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Munibody becomes even more versatile

Henderson Mfg Inc, maker of the Munibody combination dump and spreader body, introduces more configurations designed to give users more options.

The Munibody has always been capable of rear and/or front-side application of granular materials. The new Munibody configurations add front-center and/or rear discharge, both of which feature a reversible conveyor. In addition, the front-side discharge version comes with either a cross-auger or cross-conveyor to deliver material to the spinners on either side of the body.

A new asphalt style is available with any of the front center and front side discharge options. The redesigned Munibody is engineered to interact with asphalt pavers and other “lay-down” machines. This new body incorporates all the features of the standard Munibody as well as the new asphalt style configuration that won't hang up on paving machinery, even at a 50° dump. Built-in extra clearance allows the truck to pull away from the paver with the body in full dump position.

Henderson also introduces an optional cab shield that has a built-in tarp system. The cab shield stores the tarp system up over the truck cab, protecting it from damage.

For further details, contact Henderson, Manchester IA.

Here's the Scoop: Plowing just got easier

The concave shape of the Hiniker Scoop Plow provides greater capacity, less spillage, and faster, more efficient plowing. The Scoop Plow's 20-degree fixed-angle outer ends help the plow capture snow, making it suitable for clearing lots and parking areas. The plow also angles left and right for conventional plowing applications.

Available in 8- and 9-foot lengths, the Scoop Plow has a high-impact polyethylene moldboard that creates a low-friction, corrosion-free plowing surface. A strong, horizontally trussed moldboard frame supports the poly moldboard.

A three-section trip-edge with a 9-inch high pivot point provides maximum protection from high obstacles such as curbs and parking barriers. Each section trips independently.

Contact Hiniker, Mankato MN, for further details.

Western wages war upon winter's worst

Designed for heavy-duty contractor and municipal use, Western Products' Pro Plus plow line fits ¾-ton to F550 size trucks and is available in 7½', 8', 8½', and 9' blade sizes. Features include:

  • Power Bar construction for torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate blade twisting.

  • Optional blade wings add to carrying capacity and reduce trail-off — a single pin facilitates quick attach/detach.

  • HD tubular quadrant to withstand severe use.

  • Pivot point with 1"-diameter pivot bolt to prevent nose plate stress.

  • Optional “back drag” edge clears snow away from tight areas.

Western's Model 500 low-profile tailgate spreader fits compact pickups and SUVs with a Class III trailer hitch. It offers:

  • 5-cubic-foot-capacity poly hopper (up to 225 pounds).
  • Choice of “on/off” switch or variable-speed control.
  • Poly spinner is standard; adjustable deflector is optional.

For more information, contact Western, Milwaukee WI.

For innovative snow control, see the Boss

All 2005 Boss snowplows will include the new SmartTouch 2 handheld control as part of the standard plow package.When used with a Power V-plow, the five-button SmartTouch 2 can move one wing at a time or two wings simultaneously to achieve any plow position. With straight-blade plows, a three-button SmartTouch 2 can get the job done.

The SmartTouch 2 for both types of snowplows has an express up-and-down capability, which allows the plow to automatically rise and drop by itself when the up/down button is quickly pressed twice. The control also has a built-in sleep mode that causes it to become inactive if not used for 20 minutes. To reactivate the control, simply turn off the control, then back on again.

The Boss patented Snowplow Sight System allows the operator to align the truck and snowplow from the comfort of the cab. When used with the SmartHitch 2 attachment system, the Snowplow Sight System allows the operator to align with the plow the very first time, every time. This new option is available for all Boss Power-V and Straight-Blade plows.

Boss Plow Wings are designed for parking lots, apartment building complexes, or any area where a lot of snow has to be moved. They increase the width of a snowplow blade by a full 22 inches, providing a much longer blade for windrowing while minimizing spill off. Plow Wings attach in seconds, making hookup quick and easy from work site to work site. They can be used with all Boss Power-V and straight-blade pllows.

For full details, contact Boss, Iron Mountain MI.

Compact spreader not small in perfomance

Sno-Way International Inc offers a 4-cubic-foot receiver hitch salt spreader designed for small to mid-size de-icing.

The compact, polyethylene spreader mounts and dismounts to vehicles equipped with a Class III receiver hitch. The spreader can be maneuvered in all weather conditions using built-in roller wheels. The simple hitch design speeds installation, and mold-in handles on the top cover and sides of the spreader provide convenient handling points.

This receiver spreader is 25.75 inches deep, 38 inches wide, and 33.125 inches high. At 95 pounds empty, the lightweight spreader is suitable for small trucks and SUVs. It can spread salt, chloride, or a combination mix from 2 to 25 feet, providing more control for small to large de-icing jobs. The molded hopper design does not allow the spread material to hit the vehicle, protecting the truck and keeping the material spreading evenly.

Standard features of this receiver spreader include:

  • Dual-wall hopper construction — Patent-pending design separates the steel channel framing and the electric motor from the salt interior of the hopper. The hopper also has protective UV properties.

  • Sealed electric motor — Separated from the hopper interior, the motor is completely shielded from the elements. Motor components are specially coated to eliminate corrosion.

  • Easy-maintenance sealed belt drive system — The belt drive is fully enclosed by a molded polyethylene cover, held in place using stainless steel hardware and can be removed easily.

  • Chunk Buster salt breakup system — The spinner drive shaft contains protruding bolts that break up salt clusters before spreading.

  • Lockable flow control paddle — Adjusts the amount of spread material delivered to the spinner.

Other features include dual flip-up hopper lids for salt/sand loading, bolt-on tapered hitch and on/off or variable-speed spreader controls. An auxiliary light kit is optional. For more details, contact Sno-Way, Hartford WI.

Blizzard accumulates two new plow models

Blizzard Corp has two new snowplow models for 2005.

The Model 8611LP (Low Profile) plow is designed to fit on ¾- and one-ton trucks. With its wings fully retracted, the blade measures 8'-6", but when expanded to its Wide Pass mode, it measures 11'-3" in overall width. When forward plowing, it has a 9'-3" scoop position.

Blizzard's Model 760SW (Speed Wing) plow is built for all half-ton four-wheel-drive trucks. The plow has wings similar to those found on the Blizzard Power Plow, only the wings are hinged on either end of the main moldboard and do not extend or retract. When the main blade is in the straight position, both wings are held forward in the scoop position by large robust springs. When angled left or right, the leading wing is retained in the forward position, and the trailing wing is automatically pulled back in line with the main blade using a cable and pivot lever system integrated into the A-frame. This allows the Speed Wing plow to carry and windrow more snow per pass.

For more details, contact Blizzard, Calumet MI.

Fisher goes to the Xtreme to subdue snow

Fisher Engineering's new 8' and 9' XBLADE snowplows combine an exclusive X-Bracing design with corrosion-resistant stainless steel to produce a commercial/municipal plow that's as tough as they come. Features include:

  • 12-gauge polished 304 stainless steel moldboard and powdercoated steel structure form a rustfree plow blade.

  • Xtreme 31" blade curl and 10" moldboard overhang to promote optimum snow rolling and foiling action.

  • Xtreme 75° attack angle for better ice-breaking and scraping.

  • X-Bracing on the back of the blade provides torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate moldboard stress

Fisher Pro-Caster hopper spreaders are designed for ice control on driveways, roads, and parking lots. They offer:

  • 7', 8', 9', and 10' body lengths in powdercoated steel or stainless steel.

  • The conveyor has a 16"-wide pintle chain to reduce bridging.

  • All models provide a choice of 10-horsepower I/C Tecumseh or 1-hp I/C Honda engine.

For more information, contact Fisher, Rockland ME.

It's Junior's turn to make routes driveable

Designed to achieve precision spreading for small commercial and private applications, the SnowEx Junior 325 from TrynEx International offers maximum torque transmission, low-maintenance engineering, and versatile mount options.

The Junior 325 is suitable for maintaining roads, parking lots, driveways, and recreational paths. It offers troublefree operation, as the spreader is built with a low-maintenance, direct-drive system and minimal moving parts. With no belts, pulleys, or chains, potential downtime is reduced. The 12-volt DC direct-drive system includes an exclusive, maximum-torque transmission and is mounted in a weathertight enclosure.

This unit has a heavy-duty modular steel frame with a high-density polymer, UV-protected material hopper. It holds a maximum of 2.7 cubic feet of material, which is spread up to a 25-foot width with a 10-inch, powdercoated steel spinner. The low-profile hopper does not obstruct the rear window. A cab-mounted controller allows spinner speed to be adjusted from inside the vehicle.

Since the Junior 325 weighs just 50 pounds when empty, one person can mount it to most services vehicles. The spreader can be attached to pickups and sport utility vehicles with a standard 2-inch receiver hitch mount; an optional utility mount is provided to attach the Junior 325 to other vehicle types. An adjustable deflector is optional.

For more information, contact TrynEx, Warren MI.

Snowman flies high with extension wings

Snowplow blade width can be extended using Snowman's heavy-duty A5003 extension wing accessory kit. The extension wing accessory extends the blade width on Snowman commercial snowplows by 18" for high-volume jobs. The kit features two 12-gauge steel wings with hard rubber cutting edges.

Standard box wings can be used to keep the snow in while plowing tight areas.

For more information, contact Snowman, Bloomfield IA.

Spread the news: Vee Pro easier to remove

SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, has recently modified its Vee Pro 8000 bulk spreader to include a new Quick-Pin hitch design. Securing the unit's spreader assembly to the hopper, the Quick-Pin hitch makes it easier to remove the assembly, freeing up the carrying vehicle's trailer hitch for towing.

The Vee Pro 8000 is the largest capacity bulk spreader in the SnowEx line, carrying up to 1.5 cubic yards of material. Designed for standard pickup boxes, the unit is primarily intended to spread salt and salt/sand mixtures, and its large capacity makes it suitable for maintaining roads, bridge decks, large parking lots, and intersections.

As with other SnowEx bulk spreaders, the Vee Pro 8000 has a hopper constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene. Eliminating corrosion concerns and constant maintenance commonly associated with steel V-box alternatives, polyethylene is also much lighter than steel. Because of their extreme weight, steel V-boxes usually dedicate the receiving pickup for the entire season, limiting the truck's capabilities and payload. Conversely, the Vee Pro is up to 60% lighter than steel-built options and can be installed or removed by two people. Though the new Quick-Pin hitch design makes it easier to multi-task, the ease of removing the entire spreader from the truck bed further increases vehicle functionality.

The independent spinner/auger controller allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between spinner and auger, maximizing material usage. Spread width is infinitely variable from 5 to 40 feet. A digital system status display and audible warning protection are also included.

The Vee Pro 8000 comes standard with a top screen and fitted tarp for effective material retention. Optional accessories include a light kit, mobile storage kit, and Express Mount kit.

For more information, contact TrynEx, Warren MI.

Henderson lowers cost of FSP spreaders

Henderson Mfg Inc announces price revisions for its FSP sand and salt spreaders. Through manufacturing economies, the company can now offer these spreaders at lower cost to the consumer without sacrificing quality or features.

Included on all 2005 FSP models are several changes and improvements. All hoppers have expanded capacities, and they are available in 5', 6', 7', 8', 9', and 10' lengths (the 8' unit now has a full 2-cubic-yard capacity). Hopper sides and supports have been strengthened to 12 gauge. A polyurethane spinner is standard on all models, along with a 10½-horsepower Briggs & Stratton gas engine — an 11-hp Honda engine is optional.

Also now standard on all Henderson spreaders are nylon ratchet-style tiedown straps and welded-on tiedown lugs for ease in rigging during severe weather conditions.

For more details, contact Henderson, Manchester IA.

Fabick poured-on liner can take extreme heat

Fabick Inc, developers of the patented “poured-on” process, offers the poured-on liner for construction fleets. Poured-on offers a mirror-smooth finish for cleaner load release. Tough enough for demanding construction applications, it can stand temperatures up to 350° F — including asphalt — and wears better than steel. says Fabick.

Qualities of this poured-on coating include:

  • Fast release
  • Self-leveling liners, airtight and waterproof
  • No bolts, no holes — entirely seamless
  • High-impact liners poured directly to the surface
  • Bonds directly to steel
  • Works well on aluminum dump trucks
  • Easy repairs
  • No vapor, fules, or overspray
  • No taping/masking

For more details, visit or phone 608-242-1100.

Snap Rivets line grows by 34 sizes

Micro Plastics Inc has added 34 new sizes to its line of Snap Rivets. Sizes are now included to fit .083" (2.1mm) through .248" (6.3 mm) hole diameters, with a panel thickness of .024" (0.6 mm) through .400" (10.2 mm).

These rivets are designed for assemblies requiring fast and economical fasteners that can be installed without tools. The two-piece molded fastener comes assembled and ready for use. Simply place the rivet into a hole and press the oversized head. The specially designed legs expand and firmly lock the components permanently in place.

Snap Rivets are molded in high dielectric black (UL 94V2) Nylon 6/6, making them suitable for electronic applications.

Free samples are available upon request. For more details, contact Micro Plastics, Flippin AR.

Honeycomb panel, liftgate lines introduced

Transportation Systems Solutions LLC is offering lightweight, longer-lasting enhanced honeycomb composite panels and a line of lightweight liftgates.

Truck bodies, trailers, buses, RVs, and mobile storage units made from CoreTough enhanced honeycomb composite panels weigh, on average, 10% less than those made from traditional materials. To one moving and storage company in Dexter MO, it meant being able to haul $60,000 extra in freight the first year its CoreTough straight truck was in operation because it saved them 1,200 pounds.

CoreTough panels last two to three years longer than those made from traditional materials. This equates to an initial $10.4 billion in postponed capital equipment costs. CoreTough panels are made from thermoplastic materials that are rust-, rot-, and corrosion-proof. Because of the truss-wing, honeycomb design, CoreTough is highly impact-resistant.

The new line of AHT liftgates provides a weight reduction of approximately 50% compared with steel products. If the alloy has been carefully selected and properly handled, it will never corrode and have a much longer lifespan.

Aluhebetechnik (AHT) has produced these all-aluminum tailgate loaders completely made from aluminum.

The cross beam is made from high-strength aluminum profiles. Hydraulic lines are built into the profile so there are no steel tubes for hydraulic flow. Lifting arms and bumper bars are aluminum.

All-aluminum cylinders and power packs are produced at the AHT factory. A power pack produced from MHW weighs just 37 pounds, or half the weight of similar products.

For more details, contact TSS, High Point NC.

Hobart Brothers adds stick electrodes to QPL

Hobart Brothers has added additional products to its line of Qualified Product Listing (QPL) stick electrodes. The Hobart 718MC mild steel low hydrogen and Hoballoy 8018C3 low-alloy low-hydrogen stick electrodes, by gaining QPL approval, meet the welding specifications required for military shipyard applications and are also ideal for many commercial industries.

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