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Vantraax slider system pares more than 300 pounds

For haulers running heavy-duty, over-the-road box, and refrigerated vans, Hendrickson unveils a 46,000-lb-capacity Vantraax slider system in a weight-saving 121-inch configuration.

The 121-inch Vantraax HKANT 46K system uses Hendrickson's Advanced Axle/ Beam Technology (AXT) to trim more than 300 pounds compared with similar-capacity wide-spread sliders.

AXT combines tapered-beam and large-diameter axle (LDA) technologies for increased strength and reduced weight. LDA increases the diameter of traditional five-inch axle by about three-quarters of an inch.

LDA also delivers as much as a 22% increase in bending and torsional stiffness versus the five-inch axle tube. This reduces tube deflection under loads to keep the axle straighter and help enhance fuel efficiency and tire wear.

The HKANT 46K builds on Hendrickson's patented K-2 slider box technology and comes standard with high-strength, low-alloy main rails and K-braces. Robust main rails also increase resistance to single-wheel impacts.

The tapered-beam design uses the Tri-Functional III bushing to deliver the same smooth ride as the closed-space HKANT 46K. Patented Tri-Functional III bushings feature phosphate coated inner metal for corrosion protection and a rubber compound for outstanding durability and ride.

Standard with Quik-Draw, Hendrickson's fully pneumatic pin-pull mechanism, the 121-inch spread Vantraax can also be ordered with a “slider-pins-only” option for use in a fixed application.

The HKANT 46K wide-spread model has D-shaped holes in the slider main rails and new D-shaped slider pins. This hole shape reduces potential distortion during forming and permits easier repositioning of the slider box. The durable zinc-plated slider pins resist wear and grooving.

For additional information, contact Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems, Canton OH.
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Ridewell Flex-Mount adjusts to various dimensions

Ridewell Suspensions introduces the RCA-215 Flex-Mount auxiliary axle suspension with 22,500-lb capacity for vocational truck applications. The non-steerable, air-ride/air-lift unit offers a weight savings of 50-72 pounds over the company's 225 model.

The Flex-Mount is a flexible system that easily adjusts to various frame widths and ride heights. It offers a patented, contoured axle seat for secure axle connection without U-bolts. The design incorporates a new lightweight, double-bonded bushing. Wide beam spacing helps to reduce axle stresses.

Designed to accept an axle drop of up to 8", the Flex-Mount has 10¼" total travel with as much as 7" of lift. The suspension has axle alignment adjustment of 3/8" at each hanger. Options include axle integration and shock kits.

For more information, contact Ridewell, Springfield MO.
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Replacement fuel tanks for Dodge Rams

Transfer Flow Inc has introduced a 56-gallon replacement fuel tank system for 2003-2006 Dodge Ram 2500 and 3500 Quad Cab long-bed diesel pickup trucks. A 56-gallon replacement fuel tank is also available for the 2006 Dodge Ram Mega Cab short-bed diesel pickup.

The 56-gallon fuel tanks are manufactured from 12- and 14-gauge aluminized steel for superior rust resistance and strength, and are baffled for extra support. They come with all components needed for installation, including straps and mounting hardware, and are powdercoated black for a durable finish.

For more information, visit or phone 530-893-5209.
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Speed Crank takes technology up a notch

Austin-Westran says that with its new Speed Crank, it has just raised the bar on landing gear cranks.

With improved performance over standard cranks, Speed Crank locks into position by automatically engaging the input shaft when lifted to the crank position. This allows for easy shifting and wobble-free operation. It won't disengage from the input shaft when shifting and won't come off the input shaft when the landing gear is cranked.

Speed Crank can be stowed by pulling back on the locking device and folding the crank down. When unlocked, Speed Crank has automatic crank retention for storing, so no crank hanger is required.

E-mail Steve Erbe at [email protected] or phone 815-234-2811 for more information.
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Vamac SECs for truck applications

Preferred Rubber Compounding Corp (PRCC), a provider of custom mixed rubber compounds, introduces its line of Vamac ethylene-acrylic (AEM) specialty elastomer compounds (SECs).

Vamac compounds are designed for use in parts having contact with engine oil or air at temperatures up to 170° C. Typical uses include suspension and steering system components. For example, Vamac compounds are commonly used in oscillation dampers, which often need resistance to heat generated by catalytic converters. Other uses for Vamac compounds include oil coolant hoses in turbocharged engines, seals for valve covers, and oil suction hoses.

For full information, contact PRCC, Barberton OH.
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Buyers has outrigger pads, swing-away jack

Buyers Products Co has introduced two rubber outrigger pads. These outrigger pads are constructed of 2" solid rubber with a textured surface, and feature a built-in handle. Ideal for concrete and paved surfaces, these heavy-duty pads are practically indestructible. Two sizes are available: 14" × 14" × 2" and 18" × 18" × 2".

Buyers Products also has added a swing-away marine trailer jack to its expanding jack line. A bolt-on mounting bracket fits up to a 3" × 5" trailer frame, offering easy installation; all mounting hardware is included. The side-wind jack offers 10" travel and includes a 6" wheel. The 1,000-lb jack is zinc-plated for durability.

For full details, e-mail [email protected].
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Bendix ABS-6 provided on Macks

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC's ABS-6 Advanced with the ESP stability system, an electronic vehicle stability technology that provides a higher level of protection against the possibility of rollovers and jackknifes, is now offered on Mack Trucks Inc's highway models.

The ABS-6 antilock braking system is the standard ABS offering on select Mack Class 8 highway and vocational vehicles. It gives tractor-trailer operators a highly effective ABS-based stability system and traction control that responds to both low- and high-friction surface stability scenarios. The system may detect a vehicle's impending loss of stability before the typical driver senses it, and automatically intervenes by selectively applying tractor and trailer brakes as well as by reducing the engine throttle. It is effective in a full range of driving conditions, and especially for tractors pulling trailers.

Bendix and Mack are also working toward making the ESP stability system functionality available on its vocational vehicles. Testing and validation of select Mack vocational applications equipped with the ESP system is expected to be complete in mid-2006.

Bendix developed ABS-6 in conjunction with its European affiliate, Knorr-Bremse.

Model 80 lamps are direct replacements

Truck-Lite offers Model 80 LED interior trailer lamps, a new patent-pending line designed to be direct replacements for most popular sizes and shapes.

The aluminum housings are 5-3/16" wide by 18-13/16" long and weigh two pounds. They are 1-1/4” thick, compared with 1-5/8” fluorescents. That leaves 3/8” more clearance for loads or loading equipment.

Current draw for the Model 80 is minimal. The lights have Truck-Lite's OmniVolt technology built in, with full lighting provided from as low as 10 volts to as high as 30 volts, with no loss of brightness or lamp life. Other features and benefits include:

  • Brighter, flicker-free lighting in all temperatures.

  • Lower-profile housings improve durability and reliability and minimize damage.

  • Standard shapes and sizes make retrofit or replacement quick and easy.

  • Light weight allows more cargo.

  • Solid aluminum housing is water-resistant and designed for dry inter cab or trailer use.

  • LED lamps are brighter at lower temperatures.

For more information, contact Truck-Lite, Falconer NY.
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X-FLEX system can haltaluminum fender cracking

East Manufacturing has teamed up with Fleet Engineers Inc to offer the new X-FLEX mounting technology that virtually eliminates the harmonic vibration cracking in aluminum fenders. X-FLEX is offered with all East 3/16" diamondplate and smooth aluminum half-tandem, full-tandem, and single-axle fenders. Complete installation instructions, including torque specs, are included with each order.

Developed by Fleet Engineers for use with metal fenders, the company teamed with East Heavy Duty Trucking Accessories as the exclusive provider of this technology for aluminum fenders.

X-FLEX systems use a combination of specially designed mounting kits and rubber isolators to form a “free floating” zone of vibro isolation to absorb vibration before it reaches the fender. They are available in either top-mount (Vibro Wedge) or under-mount (Iso-blox) kits.

East fenders are built with special milled 3/16-inch aluminum for extra strength and durability.

For more information, contact East, Randolph OH.
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Webb's web site interactive

Webb Wheel Products Inc has added interactive capability to its web site, enabling customers to identify the proper drum, rotor, hub, or spoke wheel for their particular requirements.

For each product group, the selection guide prompts the user to complete information such as application, axle position, dimensions, hole sizes, fasteners and bearing cups, and mounting specifications. The selection guide then directs the user to the appropriate product(s) based on that information.

Kenworth makes Bendix ABS-6 standard

Kenworth Truck Co announced that the Bendix ABS-6 system is now standard on Kenworth Class 8 trucks with air brake systems.

The design of the ABS-6 standard system improves serviceability and serves as a platform for new features. For example, Kenworth now offers Bendix ABS-6 Advanced with ESP (Electronic Stability Program) as an option on selected Kenworth T600, T800, and W900 tractor configurations.

According to Bendix, key benefits of the ABS-6 Advanced with ESP include superior traction systems. The system helps stabilize a vehicle during under- and over-steer driving situations and may help avoid a rollover.

Inter-Stop lets operator control flap position

Stabilus offers the Inter-Stop two-section gas spring for desired flap positioning. These gas springs offer safe and convenient access for vehicle storage and service.

Inter-Stop divides the opening stroke into two distinct sections. These sections vary slightly depending on design and system variation.

The first system extends to a specific holding point during the first stroke section. In the second stroke, the door or lid can be stopped manually after the holding point has been passed. This allows the operator to maintain full control over height adjustment. The second system uses a specific holding point during the opening, as well. However, as the holding point is overcome, the door will automatically open to the end position.

For more information, contact Stabilus, Gastonia NC.
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SBW optional on IC Corp school buses

Arens Controls LLC has announced the availability of its Safe Bus Shift By Wire (SBW) transmission control as an option on school buses built by IC Corp.

The Safe Bus transmission controller uses electronics and is designed to allow for integration of a variety of function controls beyond the shifting of the transmission and the application of the parking brake. Because of its programming capability the Safe Bus can be programmed to control other features like wheelchair lifts and automatic safety door locks.

For more information, contact Arens, Carpentersville IL.
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Webb changes brake drum appearance

Effective March 1, 2006, Webb Wheel's 66864 rear 16 ½ × 7 brake drum will have a different look. The company has added external rest pads and removed valve stem slots from this industry-standard brake drum. Webb customers are advised that all application specifications remain identical between the 66864 drums shipped before March 1, 2006, and product shipped after that date with the new appearance. The Webb logo and part number will be plainly visible on the new product.

Rollerbox rides on rails along the bed

Slide Systems LLC offers the Rollerbox Utility to the RV-trailer-towing public. Mounting on slide rails along any pickup's bed, and riding on stainless steel roller bearings, the Rollerbox Utility provides an effective, flexible system for anyone who needs convenient and secure storage while towing a trailer.

Made of diamondplate aluminum up to .090” thick, the Rollerbox Utility can be mounted in a pickup's bed. With three different mounting options, the Rollerbox Utility can be set high or low depending on one's needs for storage. When bed space is a must, this versatile storage container can be set high. When one needs to transport cargo securely, the Rollerbox Utility can lower the box to fit comfortably inside the truck bed.

The Slide System rail attaches directly into any truck's existing stake pockets; no drilling is required for installation. No matter how the trailer is configured or where the truck is parked, the Rollerbox Utility rolls effortlessly to either end of the bed, on the rail.

Measuring 60" × 17" × 17" with a capacity up to 300 pounds, the Rollerbox Utility is built to handle heavy loads. It features dual T-handle locking latches; it can also remove from its rails in seconds. For more information, contact Slide Systems, Cazenovia NY.
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DuroLumen LED lights use less amperage

LED technology now moves inside the trailer with the DuroLumen LED interior trailer lighting system from R-O-M Corp. After being field-tested in food distribution installations, the product was introduced at the recent Productivity Convention in Orlando FL.

Advantages of LED lighting over current interior lighting systems include:

  • LEDs draw less amps, preventing drawn-down batteries.

  • They last longer, up to 100,000 hours, reducing replacement-bulb cost and virtually eliminating maintenance.

  • LEDs are solid-state and better withstand the food distribution environment.

  • They illuminate immediately, requiring no heat strips or warm-up time.

The DuroLumen System can be specified on new trailers and retrofits to existing light fixture cutouts. More information is available from R-O-M, Belton MO.
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Meritor SimilAir saves on weight, upkeep

ArvinMeritor's Commercial Vehicle Systems (CVS) business is offering its new Meritor SimilAir composite trailer spring for linehaul and general service applications.

The composite spring assembly is more durable and provides weight and cost savings. Suspensions equipped with this new composite spring weigh as much as 240 pounds less than other air suspensions, and more than 100 pounds less than mechanical suspensions. Meritor SimilAir also requires less maintenance than air suspensions, and is more corrosion-resistant.

A Meritor SimilAir composite spring-equipped suspension offers advantages including:

  • No air springs, shock absorbers, or leveling valves.

  • Drive-home capability — reduces potential for roadside maintenance.

  • Mechanical suspension performance at the dock (ie, no dock walk).

  • Reduces unwanted vibration and noise.

Meritor SimilAir is a joint effort between ArvinMeritor and Liteflex LLC. Contact [email protected] for more details.
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TriPac has 1,000-hour maintenance interval

Thermo King's TriPac auxiliary heating/cooling temperature management system now offers a 1,000-hour maintenance interval.

TriPac is an APU unit that provides drivers with bunk heat, engine pre-heat, air-conditioning, accessory power, and battery charging while reducing idling and conserving fuel. Since idle time is reduced, wear and tear on the truck engine is also reduced.

With its 1,000-hour maintenance interval, TriPac is even more owner-friendly, allowing maintenance to be performed at the same time as maintenance on the tractor, saving time and eliminating more downtime for APU maintenance. Actual maintenance intervals on the TriPac are further extended when the auto start/stop function is taken into account. This feature turns the TriPac on only when needed, saving fuel and reducing the number of hours the unit runs.

TriPac can be serviced at any of the more than 200 Thermo King dealers nationwide, no matter where the unit was purchased. More iInformation about TriPac can be found at Thermo King, Minneapolis MN.
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Deltek discards most serviceable parts

Carrier Transicold has introduced Deltek hybrid diesel electric technology to the North American refrigerated transport industry.

Patented Deltek technology is a radical departure from conventional mechanical technology that has defined transport refrigeration systems for more than 50 years. Through expanded use of electronics and maintenance-free electrical components, it offers a streamlined design that does away with most serviceable mechanical parts, such as belts and clutches, and it reduces the refrigerant charge compared with conventional systems.

Core components of the system are:

  • An ultra-high-performance aircraft-quality generator to provide all needed electrical power. The generator is driven by a diesel engine, creating the hybrid diesel electric power train.

  • An electric, sealed compressor to drive the simplified refrigeration system. The compressor assures an extra tight refrigeration system because its electric motor is inside the compressor housing. No shaft seal is required.

  • A distributed system of maintenance-free electric evaporator and condenser fans to control the flow of air.

  • Electric-resistance heat for on-demand heating, independent of the cooling system and outdoor temperature.

Carrier estimates Deltek technology can reduce lifecycle costs by as much as 30%. Deltek technology will be gradually introduced in different transport refrigeration product lines, with initial product introductions planned for the first half of 2006.

For full information, contact Carrier, Syracuse NY.
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Underbody pivot facilitates tarp arm aligning

Pulltarps introduces a new underbody pivot for electric arm-type tarp systems. The design allows fine adjustment for superior arm alignment. Spring tension can accommodate applications up to 40 feet long. These features are all built in to a compact design that places the arms close to the sides of the body and the pivots under the body, out of harm's way.

These underbody pivots can be welded or bolted in place. They have a two-piece arm design made of common galvanized fence pipe or optional aluminum tubing that can be easily replaced if the arms become damaged.

For a free video and catalog, contact Pulltarps, El Cajon CA.
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Coolant bottle package enhances drill

Hougen Manufacturing has introduced a new coolant bottle package, available as an accessory for its Model HMD904 portable magnetic drill. Suitable for use in applications involving repetitive hole drilling, the new system assures that adequate levels of coolant are continuously delivered where it's needed most: the tool's cutting edge. This in turn can extend the life of cutting tools, improve work surface finishes, help stabilize hole dimensions, and reduce downtime for tool changes. The coolant package is offered complete with coolant bottle, mounting bracket, hose, a coolant inducer arbor, and installation instructions.

The HMD904 drill is a versatile workhorse suited for general purpose maintenance and fabrication holemaking. It is lightweight (27.5 pounds) and compact, yet can drill holes up to 1½" diameter and to 2" deep. The drill has a 120-volt, 8-amp, 960-watt, 50/60 electrical system with a 7.2-amp, 450-rpm motor. The magnetic base provides a dead lift rating of up to 1742 pounds on 1"-thick plate, 1,014 pounds on 3/8"-thick material. The drill point breakaway is tested at 820 and 680 pounds for 1" and 3/8" plate, respectively.

The HMD904 also incorporates a new feature — an LED indicator with circuitry that monitors the drills' magnet lift/shift sensor and switch. The LED provides an instantaneous alert to the operator, switching color from green to red if an unsafe condition exists involving the sensor.

For full details, contact Hougen, Flint MI.
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Hydracrop ironworker line expands

The Hydracrop model of GEKA ironworkers has been expanded to include a new series. The new AD series will combine the deep throat of the Hydracrop series D models with the single-speed hydraulic package of the Hydracrop series A models. Hydracrop 55AD and 80AD models will feature a 20" throat depth, and the Hydracrop 110AD model will have a 24" throat depth.

These AD models will offer competitive pricing for those who require deep-throat capabilities but can't justify the cost of the two-speed hydraulic package offered as standard equipment on Series SD models. More information can be obtained by contacting Comeq, White Marsh MD.
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UltraRide adds comfort, versatility to Fords

Link Mfg Ltd announces a new UltraRide chassis air suspension for the Ford F350 CC pickup truck. This suspension provides superior passenger ride and comfort while offering ride height and stability improvements through improved axle compliance, bushed axle seats, and axle alignment capability.

An UltraRide chassis air suspension also is offered for Ford E450 cutaway and chassis cab vehicles model year 2003 and newer. For more information, visit or phone 800-222-6283.
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