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New TIG inverters maximize productivity

Miller Electric Mfg Co has introduced its new Dynasty 700 and Maxstar 700 inverters, which deliver new arc shaping options, 5 to 700 amps of weld power, and new high-speed pulsed TIG weld controls. They can dramatically increase travel speeds, eliminate inclusions (“tungsten spitting”), eliminate weld flaws related to poor arc starts, permit using smaller diameter electrodes, eliminate the need for exotic gas mixes, and reduce cycle time defects and rework.

Both machines produce an output of 500 amps/40 volts at 100% duty cycle, weigh 198 pounds, and feature Miller's Auto-Line power management technology. The Dynasty 700 provides an AC/DC welding output, while the Maxstar provides a 700 DC-only output and costs less.

These models replace the Aerowave, Syncrowave 500, and older TIG products.

The Dynasty 700 and Maxstar 700 feature Auto-Line technology, which enables them to accept any primary power from 208 through 575 volts (±10%), single- or three-phase, 50 or 60 Hz. Auto-Line can improve weld quality by compensating for voltage variations caused by large loads starting on the same line or utility “brownouts.” Other features include an automation interface kit (28-pin) for “plug and play” system integration and 115-volt auxiliary power to operate a coolant system, grinder, or other small power tools.

The Dynasty 700 and Maxstar 700 are covered by Miller's True-Blue three-year factory warranty. For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Zinga adds filler/breather cap option

Zinga Industries Inc has added the new nylon plastic filler/breather cap option to its filler/breather product line.

Features and benefits of this filler/breather cap include:

  • Proven glass-filled nylon construction.

  • Direct interchange with the existing die-cast aluminum filler/breather cap.

  • Built-in standard lock tab.

  • Works with pressure/vacuum applications.

  • Weather, UV, corrosion, and impact resistance.

  • More economical than equivalent powdercoated aluminum cap.

For full details, access

Unicell now an authorized Sprinter upfitter

DaimlerChrysler Corp has advised Unicell that it meets all requirements for the former's Customer Assurance Program for box bodies. Unicell van body plants in Buffalo NY and Toronto, Ontario, are now authorized upfitters for the Sprinter van. Unicell's one-piece molded fiberglass van body will be built in 11', 12', and 13' lengths for Sprinter's 140" and 158" wheelbase cab chassis.

The Sprinter/Unicell van is designed for service trades such as plumbing, electrical, and general contracting. The Unicell van body has extended skirting that is level with the Sprinter cab skirt for a neat, unified appearance. Unicell's one-piece exterior construction has no seams or rivets. The UV-resistant gel coat surface is smooth, glossy, and easy to maintain.

For additional information, phone Unicell at 800-628-8914.

Sure-Foot takes Boldstep to reduce injuries

Sure-Foot Industries Corp's Glow-in-the-Dark Boldstep Aluminum Tread glows in the dark, can recharge in low light, and offers superior glow protection for more than 20 hours.

According to preliminary tests conducted by the University of Georgia, this product emits more than four times the required amount of light set by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM).

Unlike safety treads that use cement-based, open-celled materials that trap dirt and are hard to clean, Boldstep Tread is made with epoxy material. This means dirt and oils can't penetrate the closed-cell system.

Because of its permanent metal construction, Boldstep Tread also reduces replacement and maintenance costs. As an aluminum-extruded epoxy filled tread that can go over most surfaces, Boldstep Tread comes pre-drilled and ready to install.

This tread comes in a standard 9” or 11” size and meets all Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Americans with Disabilities Act federal regulations.

For more information, phone 800-522-6566 or go online to

SilverCap winch now comes with GrimeGuard

Ancra International has unveiled the next generation of its SilverCap ratchet-cap winch.

This self-contained system, which eliminates the need to reinsert a winch bar to tighten load straps, now offers GrimeGuard, an extra weathertight seal that protects the device's key moving parts from moisture and road grime. TheSilverCap also has been engineered with a tamper-resistant center shaft with locking threads that ensures that the ratchet-cap holds fast and cannot be removed.

The patented SilverCap eliminates the repetitive insertion and removal of the winch bar each time straps are tightened down to secure a load to a trailer. Functioning like a socket wrench, it allows the winch bar to remain in place in the ratchet-cap while the load straps are cranked tight. Strap tension does not slip, and the danger of the winch bar snapping back and injuring users is reduced.

With a powdercoated winch mandrel and its galvanized ratchet-cap, SilverCap offers superior durability. Powdercoating stands up better than epoxy coating to weather and grime. Made of EPDM rubber, the GrimeGuard seal hugs the joint between the trademark silver-colored, galvanized cap and the main winch housing.

For more information, contact Ancra, Erlanger KY.

Dual Operator provides 150-ton capacity

Scotchman Industries has added the Dual Operator 150-ton hydraulic ironworker to its metal fabricating systems. This ironworker with four built-in stations offers versatile, flexible, and dependable features. The DO 150 has a 150-ton capacity punch and a 12" throat depth, which can punch a 1½" hole in 1¼" material and a 2½" hole in 3/4" material.

This dual-operator machine has a hydraulic system designed with two pumps to ensure full hydraulic pressure and speed to both operations, as well as two valves, two stroke controls, and two remote foot pedals. The DO 150/240-24M has standard features that include: 6" × 6" × 1/2" angle shear and a rectangular notcher that can notch 3" × 5¾" through 1/2" material. The 24" flat bar shear offers a low rake angle and can shear up to 1" × 14" and 3/4" × 24" material with minimal distortion.

This machine can accept optional equipment such as press brakes, rod shear, tube shears, picket tools, and special tooling. E-mail Peggy Palecek at [email protected] for complete details.

Remote strobe heads come in four colors

Superior Signals Inc has introduced its Meterolite remote strobe heads, which are available in four colors: clear, amber, red, and blue. The flange style is mounted with screws, and the pop-in style is a grommet mount. Choose from Amp, Deutsch, weatherproof and Weatherpak connectors. Applications include headlights, taillights, and turn signals. Strobe heads are 1" diameter and 1.62" high; a full range of power supplies and cables is also offered.

For additional information, contact Superior, Olathe KS.

Stone guards protect panels, toolboxes

Buyers Products Co has added stone guards to its product line. The stone guards are designed to protect the lower front panel of utility bodies and underbody toolboxes from stone chips and road debris. Constructed of .100"-thick polished diamondtread aluminum, the stone guards provide attractive, durable, and economical protection.

Available in 12" × 10" and 16" × 18" sizes, both guards include six pre-drilled 3/16"-diameter mounting holes and 12 rivets.

E-mail Brian Smith at [email protected] for more information.

Supra units cut noise, simplify service

Improving performance and appearance, three new diesel-powered truck refrigeration units have been introduced by Carrier Transicold, a business unit of United Technologies Corp.

The Supra 650, 750, and 850 units are designed for worry-free protection of perishable and frozen food and other refrigerated cargo in medium to large trucks.

These units have a sleek contemporary housing that reduces sound levels by nearly half compared with previous models. The acoustically designed housing is manufactured using a composite material that is damage-resistant and easy to clean, including a bottom panel that improves sound quality.

The new design also offers improvements that simplify maintenance by allowing basic service inspections without having to open doors or remove panels. For example, the operator can easily check engine oil level, check and add engine coolant, and inspect the refrigerant level without opening the unit. New handles attached to the frame on both sides of the unit provide secure, convenient grips for service technicians.

Supra units continue to use the clean-burning CT3-44 TriVortex diesel engine and either a two- or four-cylinder compressor, depending on the model. All units in the series are controlled by the Cab Command microprocessor with a driver friendly in-cab digital readout.

All Supra units also have an electric standby motor option for reduced noise and exhaust emissions at the loading dock and for compliance with environmental regulations.

For more details, contact Carrier Transicold, Syracuse NY.

RS 40 SmartRide production begins

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems group has started production of its new Dana Spicer RS 40 SmartRide trailer suspension. The announcement comes in conjunction with the recent delivery of 100 new Wabash National DuraPlate HD trailers equipped with the new SmartRide suspensions and Dana Spicer TIMS (Tire Inflation and Monitor System) to Dart Transit Co of Eagan MN.

Dana's newest air ride trailer suspensions, the SmartRide RS 40 and RS 46, are available at all major dry van and reefer trailer OEMs. The suspensions were designed with Dana's proprietary shape optimization and computer analysis software, which resulted in roughly 60 pounds of weight savings, increased payloads, and improved fuel efficiency. This same computer-modeling technology allowed Dana to simultaneously maximize the strength and reliability features of the new SmartRide suspensions.

Not only is Dana offering 5¾"-diameter axle tubes, but company engineers also reduced the weight of each axle by 30 pounds compared with a traditional 5"-diameter axle. The large-diameter axle also decreases deflection by 15% to reduce tire wear and improve fuel economy.

Dana Spicer TIMS is provided as a standalone product or integrated with Bendix TABS-6 trailer ABS. TIMS has a two-solenoid manifold design that allows for non-pressurized seals and lines when not inflating tires for improved safety and maximum seal life. TIMS is available for factory and off-line installation on all makes and models of trailers manufactured in North America.

For more information, contact Roadranger Marketing, Kalamazoo MI.

RouteMax facilitates extended route delivery

Johnson Refrigerated Truck Bodies' new RouteMax system will permit extended route delivery using a cold plate system powered by International's PowerPack 3, a self-contained power supply system built into the vehicle.

Initial cost of the truck body, power unit, and refrigeration system will be lower than a mechanical blower body and refrigeration. The only operating cost of the RouteMax system is the electrical shore power needed to recharge the cold plates while plugged in at night. Because the RouteMax system continually charges the plates throughout the day, it can reduce the number of hours needed for shore power hookup.

Because the RouteMax has few moving parts, it requires virtually no maintenance, and the system will last the life of the truck body. It is not unusual for a truck body to last 20-plus years, says the company.

The PowerPack 3 provides continual charge to the cold plates without being a drain on fuel economy. RouteMax functions by using the PowerPack 3 to convert the DC current from the alternator into AC current. Johnson's Electrical Power Manager (EPM) optimizes the electrical power for the continuous operation of the refrigeration compressor. The compressor can then charge the cold plates while the truck is at idle or while it's en route to its next stop.

To learn more, contact Johnson, Rice Lake WI.

Photoelectric sensor family makes debut

Balluff is introducing a new family of photoelectric sensors, all housed in an identical rugged, standard-dimensioned metal housing. The new BOS 21M family can handle virtually any automation, assembly, robotics, packaging, or industrial task requiring a photoelectric sensor. Dimensions for all versions are 42.5 × 50 × 15 mm.

By using a single, identically dimensioned family of photoelectric sensors, customers can realize substantial cost saving and efficiency goals, according to Balluff. The BOS 21M line comes with a full range of mounting clamps, brackets, and flexible mounting systems, and features a 270° rotatable M12 connector for easy installation. PNP and NPN models are available, keyed to specific designs. BOS 21M sensors are impact-resistant, sealed to IP 67 standards, and carry UL and CE approvals.

The new line contains 30 versions organized within 10 basic models, each with its own subfamily:

  • Diffuse (six red light, infrared, or laser versions)

  • Diffuse/background suppression (four red light or laser versions)

  • Diffuse/fore and background suppression (two red light versions)

  • Retroreflective/polarized (four red light or laser versions)

  • Retroreflective, auto collimation (two red light versions)

  • Retroreflective, glass detection (two red light versions)

  • Thru-beam receiver (four infrared or laser versions)

  • Thru-beam emitter (two infrared and laser versions)

  • Contrast sensor (two white light versions)

  • Luminescence sensor (two UV light versions)

For full details, contact Balluff, Florence KY.

New series a step up in stability, safety

Flexco has introduced a new series of extendable and retractable steps for the RV and cargo trailer markets. The steps are redesigned for added stability and safety. Available in a single-, double-, or triple-step configuration to accommodate different threshold-to-ground heights, the new step series incorporates a heavy-duty rod system that ensures stability and smooth ease of use. Heavy gauge materials and all welded one-piece tread construction with fully contoured edges provide increased rigidity, durability, and safety. A wider 2¼-inch grip strip covers 25% of the step surface.

Steps are powdercoated before assembly at Flexco to assure complete coverage and even, high-gloss finish with corrosion resistance. All steps are available with 24-inch wide treads, while single and double steps are also available with 20-inch wide tread. Mounting brackets are provided for top or rear mounting angles. The new steps are a stock item and shipped assembled with brackets to manufacturers and distributors.

For more information, contact Flexco, Elkhart IN.

Pipemaster Pro-60 works in all positions

To increase efficiency and performance, Hobart Brothers introduces its Pipemaster Pro-60 quick-starting stick electrode. The Pipemaster Pro-60 contains a cellulostic mild steel that provides the operator with superior arc stability, penetration, and wash-in. It is ideal for all-position welding and produces X-ray-quality welds coupled with light slag for quick and easy cleanup. It can be used for applications such as API steels grade A, B, X-42, X-46, X-52, and X-56, and for the root pass on material up to X-80.

The Pipemaster Pro-60's quick-starting properties provide it with easy arc striking and increased welding efficiency. Its ability to perform in all positions makes it suitable for pipe, plate, construction, shipbuilding, general-purpose fabrication, and maintenance welding. With its arc stability, the Pipemaster Pro-60 provides accuracy, efficiency, and superior penetration. It also excels at vertical down for faster travel speeds while offering a smooth bead appearance and easy weld lay-in.

To learn more, contact Hobart Troy OH.

Bussmann mVEC unit handles high currents

Bussmann Automotive Products, a division of Cooper Industries, offers its new multiplexed Vehicle Electrical Center (mVEC). This new product is the result of a joint venture development of Bussmann and Vansco Electronics LP, Winnipeg, Canada. The mVEC is based on Bussmann's patented VEC and Vansco's vehicle networking technologies.

Designed for managing high currents in various applications, the mVEC features up to 30 amps per channel, to a maximum of 200 amps. As a networked controller and power distribution module, the mVEC alerts the operator to any system deficiency by sending information on the status of relays and fuses via the data bus to any networked display or telltale module. The mVEC can address vehicle multiplexing through a J1939/CAN interface, as well as other industry standard protocols.

Contact Bussmann, Wood Dale IL, for more details.

Handi-Foam kit a complete safety package

Fomo Products Inc's Handi-Foam Contractor Safety Kit is a complete collection of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that saves contractors time and money. With this kit, application technicians have everything they need to begin applying Handi-Foam safely without having to track down and pick up protective equipment

The kit includes:

  • One pair Handi-Foam safety glasses.

  • Two pairs impervious nitrile gloves.

  • One NIOSH/MSHA-approved respirator that includes: organic vapor cartridges, dust/mist prefilters. and 10 hygienic wipes.

  • One Tyvek apron.

  • One pair of Tyvek arm gauntlets.

  • One set of instructions for use and regulatory requirements.

  • One Handi-Foam gear bag.

Replacement accessories can be purchased through local safety equipment dealers. The contents of each kit will protect a single end-user for several applications.

For more details, contact: Fomo Products, Norton OH.

New Holland PH Series pintle hooks lighter in weight, yet more durable

Holland USA, a division of The Holland Group, is offering PH-210, PH-310, and PH-410 Series pintle hooks, which are lighter in weight and have improved wear resistance. All have a new, true one-hand latch operation with an automatic secondary lock and no chains or cotter pins. The new stronger latch design is more resistant to dirt and snow. All three models come equipped with new air chamber options with different plunger rod lengths, and are available without the air chamber and plunger or with the plunger alone and no air chamber. They can be used as an air-cushioned pintle hook or as a standard rigid pintle hook without the air cushion.

PH-210 and the PH-410 replace their predecessors the PH-200 and the PH-400 Series, respectively. PH-210 maintains the same four-bolt mounting pattern and is rated for 18,000 pounds maximum vertical load and 90,000 pounds maximum gross trailer weight. PH-410 comes with a six-bolt mounting pattern and is rated for 20,000 pounds maximum vertical load and 100,000 pounds maximum gross trailer weight.

A new model, PH-310 is made of the same steel alloy as PH-210 with two key additions. First, PH-310 is designed with the six-bolt mounting configuration and secondly, it has increased capacities of 20,000 pounds maximum vertical load and 100,000 pounds maximum gross trailer weight.

The last new introduction is PH-411, which directly replaces the former PH-400-H series. Again, the new more efficient mounting structure, which matches the bolt pattern of the PH-400-H, only requires six bolts instead of eight while maintaining capacities of 20,000 pounds maximum vertical load and 100,000 pounds maximum gross trailer weight. PH-411 incorporates all the new changes common with PH-410.

For full details, contact Holland, Holland MI.

Press brakes offer CADMAN Express control

Strippit/LVD has a new series of PPEC press brakes featuring the CADMAN Express CNC control. The PPEC Series offers Strippit/LVD's proven bending technology in a cost-efficient, easy-to-use design for forming applications that do not require advanced capabilities.

PPEC precision hydraulic press brakes are offered in a four- and five-axis configuration. The five-axis design is equipped with a CNC-controlled crowning system, which ensures the ram and table are parallel during bending. PPEC press brakes come in capacities from 90 to 240 tons with working lengths from 78" to 168" (2,000 to 4,270 mm).

Press brakes are a welded one-piece frame, stress-relieved after welding and machined without repositioning to guarantee machine precision. Hydraulic cylinders are machined from a solid steel billet. Pistons are steel forgings, precision ground, and micropolished for long production life.

These servo-controlled press brakes use hydraulics and electronics to ensure accurate control during bending. Double-bed referenced encoders are connected to the bed in such a way that deformation of the side frames during bending does not influence positioning accuracy of the upper beam.

A solid two-axis backgauge allows depth (X-axis) and height (R-axis) positioning of the two standard backgauge fingers. Pre-stressing on the guiding keeps the fingers in position.

For more information, contact Strippit, Akron NY.

Back-up alarm uses broadband technology

Brigade Electronics Inc's new back-up alarm uses broad-band technology that addresses the two major problems of conventional beepers: not being able to locate the danger, and noise pollution. The bbs-tek back-up alarm emits a non-strident yet locatable sound that dissipates rapidly, being heard only in and around the danger area. The alarm localizes the direction of the sound and emits a distinctive “shh… shh… shh…” signal, enabling jobsite workers to pinpoint exactly which vehicle is backing up. E-mail [email protected] for more details.

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