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ABS-based Electronic Stability Control

Meritor WABCO Vehicle Control Systems is offering its new Electronic Stability Control (ESC) for truck/tractor applications, founded on the company's existing E-version anti-lock braking system (ABS). The ESC system will be available effective May 2005.

ESC combines the features of the company's Roll Stability Control (RSC) system with added yaw (rotational) sensing. This improves vehicle handling and performance if there is an impending loss of control due to rotational forces. These rotational forces may occur as a result of rapid lane change, or cornering maneuvers on slippery surfaces.

RSC is an optional feature of the company's ABS and is currently the only stability control system in production. Some fleets or vehicle types may benefit from the additional yaw stability control integral to the ESC system. To accommodate these needs, the current ABS electronic control unit has been enhanced to allow for the integration of ESC across a variety of vehicle configurations with different engines, transmissions, suspensions, and wheelbases.

For more details, contact Meritor WABCO, 2135 W Maple Rd, Troy MI 48084-7186.

Volvo engine line will be 2007-compliant

Volvo Trucks North America Inc will offer a complete line of Volvo diesel engines to meet the new emissions standards that take effect in 2007. The new family of engines will include 11- and 13-liter models, in addition to the 16-liter Volvo D16 introduced earlier this year. Volvo plans to launch the engines for customers and dealers during the first quarter of 2006.

Volvo has selected high-performance exhaust gas recirculation (HEGR) as the primary NOx emissions control and a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for particulate control for its EPA'07-compliant engines. Volvo engines for 2007 will simply use a higher rate of EGR to achieve the lower NOx emissions. All of Volvo's 2007 engines are designed to use the ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel mandated by the United States government to be available in the second half of 2006.

The 2007 engine family will include:

  • Advanced, high-pressure fuel injection with multiple injections per stroke

  • Increased peak cylinder pressures

  • Single-stage variable geometry turbocharger (VGT)

  • Reinforced base engine components to handle internal loads

  • High-capacity cooling system fully integrated into truck design

  • Advanced centrifugal crankcase ventilation

The new family of engines will be built at the Volvo Powertrain North America plant in Hagerstown MD. Volvo will also continue to offer the 15-liter Cummins ISX as an option in its Volvo VN and Volvo VT highway tractors.

Phillips primary wire resistant to abrasives

Acids, greases, oils, fuels, and similar compounds that assault vehicle wiring, especially those operating in harsh environments, can create havoc on an electrical system.

Primary wire offered by Phillips Industries resists these types of compounds and other abrasives. Additionally, the color-coded concentric jacketing simplifies function identification and wire stripping, reducing repair and maintenance costs. With a temperature range of -40° to 150° F and soft annealed copper conductors, abrasive-resistant primary wire from Phillips remains flexible and suitable for vocational and over-the-road trucking.

Phillips offers a line of primary wire from 20 to 8 gauge in 11 different colors for use in all four-, six-, and seven-way connector configurations. For more details, phone 800-423-4512 or contact Phillips, 12012 Burke St, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670.

BedRug now can line Chevy, GMC pickups

Wise Industries Inc now provides its BedRug bedliner for the 2005 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra 1500, with applications for all cab and box configurations. Also available is a GM version of the Silverado and Sierra BedRug, which includes either the Chevrolet bowtie or GMC logo embroidered into the bulkhead. The GM BedRug is offered through GM Service Parts Operations (SPO) or from a GM Accessory Dealer Installer (ADI).

BedRug features a non-skid, polypropylene surface that looks and feels just like carpet, but is actually plastic fiber. It is unaffected by water, dirt, grease, oil, acid, bleach, or solvents.

Bonded to BedRug's surface is a layer of water-resistant, closed-cell polypropylene plastic foam that will not scratch the truck bed. The custom-molded foam bottom is conformed to a truck's bed ribs, creating a smooth and level “knee-friendly” surface.

BedRug installs in less than one hour using hook-and-loop fasteners. It is backed by a 30-Day money-back guarantee and a customer satisfaction warranty from Wise.

For more information, phone toll-free at 800-462-8435, visit the company's web site at, or contact Wise, PO Box 149, Old Hickory TN 37138.

Cursor Gen-Drives supply range of power

Iveco Motors of North America Inc, a subsidiary of Iveco Motors, offers its Cursor Gen-Drives based on its Cursor engines. The Cursor Gen-Drives are a complete engine package that includes a base engine, cooling system, and air filter and provides horsepower ratings from 353-558.

Cursor Gen-Drives are fitted with all of the components needed to connect to an existing generator, allowing OEMs to produce their own optimal generator set package. The four-valves per cylinder diesel engine has an electronic management of high-pressure fuel injection system, which decreases fuel consumption values to as low as 0.325 lb/hp-hr. With an equipped electronic control unit and hardware specified for power generation, Cursor Gen-Drives produce enhanced power performance levels. The engine package has a new design that easily connects to any power generator.

These gen-drives have a rear gear drive design that enables the noise levels to stay below 95dBA and improves the cooling performance due to better airflow on the engine's front section. Cursor Gen-Drives meet EPA Tier 2 and EC 97/68 Stage 2 and are EPA Tier 3-capable. Available in 50- and 60-hertz versions, they have component options including a 12- or 24-volt electrical system that can be equipped with a puller or pusher fan, air heater, fuel heater, and engine mounts.

For more information, phone 630-260-4226 or visit

Thermo King V-500 a deep-frozen delight

Thermo King announces that the V-500 Series of vehicle-powered refrigeration units for trucks is in production.

This unit features improved pull-down capacity (all the way to — 20 degrees F), letting customers haul deep-frozen loads with reduced risk of product degradation, while the maximum capacity level makes it possible to function in ambient temperatures up to 122 degrees F.

Thermo King's exclusive TCC (Triple Cooling Capacity) feature offers three cooling capacities and fan speeds to automatically match cooling needs of varying intensity. With this flexibility, the V-500 has the capability to maintain deep-frozen loads under demanding conditions while conserving fuel and minimizing noise under less intense conditions.

The optional reciprocating road compressor offers a running life five times that of other compressors, and the TCC system reduces the working time of the condenser fans. Electrical components in the V-500 are protected from water and humidity inside a semi-hermetic box.

The V-500 is available in various configurations. Options include R-134a and R-404A versions, standby operation, heating, and a choice of road compressors.

For more information, access the Thermo King Web site at

PowerPack 3 delivers pure AC power

International Truck and Engine Corp has introduced the Diamond Logic PowerPack 3, a patented 3,000-watt AC power system that exceeds Underwriters Laboratories' standards and is a factory-installed option on medium-duty and severe-service vehicles. Benefits of PowerPack 3 include:

  • Controls costs — At about $1/kilowatt, PowerPack 3 displaces add-on generators that require routine maintenance, refueling, and oil.

  • Reduces wear — Extends life of battery, alternator, and starter.

  • Reduces installation time — Factory installation eliminates the hassle of multiple portable generators. It also frees up cargo space in the truck since Diamond Logic PowerPack 3 is mounted on the truck body.

  • Uses — Heavy-duty mobile power for tools, lights, test equipment, compressors, onboard VCRs, refrigerators, microwaves, and TVs. Ample DC power always exists to start the vehicle since batteries always are at full load.

  • Security — System is surge-free and enclosed within the battery box, not intruding on cargo and compartment space and removing the need to haul generators around a job site or from a truck bed.

  • Flexibility — PowerPack 3 offers variable types of power whenever needed without the hassle of set-up and delivers pure AC power that protects equipment.

For more details, access

Options enhance Reading Classic II

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, Reading Truck Body announces its new C2-50 package, an options package to be used in conjunction with Reading's Classic II service body.

The focal point of the C2-50 is Reading's Latch-Matic remote, wireless locking system. Latch-Matic allows the user to simultaneously lock or unlock all of the compartment doors from up to 25 feet away. The locks are also equipped with cylinders to permit locking and unlocking of individual compartments the conventional way by using a key.

Reading's compartment lighting system works in conjunction with the Latch-Matic system and is automatically activated with the Latch-Matic controller. The lights turn off when the body is locked or after 10 minutes.

The new Extend-A-Shelf from Reading is a 250-lb-capacity ball bearing shelf unit. This unit simplifies accessing equipment with three easy-opening drawers.

The C2-50 also features aluminum treadplate on top of the tailgate and a polished stainless steel tailgate handle. There are also aluminum treadplate gravel guards on front of the body panels.

Besides the C2-50, the C2-50A package was also introduced. The C2-50A includes all the great features of the C2-50 package plus aluminum Spacemaker lids, which are top-opening compartments that provide 15% more storage space.

For more details, contact Reading, Hancock Blvd & Gerry St, PO Box 650, Shillington PA 19607.

Caterpillar to offer automatic transmissions

Caterpillar Inc is developing a complete line of fully automatic, planetary transmissions designed specifically for vocational applications.

It plans to begin production of these transmissions later this year, with availability in 2006. The new vocational on-highway transmissions are based on existing transmissions that have proven themselves in Caterpillar articulated trucks.

The six-speed CX31 transmission will be compatible with Caterpillar C11, C13, and C15 engines. The eight-speed super-heavy-duty CX35 transmission will match up with higher horsepower C15 ratings for on-highway vocational trucks.

Warranty and extended-service coverage for the transmissions will be matched to the engine.

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