Product Profiles

Insulated Butt Splice can connect two wires

The Insulated Butt Splice, available from Micro Plastics' inventory of wire handling hardware and accessories, is used to connect two wires. Strip the ends of the wires to be connected and select the correct splice size that matches a wire size, then insert wire into the Butt Splice and crimp connector.

For free samples of the Butt Splice, visit the web site at

To obtain a free copy of Micro's new full line catalog #35, contact Micro Plastics' Customer Service Department, PO Box 149, Hwy 178 North, Flippin AR 72634.

Free sample kit provides sealing products

Elasto Proxy Inc has developed an industrial rubber sample kit. Offered free of charge, the Elasto Pack contains more than 60 profiles slotted into a water jet cut casing. The samples include bulb trims, edge trims, locking channels, U-channels, taped profiles, silicone profiles, E-strips, D-strips, and P-strips. Each profile is numbered for easy identification.

Housed in a plastic box, the kit provides sealing products for engineering, purchasing, design, and sales departments.

For more details, contact Elasto Proxy, 1111 Gorham St, Unit #2, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada L3Y 8X8.

Sno-Way plows for small-business, home use

Sno-Way International has released its 22 Series snowplows for the small-business or suburban home owner. This plow is 22" high and comes in three different widths with polycarbonate blade skins. The 22 Series snowplows achieve harmony among plow, weight, and strength to give the operator maximum performance.

Sno-Way also offers its patented Down Pressure System and wireless remote control as additional time-saving options. The Drive-in-Mount is quick, solid, and easy to get on and off. Sno-Way provides an exclusive five-year warranty with the 22 Series.

For more details, contact Sno-Way, 120 N Grand Ave, Hartford WI 53027.

Link makes LB20 box truck ramps longer

Link Manufacturing is providing longer Model LB20 mounted ramps for box trucks. The LB20 had been available to mount just inside the doors of standard cargo vans. The same ramp has been modified to fit on a box truck inside the rear doors, which keeps the ramp inside the box and free from snow and grime. Ramps come in lengths up to 10 feet and the same standard widths of 24", 30", and 36".

For more information on these ramp systems, phone Link at 800-248-3057.

SAE circuit breakers protect electrical items

Cole Hersee Co offers SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) Type II and Type III circuit breakers. Suitable for trucking applications, these circuit breakers protect wiring, equipment, and subsystems.

In response to market trends where more electrical systems demand manual reset circuit breakers, Cole Hersee offers SAE Type III for ATC and ATO applications. SAE Type II and Type III circuit breakers are available in either stud or plug-in designs. Cole Hersee offers SAE Type I circuit breakers as well. All products conform to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) specifications.

Stud and plug-in circuit breakers minimize the risk of fire due to overload. They are the more robust, reusable choice for wiring protection, providing heavy-duty replacement for ATC, ATO, and mini fuses. In addition, customers can obtain all electrical and electronic switches, as well as circuit breakers, from one manufacturer.

Contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, Boston MA 02127-2467 for more information.

White LEDs designed for backup use

A L LIGHTech of Anaheim CA has introduced several white LEDs for backup use. Each light contains 19 LEDs and utilizes superior computer chips. All the lights meet FMVSS108 and SAE requirements and have the necessary 45° angle. The lights are sealed and have a polycarbonate lens and housing. They operate at 12.8 volts DC and consume less than 0.4 amps. These lights come in 4" round, 6" oval, and 7" round. For more details, download the current catalog from or phone 866-634-0887.

Alcoa Classics sport a higher load rating

Alcoa Wheel and Forged Products is launching a new family of wheels called Alcoa Classics to replace its current standard round hand hole aluminum wheel offering for medium- and heavy-duty trucking applications.

The new wheels have a concave face that provides a distinct appearance and enhances the polish. In addition, their load rating has been increased to 7,400 pounds. These wheels provide increased valve clearance, making them fully compatible with disc brake packages, and are available with Alcoa's exclusive Dura-Bright wheel surface treatment.

For more information, access

Remote strobe systems fit most applications

Superior Signals Inc is offering a line of remote strobe systems. These Safe-T-Alert remote strobe systems come in various colors and styles to fit most warning product applications.

Each system consists of a power supply, which ranges anywhere from one outlet/12.4 watts up to eight outlets/120 watts. The buyer may choose a style of light from the Hide-A-Way strobe light that mounts in the headlight, brake light, or corner light:

  • 6½" oval or 4" round remote strobe head that may be flush-mounted on the vehicle or mounted in Superior's 16-gauge steel powdercoated boxes.

  • 4.5" or 6.25" cab mounted remote strobe light.

  • Low-profile grill and deck strobe heads.

Each style of light is offered in amber, clear, red, or blue. Remote strobe light heads are connected to the power supply by either a light- or heavy-duty cable with either amp, Deutsch (weatherproof), or Weatherpak (weatherproof) connectors depending upon the application. Superior also supplies standard cables in 15' to 50' lengths.

For additional information, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

Diamond Express a gem of plow innovation

Meyer Products introduces its new Diamond Express snowplow system, which shows innovations in the three main components of the plowing system: the mounting system, the plow, and the operating system.

The EZ Mount Express is a self-mounting, pinless system that mounts or dismounts with the push of a single button. Simply connect/disconnect a single power source and push a button to mount or dismount the plow.

The Diamond Express Series trip edge plow is offered with 7½" and 8" blades. This moldboard is designed with a more aggressive attack angle and curvature, providing maximum snow removal capacity and efficient snow rolling action. The design of this plow is based on heavy municipal-style plows and has many of the features of the larger plows. This allows users to throw more snow farther and faster.

Features of the XP operating system include ARM and ALM modes that raise and lower the plow as it is shifted from drive to reverse. Wig-Wag mode gives additional visibility for other vehicles by alternating the plow lights. A shake feature removes accumulated snow from the front of the moldboard.

For more information, contact Meyer, 18513 Euclid Ave, Cleveland OH 44112; or phone 216-486-1313.

Goodyear G395 LHS steer tire sets new standards

The Goodyear G395 LHS long-haul steer tire, introduced in 2003, is currently the standard steer tire on all new International, Volvo tractors — and Freightliner tractors in October. This tire is available as an option on all other Class 8 trucks.

Much of the G395 LHS's performance can be attributed to Goodyear's IMPACT manufacturing technology. In this precise process, 12 of the components of the tire are automatically combined into one, resulting in both tire uniformity and plant efficiency.

While a smooth ride is inherent in the G395 LHS, it also tackles irregular wear with a special Pressure Distribution Groove on the shoulder of the tire.

For more details, contact Goodyear, 1144 E Market St, Akron OH 44316-0001.

Tire service crane can lift 9,000 pounds at 10 feet

Stellar Industries Inc. has released its Model 9000 articulating tire service crane. This 90,000-ft-lb crane has the capacity to lift 9,000 pounds at 10 feet. It has a maximum horizontal reach of 16 feet from the centerline of the crane and a 290° rotation using an hourglass worm gear.

The 9000 crane was developed to fill the niche in the tire market for Class 6 (19,500 to 26,000 GVW) vehicles. The Class 6 truck operator does not require a commercial driver license (CDL) in most states. The 9000 crane will also fit on a larger Class 7 chassis to allow for an increase in payload.

Considered a small to medium OTR (off the road) tire service crane, the 9000 crane will handle a 9,000-lb tire without a Tire Manipulator. With the Stellar Model 3107 Tire Manipulator, it will lift a 3,400-lb tire. Tire sizes the 9000 crane will lift include the 36.00-51 mounted narrow-base and 50/65-51 wide-base OTR tires.

Like all other Stellar cranes, the 9000 crane has a hexagonal boom design, an enclosed extension boom cylinder, load-holding counterbalance valves, and standard radio remote control operation.

For more information, contact Stellar, 280 W 3rd St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

Posi-Tite: Make a connection

Posi-Products Inc, a division of Swenco Inc, is offering the Posi-Tite Water-Tite line of no-crimp, reusable, watertight connectors. To use the Posi-Tite, just strip the wires and hand-tighten for a perfect connection, guaranteed. Tools, labor, and failure are eliminated, says the company.

For complete information, access or contact Swenco, PO Box 1351, Poplar Bluff MO 63902.

National Crane Series 500E

The National Crane Series 500E has an all-new design featuring state-of-the-art hydraulics; 18-ton capacity; 71-foot three-section boom; and a 121-ft maximum vertical reach. All of these features are combined with financing options through Manitowoc's Crane Credit.

Access for more details.

Balance Masters products supplied for wide-base tires

Sun-Tech Innovations LLC, now offers Balance Masters “active balancing systems” for wide-base single tires. These self-adjusting wheel-balancing products fit most classes of medium- and heavy-duty trucks, buses, vans, and motorhomes. Balance Masters patented liquid material works with centrifugal force to stop the cupping of tires, which will increase tire life by up to 50% or more at all speeds.

For a free catalog, contact Sun-Tech, PO Box 9154, Canoga Park CA 91309.

TT-15 gains 500 pounds of lift capacity

Thieman's Top-lifter Series liftgate (TT-15), offered with a 42" steel or 44" aluminum platform, has been limited to a 1,000-lb lift capacity — not anymore. Now the TT-15 is rated with a 1,500-lb capacity.

The TT-15 has Nitrotec pins and Polylube bushings standard at all pivot points. This means there is no need for frequent greasing.

This liftgate comes standard with a 5,000-lb tow-rated bumper and dual cylinders for maximum lifting capacity and stability. Torsion assist is included on all 42"-deep steel platforms for easier opening and closing. Available options on the TT-15 include platform materials (expanded metal, aluminum extrusions and two-piece folding), light kit, in-cab shutoff switch, and remote pendant controls.

For a free brochure or other information, contact Thieman Tailgates Inc, 600 E Wayne St, Celina OH 45822.

Vee Pro 8000 can hold more in the hopper

SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, introduces the new Vee Pro 8000 bulk spreader. Carrying up to 1.5 cubic yards of material, the Vee Pro 8000 offers more capacity than other SnowEx spreaders. Designed for use in standard pickup boxes, this unit is primarily intended to spread salt and salt/sand mixtures.

The Vee Pro 8000 has a hopper constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene. This helps make the spreader up to 60% lighter than steel-built options. It can be easily installed or removed by two people, freeing the vehicle to perform multiple duties.

The independent spinner/auger controller allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between spinner and auger, maximizing material usage. Spread width is infinitely variable from 5 to 40 feet. A digital system status display and audible warning protection are also included.

Vee Pro spreaders are built with few moving parts and a low-maintenance, direct-drive system. Powered by twin 12-volt DC direct-drive motors, these spreaders have an auger feed system that provides continuous flow of ice control materials.

The Vee Pro 8000 comes standard with a top screen and fitted tarp for effective material retention. Optional accessories include a light kit and mobile storage kit.

For more information, contact TrynEx, 23455 Regency Park Dr, Warren MI 48089.

Ready Ratchet stores sockets in its handle

Ready Products Inc introduces the new Ready Ratchet, which stores sockets in a snap-in locking socket tray in the ratchet's handle. Manufactured from composite materials with a contoured handle, the Ready Ratchet exceeds national specifications for torque. A quick-release cap keeps the sockets secure when not in use.

Compact and convenient, the Ready Ratchet comes in standard or metric sizes. It can be purchased through industrial supply channels and independent hardware stores nationwide, as well as through the web site at

For more information, contact Ready Products, 5855 Olympia Fields Court, West Chester OH 45069.

Truck Cab Organizer can make life easier

Link Mfg Ltd, manufacturers of Cabmate cab suspensions, Cats Eye tire pressure monitors, and a line of liftable suspensions is introducing a product to make truck drivers' lives easier. The Link Cab Organizer is designed specifically for chemicals and supplies that all truckers use. The tough polypropylene organizer prevents spills, yet keeps supplies accessible.

For more details, contact Link, 223 15th St NE, Sioux Center IA 51250.

Comply economically with LED ID light bar

Engineered with the latest in ultra-bright diodes, Peterson Mfg's new LED ID light bar provides vehicle owners with an economical and convenient way to meet legal requirements for rear identification lighting.

The new Model 169-3R light bar has a single-lens design that houses all three LED identification lights in a single unit. Unlike traditional ID light bars requiring three separate plugs and mounts, Peterson's new light provides the convenience and cost-savings of a single plug and mount. Like most Peterson lights, the new LED light bar meets FMVSS 108 requirements and exceeds SAE specifications.

This new LED light bar also features two hard-wired terminals (ground wire includes #10 terminal), potted circuits, and mounts on 8.5" centers.

For more information, contact Peterson, 4200 E 135th St, Grandview MO 64030.

Sloan Quick-Fix helps eliminate downtime

For most truck drivers, a broken rubber air brake line means a tow to the nearest repair facility or a long wait for a repair vehicle. Lost productivity due to downtime can be alleviated with Quick-Fix from Sloan Transportation Products. Quick-Fix is a simple device used to repair broken rubber air brake lines easily and inexpensively. With a few simple steps, Sloan's Quick-Fix repairs damaged rubber air brake lines. The DOT-approved product is available with male fittings and comes with pre-applied thread sealant.

The product stores in a glove box or console and is available at leading truckstops and heavy-duty distributors in a display rack that holds 12 Quick-Fix packages. For full details, contact Sloan, 534 E 48th St, Holland MI 49423.

Hannay PW-2 reel for pressure washers

The Hannay PW-2 Series reel is designed to quickly mount to almost any type of pressure washer. It is constructed of 12- and 16-gauge steel, with a black powder-coat finish.

The PW-2 Series reel has a pressure rating of up to 4,000 psi and can handle product temperatures from +20° to +250° F. Its 1/2" Schedule 80 hub pipe delivers flow rates of more than 12 gpm at 15 fps. An adjustable split bearing brake assembly allows for an infinite number of tension settings, and a captive hose guide roller assembly provides smooth payout and rewind. The PW-2 Series also features a permanently attached direct crank rewind. Optional mounting kits and accessories are also available.

For additional information, contact Hannay, 553 State Route 143, Westerlo NY 12193-0159.

PVC Nitrile seals in variety of shapes, colors

Trim-Lok/RTP Inc stocks a large line of extruded PVC Nitrile seals for finishing, protecting, and sealing applications. The company offers PVC Nitrile in a variety of shapes and colors. In addition, Trim-Lok manufactures all products in-house to ensure shorter lead times. All products meet the automotive TS/ISO 16949:2002 standard to guarantee quality.

For a free catalog, samples, or more information, access or contact Trim-Lok, 6855 Hermosa Circle, Buena Park CA 90622-6180.

Clip-mount tie holder offers two-way entry

Micro Plastics Inc has added the new screw-mounted clip-mount tie holder, which offers a two-way entry and is secured with a #8 mounting screw.

Cradle mounts, screw tabs, and cable tie holders, some with adhesive backing for easy mounting, are also provided. They are molded in a natural-color Nylon 6/6 material.

Free samples are available upon request. For a free copy of Catalog #35, contact Micro Plastics, Hwy 178 North, Flippin AR 72634.

Back Buddy II cuts risk of workplace injury

Safe Shop Tools Inc makes the Back Buddy II, which is designed to roll under and bolt onto heavy brake drum and hub assemblies, then roll out and lay over for easy servicing. The tool handles up to 350 pounds, increases productivity, and prevents back injuries.

Back Buddy II comes with a choice of 11 different sets of adapters, which allow it to fit inboard or outboard hubs on Class 5-8 tractors and trailers. The tool fits vehicles in both private and government fleets, including Humvees and a range of other military vehicles. It works not only on trucks, but also specialized vehicles such as large forklifts. In fact, the tool's adapter system allows it to keep pace with new wheel design.

This tool has a handle that swings down on a hinge, allowing technicians to wheel it into the tight spaces created by lower fenders. Back Buddy II also has a precision ratchet jack that can crank loads smoothly up or down 14" at a rate of up to 3" per second.

For more information, contact Safe Shop, PO Box 4206, Missoula MT 59806.

TC cranes: two capacities, nine boom lengths

Pitman Utility Products' new TC Series of truck cranes now comes in two different capacities and nine boom lengths.

The two models are the TC-30 and TC-40. The TC-30 is a 15-ton-capacity machine, and the TC-40 has 20-ton capacity. TC-30 is available in sheave heights from 42' to 70'; the TC-40 offers sheave heights from 42' to 80'.

Both TC models have a hydraulic overload protection system, along with a wireless antitow block, load moment indicators, side load protection, and audible and visual safety warning systems. Both models have an optional jib attachment provided in 10', 15', or 20' lengths; hydraulic digger assemblies; and hydraulically leveled work platforms.

The design of the TC series truck crane allows the user to customize the control configuration and locations, along with mounting options. For more information contact Pit-man Utility Products, 13902 Norby, Grandview MO 64030.

Joysticks designed for mobile vehicles

HydraForce Inc introduces a new line of heavy-duty electronic joysticks for use in out-of-cab mobile equipment applications. They are designed to provide reliable operation in temperatures of — 40° to +85°C, are environmentally sealed to IP67 specifications, and can withstand vibration to 9g(rms) 24 to 2,000 Hz. These joysticks use supply voltages from 9 to 31 DC. They produce a high-resolution 500-Hz PWM output signal and are fully rated for radiated and emission immunity to an array of international standards. They have been life-cycle tested for up to six million cycles and will withstand pull forces without damage up to ±200 pounds. There are 13 different handle configurations available.

For more information, contact HydraForce, 500 Barclay Blvd, Lincolnshire IL 60069.

Webb provides hub and rotor assemblies

Webb Wheel Products has introduced hub and rotor assemblies to be used in conjunction with the industry's opposed four-piston hydraulic disc brake designed for medium-duty trucks and buses. The hub and rotor assemblies are available for 9,000-lb front and 15,000-lb rear axles.

For more information, contact Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055.

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