance

Iveco Motors of North America Inc, a subsidiary of Iveco Motors, has unveiled its NEF power units, which include a base engine, cooling package and an air filter that can be specified for stationary and mobile applications.

Self-contained NEF units are compact in design and “drop” right in, bringing life to an application. The units arrive pre-engineered and warranted by Iveco Motors. Compared with older models, they have 40% fewer components. Additional components can be added, including puller or pusher fans, balancers, air and fuel heaters, 12- or 24-volt power, engine mounts, and oil pans.

The units are available in naturally aspirated, turbocharged, and charge-air-cooled versions, with a power range of 80 to 227 horsepower. Fitted with mechanical and electronic fuel injection systems, NEF units meet EPA Tier 2 and EC 97/68 Stage 2 requirements and are EPA Tier 3-capable.

An electronic control provides less fuel consumption, on-board diagnostics, improved performance, and lower noise levels. A rear gear drive design enables noise levels to stay below 91 decibels and enhances cooling. The units require little maintenance, with lubrication oil and filters needing replacement every 600 hours. For more details, contact Iveco, 245 E North Ave, Carol Stream IL 60188.

Kenworth offers more powerful breed of Cat

Kenworth is offering new, enhanced Caterpillar C13 and C11 engine offerings for its Class 8 models.

Caterpillar's C13 engine with new 470-horsepower rating is available with torque ratings of 1,550 ft-lb and 1,650 ft-lb for Kenworth's T2000, T800, T600, W900, and C500 models.

The C11 350- and 370-hp engines with increased torque ratings of 1,450 ft-lb are now supplied for order on all Kenworth Class 8 models.

More information on the new Caterpillar engines is provided at

Composilite ST comes in 9,000-lb capacity

Hendrickson has unveiled a 9,000-lb-capacity version of Composilite ST suspension for trucks and trailers.

Delivering all of the advantages and durability of the 13,500-lb-capacity version, the new lighter-duty Composilite ST weighs 720 pounds and is designed for use with 19.5" tires. It weighs around 930 to 963 pounds including tires and rims, depending on the tire selected.

New features include a 2.5" drop axle and an aluminum crossmember. The shorter drop axle permits use of 19.5" tires, and the aluminum crossmember helps reduce system weight. The suspension is designed with aluminum hangers; steel hangers are an option.

The in-line air spring design provides maximized packaging space, measuring 23.5" from front edge of hanger to centerline of axle. Aluminum beams remain parallel to ensure proper wheel tracking for increased tire life, while lift plates remain parallel for longer air spring life. The stabilizer uses a cover to protect the stabilizer rod from dirt and debris.

Zero torsion bushings eliminate bushing windup and provide a smaller package space for a lighter-weight product. This provides more consistent down force and reduced lift force resistance; therefore, only one-half the amount of force is required to operate the lift axle.

For additional information, contact Hendrickson, 277 N High St, Hebron OH 43025.

Cursor a platform for future Iveco innovation

Iveco Motors of North America Inc, a subsidiary of Iveco Motors, has unveiled its Cursor family of six-cylinder, 24-valve diesel engines.

These engines range between 240 and 493 horsepower, and the family comes in 8-, 10-, and 13-liter versions. As a platform for future technology, the engines have performance levels typically associated with engines of greater size and weight. The Cursor family has total electronic control to monitor the operating conditions of the engine and provide information to the operator.

Iveco Motors optimizes combustion to allow for an environmentally clean engine. Compliant with current and future emission and noise regulations, the engine has a noise level below 95 dBA at maximum power. The engine's design enables the engine to be rebuilt in the chassis.

Options include decompression exhaust brake, different shapes of lubrication oil sumps, and flywheels for different transmission types. A horizontal version is also available. Select models feature variable-geometry turbochargers to provide more torque and power.

For more information, contact Iveco Motors, 245 E North Ave, Carol Stream IL 60188.

Twin XTend clutch adjusts itself for a lifetime

ArvinMeritor's Commercial Vehicle Systems business and its clutch technology partner, ZF Sachs AG, have announced a new, self-adjusting twin-plate clutch designed to reduce the downtime and expense associated with manual clutch adjustments. The Twin XTend 15.5" self-adjusting clutch for Class 8 vehicles continually maintains proper adjustments throughout the lifetime of the clutch.

The Twin XTend clutch will be manufactured by ZF Sachs, with production scheduled to begin during fourth-quarter 2004. ArvinMeritor will provide sales and service support through its DriveTrain Plus organization.

Besides eliminating the need for manual clutch adjustments, the Twin XTend clutch offers:

  • Controlled center plate release feature. The cover assembly incorporates this patented feature, designed to prevent clutch drag and provide superior engagement.

  • Wear indicator. This provides a simple means of gauging remaining clutch life.

  • Long-travel, soft-damper disc assemblies. This design prevents damaging torsional vibrations to harm the drivetrain by tuning the drivetrain's natural frequency outside of the vehicle operating range. Pre-damper versions of the disc assembly are also available for drivetrains susceptible to transmission neutral idle gear rattle.

  • Extended-lube and long-life release bearing options. These options can further extend clutch life and reduce maintenance requirements.

  • Diaphragm spring architecture. This provides low pedal effort, which increases driver comfort.

The Twin XTend will be available in torque ratings from 1,150 to 2,050 ft-lb.

Air-Weigh weighs in with two new scales

A new in-dash 2" LCD “complete truck scale in a gauge” and a stand-alone Trailer Payload Scale for end-dumps are provided by Air-Weigh Scales.

The 2" gauge-type LCD display includes all the functionality of its AW5750 series of truck and trailer scales and is a direct replacement for analog air gauges.

The new Trailer Payload Scale was designed for end-dump operators who desire a trailer-only scale that will provide the payload weight of each load. With the weight display mounted on the front of the trailer, the scale combines the weight on the hydraulic lifting cylinder with the weight on the trailer air suspension to determine payload weight. Each payload scale has its own alarm circuit.

All Air-Weigh truck and trailer scales feature a keypad and LCD display screen, so the operator can weigh and calibrate a truck or a trailer even if the other part of the combination rig is not equipped with a scale. The trailer axle weight scale has pre-calibration menus available for most popular trailer suspensions, so the operator can select the suspension model during set-up and the scale immediately displays the actual on-the-ground weight to within 300 pounds (135 kg) of a DOT scale.

Air-Weigh trailer scales are calibrated to the specific characteristics of each manufacturer's trailer and display weights in 20 pound or kilogram increments. The scale is environmentally sealed and is mounted on a frame rail or optional bracket for easy viewing. Measuring 6.5" × 3" × 1.7", the entire scale system weighs less than 3 pounds.

For more details, contact Air-Weigh, 1730 Willow Creek Circle, Eugene OR 97402.

Pack Rats sport new black powdercoating

Weather Guard Equipment has introduced new Pack Rat drawer units with a black armor-tough powdercoating (Model Nos 308-5 and 338-5) for both vans and pickup trucks.

In vans, these units can be mounted in the rear or side door opening to offer easy access to small items without having to crawl in and out of the van. In pickup trucks, they put frequently needed items within easy reach without the need to climb up onto the truck bed. The drawer unit's low profile provides concealed and secure storage for heavy items without greatly reducing the truck bed area or the van cargo area.

Two new units are available — one measuring 8⅞" high, and the other 12⅜" high. Both are 39⅝" wide and 48" deep. Each unit has a load rating of 425 pounds.

Pack Rats are constructed of heavy-duty steel, and the bottom is 20-gauge steel reinforced with full length 12-gauge steel skids. The reinforced construction allows material to be loaded on top of the unit, and anti-skid strips prevent slipping.

The smooth gliding roll-out drawers are weather stripped and feature arc and spot welding for extra strength. Each drawer compartment measures 9#190;" wide and can be divided for further organization. A one-touch push button latch system allows for easy, one-handed operation.

Contact Knaack Mfg Co, 420 E Terra Cotta Ave, Crystal Lake IL 60014 for more details.

Mini-Marker LED: small size, big benefits

The LED Mini-Marker Light from Truck-Lite Co Inc measures less than 3/4" in diameter and depth. Two mount designs are available: a grommet mount and a more permanent, theft-resistant flange mount. Unlike earlier LED clearance/marker lamps that were direct substitutes for incandescent lamps, the new Mini-Marker LEDs have no equivalent, thus reducing motivation for theft.

In 2003, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration ruled that regardless of door sill dimensions, rear identification lamps on new trailers must be mounted near the extreme top of a vehicle. Mini-Marker allows trailer manufacturers to meet this requirement, even with the narrowest of top door frames.

This SingLEDiode lamp exceeds all photometric requirements for rear clearance/marker lamps in FMVSS 108, the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard governing safety lighting. Three Mini-Markers are hard-wired to a harness specifically for use as a marker/identification lamp assembly. The sealed harness has welded wiring where the three leads are joined, leading to a sealed two-pin connector. Individual Mini-Marker LEDs are available hard-wired with a sealed two-pin connector for use as clearance, side marker, or identification lamps. Internal lamp components are sealed in epoxy and are backed by Truck-Lite's limited lifetime warranty.

No special tooling is required, and Mini-Marker LED lamps require less assembly time. The lamps are so small that they can be carried into protective extrusions or mounted below mechanical features. For full details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Advances elevate MTB liftgate's versatility

Maxon Lift Corp has upgraded its MTB Series liftgate that bolts directly onto a truck body.

Technological advances include adjustable side plates and a redesigned pump. “The MTB can now fit on a wider range of truck bodies,” says Brent Stratton, vice-president of sales and marketing. This is possible through the new adjustable side plates that allow this liftgate to be mounted on truck bodies that have a rear sill height between 4" to 6". The pump has also been updated and is mounted directly to the mainframe of the unit. This not only allows for easier access, but also seals out weather elements with the newly designed pump cover.

Maxon also has improved its installation process. The MTB can be bolted directly to the rear sill of the vehicle instead of welding to the chassis frame rails.

For full information, contact Maxon, 11921 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670-2221.

PolyBilt Jak Pak turns pickup into fire truck

The PolyBilt Jak Pak from W S Darley & Co and ProPoly of America is designed to turn a pickup truck into a fire truck. The Jak-Pak comes standard with curved body, four compartments including front transverse storage, roll-up doors, 200-gallon water tank, and a paint finish. It is ready and easy to install or “drop in” a variety of pickup trucks.

Designed to meet the needs of the quick-attack and wildland markets, the Poly-Pak body comes standard with a curved body, six compartments, including front transverse compartment, roll-up doors, a 200-gallon water tank, and paint finish.

For more details, contact Darley, 2000 Anson Dr, Melrose Park IL 60160.

Portable axle scale: low profile, high accuracy

Massload Technologies' new 40,000-lb-capacity ultraslim weigh pad uses 20 independent micro load cells that creates an accuracy of better than 0.25% full scale. Less than 0.75" high, this portable axle scale is machined from aluminum, resulting in a weight of 42 pounds without ramps, 52 pounds including ramps. Its large weighing surface area simplifies weighing.

For more information, contact Massload, 301-47th St East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada S7K 5H2.

Lighting/wiring kit can standardize repairs

Phillips Industries has assembled a lighting and wiring repair kit that will standardize repairs and reduce maintenance costs for trucking fleets. Contents of the kit have been determined based on real-life fleet experience and include lamp connection pigtails, miniature lamps, cable ties, heat shrink tubing, Sta-Dry Crimp connectors, Sta-Dry Crimp & Solder connectors, and all tools and miscellaneous items necessary to make the repairs. The kit comes in a portable cabinet that can be used in the shop or taken on the road for service calls.

Fleets should phone 800-423-4512 for more information about the repair kit.

Steer radial tire built for smoother wear

The new Bridgestone R287 steer radial tire offers irregular wear-fighting technology for smoother wear and lower cost per mile. Since many steer radials are removed early from service because of irregular wear, the R287 is built to deliver long tire life for long-distance fleets.

Irregular wear-fighting innovations used on R287 are the Side Groove feature, helping prevent edge and wavy wear and shoulder tearing. The inside of the groove is engineered to prevent stress cracking. A new footprint shape optimizes itself as it wears, while stress relief siping along the main ribs combats river wear.

The Equalizer Rib feature fights the initiation and spread of edge wear, including river and wavy wear, on the main ribs. All of these features are combined with a high-tech tread compound that is stiffer and engineered to fight severe scrubbing forces that occur during hard braking and cornering.

To extend tread life, engineers used a shallower 16/32 tread on R287. While it appears a contradiction in prolonging tire life, less tread depth produces less squirm and irregular wear. With a stiffer compound and shallower tread, R287 is built to deliver even wear and higher removal mileage.

R287 is wider, too and can be retreaded with a full-size drive recap. The casing incorporates four full steel belts with an all-steel casing ply, and is designed to minimize heat buildup for long life and retreadabilty.

For more information, contact BFNT, 535 Marriott Dr, PO Box 140990, Nashville TN 37214-0990.

Ingersoll-Rand offers air compressor modules

Ingersoll-Rand introduces hydraulic-drive reciprocating air compressor modules for work and service trucks. The two models are continuous-duty rated, two-stage reciprocating compressors delivering 30 and 40 cfm at up to 175 psig. These units are offered for open- or closed-center hydraulic systems.

Air is produced on both of these units by a two-stage reciprocating pump. Two-stage compressor pumps offer users 100% continuous duty during operation, as well as high pressure and peak operating efficiency. B bearings are rated for continuous duty.

Designed to operate for more than 15,000 hours, the compressor pumps in these modules are made from 100% cast iron and employ splash lubrication to ensure durability. The VHP30RMH and VHP40RMH were engineered with fewer components for improved reliability and easier serviceability. A two-year extended pump warranty on these units is available with the use of Ingersoll-Rand All Seasons Select lubricant.

For full details, contact Ingersoll-Rand, PO Box 1600, 800-A Beaty St, Davidson NC 28036.

Flexible chafe guard adds hose protection

A line of heavy-duty, spirally cut expandable polyethylene wrap for protecting hydraulic and pneumatic hoses on automobile transport carriers is offered by M M Newman Corp.

Heli-Tube spirally cut polyethylene wrap can be applied by hand to protect all types of hose from abrasion and is unaffected by sunlight, fuels, oils, saltwater, and detergents. Flexible and easy to remove and reinstall without tools, it allows breakouts in any direction and can be overwrapped in high-chafe situations.

Suitable for new and retrofit use, Heli-Tube comes in seven sizes from 1/8" to 1½" OD for bundles up to 10" OD.

Samples and literature are provided upon request. For more information, contact M M Newman, Tioga Way , PO Box 615, Marblehead MA 01945.

If sleek is what you seek, this light shines

Peterson Manufacturing Co has added a new, oval clearance/side marker light to its line of Piranha brand LED lights.

This new light has a sleek, oval design and mounts on 4" centers, making it a suitable retrofit choice for Class 8 vehicles. An optional, chrome-plated bezel further enhances the appeal for owner-operators who prefer a custom look.

The clearance/side marker LED light features hard-wired terminals sealed in polyurethane, eliminating the need for extra plugs and providing protection against moisture and corrosion. These LED lights operate from 8-16 volts and come in amber or red. For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

Versatile DeuceSS built to bedevil its rivals

Crysteel Mfg has introduced the DeuceSS stainless steel dump body. Featuring Grade 304 stainless construction, the DeuceSS combines work truck efficiency with good looks and corrosion protection.

The DeuceSS dumps to the rear and the side. Dump to the rear for typical applications or use the side-dumping feature for those hard-to-reach places — all without unhooking a trailer.

Available in two finishes, smooth unpolished or bright polished, the DeuceSS has a 2- to 5-cubic-yard capacity and comes 9' and 11' lengths. Standard features include:

  • 304 #4 or 2B stainless steel front, sides, and rear
  • Quick-drop tailgate
  • Dump-through driver's side gate
  • Fold-down passenger side
  • Double-acting hoist

On all of its dump bodies and hoists, Crysteel includes a five-year warranty, unlimited by vehicle mileage. For further details, contact Crysteel, 52182 Ember Rd, Lake Crystal MN 56055.

Bridgestone gets deep with its drive radial

The new Bridgestone M726 EL drive radial tire for tandem drive axle tractors offers a 32/32"-deep tread and superior tread life that surpasses even the Bridgestone M726.

“EL” means “extra life,” a designation earned by its super-long-wearing, deep-drive technology. Its tread compound is stronger for increased wear, stability, and heat resistance.

The tough compound also produces stiff blocks that resist heel-and-toe wear, while the buttressed block shape fights tearing for even more miles of smooth wear. A long-wearing solid shoulder design also fights irregular wear by distributing weight and torque.

The M726 EL uses large, aggressive blocks with computer-designed shapes engineered and positioned to bite into soft surfaces for outstanding wet traction. Block sipes cut through water and road films for solid wet handling, and the sipe ends are rounded to help prevent tearing.

A solid shoulder design incorporates high-grip shoulder notches to bite into soft surfaces for superb traction.

M726 EL is wider, too. The casing takes a full-size drive recap, and the casing incorporates four full steel belts with an all-steel casing ply. This tire also employs thousands of groove-bottom platforms to combat stone retention.

For more information, contact BFNT, 535 Marriott Dr, PO Box 140990, Nashville TN 37214-0990.

Warning lights require no external power

Superior Signals Inc has introduced its Meteorlite self-contained LED directional warning lights. These lights offers an alternative to the standard strobe light, which requires an external power supply. Meteorlite LED lights have the added benefit of offering a low amp draw and are rated at 100,000 hours of life.

These lights come in a 6.5" oval or 4" round grommet mounted housing, or in a Par 36 rubber housing. They are multi-voltage at 12 to 24 volts DC. Two lights may be used together to random quint flash, or two can be connected for an alternating quint flash display. Each LED light head is available in amber and clear and has 19 LEDs per head. They come standard with a five-year limited warranty.

For additional information, contact Superior Signals, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

DC Power Packs join Muncie product line

Muncie Power Products Inc has added a new family of 12-volt DC Power Packs. These Power Packs are designed for those intermittent applications that require small flow rates, such as small dump bodies, snowplows, bale spikes, and liftgates. They are also a logical choice for emergency power in the event of main hydraulic system failure.

A variety of reservoir, valve, and pump options make the product line flexible enough to fit most requirements. For more details, contact Muncie, 201 E Jackson St, PO Box 548, Muncie IN 47308-0548.

Allison automatics designed for any vocation

Allison Transmission's new vocational automatic models are provided in these categories:

  • Highway Series are designed to meet all the horsepower needs of exclusively on-highway vehicles that do not require power take-off (PTO) operation.

  • Pupil Transport/Shuttle Series automatic transmissions are suited for school, non-school, and shuttle bus use.

  • Rugged Duty Series transmissions are designed for any vehicle that operates on/off highway and/or requires PTO operation.

  • Bus Series are specifically suited for Federal Transit Authority (FTA)-funded transit properties, FTA-like transit properties, tour coaches, and shuttle buses exceeding 33,000 pounds GVW.

  • Emergency Vehicle Series transmissions are designed to meet the special needs of fire and emergency vehicles.

  • Motorhome Series deliver enhanced performance and value to the motorhome market.

  • Truck Recreational Vehicle Series are designed to provide more power and performance for truck recreational vehicles.

For more information, contact Allison, PO Box 894, Indianapolis IN 46206-0894.
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Seven-pole connector averts misconnections

Cole Hersee Co announces its ISO-certified seven-pole connector, designed to protect against misconnecting the circuit connections required between a truck and its trailer.

Suitable for both OEM and aftermarket applications, it is designed with a heavy-duty, die-cast metal construction. The seven-pole connector (part #12077-01) complies with ISO 3731-1976 (E) standards. These standards are designed to prevent misconnection between trailer circuits associated with systems such as trailer antilock braking systems; trailer temperature, load, and monitoring; on-board weighing equipment; rear vision and blind spot correction; and satellite trailer tracking.

The seven-pole connector acts as a supplementary link to work in conjunction with the standard connector between a truck and trailer to handle these extra circuits. This connector consists of a seven-pole plug and socket with the ground terminal reversed, creating a matching pair that prevents drivers from inadvertently misconnecting the ISO plug with a standard trailer socket. For more details, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467.
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Bolts allow battery connections minus tools

Waytek's toolless battery bolts permit easy installation and removal of battery connections. Bolts come in four styles: short- or long-cable side terminal tri-knob bolt; with or without a wing nut for accessories. Made in the United States of solid brass construction, these bolts are suitable for direct connections of accessories and other equipment.

For more information or to request a free catalog, contact Waytek, 7660 Quattro Dr, PO Box 690, Chanhassen MN 55317.
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Protect-A-Rail keeps cabs safe from cargo

Weather Guard Equipment has introduced a new, heavy-duty Protect-A-Rail cab protector designed to protect pickup cabs from shifting loads in the cargo area.

This cab protector is constructed of heavy-duty steel tubing. It features an accessory-ready design for mounting warning lights that is flexible to fit virtually every configuration. Hollow tube pathways of the Protect-A-Rail framework house and protect wiring for warning lights. Tie-down holes on the sides of the cab protector enable cargo to be secured. A ladder mount extension accessory is also available for securing ladders.

The Protect-A-Rail is designed to custom-fit various models of vehicles including Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge. Six separately sold vehicle-specific installation mounting kits are required to custom fit the Protect-A-Rail to individual vehicles.

For added flexibility, the Protect-A-Rail can be adjusted from 23⅜" to 26⅜" high. It is finished with a black Armor-Tuf powdercoating. For more information, contact Knaack Mfg Co, 420 E Terra Cotta Ave, Crystal Lake IL 60014.
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Hooklift attachment moves ISO containers

Stellar Industries Inc has developed a hooklift loader attachment kit called the Spider that allows a standard Stellar Shuttle hooklift loader to attach to 20-foot-long ISO shipping containers without additional understructure on the container. The Spider attachment kit does not interfere with the normal use of a Stellar Shuttle hooklift loader.

The Spider frame attaches to existing anchor points on the ISO container, permitting the container to be attached, loaded onto the hooklift, and transported. In conjunction with the Stellar Shuttle Model 190-24-52, it can handle both empty and loaded containers with a gross weight capacity of up to 40,000 pounds.

When the Spider attachment is removed from the hooklift, the hooklift can be used for other, more standard applications for a hooklift, such as flatbeds and dump boxes. Spider kits are available for both 8- and 8.5-ft-high 20-ft long ISO containers.

For full details, contact Stellar, 280 W Third St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.
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Test trailer lights without entering truck cab

Invention Submission Corp has announced that one of its clients, an inventor from Schoolcraft MI, has designed a device that would enable a mechanic to test the lights of a trailer without entering the cab of the truck. The inventor has created a prototype.

The Diagnostic Tool for Testing or Wiring Trailer Lights would facilitate the performance of electrical maintenance by a single mechanic. This invention would function with most makes and models of trailers. Additionally, the Diagnostic Tool for Testing or Wiring Trailer Lights would feature a compact, portable design for use by drivers while on the road.

The original design was submitted to the Bingham Farms office of Invention Submission Corp. It is available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.

For more information, write Dept 02-BGN-1068, ISC, 217 Ninth St, Pittsburgh PA 15222.
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Trailer radial tire combats irregular wear

Bridgestone's new R195F trailer radial tire combines irregular wear-fighting designs for longer original tread life.

R195F incorporates the Defense Groove design that helps create uniform pressure across the shoulder to minimize edge wear and cupping. The patented Equalizer Rib feature combats initiation and spread of wavy wear on the main ribs, while stress relief siping along rib edges fights river wear.

This tire uses a classic straight-rib design that evacuates water from the footprint combined with cross-rib sipes for a solid grip on wet surfaces.

To enhance retreadability, the tire features thick sidewall protector ribs that fight damage and abrasion from curbing. Both sidewalls are ribbed, so when one set of protector ribs is worn away, the tire can be reversed on its wheel for continued protection. Like all Bridgestone radials, R195F's casing is engineered to be retreaded for any axle position, with four full steel belts and an all-steel casing ply.

For more information, contact BFNT, 535 Marriott Dr, PO Box 140990, Nashville TN 37214-0990.
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Both sides of IMT axle turn a full 28 degrees

IMT Corp has designed a self-steering axle (SSA) that will turn a full 28° both sides. This axle will work well in all positions on three-, four-, and five- axle trailer applications. The new axle will be constructed in 77.5" track to suit dual-tire applications, and also in 84" track to suit all Super Single tires.

The new axles will also feature a work-hardening alloy in the contact areas of the centralizer mechanism. This will virtually eliminate wear on these components.

IMT will also continue to produce its full line of 20° SSAs. All SSAs will retain:

  • Draw keys holding the kingpins firmly in place.
  • Sealed bushings in the kingpin area.
  • Pneumatic or spring-shock damper systems.
  • Fully friction-welded lightweight construction.
  • Choice of certified brake friction materials.
  • Available “auto reverse lift” system.
  • Available “load sensing centralizer/stabilizer” system.
  • F22 (N) and F24 (P) bearing combinations.
  • Special track widths and hub combinations.
  • Drop center and “Camel Back” models.

For more details, contact IMT, 347 King St West, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada N5C 3K6.
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Valley Industries supplies Dodge hitch update

Valley Industries has announced its Dodge complete hitch update, which provides total product coverage for the vehicle manufacturer's most popular models. This update includes:

  • #55340 — Clamp-on-style custom bracket kit for fifthwheel applications for 2004 Dodge trucks (no drilling required)

  • #69720 — Under-bed system gooseneck hitch and installation kit for all 2002 — 04 Dodge trucks

  • #70630 — Under-bed system fifthwheel hitch and installation kit for all 2003 — 04 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickups

  • #82670 — Dodge 1500/2500/3500 Class III & IV receiver-style hitch for all 2003 — 04 Dodge trucks (no drilling required)

For a list of dealers, visit and select the “Where to Buy” link, or phone 800-344-3112.
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Hopkins breaks away from its competition

Hopkins Mfg Corp has debuted the Engager trailer breakaway system. The Engager not only activates the trailer brakes upon separation from the tow vehicle, but it also lets the user know whether or not the battery kit is charged and ready to use. The Engager box lid has a test button and LED test lights that allow the user to verify the charge of the breakaway kit battery.

The patent-pending Engager, also has a built-in charger that works while the trailer is being towed.

Hopkins also has introduced a line of LED vehicle-to-trailer, Plug-in Simple adapters. With these new adapters, the user just plugs in and is ready to tow. The patent-pending LED Series also provides the user with built-in trouble-shooting should a trailer-wiring problem occur.

The LED Series includes three adapters: 7 to-6, 6-to-4, and 7-to-4. Each adapter is equipped with a series of LED test lights unique to the trailer type connection. The 7-to-4 and 6-to-4 adapters test the right turn, left turn, brakes, and taillight. The 7-to-6 adapter tests the right turn, left turn, brakes, taillight, and electric brake.

For full details, contact Hopkins, 428 Peyton, PO Box 1157, Emporia KS 66801-1157.
Circle #250 on Reader Service Card

Four more sizes of Ratcheting Action Rivets

Micro Plastics Inc has added four new sizes of Ratcheting Action Rivets to its panel fastener inventory. They now fit hole sizes ranging from 1/4" (6.35 mm) to 9/32" (7.14 mm) with a grip range of .256 (6.35 mm) to 1.375 (34.93 mm).

These rivets feature a rigid design that provides a strong bond created by the action of the interlocking gripper teeth. With the larger head diameter, these rivets simplify binding of soft material.

Rivets are available in black or natural Nylon 6/6 material. Free samples are provided upon request.

For a free copy of catalog #34, contact Micro Plastics' Customer Service Department, PO Box 149, Hwy 178 North, Flippin AR 72634.
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MHL simplifies lining up hitches, trailers

The Magnetic Hitch Locator (MHL) from White Co is a set of reflector globes attached to masts that extend up to 60". Masts attach to the bumper and hitch by strong magnets, and the globes extend above or outside the vehicle bed, allowing the driver to see where the hitch ball and trailer hitch are. When the two globes touch, the hitch ball and trailer are aligned and can be hooked up.

Simple to use, the MHL is suitable for aligning a towing vehicle's hitch with a boat trailer, camper trailer, travel trailer, motor home, or fifthwheel trailer. It also can hook up plows on the front of trucks.

Because of its reflective globes, the MHL can be used day and night because it reflects light from the backup taillights. The MHL works on all vehicles and can work with rear-view and side-view mirrors from either side of a vehicle. It can rotate 180° with fingertip adjustment and needs no tools to install.

For additional information, phone 701-678-2704 or access
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BrakeKare handles brake fluid service quickly

The new BrakeKare system (EEBR311A) from Snap-on Tools Co provides service shops with a safe, easy system for hydraulic brake system maintenance and diagnostics. The unit features a combination of pressure and vacuum flushing, while also allowing simultaneous fluid refilling of all four wheels in 10 to 12 minutes.

BrakeKare flushes and cleans the entire hydraulic braking system. Once the BrakeKare unit is connected to the master cylinder reservoir and all four-wheel cylinder bleeder valves, the system automatically performs cleaning and diagnostic functions with new brake fluid. The automatic process allows for contamination-free brake fluid service. An electronic control panel guides the operator through a step-by-step process. Color-coded test strips are included with the unit.

Contained in a compact wheeled cabinet, the BrakeKare system includes a 64-ounce container for new fluids, a four-gallon waste fluid container, adapter-storage drawers, a flat work surface at an ergonomically convenient height, and a full complement of EPDM hoses for filling, vacuuming, bleeding, and disposing of brake fluids.

The unit operates on standard 110- or 220-volt AC power. Standard hose adapters cover most domestic and import passenger and light trucks. Deluxe adapters are available for Asian, European, and domestic applications. For more details, contact Snap-on, PO Box 1410, Kenosha WI 53141-1410.
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Recycler built for large volumes of solvent

NexGen Enviro Systems Inc's newest Resolv-R2 model, the ECO 400 Continuous, is designed for organizations with large volumes of waste solvent. The recycler is built into the process system, automatically accepting waste solvent flow. Cleaned solvent is then returned to the process.

This recycler can produce in excess of 550 gallons every 24 hours with no personnel impact. The machine is self-monitoring, including maintenance operations. Features include:

  • Tank constructed of 304 stainless steel and Teflon coated.

  • Condenser vapor cooling via chilled water.

  • Automatic unload includes liquid paraffin system to facilitate easy discharge.

  • Automatic shutdown sensor to prevent residue discharge.

  • Programmable cycle logic controls all phases of operation.

  • Waste solvent and clean solvent interim holding tanks with level control and transfer pumps.

  • Four 55-gallon waste drum dollies included.

  • Programmed unload of waste residue.

  • High- and low-limit sensors in boiling tank.

Contact NexGen, 143 Cortland St, Lindenhurst NY 11757 for further details.
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With PortaBench, parts stay in their place

Tired of chasing bolts, tools, and parts because they slipped into a spot they shouldn't have? That's why Spray Control Systems Inc (SCSI) created PortaBench, a tool bench that can be mounted in a snap on duals or many other locations.

Made of strong, chemical-resistant poly, the bench features an anti — roll surface, magnetic center tool trays, a molded mug holder, and a raised- edge lip. Add an optional absorbent mat liner made in bright yellow to make finding that stray nut even easier. The Porta-Bench sections can be configured for two-, three-, or more axle trucks. It weighs 13 pounds but will hold 10 times its weight. Its work surface bolts together in seconds.

For more information, contact SCSI, Route 3, Box 247C, Blooming Prairie MN 55917.
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