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Adflo welding helmet respirator supplies filtered air 25 times cleaner than ambient air

The new Speedglas helmet with Adflo-powered air-purifying respirator creates filtered air within the helmet that is 25 times cleaner than air outside the helmet. Respirator features include:

  • A “stackable” filter configuration — the system is always used with a High Efficiency (HE) particle filter; the HE filter can be stacked onto an optional Adflo cartridge filter for more protection against organic, sulfur dioxide, chlorine, and hydrogen chloride fume vapors.

  • A lightweight, slim, all-in-one design that eliminates external batteries and cables.

  • “Smart” electronics to provide a nominal minimum airflow of 6-plus cfm (170+ lpm) at all times, regardless of the battery's charge or the particle-loading of the filter.

  • The belt design has a solid leather front, cut narrow to let a welder bend forward easily. Along the sides, the leather becomes wider, with large holes for ventilation. The turbo unit attaches to — and is nestled between — the two plastic arms of the belt so the turbo's weight is evenly distributed across the entire lower back and upper hips.

  • A brushless motor with an extended design life.

For full details, contact Hornell, 2374 Edison Blvd, Twinsburg OH 44087.

Portable light shines flashing or steady beam

Superior Signals Inc's new SYSL-182 is a dual-function portable LED light that features flashing and steady signal beam. The SYSL-182 has 18 super-luminous LEDs with a visibility up to 1.25 miles. This light come standard with a magnetic backing for attaching to vehicles or other metal surfaces and has a self-supporting slide-out stand.

Signal lights come in amber, red, and blue and are made with a weather-resistant design. These lights measure 6½" long, 4" high, and 1½" thick with a net weight of .420 pounds without batteries. Four AA batteries (not included) are required to operate this light.

For additional information, contact Superior, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

Receiver caps can replace hitch pins

Big Sky Distribution's new line of Sky-Loc rapid-release receiver caps positively lock over the end of quick-release ball lock pins, allowing them to be used in applications where the hole is not within tolerance or out of round. The receiver cap increases the holding area of the pin and provides for maximum pullout strength of the quick-release pin.

This permits quick-release ball lock pins to be used in applications where a hitch pin or nut and bolt normally would be used. By pushing a button on the quick-release pin, the receiver cap and pin can be inserted or removed without using tools.

Contact Big Sky, 15144 Carriage Way, Spring Lake MI 49456 for more information.

Drill/tap option gives Advantage an advantage

A new six-station drilling/tapping attachment is now provided for W A Whitney Co's Advantage precision plasma cutting table. The fully automated drill/tap option expands productivity and flexibility, drilling and tapping holes up to 5/8".

The tubular steel bridge of the Advantage supplies strength and stiffness necessary to support and precisely position the drill/tap assembly for production that maintains high accuracy. This attachment is available for all Advantage models.

Other Advantage features include a choice of Hypertherm plasma cutting systems; operator-friendly, easy-to-understand control; easy-access small parts removal via pullout drawers; and Whitney installation, training, and support.

For more details, contact Whitney, 650 Race St, PO Box 1206, Rockford IL 61105.

Strobing LED lamps pulse with flexibility

Truck-Lite Co Inc's new Model 60 strobing LED lamps offer a choice of strobe frequency and viewing angles. Users can select between dual and quad flashing patterns by altering the way each lamp is wired. Model 60 strobes also can be connected through double-throw switches, allowing operators to alternate between patterns.

Users can also select the field of view they desire by ordering a metalized or non-metalized reflector version. Non-metalized reflector lamps have a wide field of view, similar to ordinary Series 60 LED lamps. Other Model 60 strobes incorporate special metalized reflectors that concentrate the light in a narrower, more intensely focused pattern.

Designed to be installed and operated either vertically or horizontally, the 6" oval Model 60 strobe fits standard trim and protection rings, as well as other existing 60 Series components and accessories. This strobe carries Truck-Lite's limited lifetime warranty. For more information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Volvo Trucks VE D12 engine meets EPA regs without aftertreatment

Volvo Trucks North America Inc is providing the 465-horsepower Volvo VE D12 diesel engine for the new Volvo VN. The VE D12 engines, engineered to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2002 emission regulations, have the same top horsepower and torque ratings as Volvo's pre-EPA '02 engines. Oil change intervals on the VE 465 remain at 25,000 miles, also the same as 2002's engines.

The VE 465 does not require exhaust aftertreatment to meet the EPA '02 emissions regulations. This means customers avoid the expense, complexity, additional size, and higher weight of particulate traps and catalytic converters, without a penalty in horsepower or torque. Like other VE D12 engines, the VE 465 also avoids a variable-geometry turbocharger.

In fact, the VE 465 has an improved horsepower curve, compared with Volvo's previous 465-hp rating. Although it has the same peak torque of 1650 ft-lb as previously, the new VE 465 has a flatter power output curve. Horsepower is maintained at 465 hp from 1500 rpm through 1825 rpm.

Volvo's EPA '02 engines with Volvo's V-Pulse technology use the normal pressure pulsation in the exhaust manifold to achieve the level of exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) needed for emissions reductions.

A mass of exhaust escapes the combustion chamber just as the exhaust valve opens, similar to the pressure release when a can of soda is opened. Pulses from each cylinder are captured and fed through a twin-path EGR cooler to provide gas needed for recirculation. The recirculation lowers the oxygen content of the intake charge and holds down the formation of nitrogen oxides. This method of EGR allows the turbocharger boost pressure to remain higher than the exhaust manifold back pressure, achieving a “positive pumping loop.”

The VE 465 uses a tuned muffler to help achieve the exhaust recirculation. For tractors, the muffler is a 10"-diameter vertical design, similar in appearance to normal mufflers. It takes no additional space and does not require longer wheelbases.

Like other Volvo Power ratings, the VE 465 offers exclusive features including exhaust pressure governor, oil level indicator, and live PTO (power takeoff) port on the side of the engine. The exhaust pressure governor allows idling in cold climates, if necessary, at 650 rpm, which saves 0.5 gallons of fuel per hour. The electronic oil level indicator provides a way to check the oil level without leaving the cab. The live PTO does away with the need for a pump extension in front of the radiator for applications like snowplows.

Contact Volvo Trucks North America, 7900 National Service Rd, PO Box 26115, Greensboro NC 27402-6115 for further information.

Rear-impact guard brings safety to the fore

TransFreight Technology has begun shipping rear-impact cushioning bumpers called CushionStops. Using patent-pending technology to improve safety in rear-end collisions, the CushionStop can be adjusted vertically to guarantee compliance with Department of Transportation height requirements. The rear step also can be adjusted horizontally for use as a step-bumper. CushionStop can be installed on most van and flat bed trailers in a fraction of the time required for installation of most other rear-impact guards.

Contact TransFreight, 42 Public Square South, Dahlonega GA 30533 for further information.

Primer/sealer offers epoxy, urethane assets

Epic Prime 2.1-VOC primer/sealer from Montana Products Inc provides superior adhesion, corrosion protection, and build by combining epoxy durability and speed and sandability of a urethane. This primer/sealer is isocyanate-, lead-, and chromate-free and offers good color holdout. A commercial warranty is supplied.

For more information, contact Montana Products, 9287 Smucker Rd, Orrville OH 44667.

Welding power source offered in inverter rack

For the first time, The Lincoln Electric Co offers its Invertec V350-Pro power sources in a rack-mounted configuration. These inverter racks comply with National Electric Code (NEC) and are IP23S-compliant.

The Invertec V350-Pro Factory Rack power source is designed for inverter rack installations. This power source offers the same functionality as the Invertec V350-Pro Factory model, plus weather protection features and IP23S certification for outdoor use.

Standard on all Lincoln racks is a lockable, main disconnect switch on the primary power supply. This allows users to turn off power to all machines in the rack by turning one local switch. The Lincoln rack has a watertight, flexible conduit and THWN-rated wiring to connect each inverter to the distribution panel. Standard-length wiring permits power sources to be mounted in any position on the rack. Inside the panel, individual fuses provide overcurrent protection. The entire system has been designed for 230/460/575-volt AC operation.

Inverter racks are provided in two configurations — a four pack and a six pack. For more information, contact Lincoln, 22801 St Clair Ave, Cleveland OH 44117-1199.

Arrow issues ‘Snowplow Lamp Guidebook’

Arrow Safety Device Co has printed a new four-page color brochure called the Snowplow Lamp Guidebook. It contains snowplow lamps, harnesses, and headlamp adaptor kits.

Lamps include the Sno-Laser Model 779, Sno-Laser II Model 780, and adaptor kits include the 779-15 and 780-15. A lamp harness chart is also provided.

For more details, contact Arrow, PO Box 299, Georgetown DE 19947.

Truck wheel catalog serves as reference tool

Chicago Rawhide's new Heavy Duty Truck Wheel Application Catalog (#457601s) serves as a fleet reference tool for products from SKF and Chicago Rawhide.

A key section is devoted to information on the new Scotseal Plus XL. A catalog update page provides part numbers for the new Scotseal Plus XL seals and SKF bearings for GMC Topkick, Chevrolet Kodiak, and Isuzu F-Series medium-duty trucks. The supplement also includes product information on SKF Lunar Hubs, integrated hub units for steer, drive, and trailer axles.

Fleet maintenance managers interested in the Trouble Free Operation (TFO) program can use the “Seal Warranty under the TFO Program” chart to gauge mileage benefits of using seals from the Scotseal family. Scotseal TF Hubcaps product features and benefits are included in the supplement along with details about the bulk hubcap barrel program. Information on CR hubodometers includes an application section that allows the user to find the exact part number for tire and wheel combinations. Listings for all popular truck applications for SKF Tapered Bearing sets are included.

For a copy of this new catalog, phone 800-882-0008.

IMT Corp issues expanded parts catalog

IMT Corp, manufacturer of Ingersoll Axles, has released its newly revised IMT Parts catalog. The catalog incorporates an expanded self-steering axle section (featuring the new draw key system), as well as its new manufactured drop, disc brake, and lunar hub axles.

A copy of the catalog can be obtained by phoning 800-663-AXLE or e-mailing [email protected]. IMT's web site is

Handbook covers machine tool industry

The 2002-2003 Economic Handbook of the Machine Tool Industry is available from AMT — The Association for Manufacturing Technology.

This handbook contains nearly 300 pages, including written overviews and an explanation of terms. Information has been compiled from hundreds of domestic and foreign sources. Both product-specific and country-specific data are included, and information about capital equipment purchases is broken out for several major consuming industries.

A separate chapter details many United States economic statistics such as gross domestic product, interest rates, industrial production, and corporate profits.

The publication also provides international economic facts for nearly two dozen foreign nations, typically including production, imports, and exports by type of machine tool.

This handbook is free to AMT members; it costs $250 plus $5 for postage and handling for non-members. To order, e-mail AMT's Kendale Smith at [email protected], or phone him at 703-827-5256.

Video, kit show how to use oxy-fuel safely

Smith Equipment Co offers a new safety video, Oxy-Fuel Equipment Safety & Operations. The 40-minute video, aimed at everyone from students to professionals, discusses all aspects of oxy-fuel cutting, welding, brazing, and heating safety.

Topics covered include proper gas cylinder handling, torch operation, and information regarding fuel gas characteristics, gas regulation, and personal safety. A Spanish-language version of this video will be available in 2003.

Smith Equipment also offers an Oxy-Fuel Safety Kit. This kit includes the safety video, 30 safety meeting guides, 30 rule violation quizzes, six animated safety posters, and a condensed Smith Equipment catalog.

Cost of the video is $29.99; the kit is $39.99. To order, contact Smith Equipment, c/o Inquiry Intelligence Systems, Attn: Marcia, 18 N Central Ave, O'Fallon MO 63366; phone 800-843-7912; fax 605-882-2100; or access

Catalog details variety of punch strippers

Acrotech Inc is offering K-Prene urethane punch strippers for Wiedeman #112- and #114-style tooling in its 28-page Industrial Products Catalog. Various stations and sizes are stocked in 90A durometer, but are available in virtually any hardness required.

Besides effective stripping, K-Prene urethane can be cost-effectively used to solve sheet metal forming problems. This information and more is included in a free booklet titled Metalforming with K-Prene Urethane.

For further information, contact Acrotech, 980 W Lakewood Ave, Lake City MN 55041; phone 800-345-0583; or access

Flier discusses Scotseal Plus XL product

Chicago Rawhide, the Sealing Division of SKF, has released its new Scotseal Plus XL product flier. This publication contains information on new applications for front wheel seals on GMC Topkick/Chevrolet Kodiak and Isuzu F-Series medium-duty trucks. The flier includes CR part numbers and competitor interchange numbers for these applications. It also includes a Scotseal Plus XL availability chart that cross-references Scotseal Plus-to-Scotseal Plus XL part numbers.

Scotseal Plus XL is designed for better resistance to higher wheel end temperatures (up to 300° F) and is fully compatible with synthetic fluids. Installation by hand without tools saves labor time in the maintenance shop. Advanced HNBR (hydrogenated nitrile butadiene rubber) material extends seal life by resisting higher wheel-end temperatures and the intrusion of abrasives. Four internal sealing lips keep road contaminants and water out and bearing lubricants in.

For full details, contact SKF Seals Division, 735 Tollgate Rd, Elgin IL 60123-9332.

Brochure covers Kenworth T800 truck

Kenworth Truck Co has published a new 32-page brochure on its workhorse T800 model, used in long-haul over-the-highway, dump, mixer, lowboy, heavy-haul, tanker, daycab, and logger applications. It can be ordered with a standard, short, high, or wide hood. Sleeper configurations range from the 86" Studio AeroCab to the 38" AeroCab FlatTop. The brochure also covers weight-saving, aerodynamics, severe-duty, and chrome options.

The brochure also provides information on the Kenworth PremierCare Program and its 800-KW-ASSIST hotline for 24-hour emergency roadside assistance and other services.

To obtain a brochure, access the company's list of dealers at

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