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Fifthwheel slider cuts weight up to 27%

The Holland Group Inc has released its Integrated, Low-Weight, Slider System (ILS), which promises to reduce the weight of traditional fifthwheel/slider combos by up to 27% (151 pounds) compared with competitive offerings while maintaining strength and durability.

The ILS is compatible with the Holland FW35, FW31, and FW17 fifthwheel models and comes in 7", 8", and 9" mounting heights and travel lengths of 12", 24", 36", and 48". Dealers and distributors also may appreciate the ILS's modular design that makes changing fifthwheel heights a simple, two-part, six-bolt task. Holland also offers a bracket exchange program.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

VMAC Eliminator70 helps save air tools

VMAC's Eliminator70 Air AfterCooler eliminates up to 80% of moisture from air lines and is rated for airflow up to 70 cfm. Equipped with a 12-volt fan and a moisture filter assembly with an automatic drain, this lightweight and compact system is a superior addition to a truck-mounted air compressor system, says VMAC.

The Eliminator70 is easy to install, requires little or no maintenance, and helps prevent tools from rusting and freezing up at cold temperatures.

Contact VMAC, Nanaimo, BC, Canada, for more details.

Compression nuts, plugs, and connectors

Micro Plastics Inc's new compression nuts, plugs, and connectors are designed for low-pressure applications using all types of tubing. Nylon compression fittings are corrosion-resistant and have good insulating properties that virtually eliminate any electrical action that could result in corrosion when dissimilar metal meets the fitting. These plastic fittings absorb acoustic and mechanical vibration, thus extending their useful life.

The firm offers catalog #36 for its line of nylon fasteners; free samples are available upon request. For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Graphics transfer material makes US debut

NanoStrate graphics transfer material is now available in the United States. The patented polymer is 25 microns thin, as thin as a human hair, and combines the best attributes of custom paint and vinyl decals with easy application, superior scratch resistance, and longer-lasting color. NanoStrate will now be available to order for transportation fleets in North American metropolitan areas.

Graphics Fusion Technology uses patented heat transfer processes and catalysts for adhesive graphic transfers that are scratch-resistant, durable, and fade-resistant at a lower cost. The transfer consists of layers of patented polymers and inks that are released from a porous patented paper with the addition of water and a catalyst. The results are graphics that combine the best attributes of paint and vinyl adhesives and easier application. Users can specify the graphic look including detailed photographic images, contour, and substrate for a number of commercial applications.

For complete details, access

International's Diamond Logic PowerPack 3

International Truck and Engine Corp is offering the International Diamond Logic PowerPack 3, an OEM innovation that offers ease of truck integration and “pure power on wheels.” Diamond Logic PowerPack 3 is built for customers that require a reliable power source at a job site.

A patented 3,000-watt AC power system that exceeds Underwriters Laboratories' standards is a factory-installed option on International 4300, 4400 7300, 7400, and 7500 models. It features a 5,000-watt AC surge capability that helps start pumps and compressors. Diamond Logic PowerPack 3 is the latest in a series of innovations enabled by International's Diamond Logic multiplexed electrical system.

Diamond Logic PowerPack 3 benefits include:

  • Controls costs: At about $1/watt, it displaces add-on generators that require routine maintenance, refueling, and adding oil.

  • Reduces wear: Extends life of battery, alternator, and starter.

  • Cuts installation time: Factory installation eliminates the hassle of multiple portable generators. It also frees up cargo space in the truck body since Diamond Logic PowerPack3 is mounted in battery box.

  • Uses: Heavy-duty mobile power for power tools, lights, test equipment, and compressors. It also can be used to power onboard VCRs, refrigerators, microwaves and TVs. Plus, ample DC power always exists to start the vehicle.

  • Security: System is surge-free and enclosed within the battery box, not intruding on cargo and compartment space and removing the need to haul generators around job site or from truck bed.

DuraLift II 8K weighs only 646 pounds

Link Mfg Ltd's new DuraLift II 8K self-steer liftable suspension, with wheel-end hardware, weighs just 646 pounds.

This suspension incorporates the company's patented design and has interchangeable and adjustable frame brackets. One unit fits all standard truck chassis; four ride height kits are available. Trailer mounts are provided for 18" to 22.5" ride heights. The compact mounting envelope measures 22.5". An integrated air system is optional.

Ball mounts join Buyers Products line

Buyers Products Co has added 1¼" ball mounts to its towing products line.

The solid shank steel ball mounts are designed to fit all 1¼" receiver tubes, and have a 3,500-lb MGTW capacity.

Available with a either a 1¼" drop (1803100), a 2½" drop (1803105), or a 4" drop (1803110), each tongue accepts ¾" shank towing balls. All are black powdercoated for durability and corrosion resistance.

E-mail [email protected] for more information.

With VT 25, all components under one cover

Designed for the light- to medium-duty truck market, Force America's VT 25 hydraulic valve tank assembly combines all components — 25-gallon tank, valve, filter, filler/breather, sensors, cables, valve fittings, and hose ends — under one rubber-latched cover. It is available with cable, air, or a hydraulic remote Add-A-Stack 4020 sectional valve or an electronic proportional or on/off Add-A-Fold 4520 sectional manifold style valve. Features include:

  • Gasketless passive seal
  • Tri-point mounting
  • 25-gallon integral reservoir
  • High-capacity 5-micron microglass filtration
  • Stepped tank design
  • Swing-out valve mounting plate
  • Integral rear exiting hose guard
  • Externally mounted fluid level / temperature indicator
  • Removable / serviceable inlet strainer

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

DiamondBack has work truck needs covered

DiamondBack Truck Covers' Commercial Series truck bed system offers complete truck bed systems for any work truck application.

The flagship DiamondBack truck cover is a patented cover constructed from aluminum alloy 1/8" thick. The tough and stylish load-bearing surface can sustain up to 1,600 pounds on top of the cover, or up to the load limit of the vehicle.

The three-panel DiamondBack truck cover design allows for quick installation or removal of the cover. Front and rear panels allow access to both ends of the truck bed, while letting one panel be folded back to open a portion of truck bed space for hauling. Truck bed contents are kept clean and dry as a result of features such as center-panel water channels and a full compression seal. All external hardware is stainless steel, and all internal hardware is zinc-plated steel.

The Commercial Series system package includes the DiamondBack truck cover, ladder rack, side rails and extension (for the ladder rack), cab guard, tailgate protector, and two side tool boxes. The ladder rack is 12 feet long with seven-gauge, powdercoated steel base plates providing a load rating of 500 pounds. The ladder rack cab guard protects the window during hauling while maintaining visibility with an expanded metal screen.

Aluminum side rails and cab overhang add strength to the ladder rack and protection for the cab. Side tool boxes are available for both long- and short-bed trucks. The tailgate protector is a 1/8"-thick diamondplate aluminum that is easy to install with six self-tapping screws.

For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Ryder picks Permalite

Ryder Systems Inc has chosen its Phillips Industries' Permalite fluorescent trailer lighting fixture as standard equipment for all new refrigerated trailer purchases.

Permalite features an efficient ballast that suppresses start-up surge and pulls fewer amps. The low-profile, impact-resistant polycarbonate housing and unbreakable lens protect the unit from extreme conditions and damage. Phillips says a lower-demand ballast circuit means a trailer can run up to six lamps, each with a 24-watt, 12,000-hour fluorescent bulb.

Kenworth adds T800 wide-hood options

Kenworth Truck Co is offering its Extended Day Cab and AeroCab sleepers, including the 38" AeroCab, as new options for its T800 wide-hood model.

The Kenworth Extended Day Cab runs six inches longer than standard models with the cab roof raised 5". It provides 2" of increased leg room and room behind the wheel, 21 degrees of recline in the driver's seat, and two cubic feet of extra storage behind the driver's seat. Besides the T800, the Extended Day Cab is available on T600 and W900 models.

Suitable for vocational operations, the 38" AeroCab sleeper has ample headroom, standard liftable bunk, over- and under-bunk storage, 24" by 78" tilt up mattress, full headliner, lockable luggage compartments, swivel reading light, and separate sleeper control console. Kenworth has enhanced its 38" AeroCab sleeper by recently adding two 12"-wide by 20"-high toolbox doors to provide outside access to storage space under the bunk. The full AeroCab offering includes the 86" Studio AeroCab, 72" AeroCab Aerodyne, 72" AeroCab FlatTop, and 62" AeroCab FlatTop.

Kenworth also offers an original equipment kit to convert its AeroCab sleepers to Extended Day Cabs. The Extended Day Cab Conversion Kit is available for T600, T800, and W900 models with AeroCab sleepers.

For more details, contact Kenworth, Kirkland WA.

Toyo announces price hike

Toyo Tire (USA) Corp announces a price increase on both commercial truck and off-the-road tires effective April 1, 2006. This will result in a 5% increase to dealers on all commercial truck tires (truck and bus), and a 7% increase to dealers on off-the-road tires.

According to Steve Weinger, Toyo senior vice-president-sales and marketing, “Toyo Tires has made every effort to maintain stability in our product pricing for this market. However, escalating costs of raw materials as well as transportation costs has dictated this price increase.“

Two new PowerBox models join DPS line

Dynamic Power Source LLC (DPS) has released two new PowerBox versions.

The PowerBox 280MP unit is a reliable workhorse and can enhance the effectiveness of any work vehicle. It offers a departure from DPS' line of power units although it uses the basic technology and components from the other models. One of the most significant features of the 280MP is its more compact design (48" × 20" × 36") as well as its ability to be mounted onto the side pack of a service body, and into the load space of a pickup or service body vehicle. Inside, the 280MP relies on a 18-horsepower gasoline-powered Kohler engine, a 20-cfm Quincy compressor, and 200-amp/5,500-watt generator/welder combination.

With characteristics similar to the 280MP, the PowerBox 280HD (hydraulically driven) power unit is ideal for applications that already use a power take-off (PTO) system. The 280HD provides users with 200 amps of welding, 5,500 watts of power, and 20 cfm of air and requires a 14 gpm @ 3,000 psi. The unit is self-contained and offers a weather-resistant, easy access control panel that can be attached to the unit or mounted remotely on the vehicle. All 280HD models can be mounted onto the side pack of a service body, into the load space of a pickup or service body vehicle, or onto a welder platform.

For full details, contact DPS, New Albany IN.

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