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Product Profiles

WorldLite-50 provides compact footprint

The WorldLite-50 from Motoman has a footprint of 2,000 × 1,500 mm (78.7" × 59.1") and is set up on one common base with forklift pockets for simple installation. A variety of welding and nonwelding process packages are available, depending on specific application requirements.

The Arc WorldLite-50 features an SV3X robot, XRC controller with menu-driven arc welding application software, MIG welding package, stationary welding table, operator interface, and safety environment.

Weighing less than 70 pounds, the six-axis SV3X robot has a 3-kg (6.6-lb) payload capacity, a reach of 677 mm (26.7"), and a repeatability of ±0.03 mm (±0.001"). Due to the low weight and small footprint of the SV3X robot, it is mounted on a platform in front of the welding table and can access welds on single or multiple parts. The stationary table can accommodate parts up to 18" square and supports 907 kg (2,000 pounds).

The safety environment features redundant electrical interlocks, complete barrier guarding, protective arc curtains, and single-point operator control. An automatic door lowers for part loading and raises during the robot cycle. For more information, contact Motoman, 805 Liberty Lane, West Carrollton OH 45449.

JOBOX underbed boxes resist elements

JOBOX aluminum underbed boxes are designed for weather resistance, strength, and security. A rain gutter surrounds the door opening and directs moisture away from the interior. Long-life, automotive-style bulb weather stripping on the door opening prevents moisture and dust from entering.

These boxes have reinforced, heavy-duty .100-gauge aluminum doors and bodies with welded seams to prevent forced entry and for long-term dependability.

A new stainless steel, commercial-grade, rotating T-handle locks the door at the top and both sides. The handle housing is sealed to prevent moisture from entering. A full-length, heavy-duty aluminum hinge has a full 1/4" pin and 1" knuckles.

JOBOX boxes come in three sizes and 18" to 60" lengths. For more information, contact Delta Consolidated Industries Inc, 2728 Capital Blvd, Raleigh NC 27604.

Tire system takes pressure off drivers

Matching tire pressure to terrain and load conditions for optimum traction can be done from the convenience of the cab with the Dana Spicer tire pressure control system (TPCS) available as a factory-installed option for Peterbilt's Model 357, Peterbilt Motors Co announced.

Using an in-dash console, operators can activate TPCS on the go to increase and decrease air pressure in the tires, adjusting traction to meet application and surface conditions. Operators can adjust tire pressure for loaded and unloaded applications — as well as for on-highway, off-highway and emergency surface conditions — for a total of six different settings.

When the vehicle returns to normal paved road speeds, TPCS automatically increases tire pressure to prevent excessive tire wear. For more information, contact Peterbilt, 1700 Woodbrook St, Denton TX 76205-7684.

Little Tipster turns pickup into dump truck

The Little Tipster from DEL Hydraulics installs into any pickup truck bed, converting the truck into a dump truck. Constructed of 14-gauge steel, the dump body measures 8'-6" long × 48½" wide × 23" deep. The front-mount telescopic hoist provides a 6,000-lb capacity and increases floor height 1½". A 23" double-acting tailgate swings out for dumping and drops down to accommodate long material.

Unit weight is 560 pounds; standard colors for the Little Tipster are black, gray, and highway yellow. Bolted-on screen mesh is optional. For full information, contact DEL, 571 Howard St, Buffalo NY 14206.

Safety Link helps wheel nuts stay put

The Safety Link wheel nut management system is a patented advancement in wheel nut safety, designed to address the problem of loosening wheel nuts. Safety Link offers two levels of protection: a clear visual indication that a wheel nut has moved, and a locking system that will arrest any movement beyond 7°.

This system is not designed as a substitute for regular inspection and correct torque procedure. Visual indication of wheel nut movement should encourage drivers to check their wheels regularly, and the locking system will prevent the nut coming off in all but the most severe circumstances.

Safety Link is provided to fit 27-, 32-, and 33-mm wheel nuts. For more details, contact Adams-James Associates Ltd, 14114 Dallas Parkway #550, Dallas TX 75240.

Adhesive bonds metal in varied applications

The new Plexus MA820 methacrylate metal bonding adhesive combines strength, fatigue endurance, impact resistance, and toughness on metals and other substrates including stainless steel, aluminum, thermoplastics, and composites. It has been engineered for metal bonding applications such as bus and coach, RV, marine, and heavy-truck manufacturing.

Plexus MA820 is a two-part adhesive that requires no primers and little or no surface preparation on most substrates. A low-odor nonsagging gel with tolerance to off-ratio mixing, it has a working time of 4-6 minutes, achieves 75% of ultimate strength in 30-35 minutes, and cures with no surface tack. MA820 is supplied in ready-to-use cartridges, pails, and drums, and can be applied in bulk using Plexus FusionMate dispensing equipment. For more information, contact ITW Plexus, 30 Endicott St, Danvers MA 01923.

Possum-belly tipper heading for Trinidad

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers has completed a new tipper trailer for a customer in Trinidad, who will use it to haul grain and other similar materials. The polished aluminum trailer has a capacity of 104 cubic yards, is 40' long, 8' wide, 13'-10" high, and features a possum-belly-style bottom. Besides top-loading the trailer, the operator can place palletized materials through the large double doors on each side of the trailer. Designed and custom-built to haul the maximum payload Trinidad allows, this tipper is the first of three that will be shipped there.

Because of the trailer's height, special permits were required to get the trailer to Baltimore MD, where it was placed on a ship bound for Trinidad. The driver's routes were carefully selected to allow the trailer to pass safely under bridges, and alternate routes were found to avoid tunnels. For full details, contact J&J, 10556-58 Somerset Pike, Somerset PA 15501.

Hand cleaner with grit handles oils, greases

Kimberly-Clark Professional introduces a new industrial hand cleaner with grit. This medium-duty cleanser complements the company's line of industrial soaps. Containing a natural citrus cleaning agent, d'limonene, and polymer bead grit, the cleaner is designed to tackle light oils and greases. Available in 3.5- and 8-liter sizes, the product comes with a “no questions asked” guarantee, which reimburses end-users up to $1,000 worth of free product if the initial product purchased does not meet expectations. For more information, contact Kimberly-Clark Corp, 1400 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell GA 30076.

Protex overcenter fastener has internal spring

Protex Fasteners Ltd has produced Model 71-2600, a new quick-action, overcenter fastener with an internal spring. A spacer bar riveted on each side gives more strength than a steel strap or loop. A narrow, channel section base makes the device aesthetically attractive, concealing holes and mounting screws to deter tampering and aid security.

Model 71-2600 has a central compression spring allowing a movement of 7 mm. Beyond the maximum spring loading of 72 kgf (0.71 kN), the trunnion compressing the spring meets a stop, thus avoiding any coil binding that could damage the spring. Overall length of the fastener is 122 mm and weight is 0.162 kg. Model 71-2600 has an easy-action, even spring force and breaking strength of 580 kgf (5.69 kN) in stainless (for corrosive or other hostile environments) and 660 kgf (6.47 kN) in zinc-plated steel (for general use). Versions are available with or without a safety catch to prevent accidental opening.

For more details, contact Protex, Arrow Rd, Redditch, Worcestershire B98 8PA, United Kingdom.

New Cummins turbo diesel for Dodge Rams

Dodge unveiled the new high-output Cummins turbo diesel engine for the new 2003 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty 2500/3500 Series pickup trucks at the Chicago Auto Show recently.

The new 2003 Cummins turbo diesel engine produces 555 ft-lb of torque at 1400 rpm and 305 horsepower at 2900 rpm, while dramatically reducing engine noise.

Since 1989, the Cummins turbo diesel engine option has been sold with nearly 75% of Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 pickup trucks, selling more than 860,000 to date. The new version incorporates a new high-pressure, common-rail fuel system. This system injects a small amount of fuel that starts combustion before the main power-producing fuel charge is injected. By smoothing out combustion pressure in the cylinder, noise is substantially reduced. Cummins' use of pilot injection also provides starting capability similar to gasoline engines.

The engine makes it possible for Dodge to offer its trucks with trailer towing ratings of 23,000 pounds. It will be available in the new 2003 Dodge Ram Heavy Duty, which will begin production in summer 2002 at the Saltillo, Mexico, and St Louis North Assembly plants.

The 5.9-liter engine has an average major overhaul interval of 350,000 miles. An inline six, the new Cummins turbo diesel has 30% to 40% fewer parts than most V-8 diesels.

Helmet serves as command center for welders

The Optrel Satellite welding helmet from Uvex Safety keeps welders in control while they are wearing the helmet. Functions that users can command with the Satellite on their heads include grinding, shade range selection, shade level control, sensitivity control, and the delay switch.

Optrel's solar technology ensures a continuous power supply without on/off switches and battery changes. An adjustable sensor bar eliminates the effects of ambient light. The multifunctional injection-molded spherical cover lens reduces reflection, and its foam gasket ensures the protection of the Auto Darkening Filter by sealing out dust, spatter, and moisture. The lens is molded thicker to resist heat warping during high-amp welding.

For full information, contact Uvex, 10 Thurber Blvd, Smithfield RI 02917-1896.

Power Tower, aligner cart added by Bee Line

Bee Line has introduced two new products. The Power Tower 11100 is a portable, self-contained system that performs cab corrections on heavy-duty trucks with the vehicle on the floor. The tower can make 10-ton pulls up to seven feet above the floor, and five-ton pulls above seven feet. The Power Tower will also allow a shop to make corrections on dump bodies and enclosed trailers.

The company also has released its new 21130 portable rear axle aligner cart, which safely stores every piece of the 21000 rear axle aligner including laser recharging unit and two optional FPT 8000 floor plates. When an alignment is required, grab the handles and roll it to wherever it is needed. Each piece of equipment can be easily removed and returned before and after the alignment.

For full details, contact Bee Line, 2700 62nd St Ct, PO Box 130, Bettendorf IA 52722.

Optics permit one lamp to function as two

Truck-Lite Co Inc has introduced the new Model 25 combination lamp. Available in both red and amber, this lamp incorporates optics that allow one lamp to function as two. It complies with SAE J592E for the marker/clearance function when mounted to a 15° rollback. It also meets the same standards for the combination marker/clearance function when mounted horizontally with no rollback. The polycarbonate lens and housing are welded ultrasonically, increasing lamp longevity.

The attached mounting gasket improves the seal between the lamp and the vehicle. Model 25 is bulb-replaceable and requires the #904 bulb for both functions. It mounts with #8 or #10 screws and is designed to accept the standard 94940 socket assembly. For full details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

MotoCal Version 3.0 calibrates positioners

New MotoCal Version 3.0 now includes the ability to calibrate positioners — as well as robot arms, end-of-arm tooling, and fixtures — to maximize performance of Motoman automation solutions. MotoCal is a productivity enhancement tool used to improve accuracy of robot programs created offline using computer simulation.

Recommended in high-speed cutting, dispensing, and welding, MotoCal maximizes productivity and efficiency by minimizing downtime required to teach new robot programs. Robotic cells are built within manufacturing tolerances, resulting in subtle, “as-built” differences between robot cells that might appear to be identical. These differences create real obstacles to offline programming, transfer of robot programs between cells (cloning), and recovery of robot programs after maintenance of a robot system.

MotoCal identifies the as-built differences, or signature, for each robot cell and uses that signature information to filter robot programs to minimize programming time. The calibration process minimizes — and may eliminate — the need for manual touch-up when programs are downloaded, transferred, mirrored, and adjusted due to physical robot repair.

For more information, contact Motoman, 805 Liberty Lane, West Carrollton OH 45449.

Invertec model enables pulse MIG welding

The Lincoln Electric Co provides the new Invertec V350-PRO, equipped with pulse MIG welding capability. It has an integrated control panel that eliminates cable clutter and pendant confusion. The Constant Power MIG mode adjusts voltage and current for welding thin sheet metal. It has pulse programs for:

  • Steel: .030", .035", .045", .052"
  • Stainless steel: .030", .035", .045"
  • Aluminum: .035", 3/64", 1/16", 4043, and 5356 alloys
  • Metal core: .045", 052"
  • Nickel: .035", .045"

This lightweight unit works well with the Cobramatic aluminum wire feeder, and can handle multi-process applications. The Invertec V350-PRO supplies output from 5 to 425 amps, 350 amps at 60% duty cycle. This unit offers single- or three-phase input power. It produces either a constant current or constant voltage welding output for stick, TIG, MIG, or arc gouging. Twist-Mate-style output connectors provide hook-up with welding cables.

The Invertec V-350 PRO provides electronic and thermostatic protection, line voltage compensation to maintain weld consistency, and the FAN (Fan-As-Needed) cooling system.

The unit carries a three-year warranty on parts and labor. For more information, request brochure E5.91.1 from Lincoln, 22801 St Clair Ave, Cleveland OH 44117-1199.

Automatic band saw uses 1¼-inch blade

Wilton Machinery has added the new Model VTF8-A universal automatic vertical tilt frame band saw. The VTF8-A includes a linear guidance system for forward and back head travel, an AC inverter, infinitely variable speed control 65-400 SFPM, and use of a 1¼" blade. The VTF8-A can operate in either fully automatic or manual mode and is equipped with touchscreen program controls. These controls automatically calculate the number of strokes required for the material feeder vise to cut the programmed length. The angle of the saw head can be automatically positioned via these controls.

For safety and convenience, the VTF8-A features a hydraulic head locking system. The head pivots hydraulically on four taper roller bearings and is automatically locked into place. The operator can read the angle of the head from an LED readout. This is all achieved with push-button controls on the front control panel. The operator only has to move from the front of the machine to change material being cut.

The VTF8-A also has a shielded feeder vise work area and an operator safety bar. The shielded feeder vise protects the operator's hands from moving parts that accompany a hydraulic feeder vise system. When lowered, the operator safety bar inhibits the operator from going near the cutting area. When the bar is lifted, the power is automatically shut off. For complete details, contact Wilton, 300 S Hicks Rd, Palatine IL 60067.

Hayes Lemmerz adds CentruLite aluminum hubs

Hayes Lemmerz International Inc has expanded its commercial highway product line to include the CentruLite hub, a new lightweight cast-aluminum hub for over-the-highway trailers. CentruLite hubs are available for TN axles with steel or aluminum wheels — with or without ABS — and are 100% equipped with SAE O-ring port lube fill plugs. Other features include:

  • Load rating: 11,500-lb per hub

  • Overall length: 7.88"

  • Bolt circle diameter: 285.75 mm (11.25")

  • Wheel stud quantity/thread diameter: ten M22×1.5

  • Hub cap hole pattern: six holes 5116-18 UNC

  • Volume between cups (without axle spindle): 948 cubic centimeters (58 cubic inches or two pints)

  • ABS ring pitch diameter: 6.77"

  • ABS ring cup seat to face dimension: 2.34" (per SAE J1730)

  • Lube plug with SAE O-ring (hex socket)

  • Five-year limited warranty

For full information, contact Hayes Lemmerz, 38481 Huron River Dr, Romulus MI 48174.

Beckwood adds presses

Beckwood Press Co has added tank head forming hydraulic presses to its line of custom machines. These presses are designed for any size or configuration while using dual down-acting rams for part clamping and part formation.

These hydraulic presses are designed with a through hole in the center of the bed bolster and the bed superstructure. The press clamps the material by using the outer blank holding system to keep the material in place. Once the material is clamped, a large-bore single-cylinder work ram comes down to form the part and push it through the bed of the press. A thick pressure plate with rib weldment reinforcement is used for extra durability.

For more details, contact Beckwood, 889 Horan Dr, Fenton MO 63026-2405.

Tiltster simplifies loading

Tiger Line Equipment Inc announces the Tiltster — the lowbed trailer that tilts. Available in capacities ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 pounds, this easy-on/easy-off trailer tilts to ground level for loading or unloading. For complete details, contact Tiger Line, 350 S Ohio St, PO Box 121, Minster OH 45854-0121.

Webb adds hub for P-series

Webb Wheel Products Inc has added a new aluminum hub to its Platinum Series products. The new Platinum hub, designed specifically for the parallel-spindle P-series axles, features a bolt-on hubcap hole pattern and an oil fill hole as standard and is compatible with all antilock braking systems. Combined with Webb's new Platinum drum, the P-series hub saves up to 16 pounds per axle.

A five-year, unlimited-mileage warranty is available when purchased with the Stemco Advantage System #61668. The Stemco system features a Pro-Torque axle fastener, Discover seal, Sentinel hubcap, and offers precise and preload bearing adjustment and a contaminant-free wheel end.

For complete details, contact Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055.

NDS axle range provided for low-floor buses

Dana Corp's Spicer Specialty Axle Division, part of the Off-Highway Systems Group, offers a Spicer Non-Drive Steer (NDS) axle range for low-floor bus applications, as well as coach and truck applications. The NDS axle range meets bus OEM requirements and includes: Model NDS41 (4,800-kilogram capacity), NDS56 (6,000-kg capacity), and NDS80 (8,000-kg capacity). The new NDS56 model is a low-floor version.

Axles can be supplied with suspension componentry. The steering knuckle is suitable for an advanced unitized wheel-bearing package, which needs no adjustment or maintenance because it's greased and sealed for life. Air disc brakes are directly mounted to the knuckle, requiring no caliper-mounting bracket, which results in overall lighter weight. All NDS Series axles are ABS-ready.

For full information, contact Dana, PO Box 1000, Toledo OH 43697.

SureStroke shows correctly adjusted brakes

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems' SureStroke Indicator is a visual-gauge device that measures brake stroke travel length, allowing operators to determine quickly if the vehicle's air brakes are adjusted correctly.

SureStroke consists of a metal bracket that bolts onto the brake chamber, a pre-measured reference unit that attaches to the bracket, a replacement clevis pin, two yellow pin covers that establish the acceptable limits for stroke length, a red clevis pin pointer attached to the slack adjuster, and various hardware. If the brakes are adjusted properly, the red pointer pin will align with the center of the rear yellow marker when the air brakes are applied between 90-100 psi.

Because the SureStroke is a visually indicative system, it reduces the time required to determine if brakes are in adjustment from 20 minutes to less than five.

SureStroke also ensures that proper braking capacity is available in both normal and emergency situations and promotes balanced braking. The system also can help to identify other potential problems such as weak or broken springs; worn, seized, or incorrectly installed automatic and manual slack adjusters; and cracked or out-of-round brake drums.

This product is available in two universal formats: one for power units, trucks, and buses; another for trailers. In addition, the pre-measured reference unit comes in 2½", 2", and 1¾" sizes. Any air-braked Class 6, 7, or 8 vehicle using S-Cam brakes and slack adjusters can use this system.

For more information, contact Bendix, 901 Cleveland St, Elyria OH 44035.

Duraliner bedliner takes up less space

Durakon Industries new Duraliner K/D (Kit Design)bedliner offers the same material and engineering quality as the original Duraliner, but is manufactured in four lightweight, modular pieces, plus a tailgate cover. The K/D liner offers an alternative for distributors with space limitations or who are limited to outside storage space.

This snap-together bedliner is easily installed and fits most popular models. Its modular design provides reinforced corners to protect truck beds against damage and lengthen the life of the bedliner. The K/D liner also features an anti-skid, high-density polyethylene flooring surface to minimize sliding and shifting cargo. Screwless application eliminates the need to drill holes in the metal body of a truck. The ribbed design has the shock-absorption qualities of impact-resistant polyethylene. Additional features of the K/D include under-the-liner airflow, to reduce moisture and minimize corrosion.

For more information, contact Durakon, 2101 N Lapeer Rd, Lapeer MI 48446.

N600 the reel deal for dual-hose applications

Hannay Reels' N600 series is for uses requiring dual hoses for separate materials such as gases and liquids or air and coolant. This narrow-frame, spring rewind reel is designed to accommodate simultaneously equal lengths of two hoses that can have different diameters.

A narrow frame and compact mounting base allow the N600 to fit into limited-space work environments. The non-sparking ratchet assembly locks the reel at the desired length of hose payout, and a pull on the hose unlocks the reel for the spring motor to retract it. A declutching arbor is included to prevent damage from reverse winding.

For additional information, contact Hannay, 553 State Route 143, Westerlo NY 12193-0159.

Wide-base wheel fills low-profile needs

Alcoa Wheel Products introduces a new wide-base wheel engineered to work with low-profile longhaul tires on drive and trailer axles. The new 22.5" × 14" wheel specifications include a 10-hole, hub-piloted mount with 285.75-mm bolt circle. In the wide-base system, one wide wheel and tire replaces a set of dual wheels and tires.

At 71 pounds, the Alcoa wide-base wheel carries a 12,800-lb maximum load rating. Switching from steel duals to Alcoa wide-base wheels saves 318 pounds per axle — up to 1,272 pounds per tractor and tandem axle trailer.

A set of dual wheels and tires have four flexing sidewalls, compared with two for a wide-base system. Reduced flex increases fuel efficiency. Tire manufacturers estimate that, depending on the number of axles with wide base systems, operators can save from 2% to 5% on fuel.

For a free copy of the new wide-base wheel specification sheet, contact Alcoa, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.

Hooklift loader lets hook height stay 36"

Stellar Industries Inc's new Shuttle Model 108-11-20/36 hooklift loader allows operators who use a hooklift with a 36" hook height to move up to a 20,000-lb-capacity hooklift without having to change hook height on existing containers/bodies. The 108-11-20/36 has a dumping and lifting capacity of 20,000 pounds while maintaining a 36" hook height. This model matches existing 8,000-, 12,000-, and 16,000-lb Shuttle hooklift loaders. It can interchange 11- to 13-foot-long containers and flatbed bodies up to 16 feet long.

The 108-11-20/36 is designed to fit chassis with a cab-to-axle measurement of 102" to 108" with a maximum frame height of 39". It can accommodate containers and bodies designed to fit competitive hooklift loader latches with some modification. This loader has permanently lubricated bushings and stainless steel pins throughout the hooklift, eliminating grease zerks and regular lubrication. For full information, contact Stellar, 280 W 3rd St, Box 169, Garner IA 50438.

Assembly eliminates LED installation errors

The error of reversing wires during installation of LEDs is now remedied with Wilbrecht Electronics' pre-set factory polarity that assures proper lead matching. The L41 connector assembly also eliminates customer complaints and factory rework of panel instrumentation.

Wilbrecht's new L41 connector assembly speeds production with “plug and play” installation. LEDs, housings, leads, and connectors come as a complete, one-piece unit ready for installation. The operator snaps it into place from the rear of a panel using friction fitting. No adhesives, tapes, or other mechanical fasteners are required.

The L41 is built with an environmentally sealed housing that resists dust and water. This assembly can be customized for LED intensity, monochrome or bicolor, wire type, and connector style. For complete details, contact Wilbrecht, 1400 Energy Park Dr, Suite 18, St Paul MN 55108-5248.

Software dispels airflow modeling guesswork

Fluent Inc has released Airpak 2.0 airflow modeling software, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool that lets the user accurately model airflow, heat transfer, contaminant transport, and thermal comfort in ventilation systems and external building flows. It eliminates guesswork in designing ventilation systems.

Airpak 2.0 makes it unnecessary for users to purchase additional software so that they can export computer animations of their results. Airpak exports animation in MPEG, AVI, animated GIF, or FLI file formats.

Users already can import existing CAD geometries in either IGES or DXF formats. The new version has enhanced importing that directly converts IGES surfaces into Airpak objects.

Airpak 2.0 includes a new zero-equation indoor turbulence model for room ventilation. With its new diffuser macros, Airpak 2.0 makes it easy to model air inlet diffusers with simplified boundary conditions that capture diffuser performance.

Users can quickly compute solar loading boundary conditions on various Airpak objects, accounting for day, time, geographical location, and surface orientation.

Grid-to-grid interpolation allows users to change geometries as needed and to reuse previous solutions to examine the effects of changes. Parallel processing on multiple-CPU machines or across networked machines, automatic report writing, and an auto-save feature are other enhancements.

Airpak 2.0 is available on Unix, Linux, and NT/2000 platforms from Fluent. For more information, contact Fluent, 10 Cavendish Court, Lebanon NH 03766.

Three drive-axle suspensions join AD Series

Holland Neway International Inc introduces three new, higher-capacity drive-axle suspensions. Designed for heavy-duty vocational truck and tractor applications, these new products expand Neway's AD Series suspension line.

The single AD-130, tandem-axle AD-260, and tridem-axle AD-390 models are respectively rated at 30,000-lb (13,608-kg), 60,000-lb (27,216-kg), and 90,000-lb (40,824-kg) capacities.

These new suspensions come in 8.75", 10", and 12" ride heights for multiple vocational applications. They have through-pin axle connections as standard and are compatible with 36/36 brake chambers. Each axle is independently suspended to eliminate wheel hop.

The suspensions also feature a parallelogram design. This “non-torque reactive” feature maintains a constant pinion angle between drive axle(s) and driveshaft, minimizing torque-induced vibration and providing maximum U-joint and pinion bearing life. For full information, contact Holland Neway, 1950 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 425, Muskegon MI 49443-0425.

Prestoflow regulators control cylinder airflow

Parker Hannifin Corp's Prestoflow pneumatic flow regulators are unidirectional fittings that can be set to adjust the speed of a cylinder rod by controlling a cylinder's exhaust or inlet airflow. When used for exhaust flow control, the full flow is admitted into the cylinder, with the piston rod speed almost totally independent of the load. When used for inlet flow control, the effect of the regulation is immediate. This is useful for speed control or when load variations would produce a shudder at the start.

These flow regulators come in four configurations: a direct-mounting series, a direct-mounting series with lockable setting adjustments, a direct-mounting swivel outlet series for use in restricted areas, and an inline series that can be assembled in banks using special clips. The inline series flow controls can be mounted virtually anywhere, including on control panels. This allows other function fittings to be mounted directly on the cylinder to save space. For more information, contact Parker Hannifin, Catalog Services Dept, 8940 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060-2186.

Guardian Alert offered at FleetPride outlets

Sense Technologies Inc, which has manufacturing and marketing rights to the Guardian Alert microwave radar backup warning system, has announced that this patented Doppler microwave radar-based backup warning system is being offered at 35 FleetPride retail outlets in the western United States.

FleetPride, with more than 160 store locations across 33 states, is distributing Guardian Alert as part of an alliance with S&S Distributing LLC, a licensee of Sense Technologies, to the commercial vehicle market. S&S has designated FleetPride as an approved master distributor of the Guardian Alert in each of its 35 locations in California, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. For more details, contact Sense Technologies, 14441 DuPont Court, Suite 103, Omaha NE 68144.

TL 2000 trailer carries variety of features

With superbeams rated for a load capacity of 65,000 pounds in 4 feet or 70,000 in 10 feet, the steel Transcraft TL 2000 comes in 42-, 45-, 48-, and 53-foot lengths and 96" and 102" widths. Aluminum options include side rails, wheels, floor, and hubs.

The Hendrickson Intraax 6 AA-230 air-ride suspension weighs 170 pounds less than HT-230 systems and other air suspensions. The Binkley EZ Shift landing gear has 140,000-lb static load rated legs with square shock-mounted sand shoes.

A two-axle, wheel-sensing ABS system is standard and includes extended-service brake linings. The Grote SuperNova LED lighting system, with male pin connectors, is coupled with a USA Harness Star Plus wiring system that is double-sealed and locked in place. The lighting system carries a five-year warranty on parts and labor. Add-on light kits are available and can be installed by plugging into the existing wiring harness.

An optional five-year Zero Maintenance package includes electrical system, Intraax suspension, axle and wheel ends (includes hubs, drums, oil seals, and bearings), landing gear, trifunctional bushings, and air springs.

All other components are guaranteed maintenance-free for three years except cam bushings and slack adjusters, which require periodic lubrication. Transcraft warrants all trailers for five years for materials and workmanship, including paint. For more details, contact Transcraft, PO Box 500, Anna IL 62906.

Emperor Trailer built for greater payload

Kidron Inc is introducing the Emperor, a new refrigerated distribution trailer designed to increase payload capacity. Lighter without sacrificing strength, Emperor models come in lengths from 28 to 53 feet. Tests show, for example, that the 36-foot model offers a weight savings of more than 500 pounds compared with previous models.

Air passage is eliminated with Kidron's Pressure-Pillow seal doors that seal in the cold and keep ambient air out. Up to 5" of foamed-in-place, non-CFC polyurethane foam insulation surrounds the cargo.

Other features include a smooth outer appearance suitable for signage; replaceable bolt-on bumpers; wiring and hoses designed for accessibility; LED harnesses; a new upper coupler; and landing gear built to reduce shock. Options include side and rear doors, floors, bumpers, ramps, liftgates, and Kidron's patented ACMT multi-temp compartmentalization system. For more information, contact Kidron, PO Box 17, Kidron OH 44636.

HP95 for mid-mount platform preferences

Emergency One Inc's new HP95 Mid-Mount Platform is designed for those that prefer a mid-mount aerial operational style or that must contend with lower travel height constraints. Features include:

  • A four-section aerial device — rather than a five-section — that provides more rigidity when climbing the ladder, and the unit still sets down on the ground in about the same distance as other five-section configurations.

  • A new platform that is 16% larger (16.3 square feet) and provides a four-person rating of 1,000 pounds with an allowance for 305 pounds of equipment.

  • A 1,500-gpm water flow from a single monitor.

  • A single set of extending stabilizers that require only a 15'-6" spread.

  • An automatic leveling system.

    Featuring E-One's SideStacker design hose bed, the HP95 provides 57 cubic feet of storage space and can be reloaded without raising the ladder.

  • The body of the truck has a fully enclosed ground ladder storage compartment that can hold NFPA ground ladders.

  • With pump and tank, the travel height of the truck is 10'-10"; without pump and tank, the travel height is 9'-10".

  • The HP95 is mounted on an Cyclone II cab/chassis.

  • This unit is designed with E-Logic multiplexing electrical system that allows for fewer components and connections.

  • A Raydan walking beam air ride suspension is standard.

For more details, contact E-One, PO Box 2710, Ocala FL 34478.

Eagle aspires to new heights in trailer design

Transcraft's new Eagle II flatbed trailer employs a new design. Made on the same aluminum and steel combo format as the original Eagle, the Eagle II measures 48' × 102" and weighs in at 10,030 pounds with steel wheels. It has a concentrated load capacity of 60,000 pounds in 10' or 55,000 pounds in 4'.

Other features include more crossmembers in the lower frame that are spaced on 24" centers. These act like ladder rungs and spread side loads, induced when turning the trailer, evenly over the full length of the trailer. The Eagle II is also equipped with a wiring harness that comes with a five-year warranty. This trailer comes standard with single-axle sensing ABS extended-service brake linings, Hendrickson Intraax AA-230 air-ride suspension, and a five-year warranty on the paint and automatic pressure release valve.

The Eagle II comes with a full five-year limited warranty, including paint, and Transcraft's five-year Zero Maintenance package can be added. For more details, contact Transcraft, PO Box 500, Anna IL 62906.

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