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Buyer Products adds new aluminum boxes

Buyers Products Co has added several aluminum boxes to its toolbox line, including contractor-topsiders, a hitch box, and dog boxes.

The contractor-style topside toolboxes feature a slanted double-level design to match the cab angle. A full-length lower compartment provides storage for longer tools. The upper compartment has top-opening doors with gas shocks. These boxes are constructed of bright-polished diamondtread aluminum. Stainless steel locking T-handles are included on all doors. The topsiders are provided in 72", 88", and 96" lengths.

Buyers has also introduced a new hitch-mounted chest box that adds extra storage to the back of any vehicle. The 24" × 22¼" × 48" chest box is constructed of bright-polished diamondtread aluminum. It has two gas shocks to support the top-opening lid, two zinc-plated chest handles, and a stainless steel locking latch. The box is mounted to a black powdercoated steel base kit designed to fit any 2" receiver.

Dog boxes are offered in a crossover style for full-size pickup trucks and in portable chest-style boxes. Both styles have two insulated compartments with side vents and door vents for complete air circulation. For additional storage of tools or accessories, the boxes also include a top-opening lid with gas shocks. All compartments include locking latches. The boxes are constructed of bright-polished diamondtread aluminum with fully welded seams. Zinc-plated chest handles on chest-style boxes permit easy lifting.

For complete details, contact Buyers, 9049 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.

Peterbilt provides standard steer axles

New standard steer axles for Peterbilt heavy-duty, over-the-road vehicles offer reduced maintenance requirements and improved tire wear, and maneuverability.

The new Dana Spicer axles are the E1202I (base model axle) and the E1202W, both rated at 12,000 pounds, and the E1322W Series, rated at 13,200 pounds. The “I” designates the standard axle width, and the “W” designates the wide-track version of the axle.

All the axles feature an enhanced Low Maintenance System that extends lube intervals to one year or 100,000 miles.

The Dana Spicer axles feature lightweight, forged integral steering arms with a power rib beam. Two in-line drawkeys with spring washers, a common large-diameter kingpin, and compressible kingpin inserts help improve axle alignment and durability, as well as improve tire wear by reducing toe change (tire bowing) under load.

Wheel cut with the new axles is up to 55°. The axles also have a 1.25" center drop in the axle beam for greater clearance with the engine oil plan.

The new axles are standard for Peterbilt Models 379, 387, 385, 378, and 362. They are also provided for Peterbilt's vocational Model 357 and medium-duty Model 330.

Superwinch series offers power, versatility

Superwinch offers its new EP Series of self-recovery winching systems in both integrated and non-integrated switching configurations.

The EP6.0 and EPi6.0 winches have rated line pulls of 6,000 pounds, 3.6-horsepower series-wound motors, and 80 feet of 5/16"-diameter aircraft-grade wire rope. EP9.0 and EPi9.0 have rated line pulls of 9,000 pounds, 4.6-hp series-wound motors, and 125 feet of 5/16"-diameter aircraft-grade wire rope.

All EP Series models have sealed switching solenoids, power-in/power-out operation, and include a free-spooling drum and three-stage planetary gearbox. Also included are an automatic mechanical brake, hand-held remote, roller fairlead and pulley block, forged hook with safety latch, hand saver, and battery cables with terminals in either 12- or 24-volt configurations.

Installation is simple with only two wires to connect. Solenoids on EP units are furnished pre-mounted to the winch motor but can be mounted remotely. The EPi units have fully integrated solenoids, also reducing installation time. All models are supplied with the newly designed rubber handheld remote for operation up to 30 feet away.

For more information, contact Superwinch, Winch Drive, Putnam CT 06260.

System aids drivers operating in reverse

Grote Industries has created an ultrasonic obstacle detection system to provide drivers with increased awareness while driving in reverse.

With the Grote Obstacle Detection System, ultrasonic waves are sent out eight times within one second to detect obstacles within a 150° horizontal field of vision behind the vehicle. When properly installed, the Grote Obstacle Detection System can pick up objects as small as 10" high.

The Grote system also uses a patented signal-processing algorithm within the microprocessor that filters out erroneous signals. This reduces false signals and provides built-in error detection within the system.

Two components comprise this system. The first is a weather-resistant sensor unit mounted to the rear of a vehicle. The second component is a control unit spliced into the vehicle's back-up lamp wiring, engaging it to the transmission.

The control unit is mounted inside the vehicle within easy view of the driver during normal backing practices. It will alert the driver when the vehicle is within about seven feet of an object by using a light and a volume-controlled audible beep. As the vehicle backs closer to the object and thus enters one of the two remaining detection zones, additional LEDs light up, and the beeps get faster. The two components are connected with a cable included in the installation kit, along with hardware and brackets for installation.

For more information, contact Grote, 2600 Lanier Dr, Madison IN 47250.

Auburn truck bed extender folds down to 2"

Auburn MetalFab Inc is offering a compact-retractable heavy-duty bed extender for pickup trucks. The patented hide-a-bed Xtender is designed to fold down to 2" when not in use, compared with other bulky “flip-down” designs. The Xtender provides an additional 2 feet of cargo space and is suitable for all short beds and 8-ft beds with toolboxes.

Designed for easy installation, the Xtender is made of heavy-gauge diamondplate aluminum with a bright-guard finish to protect against oxidation. Side panels are secured with clips to OEM tailgate receptors. The Xtender is compatible with bed caps and covers.

Contact Auburn MetalFab, 2545 W Maple Rd, Troy MI 48084 for further details.

Global Control crafted with end user in mind

Messer-MG Systems & Welding Inc has developed and designed a control to work in conjunction with its thermal cutting machines. The Global Control allows Messer-MG to react quickly to changes in technology, as new features can be added with ease.

The Global Control uses the latest in hardware to provide for the end user. Fiber optic cables are used for input and output so there is no electrical interference. This control is industrial PC-based and modular, allowing the end user to locate the operator's station before installation to the spot that best fits his need. A handwheel is provided for the user to move the machine along the X and Y axes for easy positioning. Other modular hardware is also available depending on needs.

For complete details, contact Messer-MG, W141 N9427 Fountain Blvd, Menomonee Falls WI 53051.

Extended day cab conversion for AeroCabs

Kenworth is offering an original equipment kit to convert its AeroCab sleepers to extended day cabs. The extended day cab conversion kit is now provided on Kenworth T600, T800, and W900 models with AeroCab sleepers.

“The AeroCab conversion kit extends the cab 6" and adds 5" of headroom,” said Gary Moore, assistant general manager for sales and marketing. “It also frees up added room behind the wheel for maximum driver comfort and enables the seat to recline up to 21°. Plus, the driver gains over two cubic feet of storage for personal gear in an easily accessible rear wall storage unit.”

The sleeper is unbolted from the cab, and a newly produced one-piece back wall assembly is moved into position. The extended day cab conversion can be completed to production specifications at Kenworth dealerships and requires no major modifications to the cab structure.

Eaton Vorad system an option for Peterbilt

Peterbilt is offering the Eaton Vorad collision warning system with optional SmartCruise feature for select heavy-duty truck models, Peterbilt Motors Co announced. The Eaton VORAD EVT-300 model is provided with the SmartCruise option for Peterbilt Models 379, 387, 378, and 357.

EVT-300 equips a vehicle with sensors at its front and sides. Sensors emit radar signals that detect vehicles in their transmitting range, including the truck's side blind spots. If sensors detect a potential hazard, such as the truck switching into a lane occupied by another vehicle, an on-dash display unit will produce visual and audio signals to warn the operator.

The optional SmartCruise feature integrates Vorad with a truck's cruise control. As Vorad monitors vehicles in the lane ahead of the truck, SmartCruise will accelerate and decelerate the truck to maintain a safe, pre-set following distance.

Mack Trucks, Volvo take EGR route to cleaner air

Mack Trucks Inc and Volvo Trucks North America announced that they will use engine technology based on exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to meet new federal diesel engine emissions regulations scheduled to take effect in 2007.

The company also confirmed that its EPA '07 system would include a diesel particulate filter system to achieve reductions in particulate matter called for in the new regulations.

The announcement ends speculation about which system the company would employ in North America. The other major choice, Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), is becoming the standard in Europe.

Cummins, Caterpillar, and International have already made known their intentions to use various forms of EGR systems for North American markets.

“We haven't abandoned SCR research in Europe,” a Mack spokesperson said. “EGR is the best solution for North America when you look at the total picture. We have not closed the door on SCR. One day it may be viable for North America.”

Webb Wheel Products Inc recalls certain brake drums

Webb Wheel Products Inc has announced a recall of all Platinum Series brake drums with cast date codes 017-01 to 273-02 (Julian-style date).

While no injuries have been reported, Webb has noted these potential consequences with the affected brake drums:

  • Premature cracking of the braking surface, resulting in reduced or complete loss of braking on the wheel end or loss of brake drum pieces.

  • Excessive run-out of the braking surface, causing cam rollover, resulting in the loss of braking on the wheel end.

Webb is paying for the inspection and replacement of affected Platinum Series brake drums. Phone Christy Rusk at 800-633-3256 for inspection instructions and brake drum replacement information or access

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has approved this voluntary recall. Platinum Series brake drums manufactured outside of the specified cast date codes are not affected by this recall notice.

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