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Carrier Transicold ‘X-pands’ reefer unit line

Carrier Transicold has introduced the X series, a new family of performance-boosting direct-drive truck refrigeration units designed for small trucks.

Variable-speed models 50X and 40X are successors to the Integra 50S and 40S. They have larger condenser and evaporator coils, resulting in much greater cooling capacity, better pulldown, and superior temperature recovery from door openings and deliveries.

The 50X unit delivers 1,250 cfm airflow and provides 17,000 Btu of cooling with a set point of 35° F at 100° F ambient. The 40X unit delivers airflow of 860 cfm and 15,000 Btu of cooling at a 35° F set point.

The smallest direct-drive unit offered by Carrier, the model 20X offers better value and lower operating cost for small delivery vehicles that may not need the capacity of a larger unit.The 20X is equipped with a condenser-valve-enhanced heat system, a rooftop-mount kit, and a refrigerant discharge muffler to reduce noise in the driver's compartment. It generates airflow of 500 cfm and has a cooling capacity of 7,200 Btu at 35° F at 100° F ambient.

The model 20X incorporates the Cab Command microprocessor and dash-mounted control panel. The larger 50X and 40X units use the more powerful Cab Command 2 controller, which offers hourmeters and enhanced diagnostics. The 50X and 40X units are also available with several electric standby-operation voltage options.

All use environmentally sound R-404A refrigerant, and also provide enhanced hot gas heating. DuraShell composite skins won't scratch, dent or rust. With a narrow profile for maximum cargo space, the SlimLine evaporator is used with the X series.

For more information, contact Carrier, Syracuse NY.

Montana FE42 covers wide variety of uses

Montana Products Inc's new FE42 chassis black frame paint is a slow-drying, economical protective coating for chassis, engine compartments, and miscellaneous parts finishing. It has excellent adhesion and impact resistance and is chemically resistant to fuels when thoroughly cured and catalyzed.

Because of its versatility and ease of use, this product is designed for new chassis builders or facilities refurbishing/refinishing old frames and chassis. Other markets include truck and trailer builders, bus manufacturers, and producers of metal drums and dumpsters. For more information, contact Montana, Orrville OH.

Two new units enhance PowerBox line

Dynamic Power Source LLC (DPS) has released its new PowerBox 175MP and 240MP welder/generator/compressor units. Both new models build on PowerBox's patented features and package the maximum amount of technology and power into a new, more compact design. Key features of the PowerBox 175MP and 240MP are:

  • 12 hp Kohler air-cooled engine

  • 7,500 watts (175MP) and 5,500 watts (240MP) of power (110- and 220-volt receptacles)

  • 13 cfm of air at 100 psi

  • 5-gallon air storage tank

  • Powdercoated shell

PowerBox benefits include fuel capacity allowing the unit to run 8- 9 hours, as well as smooth and quiet operation. These units are completely self-contained and self-driven, eliminating the need for separate units. For more details, contact DPS, New Albany IN.

Booths have rollaway collector modules

Col-Met Spray Booths introduces a new line of EZ Pass-Thru powder booths with rollaway collector modules.

These powder booths feature 18-gauge galvanized steel panels, have an interior cabin of 8' height × 14' length, and come in 5'-, 6'- and 7'-wide interiors. Bright full-booth illumination is provided by four Class I, Division II, 48" long, four-tube, 32-watt fluorescent, T-8 type light fixtures mounted behind safety glass and sealed from the interior of the spray booth. A purge control feature ensures safe operation of the coatings enclosure by maintaining airflow at design levels. A timer activates a system of air purging valves, clearing the cartridge filters of accumulated powder as needed.

The rollaway collector module is factory-assembled using painted 10-gauge mild steel with insulation installed for sound attenuation, and includes a sparkproof construction plug-type fan, pulse valves and solenoids, and a rollaway filter module with fluidized bed. Use of rollaway filter modules allows for a quicker color change since the filter section does not have to be cleaned between color changeouts. Parts enter the EZ Pass-Thru Powder Booth through the conveyor openings, then pass the coating operator stations to receive the coating. The powder overspray is entrained within the air stream moving to the collector module, where the cartridge filters will remove the particulate. Containment air is drawn through the air handler's primary and final filter system before being discharged back into the room. Coated parts exit the booth for conveyance to the cure oven.

For more information, contact Col-Met, Rockwall TX.

Waytek cable harness mounts come in two styles

Waytek now carries cable harness mounts, from HellermannTyton, in two styles: an arrow push mount and fir tree mount.

To mount on the harness, either tape or a cable tie can be used, then push into a hole in the panel. The cable harness mounts allow for .31" of movement on either side of center to allow for alignment. It is made from black nylon 6/6.

The fir tree mount is designed to mount into a solid panel such as sheet metal or wood.

For more information, contact Waytek, PO Box 690/7660 Quattro Dr, Chanhassen MN 55317.

CushionStop guard meets Canadian safety standard

Transfreight Technology announces that its CushionStop rear impact guard meets all the requirements for the new Canadian safety standard for semitrailers (CMVSS 223).

Testing was completed at MGA in Burlington WI recently. Kimble Ledford and Darren Copeland, spokespersons for Transfreight, said their guard exceeded all the necessary requirements for compliance with the new standard.

“Our product now allows any trailer manufacturer to immediately upgrade to the higher standard,” Ledford said. With its deflection and strength capabilities the CushionStop complies with both United States and Canadian standards.

The CushionStop design lets trailer manufacturers ofer a more durable and safer bumper, without the need for any designing or further DOT testing. The CushionStop is being offered as an option on several trailer manufacturers' trailers, and is standard OEM on some others.

For more information, contact Transfreight, Dahlonega GA.

Bosch makes alternators for refrigerated trucks

Robert Bosch Corp has introduced a new, more powerful alternator designed specifically for refrigeration trucks. The higher output units will easily accommodate the demands of 24/7 operations, plus provide additional power to handle accessories, such as automatic liftgates.

The 90-amp refrigerated truck alternator is available now. For more details, contact Bosch, Broadview IL.

School bus converted to rolling boardroom

Naperville IL-based Laidlaw Educational Services wanted a school bus to demonstrate its capabilities, but first the company needed some specialty upgrades. For that they turned to Grove City OH-based Creative Mobile Interiors, a custom vehicle converter.

CMI transformed one of the company's 45-foot school buses into a luxurious mobile boardroom. A dozen movie-theater style chairs upholstered in plush fabric have replaced the usual bench seating, while curving mahogany veneer walls add a touch of elegance to the environment. The yellow Laidlaw logo is woven into the back of each chair and in the center of the soft carpeting to help build brand awareness.

For presentations, a 42-inch plasma flatscreen television emerges from a side cabinet at the front of the vehicle, while an integrated sound system, DVD/VCR/CD player, and individual wireless Internet connections at each seat facilitate presentations. Three interactive LCD screens and two plasma televisions are on board, as well as an interior camera with remote access. Separate men's and women's restrooms at the rear of the vehicle are finished with Corian countertops, tile floors, and a modern vanity suite.

The outside of the vehicle was covered in a full vinyl wrap featuring bright graphics and billboard-high branded messages. A 42-ft plasma TV faces out the passenger side windows, while a retractable awning runs the length of the unit.

The unit has been dubbed “Friendship 1,” and upon delivery it will travel to school systems throughout the nation.

ArvinMeritor taps TSE Brakes as standard

ArvinMeritor has selected TSE brake chambers as the production standard for all its North American trailer brake axle products requiring air brake actuators. TSE Brake Inc (Fresno CA), is providing these products to all ArvinMeritor trailer product production plants effective July 7, 2005.

TSE also is offering, through Meritor, new High Output Technology (HOT) for spring brakes. The HOT brake actuator system is virtually identical to TSE's Omnibrake standard air chamber system. However, HOT is smaller in profile than traditionally designed air brake actuators, yet offers higher parking brake forces. HOT brakes are also provided on Arvin Meritor axle products.

PrimAir Universal fits most trailer dimensions

Thermo King has introduced its new PrimAir Universal Insulated Bulkhead, in partnership with ITW Insulated Products. The PrimAir Universal offers adjustments to fit multiple trailer heights and widths, while its user-friendly design increases the unit's portability and convenience.

“The PrimAir Universal's design eliminates practically all the sizing problems associated with conventional bulkheads,” says Jason Forman, Thermo King category specialist — accessories. “Because of this product's universal design, it fits virtually every trailer dimension.”

This bulkhead provides the same full temperature separation as other PrimAir bulkheads. Because of its thermally efficient design, the PrimAir Universal will seal both new and even older, bowed trailers. This lets the unit be moved easily from trailer to trailer within a fleet.

Simplified installation is another benefit of this product. The bulkhead comes in a two-piece, lightweight design that is easy for fleet drivers to handle. Installation time can effectively be reduced because of this product's easy-to-use design.

For more details, contact Thermo King, Minneapolis MN.

Band saw can handle 40 inches in one stroke

Scotchman Industries has added the SHA 1419 band saw to its line of metal fabricating products. This automatic band saw combines mitering capability with an automatic barfeed system. The barfeed uses an automatic shuttle vise feed system that handles up to 40 inches in a single stroke.

Capacity is 14" × 19" at 90° and 14" × 14" at 45°. The standard Programmable Length Control (PLC) allows the operator to program the job including both piece length and piece count. The PLC takes into consideration the multiple indexes and blade kerf, making it easy to set lengths. The full stroke vising and optional bundling attachment bundles up to the full capacity.

Contact Scotchman, Philip SD, for more details.

Never lose a bit with Retract-A-Bit HEX

The new Retract-A-Bit HEX self-storing screwdriver system from Ready Tools is compact and convenient. This tool includes integral hex-head bits in either standard or metric configurations, making it ideal for many “around the truck” applications.

Bits are engaged by simply sliding them into place, and a locking collar ensures their stability during use. Since bits are integral to the tool, users never have to worry about losing them.

The Retract-A-Bit HEX can be purchased online at

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UD Trucks warranty coverage upgraded

Nissan Diesel America (NDA) has upgraded the standard warranty coverage on its 2006 Model Year UD Trucks product line. For 2006 model year vehicles, the warranty coverage has been increased to provide longer protection periods for the base vehicle and selected chassis and power train components. All 2006 model year light- and medium-duty UD Trucks now feature base vehicle, drivetrain, chassis frame, front axle, and towing warranty coverage period of three years, compared with the previous two-year warranty period. The unlimited mileage feature will remain the same, as will the provision for 100% parts and labor reimbursement for warranty repairs. Vendor Item Warranties providing coverage for turbochargers, Denso common rail fuel system components, Zexel Valeo and Calsonic air-conditioners, and Denso starters and alternators that were previously 24 months have also been boosted to three years, with no limitation on mileage and 100% parts and labor reimbursement.

These changes represent a 33% increase in warranty protection over the previous warranty coverage of two years. This increase in warranty protection will apply to all 2006 model year trucks, including units already delivered to retail customers.

QCS2 harness system collar enhanced

Phillips Industries has improved the molded collar design of the QCS2 electrical harness system, which weatherproofs an entire electrical system by creating a watertight seal. The secure seal aids in corrosion prevention by eliminating moisture from traveling through the harness. The tight-fitting collar protects against accidental disconnection, and the modular design cuts socket replacement time by more than 75%.

The QCS2 electrical harness system is part of Phillips Industries complete line of Sta-Dry products being developed and introduced by the company to address the negative affects of corrosion on electrical components.

For more details, contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

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Corrosion-fighting primer used on Heil bodies

The Heil Environmental Truck Equipment Group has installed a new paint system in its Tishomingo MS manufacturing facility. The system uses an epoxy primer from BASF to provide a more corrosion-resistant, long-lasting finish.

This new system involves a plural mixing spray machine that automatically mixes the activator and epoxy primer in perfect proportions every time. This eliminates the potential for human error and guarantees a consistent finish from product to product. The primer system is used for everything produced at the plant, from dump bodies to hoists.

Heil has also installed a BASF acrylic urethane system in the Tishomingo facility for applying the top coat to the bodies that are mounted in-house. This system employs one of the most durable urethane coatings available, according to BASF. The result is a strong, high-gloss finish.

Mitsubishi Fuso extends warranty coverage

Besides its base 36-month, unlimited mileage, limited bumper-to-bumper warranty, Mitsubishi Fuso has extended warranty coverage on the powertrain components of its new 2006 Class 4-5 FE and FG models to five years or 175,000 miles. It covers all crucial powertrain components, including the engine, Aisin automatic transmission or Mitsubishi manual transmission (however equipped), clutch housing and pressure plate assembly, rear axle housing and internal parts on all models, and the front axle housing and internal parts on four-wheel-drive FG models.

Mitsubishi Fuso also has extended warranty coverage on the powertrain components of its new 2006 Class 6-7 FK and FM models to five years or 250,000 miles. This new limited warranty covers all crucial powertrain components, including the engine, Mitsubishi or Eaton manual transmission (however equipped), clutch housing and pressure plate assembly, and rear axle housing and internal parts.

Full warranty details and limitations are available from Mitsubishi Fuso authorized dealers.

Molex products enable fast faxing

The new FaxEnable product line from Molex Inc transmits faxes over the digital wireless network, allowing for quick faxing in transportation applications.

Part of Molex's TelEnable product family, the FaxEnable series installs in minutes and can be operated while a vehicle is in motion. It connects using standard off-the-shelf office equipment and can store up to 14 pages. The FaxEnable series uses error correction and retransmission in the event of a lost cellular signal to guarantee reliable delivery of the complete fax. Plus, its complete mobile design provides flexibility to transfer units from vehicle-to-vehicle in minutes.

The FaxEnable series offers auto correction and buffer management to ensure a clear and reliable picture quality fax output. Its rugged design provides resistance to shock, vibration and EMI (electromagnetic interference), while data encryption features ensure secure signal transmissions.

For more information, visit

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Remote Shutdown System adheres to bobtail requirements

The Remote Shutdown System (RSS) for bobtails from the MSA Instrument Division is a permanently installed system that meets remote emergency shut-off control requirements for bobtails delivering liquefied compressed gas.

Advanced features include a fail-safe design that requires setting the brakes and powering on the system before opening the primary discharge valve of the bobtail. This system also powers off and closes the valve upon loss of power and brake engagement. The RSS connects directly to the vehicle's electrical controls and allows the operator to command remote emergency shutdowns at a safe distance. The RSS also offers long-range operation of up to 328 feet (100 meters), an integral antenna, weatherproof design, built-in receiver diagnostics, transmitter low-battery warning, high RF resistance, and it meets DOT HM 225A requirements.

The RSS comes in three configurations:

RSS Basic — Comes with the minimum hardware to provide the remote shutdown only. The receiver is configured only with the shutdown relay for the vehicle engine control.

RSS Plus — Provides the same features as the RSS Basic and adds additional hardware to provide a pneumatic output for belly valve control.

RSS Deluxe — Adds two additional pneumatic outputs to the RSS Plus system. This allows remote control not only of the vehicle engine and belly valve but also provides on / off control for the vehicle PTO (power take-off) and throttle.

For more information, contact MSA, Pittsburgh PA.

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Grote offers high-tech update of box lamp

Grote Industries' line of LED products has expanded with the introduction of the LED Boxlite lamp. This lamp offers Grote's latest Supernova single-LED technology in both the stop/tail/turn and license functions and is an exact replacement of the firm's original box lamp.

These new lamps have no moving parts, so they are not afected by vibration and thus provide a longer life.

For full details, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

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