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Product Profiles

PressureGuard Keeps Tires Properly Inflated

Innovative Transportation Products (ITP) has developed PressureGuard, an automatic tire maintenance system with an automatic protection and warning system.

PressureGuard enables tire pressure to be maintained constantly at preset levels. From the hub, air travels through hoses to the tire valve stems. To prevent damage, solid ribs protect the tire hoses outside the hubcap. All hose connections are contained inside the hubcap for security and safety. PressureGuard's valve stem connection is designed with built-in safeguards to resist vibration and loosening. A primary seal and secondary seal, with an additional locking nut, secure valve stem adapters to valve stems to assure leak-resistant performance. Valve stem quick-disconnects permit tire changes without dismantling the system.

A leak-free inner tube ensures a tight seal at the connection point between stationary axle and rotating wheel end. A carbon graphite piston seals against a case-hardened metal shaft inside the axle spindle, preventing air from entering the hub cavity. A double-lipped seal is used inside the rotary union for added protection and security. PressureGuard's axle plug assembly also uses a ST801 tapered expanding spindle ID seal.

A one-piece regulator contains an integral filter and automatic drain valve, housed in a 6" × 3" box that attaches to the frame rail or slider box. Turning a valve-mounted knob adjusts air pressure throughout the PressureGuard system. For more information, contact ITP, PO Box 191146, Dallas TX 75219.

Larger Replacement Fuel Tanks for Ford Pickups

Transfer Flow offers larger replacement fuel tank systems for 1999-2001 Ford 2×4 and 4×4 crew cabs, and 2×4 extended cab pickups with 6' and 8' beds. A 48-gallon replacement fuel tank is available for 6' bed pickups, while a 59-gallon fuel tank is available for pickups with 8' beds. They are available for diesel and gasoline-fueled (non-OBD-II) pickups.

Fuel systems come with all parts needed for installation. The stock in-tank sending unit is reused with each Transfer Flow fuel tank system. Fuel tanks are made from 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel and are powdercoated black.

For full information, contact Transfer Flow, 1444 Fortress St, Chico CA 95973.

Platinum Brake Drum Offered

The Platinum brake drum from Webb Wheel Products Inc is now available for replacement on popular axle sizes. Webb has shipped to its aftermarket distributors 10-hole and eight-hole" versions of 16½" × 7" trailer and drive axle drums and 15" × 4" front drums. These drums are painted platinum for ease of identification but can be directly substituted for current cast or steel-shell drums. Weight savings can be as much as 22 pounds per axle end. The trailer and drive axle drums weigh 90 pounds, and the steer axle drum weighs 55 pounds.

Webb is currently conducting field testing of the Platinum drum at three fleets: My Way Trucking, Flash Trucking, and Stahl Specialty. Tractor and trailer drums being tested have, on average, more than 75,000 miles; and all three fleets are reporting good results. Flash Trucking recently reported to Webb that the Platinum drums are wearing better than the steel-shell drum it currently uses on its fleet. Stahl Specialty says the Platinum drums show no signs of any heat cracking after 80,000 miles.

To obtain a brochure on the Platinum drum, contact Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055.

IntraUSA Product Prolongs Headlamp Life

The IntraUSA Group Inc has delivered the first order of Headlamp Life Extenders to Truck-Lite Co of Falconer NY. The product lengthens headlamp life by providing a soft-start to the filaments, regulating DC voltage, and eliminating voltage spikes. It uses Intra's technology to control surges and limit output voltage to 12.8 volts.

IntraUSA designed its product to resist shock and vibration. The standard design comes hard-wired, or connectors can be specified to adapt to each truck's lighting system. Wiring is color-coded to match ground, low beam, and high beam. The Headlamp Life Extender measures 3⅛" long × 2⅛" wide × 1¼" high.

For more information, contact IntraUSA, 725 Industry Dr, Tukwila WA 98188.

Stroke Indicator to Be Called Brake Sentry

The dual-function Stroke Indicator/Brake Chamber Seal, introduced in September 1999 by Fleet Maintenance Technologies Inc, will be available exclusively through Brake Sentry of Asheville NC. This product will be known by its trademarked name: Brake Sentry, the visual brake stroke indicator.

The Brake Sentry:

  • Requires no special tools.
  • Does not interfere with any brake system functions.
  • One kit has everything required to fit on any S-Cam or disc brake system using an air brake chamber and actuating rod.

For full information, contact Brake Sentry, PO Box 2256, Asheville NC 28802.

Ductilite Iron Hub Provides Lighter Weight

Gunite Corp has unveiled new ductile iron hubs with a patented casting configuration and integrated flange design. These produce a hub that weighs less than one pound more than an aluminum hub, yet maintains the strength and durability of a ductile iron hub. The Gunite Ductilite iron hub weighs more than 10 pounds less than a traditional ductile iron hub and just 11 ounces more than an aluminum hub.

Unlike aluminum hubs rated for axle applications up to 13,200 pounds, Ductilite iron hubs are available for all popular front axle applications from 10,000- to 14,600-lb ratings. Plus, the Ductilite is also compatible with all existing wheels and drums. For further information, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61108.

Waltco Offers Free Liftgate White Paper

Waltco Truck Equipment Co is offering a free report on liftgate use. The Waltco, White Paper: Guidelines for Evaluating the Benefits of Liftgates in Delivery Applications supplies an overview of liftgate use, addressing:

  • How liftgates increase efficiency and improve productivity.
  • Liftgate construction.
  • Basic liftgate types.
  • How to evaluate a company's delivery needs.
  • Key features and benefits of liftgates.
  • Liftgate maintenance.
  • Costs associated with liftgate purchase and maintenance.
  • How to select the right liftgate for an application

Access for a free copy of the white paper.

Heavy-Duty Accessories Join Del City Line

A new line of products manufactured for tractor-trailers and over-the-road transportation is now available from Del City.

For ABS needs, the line includes a sagproof seven-conductor coiled trailer cable. The jacketing resists chemicals, cutting, abrasions, gasoline, and solvents. Patented Xenoy plugs are warrantied destruction- and corrosion-resistant. They are lightweight and have a locking grit that will not detach from a pull force of up to 480 pounds.

A seven-contact nylon trailer plug and socket also have been added. The nylon material helps eliminate corrosion and rust and ensures a consistent electrical current to all areas of a vehicle. A new single-pole trailer connector provides power from battery to auxiliary equipment and is interchangeable with other brands. A six-contact trailer connector, manufactured from heavy-gauge drawn steel, contains split brass pins for superior conductivity. The terminal socket is concealed.

Del City also offers three different UL- and CE-listed backup alarms that produce either self-adjusting or consistent decibels. These alarms are manufactured to meet SAE types B through D. All alarms are covered by a minimum two-year warranty. For backup alarm activation, backup switches are also available. The single-pole double-throw switches are designed and manufactured for vehicles not equipped with backup alarms. Heavy- and light-duty types are covered by a one-year warranty.

Permit holders, available in plastic or framed aluminum, are mountable for display of permits and other documents.

A new oval stop/turn/tail lamp has a lens and housing hermetically sealed for moisture resistance and contains grease-filled terminals to prevent corrosion. These oval lamps also are compatible with competitive components. For more details, contact Del City, 2101 W Camden Rd, Milwaukee WI 53209.

Electric-Hydraulic Braking in One System

The ElecDraulic electric-hydraulic trailer braking system provides a way to comply with Department of Transportation regulations concerning surge brake actuators. A 12-volt DC signal from the tow vehicle applies hydraulic brakes on the trailer. ElecDraulic is an alternative to vacuum-hydraulic systems, with no vacuum pumps to replace.

This gear-driven hydraulic booster system features an internal microprocessor for braking responsiveness, providing full pressure in 0.3 seconds. It has pre-wired electronics with just three wires to connect. ElecDraulic also has a brake-bleed button for one-person testing and bleeding of the brake system. The system includes a built-in breakaway battery with charger, hydraulic line kit, breakaway switch, and a seven-pole trailer junction box.

For more information, contact Redneck Trailer Supplies, 2100 N West Bypass, Springfield MO 65803.

Rust Never Sleeps; Neither Does RustBustR

A new product called the RustBustR rust inhibiting system is using a process to prevent that problem from occurring prematurely. The patent-pending RustBustR is 2" × 3" brick that combines a zinc alloy with a magnet and is attached to the inside frame/panel of the vehicle by an electrically conductive adhesive. The product targets the oxidation process of metals and helps deter it before rust can form. The RustBustR uses a method called “cathodic protection” that has been used by the United States Navy for more than 100 years to prevent vessels from rusting. RustBustR requires no outside electrical source and no special tools or training to install.

It acts to store beneficial electrons and supplies them to other metals in a vehicle. As RustBustR gives off its electrons, it protects metal by preventing oxidation from beginning. RustBustR actually sacrifices itself so other metals in a vehicle can stay relatively corrosion-free.

For more details, contact GEMCO Enterprises, PO Box 1254, Shawnee OK 74802-1254.

Two Spare Tire Winchlocks in Black Max Series

Motive Service & Supply offers its new Black Max Series spare tire winchlock for pickup trucks and SUVs. This modular-designed lock produces two different maximum-security spare tire locks. One is a bar-type winchlock for most applications; the other is a universal cable-type winchlock for all applications featuring a 5/8" solid wire core, vinyl-coated with one end attached permanently to the lock.

For full information, contact Motive Service & Supply, 15371 Stony Creek Way, Noblesville IN 46060.

Tarp Maneuvers Are Elementary with Shur-Lok

Shur-Co's new Electric Shur-Lok features a fiber arm that guides the roll tube smoothly with the flip of a switch. It flexes with every movement and clears front-end obstacles while rolling the tarp into open and closed positions. The rear return system consists of a reinforced aluminum cap combined with a 40-ounce fabric tail. This cable return keeps the tarp in the correct position when opening and closing.

No springs or cables need to be maintained or adjusted. The front mount has lightweight construction with no springs or cable returns. The design can be adjusted to work with nearly any style of end-dump trailer. From inside a cab, users can automatically open or close the electric motor gear box and tighten the tarp. This Shur-Lok can be installed on existing Shur-Lok systems with Shur-Co's conversion kit. For more information, contact Shur-Co, 2309 Shur-Lok St, PO Box 713, Yankton SD 57078-0713.

Big Bore Shocks Built to Take a Beating

Sway-A-Way says its new Big Bore shocks offer 22% more piston area than standard shocks and have a 5/8" nitro steel piston rod. These shocks are made to handle the punishment of off-road riding. Incorporating design features found in Sway-A-Way's off-road racing shocks, the Big Bore series provides improved ride and control on the street or in the mountains. For more information, contact Sway-A-Way, 20724 Lassen St, Chatsworth CA 91331.

Pacer Produces Auxiliary Turn Signal

Pacer Performance Products has introduced an auxiliary turn signal that mounts on a side fender. The blinker alerts drivers alongside a vehicle to when that vehicle is turning or changing lanes. This type of light is now original equipment on most European vehicles. Each light has 10 LED bulbs that have a long life with little power draw. The blinker is a universal fitting and features press-on installation with two wire hook-up. For complete information, contact Pacer, 5345 San Fernando Rd West, Los Angeles CA 90039.

DuraHitcH Line Developed For Roll-Pan Applications

A new DuraHitcH product line has been developed by awp industries inc for custom roll-pan applications, where the hitch is tucked behind a form-fitting panel that replaces the rear bumper.

Like all other DuraHitcH products, the roll-pan hitches are protected with a rustfree finish. The company offers Autophoretic autodeposition coating on all its tow hitches and cargo haulers. This coating meets or exceeds domestic automotive corrosion requirements for underhood, underbody, and interior parts.

Roll-pan hitches are provided for current and old-style Chevrolet/GMC full-size pickups, current Ford F-series, and current Dodge Ram. Hitches for other models, such as the current Ford Ranger and Chevy S-10, will be added in 2001. For more details, contact awp, 616 Industrial Rd, Frankfort KY 40601.

With CargoPro, Crawling In Beds a Thing of the Past

Durakon Industries announces its CargoPro roll-out cargo bed for delivery service applications. CargoPro facilitates storage and retrieval of packages from a standing position at the tailgate. By eliminating the need to crawl into vans and truck beds on hands and knees, it improves the functionality of delivery vans and trucks. Packages of all dimensions and weights up to one-half ton can be stored and retrieved with CargoPro.

With aircraft-quality aluminum and high-density polyethylene construction, the unit has a capacity of 1,000 pounds when cargo is distributed evenly. Installed over a bedliner or directly onto a truck bed, the CargoPro locks at several positions and can be removed in minutes. Its patent-pending design comes in standard sizes for all vans and pickups, and the product carries a three-year warranty. For full details, contact Durakon, 2101 N Lapeer Rd, Lapeer MI 48446.

Stakebed-Style Mighty Max

Maxon Lift Corp introduces its new Mighty Max MM-1650 stakebed-style liftgate, a greaseless, direct-style unit with no cables to change. Other features include low-maintenance operation, an enclosed pump and motor assembly, and a double-wall platform. The MM-1650, which joins the MM-1300 pickup-style lift to round out Maxon's light-duty line, comes in several configurations and sizes. For more details, contact Maxon, 11921 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670-2221.

Bendix Adds HVAC Line

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems has launched Bendix Climate Control, a new line of heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) products for all Class 6, 7, and 8 vehicles. The line also includes additional coverage for medium- and light-duty trucks, off-highway equipment, and agriculture applications.

For more information, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

Whatever Falls from the Sky, StormBladeSS Still Shines

Pilot Automotive is introducing StormBladeSS stainless steel wiper blades for trucks. Steel frame construction and polypropylene silencer bushings make these blades all-weather performers. The frame is matte stainless and corrosion-free. The wiper blade is Hyperlux, a special natural rubber compound that provides streak-free, long-lasting performance. For more details, contact Pilot, 14317 E Don Julian Rd, City of Industry CA 91746.

Sloan Adds Dura-Grips

Sloan Transportation Products has expanded its product line by adding Dura-Grips. Attached to the air hose on the gladhand end, the Dura-Grip simplifies gladhand connections while providing leverage when coupling and uncoupling gladhands. The color-coded red and blue handles reduce the chance of driver hook-up error and can be installed in minutes using standard tools.

The Dura-Grip has been improved to permit easier screw attachment and tighter tolerance between fitting and handle to eliminate any endplay. The ergonomically designed handle withstands sub-zero temperatures without cracking, while the fitting comes with pre-applied thread sealant for an airtight connection to the gladhand.

For complete details, contact Sloan, 534 E 48th St, Holland MI 49423.

J & J Adds Grille Inserts

J & J Enterprises has added vertical grille and bumper inserts to its line of custom tube grilles. These polished stainless steel inserts resist rust and corrosion. They clamp on to existing grilles and are easily installed or removed; plus, they will not damage the existing grille. Inserts are available for the F-150, Ford Super Duty Series, and Lincoln Navigator. All J & J stainless steel accessory products come with a three-year warranty. For more information, contact J & J Enterprises, 5498 Mission Blvd, Ontario CA 91762.

ROSS Warns of Obstacles

Rostra Precision Controls Inc is offering the Rostra Obstacle Sensing System (ROSS) to alert drivers to obstacles within 12 feet of the rear and sides of their vehicles or trailers. It uses microwave technology to provide both audible and visual alerts and is unaffected by adverse weather or bright sunlight.

ROSS can provide an additional margin of safety as well as potential savings on backing-up accidents. It has a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty. Coming early in 2001 is a driver's side mirror indicator.

For more information, contact Rostra, 2519 Dana Dr, Laurinburg NC 28352.

New Unit Makes Tire Inflation Simple Situation

Haltec Corp has introduced an automatic tire inflator that simplifies inflation and deflation while improving inflation accuracy. To use Haltec's 89MD, set the desired pressure number on the inflator and connect the hose to the tire valve; the tire inflator does the rest. A built-in computer constantly checks accuracy of the gauge, so these inflators are also virtually maintenance-free. The unit beeps when the desired pressure is reached, indicating that the hose can be disconnected.

This product not only inflates to the desired pressure, but it also deflates to the correct pressure if the tire is overinflated.

With a pressure range of 5 to 140 psi and accuracy to 0.3 psi, the 89MD has various hose and air chucks available to suit specific applications. The unit weighs six pounds so it can be mounted virtually anywhere. It can be used in workshops or mounted on service trucks. For more details, contact Haltec, 2556 State Route 9, PO Box 1180, Salem OH 44460-8180.

Fulton Gooseneck Coupler Simplifies Hookup

Fulton Performance Products has developed a coupler for the gooseneck trailer industry. Rated at 24,000-pound capacity, the new GNT24 uses the Fulton GN24 precision-cast coupler head. This coupler design offers a quick latching mechanism, eliminating the need to climb into the tow vehicle for hook-up. Just lower the coupler onto the ball, and it latches. Addition of a lanyard assembly (sold separately) allows the latch to be operated remotely for disconnecting a trailer.

Inner and outer tubes are constructed of steel tubing and telescope 24" to 38½" to allow for varying hitch platform heights. A four-bolt set-screw retention system maintains tube position during tow, without welding tubes together.

The grease zerk permits quick lubrication of the coupler clamping mechanism to ensure proper actuation at all times.

The GNT24 is available oily or prime-painted and is backed by a three-year limited warranty. For more information, contact Fulton, PO Box 8, Mosinee WI 54455.

CentruLite Wheel Joins Hayes Lemmerz Line

Hayes Lemmerz International Inc has expanded its Commercial Highway product line to include CentruLite, a new lightweight cast-aluminum wheel for Class 7 and 8 tractors and over-the-highway trailers.

Manufactured by Hayes Lemmerz using a proprietary casting process, the CentruLite product is styled similarly to industry-standard Class 8 forged wheels. CentruLite can be used on all 22.5" × 8.25" hub-piloted mountings using a 10-hole, 285.75-mm bolt circle, 220-mm center hole, and a 6.70" offset, making it interchangeable for most truck, trailer, and bus applications.

CentruLite aluminum wheels are CNC diamond-machined. Each wheel is serialized and carries a visual record verifying process control and enabling future traceability. Hayes Lemmerz offers the wheels with a five-year limited warranty.

For full details, contact Hayes Lemmerz, 38481 Huron River Dr, Romulus MI 48174.

Grote Expands Accessory Line to US

Grote Industries is now offering a full accessory line to United States customers. Previously available only in Canada, the line includes components from OEM terminals to ABS trailer cable to ignition switches and battery terminal protectors.

The 76-page color 2001 Accessories Catalog features more than 1,000 part numbers broken into these color-coded categories: terminals and connectors; wire and cable; trailer connectors; switches and electrical assemblies; support and protective products; battery connectors and cable; and merchandising displays. The catalog's table of contents and page headers are listed in English, French, and Spanish. For more information, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

Toyo M-127 Designed for Commercial Trucks

Toyo Tire (USA) Corp announces its new M-127 free-rolling-axle radial tire for commercial truck applications. The M-127 represents the latest in trailer-specific tire technology developed through Toyo's proprietary DSOC II (Dynamic Simulation Optimized Contact), a computerized simulation of tire behavior under various operational conditions. The M-127 is produced in Toyo's GTY manufacturing plant in Mt Vernon IL. Features include:

  • A full-depth Differential Groove that helps reduce irregular wear on the shoulder ribs.

  • Steel-cord wire-chafer reinforced bead designed to protect the bead from damage.

  • Four-belt construction to protect against cutting and impact breaks.

  • Special compounding and advanced design help to fight against heat and stress and extend casing life.

The wide casing of the M-127 facilitates retreadability. For more details, contact Toyo, PO Box 1145, Cypress CA 90630.

Where Are the Keys? Elante Has An Answer

Supra Products introduces the Elante fleet key tube, a solid metal key storage tube designed for commercial fleets of pickup trucks, utility trucks, man-lift trucks, cranes, vans, panel trucks, and other industrial vehicles. Features of the Elante include:

  • Vehicle stylized design.

  • White color that matches most commercial and industrial fleet colors.

  • Large capacity.

  • Solid metal construction.

  • Exclusive keyway assigned to each fleet.

  • Weather resistance.

  • Installs in minutes.

  • Installation kit available.

  • Flush mount.

For more information, contact Supra, 4001 Fairview Industrial Dr SE, Salem OR 97302.

Wescon Adds Foot Pedals, Racheting Brake Levers

Wescon Products Co has introduced a new line of foot pedals and ratcheting brake levers designed for off-road, utility, and heavy-duty vehicles.

Brake levers are available with either horizontal or vertical cable pull; cable adjustment features are built into the levers.

Foot pedals can be used in braking, and in friction and hydraulic accelerator control. Pedal configurations include stamped metal, nylon-reinforced with fiberglass, cast iron, and aluminum to match any industrial or off-road application. For more information, contact Wescon, 2533 S West St, PO Box 7710, Wichita KS 67277-7710.

Kason Issues Catalog

Truck body manufacturers, fleet managers, and parts buyers will find an up-to-date parts source in Kason Industries' new truck body hardware catalog.

The 32-page publication catalogs Kason's full line of door hardware and accessories for Class 3-6 delivery vans and refrigerated trucks. The catalog details 60 hardware models and the company's line of truck-mounting Easimount II vinyl strip curtains. For a complimentary copy, contact Kason, 57 Amlajack Blvd, Shenandoah GA 30265.

Peterbilt Offers Aluminum Disc Wheels for Tractors

New lighter-weight aluminum disc wheels are available for Peterbilt Motor Co's entire product line.

Each new wheel is about three pounds lighter, for an average weight savings of 30 pounds for a typical three-axle tractor — and features chamfered hand holes for an easier grip and improved appearance.

The new Peterbilt aluminum wheels have the same disc thickness as the wheels they replace and are available in all current sizes and polish options. All trucks now ordered with the Peterbilt aluminum wheel option will be delivered with the new lighter-weight version.

For more details, contact Peterbilt, 1700 Woodbrook St, Denton TX 76205-7684.

DiscMates Deter Damage

New DiscMate wheel spacers from Alcoa Wheel Products simplify protection of wheel appearance. Spacers deter corrosion, prevent marring, and protect the wheel finish. DiscMates mount between wheel and brake drum; spacers also can be positioned between dual wheels.

Alcoa offers disc spacers to fit 10-bolt stud-located wheel systems, eight-bolt hub-piloted systems, or 10-bolt hub-piloted systems. For a free color brochure, contact Alcoa Wheel Products, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.

Skat-Mat Puts Halt to Slipping

Pacer Performance Products provides its new Skat-Mat for cargo areas. The mat has an anti-slip surface and also offers scuff protection for cargo areas. Measuring 3' × 4', it can be trimmed for custom fit in SUV cargo areas and pickup truck beds. Once installed, it will not move. The mat is made of a polyurethane gripping mesh weave that cleans with a damp cloth.

For complete information, contact Pacer, 5345 San Fernando Rd West, Los Angeles CA 90039.

Bully Adds Step Bars to Line

Bully Truck Accessories, a subsidiary of Wang's International Inc, has added step bars (Nerf bars) to its truck accessory line. Constructed from mirror-polished stainless steel (T-304), bars also are available in black powdercoated steel. They install easily with no drilling. These step bars have a sure-grip, non-slip step pad for secure footing when stepping in and out of a vehicle. For full details, contact Bully, 14317 E Don Julian Rd, City of Industry CA 91746.

LED Warning Products Have Low Amp Draw

Superior Signals Inc has come out with a new line of low-amp draw LED warning products. The Meteorlite 4400 series quad flash self-contained LED warning lights are grommet-mounted, available in 6" oval and 4" round, and can flash alternately or simultaneously. The Meteorlite directional LED deck light has an alternating flash pattern with around 80 single flashes per minute. It is about 8" long and 2¼" high and can be mounted in the deck of a vehicle. Amp draw is .3 amps.

The Traffic Manager LED sequential arrow light is 34½" long and has 14 different directional and caution warning modes. This unit includes the control, 25-foot harness, and mounting brackets. Amp draw is 2.5 amps.

For additional information, contact Superior Signals, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

LMS Hubs Can Prevent Improper Installation

Gunite Corp has introduced LMS hubs that incorporate a structural design and advanced metallurgy to provide advantages of Gunite's standard ductile hubs with the added benefits of a unitized design. LMS hubs eliminate problems associated with improper field installation of bearings.

These hubs also eliminate premature seal failures. Because LMS hubs are assembled in a controlled factory environment, seals are protected from damage caused by over- or undertorquing of the assembly. This reduces potential for problems caused by leaking wheel seals.

LMS drive hubs are available with a drive flange oil fill design, which allows use of lubricants compatible with popular differential lubricants. Because LMS hubs are cast of ductile iron, they are less likely to be damaged by mispiloting during drum installation, and less susceptible to problems caused by corrosion on the mounting surface. For full information, contact Gunite, 302 Peoples Ave, Rockford IL 61104-7092.

TrailerTrooper Gives Trailers Added Security

Innovative Transportation Products Inc (ITP) announces the TrailerTrooper trailer locking system. With its tamper-resistant design, TrailerTrooper secures a trailer by locking dolly legs in the down position after a trailer is parked. It comes in different lengths and axle shaft sizes to fit most types of dolly legs. The locking system stays in place without requiring removal and storage when not in use.

It can be engaged and disengaged in seconds, while locks can be keyed alike for multiple trailer operations. An entire fleet can use the same key; door locks can be keyed to match. TrailerTrooper also uses multiple code combinations.

Constructed of 14-gauge steel, TrailerTrooper features a 5/16" yoke, a painted finish, and a spinning hand guard. For added security, TrailerTrooper uses a five-pin locking system. For more details, contact ITP, PO Box 191146, Dallas TX 75219.

Special Edition W900L Makes Its Entrance

Kenworth Truck Co's premium Kenworth/Canepa Design Special Edition W900L was introduced at the Great American Trucking Show in Dallas TX.

Award-winning vehicle designer and race-car driver Bruce Canepa has designed tractor/trailers and transporters for major racing teams and corporations. He recently drove a Kenworth T2000 to a record time in the Highway Class/Big Rig Division in the annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

This Special Edition W900L vehicle exterior features a custom, two-tone paint design of black over platinum silver or white over platinum silver. It is loaded with chrome and polished stainless steel and aluminum. Features include 54"-long, 6"-diameter chrome tailpipes; 24½", 150-gallon polished aluminum fuel tanks; polished stainless steel fuel tank fairing; stainless steel quarter fenders; and front and rear polished aluminum toolboxes.

A custom Texas Square bumper has “Kenworth” laser-scripted into the chrome. Heated Moto Aero mirrors are included to help during cold weather.

Inside, the vehicle offers Kenworth's new cab interior and upgraded dash. Custom 20" Premium Air Cushion Plus leather seats with fabric inserts, along with a matching sofa bed, are included. The Diamond VIT interior is offered in slate gray. The Alpine AM/FM/CD sound system includes 100-watt speakers. Also provided is a custom rosewood gear shift knob.

This vehicle is available with Caterpillar or Cummins high-horsepower engines, 18-speed or 13-speed Fuller transmissions, and Dana Spicer 40,000-pound DSH40 or DSP40 dual rear axles.

For more information, contact Kenworth, PO Box 1000, Kirkland WA 98083-1000.

Winch Remote Control Promotes Safety

MileMarker Inc introduces its new wireless winch remote control, designed to save time and protect against accidents. To operate it, the user stands at a protected position more than 10 to 12 feet from the winch. When ready to winch, he aims the remote unit on a key chain back to the cab-mounted receiver, and winching begins. Special safety features make certain the unit can't be operated accidentally.

For further information, contact MileMarker, 1450 SW 13th Court, Pompano Beach FL 33069.

Ford Revises Wiring Location in 2002 Models

For the 2002 model year, Ford has revised the location of the under-dash wiring that enables an elevated idle (1200 rpm) and the mating four-pin connector for the auxiliary powertrain control module (APCM) on Super Duty F-Series vehicles equipped with the 7.3L turbo diesel engine.

  • APCM four-pin connector — This connector has moved from its location in 2001. For 2002, the connector is located to the right of the steering column. To gain access, it will be necessary to remove the modesty panel that covers the fuse panel under the steering column. Two Christmas tree connectors to the instrument panel attach the APCM connector. The APCM connector is installed backward with the wires and the blue and black rear square section of the connector visible through the modesty panel. All other aspects of the APCM connector remain the same as 2001 model year (wire color, etc).

  • Power take-off (PTO) signal wire to PCM and customer pass-through wires — The location of circuit #322, light blue with yellow trace (LB/Y), has changed from its 1999-2001 location. For 2002, the circuit is located to the left of the steering column and just right of the parking brake pedal, accessible through the modesty panel. The wire is still blunt-cut but no longer has an identification tag. The customer pass-through circuits can be found with circuit #322. This circuit is only active on 2002 F-Super Duty 250-550 models with automatic transmission and PTO provision (order code 62R).

  • PTO 12-volt power source wire — The wire color and circuit number change for 2002. The former circuit #295, light blue with pink trace (LB/PK), 12-volt power for PTO circuit, is now circuit #294, white with light blue trace (WH/LB); hot in the RUN key position, and fused for 10 amps for 2002. It can be found by removing the modesty panel, and then following the harness up from the diagnostic connector mounted on the lower edge of the instrument panel.

  • Clean Tachometer Output (CTO) — Due to the addition of intelligence to the instrument cluster, the cluster will no longer be a source for tachometer signals. To provide an alternative source for such signals, the CTO circuit has been added to the customer-accessible circuits. This circuit is designated as circuit #76, light green with white trace (LG/W) and can be found with the customer pass-through wires.

For additional information, phone the Ford Truck Body Builders Advisory Service toll-free at 877-840-4338, e-mail [email protected], or fax 313-594-2633.

Actuators Designed for Braking Efficiency

MGM Brakes' LTR-L3 3" Long Stroke series of spring brake actuators has a double-diaphragm design for an increased reserve stroke, helping to reduce out-of-adjustment citations and improve braking efficiency. A new non-coil clashing power spring provides 100 pounds/445N of additional parking force (at 1.25 inches/32 mm of stroke) over standard 30/30 brakes. A newly engineered weatherseal diaphragm is designed to cover breather holes during operation, effectively sealing out contaminants. The integral release bolt is permanently installed and cannot get lost. Made entirely of aluminum, the brake's head is lightweight and corrosion-resistant. The spring brake side of the LTR-L3 is backed by a full six-year warranty.

For more information, contact MGM, 8530 Cliff Cameron Dr, Charlotte NC 28269-9786.

Invention by Louisiana Man Would Put Force-Steered Axle at Rear of 53-ft Trailer

A concept to make long trailers more maneuverable is offered in patent form by Ed Ducote, PO Box 45654, Baton Rouge LA 70895. His Servo Safe-Steer invention would provide a spread-tandem trailer with a rear steering axle so that the trailer would pivot on the forward axle of the trailer tandem. The rear axle of the trailer tandem would be forcibly steered, sensing the direction from the position of the tractor fifthwheel.

The unusual aspect of this invention is that the fixed axle with fixed spindles would be positioned at the midpoint of the length of the trailer. Thus, a 53-foot trailer would have this fixed non-steered axle at 26'-6" from the front of the trailer. The second, fixed axle with steerable spindles would be positioned at the rear of the trailer. This would mean the 53-ft trailer would track behind the tractor as if it were a short doubles trailer.

Ducote claims that the practical turning radius of a 53-ft trailer equipped with his Servo Safe-Steer is approximately 27 feet. He says this is about half the turning radius of a 53-ft semitrailer with rigid non-steering axles positioned at the rear of the trailer. The lateral centrifugal force in the forward half of the trailer is also about half of that generated in a conventional 53-ft trailer, he says. A description of the invention is found in US Patent 5,139,103 dated Aug 18, 1992; Patent 5,123,669 dated June 23, 1992; Patent 4,740,006 of April 26, 1988; and Patent 5,630,604 dated May 20, 1997 — all issued to Ducote for remote-steering trailers.

No provision is made in any of these patents for an axle suspension system that could provide the greater articulation between axles required by effectively doubling the distance between axles of the present 10-ft spread popular on many platform trailers. The Servo Safe-Steer envisions a spread tandem with more than a 20-ft spread on a 53-ft semitrailer.

ArvinMeritor Rebuilds Brake Shoes with Care

ArvinMeritor provides Meritor remanufactured brake shoes and kits supplied to original equipment tolerances.

The company produces more than 300 remanufactured shoes and 250 remanufactured kits that cover nearly 90 brake types and sizes. Twelve separate Meritor friction materials are available for heavy-duty brake application.

Trained assembly technicians inspect the core for excessive wear. Cores are rejected for corroded tables, deformed web, elongated anchor pin holes or slots, elongated rivet holes, broken welds, bent tables, or flattened roller slots. After the initial inspection, the shoes are put through a remanufacturing process including: washing, delining, shot blasting, relining, riveting, and a final quality inspection before being shipped.

For full details, contact ArvinMeritor, 2135 W Maple Rd, Troy MI 48084-7186.

TransComp 2001 Again A Three-in-One Event

TransComp 2001, a cooperative effort of the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA), the National Industrial Transportation League (NITL), and the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) will be held Nov 10-14, 2001, at the Charlotte (NC) Convention Center.

The three sponsoring organizations will meet at TransComp 2001 for NITL's 94th annual meeting, IANA's intermodal conference and annual membership meeting, and the TIA's annual fall meeting. The exhibition will include more than 250 exhibitors showcasing products and services on more than 200,000 square feet of floor space.

At TransComp 2001, Norman Y Mineta, United States Secretary of Transportation, will give the opening-session keynote address. Former Washington Redskins head coach and current racecar team owner Joe Gibbs will speak at the annual luncheon and awards ceremony November 13.

Details on TransComp 2001 are available by phoning IANA at 301-982-3400, NITL at 703-524-5011, or TIA at 703-317-2140; or accessing their web sites at,, or

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