Product Profiles

Spreader control lightens operator's duties

TruckCraft's new salt spreader control for D-Icer and D-Icer Plus For One-Tons mounts under the vehicle dash or on the transmission tunnel for operator convenience during salting operations. Highlights of this control include:

  • Independently variable auger and spinner controls allow precise placement of up to 10,000 pounds of material per hour with less waste and overspread.

  • Lighted dials and switches enhance night viewing.

  • Factory-supplied wiring harness, mounting bracket, and hardware simplify installation.

  • Auger “Overdrive” button may be engaged continuously, and when disengaged, it returns the auger speed to the preset knob position.

  • Motors are overload-protected by self-resetting circuit breakers with color LEDs to show motor status continuously.

  • Lighted “Motor” switch engages or disengages both motors together to stop rotation quickly, and when re-engaged, returns rpm to preset knob levels.

  • “Bed” switch raises or lowers dump bed and will handle either “drift down” or “power down” dump operation.

  • “Light” switch provides a 30-amp relay for customer use with work light or warning light bar.

  • User-changeable automotive-style fuses protect all main and secondary electrical circuits.

Contact TruckCraft, 5751 Molly Pitcher Highway South, Chambersburg PA 17201 for further details.

Plow sports Snowman features, lower price

Snowman Snowplow has expanded its line of commercial pull plows to include the new 70 CashSaver. Patterned after the Model 70+SC, the CashSaver offers the same performance and features as its counterpart but with a reduced price.

The 70 CashSaver is equipped with a 12-gauge rolled-steel moldboard that is 7 feet long and 23" high. As with all Snowman plows, it has a patented spring trip to protect the plow and vehicle, as well as a high lift to reach over drifts.

A one-year limited warranty on parts and labor is included. The CashSaver is operated with hydraulic down pressure. Box wings, jack stand, and cab controller come standard with each unit. For more details, contact Snowman, PO Box 78, Bloomfield IA 52537.

Pivot mount lets spreader swing out of the way

SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, introduces its Pivot Pro 1075 tailgate spreader. Intended for spreading salt, sand, and de-icing materials on roads, driveways, parking lots, and recreational paths, the Pivot Pro 1075 has a pivot mount option. This mount requires no drill holes in the truck bed and allows the spreader to swing away, providing full tailgate or rear door access. Other than the pivot mount option, the unit comes standard with a 2" receiver hitch mount and is available with a three-point mount.

With no belts, pulleys, or chains, downtime is minimized. Mounted in a weathertight enclosure, the direct-drive system includes a 12-volt DC motor and maximum torque transmission.

The cab-mounted controller offers a variable-speed dial control with digital system status protection and a blast feature. Spread width is infinitely variable from four to 40 feet.

The Pivot Pro 1075 has a modular steel frame with a high-density polymer, UV-protected material hopper. This hopper holds up to 10.75 cubic feet of material, which is moved by a welded-steel flighted auger system with agitator and spread using a 10" powdercoated steel spinner. The hopper's low-profile design keeps the vehicle's rear window unobstructed.

Designed to carry up to 700 pounds of salt, sand, or de-icing material, the Pivot Pro 1075 is recommended for use with 3/4- and one-ton pickups or one-ton stake and dump trucks.

For more information, contact TrynEx, 23455 Regency Park Dr, Warren MI 48089.

Turn pickups, SUVs into traction-makers

Buyers Products Co has a new heavy-duty tailgate spreader, Model TGSUVPRO, suitable for driveways and small parking lots. The TGSUVPRO is designed and built for safe use on sport utility vehicles or pickup trucks. The thermoplastic hopper and powdercoated steel frame resist corrosion and rust. The 12-volt spreader motor is housed in a sealed motor chamber with direct-to-battery wire harness.

The spreader is designed to provide an even flow of 9 cubic feet/300 pounds of #1 rock salt, calcium chloride, or similar materials without auger add-ons or vibration kits. The smooth hopper interior and auger fight material bridging by channeling it to the stainless steel-lined hopper throat and stainless steel spinner. Material flow and spread width up to 30 feet are controlled from the in-cab electronic spreader control panel.

A fold-down feature allows the spreader to be folded away from the tailgate or rear door without removing the spreader from the vehicle. The spreader comes complete with all mounting hardware for 2" receiver hitches. For more information, contact Buyers Products, 9049 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.

DT-9 lets any dump truck spread it around

Turn a dump truck into a salt or sand spreader in minutes with the new DownEaster Model DT-9 tailgate spreader from Coastal Metal Fab. Available in stainless or painted carbon steel, the DT-9 spreader offers 7-gauge construction and is 8' long to fit most full-size dump bodies. It mounts behind and below the truck's existing tailgate. The 9" auger has continuous and reverse 7/16" flighting for an even feed. A 6' vane poly spinner spreads material from four to 40 feet. The spinner stays parallel to the road at all dump body angles and adjusts to concentrate the spread pattern to the left or right.

An anti-flow cover prevents material from flowing through the discharge opening until the user is ready. A hinged cover/back plate with a lifting handle is included — raise the cover when spreading, or lower it to dump. The DT-9 includes a direct-drive hydraulic motor, ready to plumb into the truck's existing hydraulic system. With the motor and auger, the unit spreads material at high rates. A chute and an additional discharge opening are included for berm filling.

For more information, contact Coastal Metal Fab, 120 Old Lisbon Rd, Topsham ME 04086.

Minute Mount installs, removes plows fast

The New Minute Mount 2 from Fisher Engineering simplifies plow attachment and removal. Key features include:

  • A built-in handle disengages both connecting pins simultaneously when removing the plow.

  • Lower gear is flared twice as wide for easier drive-in alignment.

  • Spring-loaded lift chain automatically retracts the lift arm.

  • Stylish look to match new trucks.

For complete information, contact Fisher Engineering, 50 Gordon Dr, PO Box 529, Rockland ME 04841.

U-shape unit spreads the possibilities for use

Larochelle Equipment Inc's new line of U-shape dump/spreaders is designed for the municipal and government market. Sold under the name BTU dump body spreader, this all-season product completes the firm's line of hopper spreaders, side-dump spreaders, and snowplows. Built entirely of 7-gauge 400F type steel, the company says this material surpasses the tensile, yield, and abrasion properties of Corten steel.

For distributors, the line presents more spreading configuration possibilities. Engineered for flexibility, these spreaders come with a choice of left and/or right and/or rear spinner.

The BTU dump body spreader can be provided with a pre-wetting system with tanks alongside of this unit. Compared with tailgate-mounted tanks, the BTU design means no excess weight at the back of a vehicle. Compared with headboard-mounted tanks, this design helps keep a low center of gravity with no possible shear stresses to the front telescopic hoist due to weight shifting. Contact Larochelle, 250 Second Ave, Quebec PQ, Canada G1L 3A7 for more information.

Attachment lets broom cover more room

Designed to increase the capacity of any Pro-Series broom, SweepEx, a division of TrynEx International, has produced the new debris leaf pusher attachment. Ideal for light debris, this pusher extends the height capacity of the broom.

Consisting of two steel uprights and a heavy-duty poly fencing material, the debris leaf pusher basically adds a strong net to the broom attachment. This addition allows the broom to carry more materials further. The debris leaf pusher bolts to the front of any SweepEx Pro Series broom.

SweepEx, a line of modular broom attachments, can mount to various service vehicles and have no moving parts. Pro-Series brooms are available in 48", 60", 72", and 90" lengths. Broom length extensions are available for all models.

Other optional accessories for the SweepEx line include a heavy-duty magnet, debris collector ends, dustmop, edge market kit, and various mounts. For more information, contact TrynEx, 23455 Regency Park Dr, Warren MI 48089.

New dump body, snowplow lines hit the streets

Highway Equipment Co's new XT3 MultiBody multi-purpose dump body performs all-season applications for municipalities and contractors, including spreading, hauling, and dumping. It spreads de-icing materials in the rear or front of the unit with an optional front cross-conveyor. The flat dump body floor lets pallets and barrels be hauled. Finally, dumping is improved with the front telescopic hoist that provides a low center of gravity. The XT3 MultiBody comes in lengths of 10' to 16' and includes various features and options.

The company's Displacer Series snowplow line includes reversible, one-way, wing, underbody, full-trip, and trip-edge designs with several hitch options.

For more information, contact Highway Equipment, 1330 76th Ave SW, Cedar Rapids IA 52404-7052.

Spreader has hopper made of polyethylene

The new Vee Pro 6000 salt and sand spreader from SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, is designed for bulk material spreading and has a hopper constructed entirely of polyethylene. Weighing 60% less than steel units, Vee Pro can be installed or removed by two people.

Vee Pro has few moving parts, and its direct-drive system makes the unit virtually maintenance-free. Powered by twin 12-volt DC direct-drive motors, Vee Pro has an auger feed system that provides continuous flow. The patented multi-angle hopper with inverted-V assembly further facilitates material movement.

Vee Pro 6000 is primarily intended to spread salt and salt/sand mixtures. With a one-cubic-yard material capacity, it may also be mounted in a standard one-ton pickup bed.

An independent spinner/auger controller allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between spinner and auger. Spread width is variable from 5 to 35 feet. A digital system status display and audible warning protection are also included.

The rapid bed-mount system features two metal rails bolted to the receiving truck bed, and the unit easily slides into place. A positive-positioning system allows installation or removal of the Vee Pro in minutes. Vee Pro includes a quick-connect spinner assembly. Removable from the unit's mainframe, the spinner assembly is thus protected during the off season or between uses.

This spreader comes standard with the TrynEx 2+5 warranty program, which provides a two-year guarantee on all parts and labor from the day of purchase. An optional five-year parts and labor warranty plan is also available. For more information, contact TrynEx, 23455 Regency Park Dr, Warren MI 48089.

System tackles wintry elements on the run

Henderson Mfg Inc's First Response 3-N-1 System is designed to handle all snow and ice control requirements regardless of road and climate conditions. This system provides precision control and ample capacity for anti-icing applications, granular spreading, and pre-wetting.

The anti-icing function lets liquid be applied directly to the road surface via variable-displacement nozzles, which permit a wider speed range than fixed-displacement orifices. While driving, the operator can control the coverage area over one, two, or three lanes. The high-capacity pump provides sufficient flow to achieve 15 to 45 gallons per lane mile.

The pre-wetting function features a variable-displacement orifice that provides an extended range of liquid flow onto the granular materials.

All functions — granular spreading, pre-wetting, and anti-icing — can be changed or monitored while the vehicle is moving. The Henderson Patrol Control II hydraulic/electronic control system reports data on five different performance operations to the operator, and can be downloaded.

Other features of the First Response 3-N-1 System include:

  • Sides, ends, and side supports are constructed of 10-gauge 304 stainless steel.

  • Liquid reservoirs are fully baffled to reduce liquid movement for increased stability while the vehicle is in motion.

  • Dual 72 diameter, variable-pitch augers convey granular material. The wider bottom and counterrotating augers help prevent bridging and help break up frozen granular materials.

Contact Henderson, PO Box 40, Manchester IA 52057 for further information.

Self-loading leg kit fits pickup-size V-box

Monroe Snow and Ice Control has a bolt-on, retrofit self-loading leg kit designed to adapt to existing, empty pickup-size V-boxes. They are recommended for 10,000-lb-or-less-GVW vehicles with non-tilting beds. Two screw-adjustable jacks in the rear leg kit and front swing-up legs allow the unit to be off-loaded or reloaded onto the truck in minutes by a single operator. A front 2½"-diameter nylon roller guides the spreader into or out of the truck bed. Rear legs rotate up and out of the way into a traveling position to prevent interference with the spreader's spinner assembly.

The mild-steel components of the kit are shot-blasted to bare metal and painted in a black powdercoat. Leg kits are only designed for loading/unloading totally empty V-boxes. Other custom leg kits are available for full-size V-boxes, anti-icing equipment, and custom applications.

For more information, contact Monroe Truck Equipment, Snow & Ice Division, 1051 W 7th St, Monroe WI 53566.

Hopper spreaders ready to break the ice

Western Products' new line of Ice Breaker V-box hopper spreaders are suitable for ice control on driveways, roads, and parking lots. They mount easily on pickup, dump, or platform trucks and are available in 7', 8', and 10' body lengths in powdercoated steel or stainless steel. A choice of 10-horsepower I/C Tecumseh, 11-hp I/C Honda, or hydraulic motor is provided.

Other highlights include an offset drop chute, direct-drive system coupled to the gear case input, and a poly spinner and poly chute deflectors. For full details, contact Western Products, 7777 N 73rd St, Milwaukee WI 53223.

Spreader lets small vehicles provide traction

Sno-Way International Inc has a new receiver-mount salt spreader for small trucks and SUVs. Equipment includes on/off or variable speed controls, 4- to 30-foot coverage, poly hopper lid, stainless hardware, and a heavy-duty motor with a high mount for protection. This spreader comes with a flow control and is easy to take on or off.

For full information, contact Sno-Way, 1353 Wacker Dr, Hartford WI 53027.

MUNIbody adds front center discharge option

Henderson Mfg Inc has added a front center discharge option to its MUNIbody II product line. This allows material to be discharged in the center front of the vehicle, so granular materials such as sand or salt can be spread in front of drive tires.

The front center discharge conveys granular material to the front of the vehicle without tipping the body forward or sideways. This mechanism uses a standard pintle chain conveyor with 1/2" × 1½" crossbars on 4½" centers. The floor slopes 22° to the conveyor so material loads are easier to clean out. The front center discharge also features conventional rear spread capabilities and can be used for other applications.

MUNIbody II is a combination dump truck body that can haul whatever a standard dump body can and also offers spreading capabilities. For more details, contact Henderson, PO Box 40, Manchester IA 52057.

As Hiniker line accumulates, it's less likely snow, ice will

Hiniker Co has added a new size of salt and sand spreader to its snow and ice removal product line. The company is offering the new Model 610 with 6½-foot hopper, which will fit full-size extended cab short-box pickup trucks. The Model 610 joins Models 810 and 850, which have 8-ft hoppers.

The 6½-ft spreader has a capacity of 1.45 cubic yards, and the larger spreader has a capacity of 1.78 cubic yards. Optional equipment includes hopper screens, pickup truck tiedowns, 12" side extensions, and spinner extensions.

Hiniker has also added two stainless steel salt and sand spreaders. The 6½-ft Model 620 is powered by an 8-horsepower engine and is designed to fit full-size short-box pickups. The 8-ft Model 820 uses a 10.5-hp industrial/commercial engine and fits standard-box trucks.

Stainless steel is used to form the hopper, hood, engine plate, and spinner chute, disc, and deflectors.

Standard hopper capacities are 1.45 cubic yards for the 620 and 1.78 cubic yards for the 820. Adjustable baffles and deflectors on the discharge chute allow custom spread patterns up to 25 feet wide.

An in-cab control console operates the electric starter, clutch, and throttle. Options include hopper screens, side extensions, tiedown kits, and conveyor shields. An extended-length spinner is available for flatbed or dump-box applications. Contact Hiniker, 58766 240th St, PO Box 3407, Mankato MN 56001 for further information.

Parts catalog from NLP as free as the falling snow

National Liftgate Parts (NLP) provides a free spiral-bound catalog of hundreds of snowplow replacement parts ranging from motors and cutting edges to hoses and gaskets. The firm specializes in quick-ship of replacement parts, including hard-to-find items. Besides parts for snowplow service and repair, NLP carries liftgate replacement parts and wire product accessories. For details, contact NLP, 2431 Alexandria Pike, PO Box 76292, Highland Heights KY 41076.

Cub spreader from Tiger Line Equipment earns its stripes

Tiger Line Equipment Inc's Cub spreader is designed to be tailgate-mounted on pickup trucks. Constructed entirely of polyethylene, the Cub is inteneded primarily for ice control.

The unit has 12" stainless steel spinner discs with four fins, and operates by direct drive from a 12-volt DC motor. The variable-speed switch is dash-mounted. Hopper capacity is 9 cubic feet.

For full details, contact Tiger Line, PO Box 121, Minster OH 45865-0121.

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