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Arathane Bonds Pickup Tonneau Covers

To fabricate a tonneau cover for pickup trucks, Leer Division — Truck Accessories Group Inc is joining ABS and Telene thermoplastic panels using an advanced polyurethane adhesive.

Arathane AW 8680/HW 8685 polyurethane, supplied by Vantico (formerly Ciba Specialty Chemicals), combines a flowable viscosity that facilitates application and prevents read-through on cover surfaces with good sag resistance that inhibits run-out during part assembly.

Arathane AW 8680/HW 8685 exhibits a 10-minute gel time that is sufficient for part assembly and a fast room temperature cure that supports increased productivity. The adhesive is also formulated for bonding thermoplastics and, once cured, exhibits an elongation of 250% to produce bondlines that will retain their strength as the tonneau cover flexes during use.

The LT2000 tonneau covers are produced from Telene outers that Leer reaction-injection-molds (RIM) in “soft tooling” and honeycomb-like ABS inners that are vacuum-formed by an outside supplier. For more details, contact Vantico, 5121 San Fernando Rd West, Los Angeles CA 90039.
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Waltco Redesigns MDR Rail-Type Liftgate

Waltco Truck Equipment Co has a new version of its MDR medium-duty rail-type liftgate. The redesigned MDR offers:

  • Reduced maintenance. The platform features new-style deck pins and self-lubricating composite bearings. New bearings and pins are also quieter during operation.

  • Adjustable torsion bar. The hinge pin that holds the MDR platform has been redesigned to allow the end user to adjust the amount of torque applied to the torsion bar.

  • Reduced installation time. The box containing the hydraulic pump is now installed at the factory. Installers no longer have to mount the box and run the battery ground cables or connect the central cord to the pump. The shipping feet and lifting tube are now bolted onto the frame, instead of welded.

  • Reduced replacement part costs. The new MDR incorporates more standardized parts.

  • Enhanced efficiency. The sprocket box on the new MDR Above-Floor Travel models has been repositioned inside the liftgate rails. Because the box no longer extends into the work area, full loads can be placed on the platform without interference from the sprocket box or the chains holding it in place.

  • Easier operation. The platform lock has been designed out of the liftgate, eliminating the need to release the lock manually in order to close the platform.

The MDR is available in lifting capacities of 1,200 or 1,600 pounds with a variety of platform and ramp sizes to choose from. These options are available: Thermalpak with Voltage Guard power unit, SuperSwitch remote hand-held control, cab shut-off switch, above-floor travel, bottled-gas retention system, and aluminum platform models. For more information, contact Waltco, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.
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Device Reports Door Openings, Closings

The new Programmable Electronic Door-Lock from E J Brooks Co requires no keys or padlocks for operation because it is activated using the integral keypad. This lock serves two functions. First, as a self-locking barrier, it prevents unauthorized access. Second, the device aids in fleet control management as it records the date and time of each truck door's opening and closing as well as the identification of who opens the door. This information is stored and then transferred to a computer by using a hand-held pocket PC. The supplied software then compiles the data and allows management summary reports to be generated.

This system uses a stainless steel locking arm to keep the J-hook locked until the appropriate ID/PIN numbers are entered. It interfaces with most J-hook hardware used on roll-up doors. As an added security feature, the system locks down for a programmed time period if a pre-designated number of incorrect attempts are made to enter the proper ID/PIN.

For more information, contact E J Brooks, 8 Microlab Rd, Livingston NJ 07039.
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Truck-Lite Model 26 Retrofits Existing Lamps

Truck-Lite Co Inc has come out with the Model 26 LED sealed marker clearance lamp that quickly and easily retrofits existing incandescent lamps.

Primarily designed for cab marker applications, the Model 26 is also suitable for trailer and body applications. It is manufactured from high-impact polycarbonate and comes standard with Truck-Lite's Diamond Shell hard coating. This lamp measures 4¾" long by 2" high and, when mounted in a standard 17/16"-diameter hole, is 3/8" deep on the surface. Available in red or amber, the Model 26 is hard-wired with blunt-cut wires, making it ready for any termination requirements.

The Model 26 meets all FMVSS 108 requirements. A lens optic design allows the lamp to comply with SAE J592e when mounted with a 30° rollback angle and a 6° rollout angle, and it requires .05 amps per lamp at 14 volts. A three-year limited warranty supports the product. For full information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.
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Grote Marks 100 Years with New Catalog

Grote Industries' 248-page 100th Anniversary Product Catalog features its full line of lighting, wiring, and safety products for heavy-duty and light trucks, RVs, motor homes, agricultural equipment, utility vehicles, buses, vans, and trailers. Retail and merchandising displays also are offered. A technical section includes trailer wiring data, sealed beam and bulb charts, safety requirements and an industrywide interchange guide. Color-coded sections, color product photos, diagrams, and detailed descriptions simplify referencing and choosing the right product.

Changes for 2001 include more informative product descriptions, 331 new part numbers, updated interchanges, and bullet points outlining features and benefits of products. New information added to the technical section includes listings of all compatible pigtails, grommets, and brackets for Grote lamps. Graphics illustrate inside views of the Torsion Mount II and III lamps, and an LED lamp cutaway is shown to illustrate the lamps' design and function. For more details, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.
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