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Resilience, Wynnchurch form AxleTech

Resilience Capital Partners LLC, a Cleveland OH-based private investment firm, has joined Wynnchurch Capital in acquiring the off-highway manufacturing business of ArvinMeritor, which includes manufacturing plants in Oshkosh WI and St Etienne, France. The new company will be known as AxleTech International Inc. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

AxleTech was created to focus on heavy-duty off-road axles and components, planetary axles, brakes, and related aftermarket parts, as well as parts for specialty and military vehicles. The privately held company has 490 employees worldwide and is headquartered in Troy MI.

Mary Petrovich has been appointed chief executive officer of the new company to augment the existing senior managers of the business who have decided to remain with AxleTech. She will be responsible for the business performance of the manufacturing company with projected annual revenue of $165 million. Most recently, Petrovich served as the president of the Dura Automotive Driver Controls division.

Bendix ABS specified on demo chassis

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC's antilock braking system (ABS) was specified as one of the key components on a high-profile demo chassis unveiled at the International Intermodal Expo recently.

The Intermodal Association of North America will monitor two demo chassis equipped with best-in-class components over the next five years to evaluate next-generation technologies from intermodal suppliers, including Bendix. Bendix ABS is one of 13 technologies included on a Burlington Northern Santa Fe chassis manufactured by Stoughton Trailers Inc that was on display at the show.

Trailer axle hub cuts costs, assembly time

IMT Corp/Ingersoll Axles' new F30 fully unitized trailer axle hub reduces the costs of assembling the hub on-site and minimizes inventory requirements. The F30 includes hub, bearings with clearances preset at the factory, long-life seals, and studs. It is filled with lubricant and factory-sealed.

Mounted to an IMT axle with friction welded high-tensile spindles and standard outboard brake drums, the F30 hub comes with a five-year, 500,000-mile warranty. For more information, contact IMT, 347 King St West, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada N5C 3K6.

Donaldson engine filter earns ARB approval

Donaldson Co Inc has received Level 1 Verification from the California Environmental Protection Agency's Air Resources Board (ARB) for its Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) muffler and Spiracle crankcase ventilation (CCV) filter. The DOC muffler and Spiracle CCV filter combination reduces diesel engine emissions from tailpipes and engine crankcase vents of medium- and heavy-duty trucks and school buses.

ARB approval enables Donaldson to sell the combination on a retrofit basis to help California vehicle operators meet state pollution control requirements and limit diesel engine emissions.

Under ARB's Diesel Risk Reduction Plan (DRRP), about 1.25 million diesel engines in California are candidates for retrofitting with technology like Donaldson's. Such technology is designed to reduce emissions of diesel particulate matter. The combined DOC muffler/Spiracle CCV filter system reduces engine particulate matter emissions by 26% to 50%.

Norgren technology centralizes location of pneumatic components on truck chassis

Norgren has introduced Centralized Air Management (CAM), a concept that involves modularizing pneumatic components and devices on a truck, enabling them for the first time to be mounted in one area on the truck chassis.

By providing a central point for air line connections, CAM reduces the total amount of pipe work, connections, and possible leak points throughout the truck. CAM brings savings in air system assembly time, while the all-plastic casing and new sealing mechanism further enhance reliability. In addition, the space required for pneumatic controls under the dashboard is reduced, freeing up more space for other components.

The CAM concept reduces the length of air lines between cab and chassis, simplifies repair, and reduces cost. It also contributes to vehicle uptime through increased serviceability. Diagnostics can be performed on a CAM unit in situ via the truck's main computer; if something goes wrong, it can be easily rectified.

Truck customers order various custom vehicles, and a system to easily customize pneumatic valving is desirable. Norgren's approach has been to offer a flexible CAM unit that can be easily upgraded at a later date. Some vehicle dealers prefer to add options to trucks after they are built, so CAM has been designed using individual modules to accommodate this need.

For more information, contact Norgren, 5400 S Delaware St, Littleton CO 80120.

PTO built for Ford TorqShift transmission

Chelsea Products Division of Parker Hannifin Corp has a new power take-off (PTO) designed for Ford's TorqShift automatic transmission. The Chelsea 245 F-Series PTO has no backlash to set, troublefree electronic interface, weathertight connectors, operation in all gears, and specially matched PTO and pumps.

This PTO and pump are specifically designed for 4×4 applications. The pump should be used exclusively with this PTO for maximum clearance. The 245 F-Series PTO allows use of either a remote- or direct-mount pump.

Thirteen optional pumps with flow ranges from 2.9 gallons per minute (10.97 liters per minute) to 31 gpm (117.3 lpm), and pressure ratings from 1,700 psi (117 bar) up to 3,900 psi (274 bar) cover almost any application. For two-wheel drive applications, an 1¼" round keyed output shaft is available for remote-mount equipment. Shift options include the standard 12-volt diode-protected solenoid valve as well as the electronic overspeed control.

For complete details, contact Chelsea Products Division of Parker Hannifin Corp, 8225 Hacks Cross Rd, Olive Branch MS 38654.
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Helmet accessories comfort, protect welders

Four new helmet accessories are available from Hornell Inc for users of the Speedglas 9000 auto-darkening welding helmet.

The Sweatband in Leather (02-0024-01) is a direct replacement for the plastic sweatband that comes with the Speedglas 9000 helmet. Three snaps hold the leather sweatband firmly in place on the helmet's adjustable headband.

The Head Protector (02-0645-00) is made from flame- and spark-resistant Endura material. It attaches to the top of the helmet via two elastic loops that fasten around the helmet's mounting hardware, as well as a Velcro strip at the top of the helmet.

The Throat & Side Protector (18-0099-68) is a three-piece leather set that extends helmet protection along the sides and bottom of the welder's neck. The three pieces can be attached or removed via Velcro fastening strips.

The Throat Protector (02-0690-00) has a bib-like design to extend spark protection along the entire front of the welder's throat and upper chest.

All Speedglas 9000 helmets have Hornell's “breathability” design, with aerodynamic exhaust vents that reduce carbon dioxide, humidity, and heat. The helmet is also available with the patented Speedglas SideWindows shade 5 lenses, which increase the welder's peripheral vision 100%. For complete details, contact Hornell, 2374 Edison Blvd, Twinsburg OH 44087.
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Variable-polarity welding no longer rocket science with use of Liburdi power supply

Liburdi Dimetrics' new technology Gold Track VP power supply brings variable-polarity welding “down to earth” after years of use primarily by giant aerospace companies making rocket fuel tanks. Variable-polarity welding is ideal for deep penetrating welds on aluminum, stainless steel, and superalloys.

Gold Track VP includes a 250-amp Pulsweld VP power supply, with microprocessor controls of all welding functions. Sloping between segment levels can be programmed, and existing weld schedules may be scaled in percentages.

Internal memory holds up to 32 different weld schedules with up to 16 segments each. A floppy disk drive allows unlimited external data storage and weld procedure transfer. A remote operator pendant is included, and an integrated water cooling system enables maximum duty cycle and production.

A real-time data acquisition system with programmable error and fault limits monitors critical welding parameters such as travel, amperage, and volts. Orbital weld heads are automatically calibrated, and a system interlock automatically terminates activity if a gas flow, water flow, or data acquisition fault is detected.

An input/output port allows connection to an external device such as a foot pedal or oxygen analyzer. An infrared port enables transfer of weld data with a laptop or other computer. An optional printer allows hard-copy printout of weld schedules, data acquisition, and quality assurance report.

Gold Track VP is compatible with all Liburdi weld heads and interfaces directly with the company's Merrick Weldline industrial welding lathes and rotary positioners. For complete details, contact Liburdi, 404 Armour St, Davidson NC 28036.
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Mufflers increase fuel mileage, performance

Grand Rock has Quiet Performance mufflers available for dual-exhaust trucks. These patented, new-technology mufflers provide an average fuel mileage increase of 6.2%.

The company has noted a 3% horsepower gain on dynamometer tests. Drivers who have used these mufflers have seen a marked improvement in performance with no turbo lag, just superior throttle response.

These mufflers are as quiet as stock mufflers, making them legal in all 50 states. They install inside Grand Rock's long chrome stacks, eliminating the large 10" mufflers.

Grand Rock supplies the heavy-truck market with a line of exhaust parts, ranging from 3" to 7" diameter, aluminized or chrome. For more information, contact Grand Rock, 395 Fountain Ave, Painesville OH 44077.
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Device cleans side-view mirrors automatically

An automatic attachable cleaning device is provided for cleaning the side-view mirrors on tractor-trailer rigs.

Invented and patented by retired truck driver Gary Waters, the device uses a rubber squeegee blade, similar to that on windshield wipers. The blade travels up and down the long, thin mirror of a tractor-trailer rig. The squeegee scraper blade uses two vertical tracks on the two exterior sides of the mirror and is powered by a small electric motor under the dashboard.

Washer solvent is directed at the mirror using a small pump, through jets on top of the mirror. The solvent system is tapped into the main solvent system of the truck using small diameter plastic tubing. Controls for both the electric drive motor and solvent pump are in a dash-mounted panel inside the cab.

This invention can be a factory option on new trucks as well as as an aftermarket attachment accessory for do-it-yourself installation. The device is suitable for installation on the right, left, or both sides of a vehicle.

For manufacturing, distribution, and licensing information, contact John D Gugliotta and Montgomery & Associates, phone 800-747-3109, e-mail [email protected], or access
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Normount bonding tape now in thicker size

A new, thicker-gauge polyurethane foam bonding tape has been developed by Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics. The new product provides added energy-dissipating qualities for use in demanding applications.

Part of the Normount V2800 series, this new closed-cell urethane foam is .090" thick and has Saint-Gobain's acrylic adhesive on both sides. Normount bonding tapes are used in various industrial and automotive applications in place of mechanical fasteners.

For more information, contact Saint-Gobain, 150 Dey Rd, Wayne NJ 07470-4699.
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