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ICI all-electric automatic icechain system accommodates small, low-profile vehicles

Insta-Chain Inc (ICI) announced immediate availability of its new, patent-pending all-electric automatic icechain system (patent pending). Designed for all trucks and buses that do not have air brakes or other pneumatic systems, it is particularly suited to smaller trucks and buses that sit low to the ground.

The all-electric system is easily adaptable to many truck chassis/suspension systems.

While this new electric system mounts similarly to air-activated models, it saves the hassle of mounting an auxiliary air system on vehicles that lack air systems. Operated by the flip of a switch on the dashboard, it has a motor that rotates the chain wheel down against the tire, and a small electronic circuit box, mounted under the dashboard, with a programmable computer chip, which controls the unit's operation. It fits into tight areas, freeing up compartment space.

The new electric product includes features available on its standard airdriven models, including:

  • Replaceable chains — Chain wheel design and patented chain plates allow changing of one chain segment at a time.

  • Six or 12 chains per wheel — The six-chain is effective at speeds as low as 5-6 mph; the 12-chain, as low as 3-4 mph.

  • Greaseable bearings — ICI has grease fittings in the back of the chain wheel and on the pivot arm.

  • Universal mounting bracket — This bracket fits most spring or air-ride suspensions, allowing easy adjustments during installation.

For more information, contact Insta-Chain, 995 S 1950 West, Suite B, Springville UT 84663.

Manus Products adds roof bow adhesive

Manus Products has added a roof bow adhesive to its full line of environmentally friendly, VOC-compliant adhesives and sealants for the transportation industry. Manus-Bond roof bow adhesive is specially designed for primerless adhesion to all roof bow assembly substrates. This product offers the strength of an epoxy, low-temperature flexibility, and the ease of a one-part substance for both manufacturing and repair.

For complete information, contact Manus Products, 866 Industrial Blvd West, Waconia MN 55387.

Forget polishing; Dura-Bright keeps its sheen

Alcoa Wheel Products' new Dura-Bright wheel comes clean and stays bright — without polishing. The company offers forged aluminum Dura-Bright wheels with either brushed or buffed finishes for heavy-duty trucks and trailers, medium-duty trucks, buses, and motor homes.

These wheels are protected by a patented treatment that penetrates the wheel. Brake dust, grime, and oil residue wash off quickly and easily. Field tests show the brilliant shine lasts without polishing, even after years of use.

For more information, contact Alcoa Wheel Products, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.

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