Product Profiles

HotShot delivers components on demand

Mattson Spray Equipment's HotShot precision 2K delivery system uses compressed air to deliver paint and activator in a precise ratio. Two components are stored in separate, non-pressurized containers, and are accurately proportioned and delivered on demand.

Two systems are available. System A, a metered dispensing system, features push-button operation that dispenses an accurate measure of components into a gravity or siphon gun cup. System B, a metered spraying system, mixes and sprays on demand. Components are mixed at the QuickFlush static mixer, virtually eliminating wasted pre-mixed material and keeping components as close as possible to the fluid tip of the gun.

For full details, contact Mattson, 230 W Coleman St, Rice Lake WI 54868.

Drain valve manages fluid in multiple modes

Sentinel Series drain valves from Van Air Systems Inc incorporate a clog-resistant ball valve that helps manage any fluid. Two Sentinel Series models provide around-the-clock draining. Besides running in programmable modes, both can operate in response to an optional liquid level sensor for zero air loss draining.

Model MDV-400L has a keypad for timing adjustments and an LCD cycle status readout that continuously counts down the remaining cycle or drain open times. External test and valve fault functions with LCD readouts are also included.

Model MDV-400I is a basic drain with a power-on LED and test button in the top cover. Cycle and open times are reset by removing the top cover and adjusting switches on the internal circuit board.

Standard brass ball valve sizes are 1/2", 3/4", and 1" NPT with sizes to 3" offered, as well as stainless steel valve options. Various electrical options are also provided. For more information, contact Van Air Systems, 2950 Mechanic St, Lake City PA 16423-2095.

Electronic time recorder for use in the field

Amano Cincinnati Inc has introduced its Model TCX-22 electronic time recorder. The main benefit of this product is its portability, making it suitable for use where accurate time stamp receipts are required in the field or in remote locations. The TCX-22 is also recommended for backup during temporary and sustained power failures, or where power may not be available even temporarily.

The sealed, rechargeable lead-acid 12-volt battery ensures that the recorder maintains normal operation for one week and/or 5,000 prints while in battery mode. The unit also operates from a properly grounded 120- or 240-volt outlets using its supplied AC adapter (unit will continue to recharge in this mode); moreover, the battery ensures continued operation even in the event of a power failure. An additional internal battery maintains time and date settings in case of an external power failure.

More information is available from Amano Cincinnati, 140 Harrison Ave, Roseland NJ 07068-1239.

Suspension combines drive, tag functions

Ridewell Suspensions' Model RADT-246 drive/tag combination air suspension is designed for pusher-type chassis with rear engine and increased GVW requirements.

The most beneficial feature of this 100% air parallelogram-designed unit is its single central hanger, which unitizes drive and tag suspensions. The central hanger allows the suspensions to operate in correct phase with driveline angles for maximum life of those components. Other advantages based on the central hanger are a compact package design and a reduction in overall suspension weight.

Model RADT-246 may be used on transit buses, motor coaches, and upper-line motor homes. It is offered with various tag axle configurations including non-steering, lift, and independent axle movement functions. The total unit incorporates four to eight air springs, depending upon the version specified. Axles capacities range from 21,000 to 25,000 pounds for the drive axle component and 9,000 to 13,200 pounds for the tag axle portion.

For more information, contact Ridewell, PO Box 4586, Springfield MO 65808.

Overhead manipulator built for core handling

Unidex Inc has added a new overhead-mounted manipulator system (UM Series) to its line of ergonomic workstations and material handling equipment. Designed for core handling and other lifting applications, this electric-powered manipulator has specialized end effectors that use power rotation and gripping with reach-in capability.

The manipulator has a lift capacity up to 700 pounds at 24" from the column centerline and offers two speeds for lifting and lowering. The round, telescoping lift column permits lift strokes of 60" or more from floor level. A manually guided arm allows for rotation of 360° at the column centerline.

This manipulator takes advantage of the X and Y axis movement offered by bridge cranes plus reach-in flexibility for machine loading and unloading. In addition, it stabilizes out-of-balance or fragile loads that cannot be stabilized when using a swinging hoist.

Unidex offers various manual and power end effectors for attachment to the manipulator arm. The UM Series also can be used for handling castings, parts, or tooling as well as stacking and reaching into restricted areas such as ovens, parts washers, racks, presses, and other equipment. Control options include handle-mounted controls and pendant operation.

For free literature and more information, contact Unidex, PO Box 129, Warsaw NY 14569.

Crossmemberless dump body boosts payload

J&J Truck Bodies & Trailers, a division of Somerset Welding and Steel Inc, has added the DynaHauler/LWC to its product line. The lighter-weight dump truck body is built with Hardox steel and has no crossmembers. It allows operators to haul more payload without compromising structural integrity of the truck. The dump body is installed on an oak cushion and features newly designed formed bottom rails.

Hardox 450 steel is a high-strength wear plate being used to develop a new concept of body construction for heavy-duty dump trucks and trailers. Its qualities help reduce weight, improve durability and stability, and increase safety.

J&J also can customize the DynaHauler/LWC. Owners can choose lengths from 13 to 20 feet, sides from 42" to 66", 8" or 10" formed long sills, and paving rear. Several tailgate options are also available. For more information, contact J&J, 422 Riggs Rd, Somerset PA 15501.

Mast crane raises level of safety, efficiency

Venturo Mfg Inc announces the latest addition to its line of CT Series mast cranes — the CT310KX mast crane. Developed in a manufacturing partnership with Flli. Ferrari, it provides the ultimate combination of power-to-weight ratios for lifting and energy efficiency. Increased safety of on-site crane operators provided by remote pendant control will cut on-site crane-related injuries.

The CT310KX provides all functions under full power with electric power rotation, electric hydraulic power elevation, and electric hydraulic power extension to 9'-3". Also included is a planetary winch with all functions controlled through a hand-held pendant.

CT310KX provides a capacity of 1,000 pounds at 6'-3" and 700 pounds when extended under power to 9'-3". Standard features include snatch block with swivel hook, master disconnect switch, load capacity indicator, audible overload alarm protection, and counterbalance valves on all cylinders. The winch has a 3½" drum that meets ANSI B30.5 specifications and includes 50' of 3/16" aircraft-grade wire rope. For complete information, contact Venturo, 12110 Best Place, Cincinnati OH 45241.

Liftgate engineered to carry more cargo

Waltco Truck Equipment Co has increased the lifting capacities of its WDL-RM Series rail-type liftgate, with capacities of 3,500, 4,500, 5,500, or 6,600 pounds now offered.

The WDL-RM liftgate platform lowers to below bed height. Features include:

  • Self-lubricating, fiberglass-reinforced Teflon bearings in place of grease zerks.

  • Closed-loop hydraulic system includes cylinders manufactured and tested by Waltco.

  • Hydraulically powered open/close feature.

  • Waltco's Thermalpak with Voltage Guard, which has:

    • LED warning lights and an audible alarm to alert operator to low-voltage or thermal shutdown situation.

    • A manual motor reset.

  • SuperSwitch control with magnetic activation, plastic construction, and a recessed lever to prevent accidental activation.

  • Wider threshold clearance between uprights.

  • Greater ground clearance.

  • 15" fixed ramp standard on most two-piece platforms (not available on 86" platforms).

For more details, contact Waltco, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.

Anti-theft collar secures steering column

Steadfast Security Collar is an armored collar which protects the steering column. The collar is permanently installed and fits General Motors and Jeep vehicles from 1978 to 1996 with tilt steering. The collar, made of impenetrable steel, comes in black or chrome and is easy to install. Steadfast is tested and proven by rental-car agencies and insurance companies. For more details, contact Secure Car Enterprises Inc, 1965-1 New Highway, Farmingdale NY 11735.

Dryers save energy, solve moisture problems

Outlined in a new brochure, Freedom dryers from Van Air Systems Inc offer freedom from high energy costs, environmental concerns, moisture problems, and air system freeze-ups.

The Freedom dryer requires no electricity for operation. Additional energy savings are achieved through a low-pressure drop of less than 1% of operating pressure.

The versatile Freedom dryer can be installed indoors or out, even in dusty or dirty conditions. Applications include plant air, blasting and coating, cement plants, dust collectors, sawmills, point-of-use applications. and biogas. Models are also available for natural gas and high- and low-pressure use.

To obtain a brochure or for more information, contact Van Air Systems, 2950 Mechanic St, Lake City PA 16423-2095.

Bee Line Ultra Duty tooling simplifies axle correction

Bee Line's 406 Ultra Duty tooling has a narrow clevis (part #404063) that weighs 28 pounds compared with its counterpart in the 405B Tool Group (#404010A), which weighs 52 pounds. The Ultra Duty spring pad clevis (#404064) weighs 36 pounds compared with 45 pounds for #404011A in the 405B Tool Group.

Ultra Duty clevises are designed to handle 130 tons of force during adjustments. This provides enough strength to make corrections on axles up to 24,000 pounds. Ultra Duty axle tools are compatible with newer tractors with less working space around the axle. The design allows mounting on most heavy-duty axles without removing the tie rod or turning the wheel for access.

This tooling is used in conjunction with other 405B Tool Group components. It can be ordered as either the 406 Ultra Duty axle tooling, which includes the complete axle correction package; or the 406U upgrade to fit existing 405B tooling.

For more details, contact Bee Line, 2700 62nd St Court, PO Box 130, Bettendorf IA 52722.

Lock-together gauge system fits any dash

SMITHS Instruments has developed a modular gauge system that locks together to simplify installation into virtually any vehicle dashboard shape. This product line combines the look of a custom panel with the cost and assembly benefits of an interlocking system. Made from high-temperature plastic with corrosionproof construction, these modules operate in temperatures ranging from -22° to 158°F (-30° to 70°C) and have a waterproof face for exposed installations. Back-lit dials glow green at night with an illuminated pointer. The anti-reflective glass lens resists scratching and eliminates glare. Suitable for 12- and 24-volt systems, the modular construction simplifies service or on-site replacement. Custom faceplates can be designed to meet OEM needs.

For more information, contact GB Instruments, 6434 Wise Ave NW, North Canton OH 44720.

Virtual FlexArc permits production planning

The new Virtual FlexArc off-line programming software product is now available from ABB Inc. An exact three-dimensional replica, Virtual FlexArc allows the customer to begin planning for production with his new welding system.

A sales sheet explains how the software uses the same system parameters and configuration files as the real robot for a clean, non-conflicting crossover between files.

An CD-ROM explains the features of Virtual FlexArc. Also included are a short video on the product along with other information and a robot computer game. For more details, contact ABB, 4600 Innovation Dr, Fort Collins CO 80525.

Poly Fenders combine light weight, durability

Eight new models of lightweight Poly Fenders from Life-Time Fenders LLC are available for applications where light weight combined with durability are key selection considerations. All Poly fenders are black, with other colors (red, gray, and white) available by special order.

Life-Time's Modular-Design is offered on five of the eight models for situations where fender damage is a frequent occurrence, since they can replace a damaged section instead of a whole fender. Modular-Design models come in different styles and sizes for single-, tandem-, and tri-axle applications.

Other Life-Time quarter fenders are offered in mirror stainless, aluminum, and galvanized steel. For full details, contact Life-Time, 430 W Main St, PO Box 707, Canfield OH 44406.

Truck Chap averts scratches

CGA Enterprises Inc's new Truck Chap protects the side of a truck from scratches while toolbox items are being removed or replaced. This patented product is constructed from all-weather material with a scratch-resistant backing. Quick to install with no drilling required, Truck Chap offers a universal fit.

The product is sold in pairs. For complete details, contact CGA, 33215 Buckshot Lane, Magnolia TX 77354-4106.

System transforms towing RVs into smooth operation

The Advanced Air Ride Hitch system uses air bags to absorb shock, bounce, and vibration that occur when pulling an RV with a hard-connection hitch.

Sliding up and down on solid steel tracks, aided by composites for smooth fluid movement, the Advanced Air Ride Hitch allows the trailer to rock back and forth on its natural axis. Brakes work more effectively if weight is evenly distributed and tire contact is constant.

Advantages of the system include:

  • Truck and the RV move independently of each other.
  • The RV tracks better.
  • Rough road handling problems are virtually eliminated.
  • Suspensions get less wear and tear.
  • Driver fatigue is reduced.
  • Contents of the RV stay in place.
  • The front end of the truck remains in contact with road with steering wheel in the center.

For full details, contact Advanced Air Hitch Inc, 1549 Sand Bar Ferry Rd, Beech Island SC 29841.

Dome, back-up lamps beam bright white

Truck-Lite Co Inc has introduced two white LED lamps. Both the Model 44 dome lamp and Model 44 back-up lamp distribute bright white illumination, and both feature a new slim housing.

The dome lamp is designed at 13.5 volts and .50 amp; the back-up lamp is available as a one- or two-lamp system. The one-lamp system is designed at 13.5 volts and .25 amp; the two-lamp system is designed at 13.5 volts and .50 amp. The back-up lamp meets SAE J593 requirements.

Dome and back-up lamps are available in grommet- or flanged-mount versions, and both versions use the Fit 'N Forget connector plug. This plug, combined with the direct pin-to-circuit soldering, assures watertight, vibration-resistant contacts. Both lamps have sealed polycarbonate lens and housing designs that evenly distribute light for a full illumination pattern. Electronic components are sealed in epoxy.

Both lamps come with Truck-Lite's LED limited lifetime warranty. For more information, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Glass/nylon composite offers high strength

A patented in-line compounding process for production of long fiber thermoplastic (LFT) composites has been adapted for continuous production of glass/nylon parts by Composite Products Inc (CPI). The new material, containing 40% long glass fibers and 60% nylon 6, was strong enough to replace cast aluminum as a “foot” component supporting a cantilevered table.

The formulation for the table foot was changed to substitute nylon 6 for polypropylene with the same fiber loading, raising the strength and the loads at failure. Tensile strength and flexural modulus for a part made with the nylon 6 composite were 31,000 psi (+5 3% over polypropylene) and 1,500,000 psi (+73% over polypropylene).

The nylon part featured molded-in color and texture. With molded-in color, if minor damage occurs during shipping, setup, or use, it is less likely to result in a visible scratch.

Another benefit of a composite part is a better assurance of troublefree assembly. Since it supports the weight of the table above it, the foot must achieve a tight fit with the table leg. If the hole in an aluminum foot is cast too tight, it might require machining to fit properly. The composite foot is molded with crush ribs for a guaranteed tight fit.

CPI's technology includes an extruder design that provides gentle mixing of the fiber/resin melt, minimizing damage to reinforcing fibers and maintaining a high degree of the initial fiber length in the compounded thermoplastic composite. Process temperatures are maintained within predefined limits to make certain of optimal fiber wetout and maximal fiber length.

For more information, contact CPI, 700 Wilkie Dr, Winona MN 55987.

Adjustable lock enhances transport security

Transport Security Inc has added the Enforcer adjustable lock to its line of truck, trailer, and container security systems. The device requires no permanent installation and can be moved from one container or trailer to another. The Enforcer incorporates the Abloy padlock, which is formed of 10-gauge steel, chrome-plated, and has ductile cast-iron components.

For a free brochure on the company's products, contact Transport Security, 820 S Pine, Waconia MN 55387.

Classic II body keeps tradition in service

Reading Body Works Inc has unveiled the Classic II service body with these new features:

  • Slam-action tailgate with double panel construction

  • Dual Pro seal system — automotive-quality bubble type seal and a mechanical seal are combined

  • Thicker, heavier gauge doors are stronger and more secure

  • Rotary locks with enhanced design for easier door closure

  • Flush skirt line adds 4" compartment height

  • Rear “A” compartment shelving

For more details, contact Reading, Hancock Blvd & Gerry St, PO Box 650, Shillington PA 19607.

ProTecta mats shield beds, steady loads

Koneta's ProTecta heavyweight bedmats offer superior protection against dents and scratches, and the new Pebble finish helps prevent cargo shifting.

Made of Nyracord, an almost indestructible blend of rubber and strong synthetic fibers, these bedmats not only help prevent cargo from shifting, but the raised ribs also simplify loading and unloading. The bedmats have a knobby underside for air circulation, thus helping to prevent rust. Custom-fit sizes are available for popular pickup truck models. For more information, contact Koneta/LRV, PO Box 150, Wapakoneta OH 45895-0150.

Huck-Spin lockbolts always remain tight

Huck Fasteners' Huck-Spin lockbolt fastening system is used for aftermarket applications including repair of trucks, trailers, and cranes. These Grade 8 fasteners provide a permanent clamp that never loosens in high-vibration environments. Huck-Spin fasteners are designed for reliable installation without the noise and waste associated with torqued-on lockbolts. Plus, the single-thread collar allows easier fit-up and alignment.

Huck-Spin fasteners install in half the time of nuts and bolts, and they never need retightening because the swaged collar can't loosen. They are available in 1/2" and 3/4" diameters. Besides a round-head design, a hex-head style is available that enables the Huck-Spin to be removed with a standard impact wrench.

For more information, contact Huck, PO Box 8117, Waco TX 76714-8117.

My-Te takes product quality a notch higher

My-te Products Inc has recently restyled its winch-hoist product line to enhance overall performance. The new design incorporates a revised spur gear housing and cover for ease of field maintenance and increased oil capacity.

My-te's full product line includes electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic models, many of which will feature the new design. These include winch-hoists and utility capstan units with lifting capacities ranging from 1,000 to 6,000 pounds. For more details, contact My-te, 9880 E 30th St, Indianapolis IN 46229.

Integral Arm axle debuts

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems unit's Dana Spicer E-1462I Integral Arm steer axle is designed to replace the E-1460I 89-mm (3.5") drop standard track steer axle.

Kingpin joint improvements in the E-1462I steer axle add durability required by medium- and heavy-duty applications. The E-1462I maintains the reliability of integral forged knuckles in a lightweight and maneuverable package. A patent-pending kingpin joint includes the use of two drawkeys with spring washer retention in a more rigid beam design. This results in a maximum-contact joint design. A sealed thrust bearing keeps lubricants in and contaminants out.

Options include wheel bearing adjustment hardware available with either fine- or extra-fine thread, an ABS sensor wire or hydraulic hose attachment point on top of the knuckle, and stop bolt assembly for greater turn angle adjustment range. For full details, contact Dana, CVS Axle Division, 6938 Elm Valley Dr, Kalamazoo MI 49003.

Jack Rabbit leaps into firefighting forays

Emergency One Inc (E-One) has introduced a new Jack Rabbit with a Pneumax CAFS. The Jack Rabbit is a quick-attack unit mounted on the Ford F-550 Super Duty four-door, 4×4 chassis. Incorporating the E-One extruded aluminum body design, the new body configuration includes a 73"-wide × 30"-high × 22"-deep, right- and left-side body compartment. Body and paint finish are standard with a 10-year warranty. Features include:

  • 240-US-gallon polypropylene water tank and 20-US-gallon foam concentrate tank

  • Booster hose reel with 150 feet of 1" hose

  • Dual enclosed hose storage areas with a capacity of 200 feet of 1.5" hose each

  • Pneumax 250-120 DS compressed-air foam system, a slide-in modular unit designed to discharge water, foam solution, or compressed-air foam.

The Ford F-550 chassis on the demonstrator unit includes a 7.3-liter turbo diesel engine, automatic transmission, four-door cab with seating for five, 17,500-lb gross vehicle weight rating, and 176" wheelbase. For wooded environments, a custom fabricated aluminum brush guard is mounted across the front grille to protect the cab face. For complete details, contact E-One, PO Box 2710, Ocala FL 34478.

Smokemeter eases emissions compliance

OTC's new Diesel Diagnostics Smokemeter permits accurate compliance testing of diesel engines in heavy- and light-duty trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, and vans.

The unit reads black, white, or blue smoke produced at the stack. Attaching the meter to the tailpipe is unnecessary; in testing, a SmokeStick is dropped into the stack, permitting all-weather use. There is no need to touch the stack, and the test is not affected by ambient light or moisture.

Compliance testing is done in accordance with the SAE 31667 procedure that uses a snap acceleration test. A three- to five-minute test may indicate problems in vehicle performance such as faulty injectors, fuel pump, head gasket, or low-compression problems.

The S50-120 Interstate Diesel Platform version includes the SmokeHead, digital interface box, laptop computer, laser printer, stand, and testing accessory kit. Also available is the S50-121 Smokemeter Basic Set, designed for use by existing emissions inspecting and repair stations. Optional testing accessories include a magnetic tach kit, oil temperature kit, and optical tach kit. For complete details, contact OTC, 655 Eisenhower Dr, Owatonna MN 55060.

Through-hardened bearings an alternative from Timken

The Timken Co has added through-hardened K-Series bearings for heavy-duty trailers. Traditionally, Timken has offered only case-carburized bearing products. These bearings have a tough ductile core combined with a wear-resistant outer surface. The core enhances the ability to endure heavy shock loads without damage. It also improves the ability to operate under misalignment.

However, through-hardened bearings, which have a more uniform hardness throughout, adequately meet performance requirements in many applications. If the application is free of shock loads, is relatively clean, and is not highly misaligned, then Timken through-hardened bearings may be a cost-efficient alternative. For more information, contact Timken, 1835 Dueber Ave SW, PO Box 6932, Canton OH 44706-0932.

Play Detectors find wear on variety of components

Josam Products Inc's new Play Detectors detect worn chassis, suspension, brake, and steering components safely and easily.

Hydraulic force is applied to plates anchored to the shop floor, which simultaneously moves the tires parked on them longitudinally and laterally. This motion re-creates forces acting on the vehicle during actual operation, which allows an inspector to observe components without risk. The operator can put his hand on a part and feel the motion while controlling the Play Detector's activation. All axles on all vehicles can be tested.

Play Detectors can be used over a pit or on a floor. For further details, contact Josam, 8849 Exchange Dr, Orlando FL 32809.

Fabco generator: size matters

Fabco Power's new modular high-tech electric power hydraulic generator system offers a compact size for mobile AC power applications. This generator is now available in 7.5- and 10-kw versions that supply 120/240 volts; frequency regulation is +/-0%.

Easy to install, the system requires no adjustments. It includes generator, motor, cooler, tank, filter, pump, soft start, digital meters, and electronic control unit (patent pending).

For complete details, contact Fabco, PO Box 582, Chester NY 10918.

Blast cleaner can do 1,100 shoes per shift

Viking Corp has released the 48B indexing brake shoe blaster, which can blast-clean 1,100 shoes per shift. This product uses center-fed blast wheels located on the rear of the machine and is also available in a sister 48W indexing, washer. The small footprint fits well within a brake shoe reconditioning work cell. For more information, contact Viking, 3810 N Toben, Wichita KS 67226.

When wheels seize, Wheel Grabber frees

The Wheel Grabber from Kiene Diesel Accessories provides a safe and effective solution for removing seized/frozen hub-piloted wheels. To use the Wheel Grabber, pulling chains are placed into the wheel's hand holes, and a hub socket is centered on the hub. An impact gun turns the forcing screw inward, pressing against the hub. This action draws the pulling chains tight and provides a steady uniform pull until the seized wheel is freed. For more information, contact Kiene, 325 S Fairbank St, Addison IL 60101.

Software intended for cutting machines

Vision Plus, designed by ESAB Cutting Systems for cutting machines, is a Windows-based programming package. It offers DXF File Conversion right on ESAB's Vision PC and NT Controls, simple set-up and full process control, part programming with a CAD package, and a Standard Shapes package. This software will run directly on ESAB's Windows-based CNC control and can be set up for each individual process or machine. It is now standard on Vision PC and NT controls.

Vision Plus includes a CAD package designed for two-dimensional drawing, as well as a Standard Shapes library for use in the Vision Plus layout program or for nesting with other parts.

This software supports straight or bevel cutting with oxyfuel, plasma, waterjet, and laser, plus all current marking devices. Users can cut an interior geometry with waterjet, laser, or Precision Plasma, then switch to plasma for the outside perimeter cut by selecting a few icons. Vision Plus also supports and simplifies bevel cutting for laser, plasma, or oxyfuel beveling, allowing bevel parts to be programmed and posted in seconds. The software automatically programs corner routines and tilt and rotate commands.

For full details, contact ESAB, 411 S Ebenezer Rd, PO Box 100545, Florence SC 29501-0545.

Haulmaax provided by Peterbilt, Kenworth

Hendrickson has partnered with Peterbilt and Kenworth to offer the Haulmaax truck suspension for new truck orders through their dealer networks. This new variable-rate spring system cushions the driver and helps protect cab, chassis, and body equipment from vibration and harshness.

By eliminating center bushings and improving access to components, maintenance costs are reduced. The spring system provides long service life and accessibility, while the bar pin axle connection extends bushing life and provides alignment capability for better tire wear. Shock absorbers are available to provide enhanced ride improvement in many applications; outboard mounting improves serviceability. Hendrickson Ultra Rod torque rods come standard on Haulmaax. For off-road and job-site conditions, Haulmaax offers up to 17" of loaded, diagonal wheel articulation to maintain traction with all-drive wheels.

Haulmaax is available from Peterbilt and Kenworth in 40,000- and 46,000-lb capacities. For full details, contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904.

Triad designed to extend wheel-end life

ArvinMeritor Inc has developed Triad, a trailer wheel-end system that features new seals and washers and a patented installation technique designed to achieve extended wheel-end life. This system eliminates maintenance for three years/300,000 miles in on-highway applications. This is incremental to the TB trailer axle series unitized wheel-end program, which provides a five-year/500,000-mile warranty.

The Triad system is offered on TN, TQ, and TP trailer axle models with both ferrous and aluminum hubs, and with lubricants including standard grease and semifluid grease. Triad enables the wheel-end system to achieve proper bearing preload, vent internal wheel-end pressures, and reduce wheel-end contaminant ingress.

This system has the Controlled Position Axle Nut system (C-PAN), supplied by Hub Nut Corp, which prevents interactive bearing/nut abrasion, extends oil seal and roller bearing life, reduces maintenance time, and assures improved tire wear.

For full information, contact ArvinMeritor, 2135 W Maple Rd, Troy MI 48084-7186.

Revamped FlexAir duct system maximizes space usage

Thermo King Corp's newly redeveloped FlexAir duct system features a collapsible transition section, allowing drivers to use cube space fully when loading a trailer for backhauls.

Like other duct systems, the FlexAir duct system mounts to the ceiling of a trailer. However, with the new collapsible transition section, space from the ceiling is reduced to 3.5". Not only do drivers no longer need to give up cargo space on backhauls, but loading front pallets manually to avoid duct system damage also has been eliminated.

The FlexAir transition section is made of the same material as the rest of the air transition duct: a high-density polyethylene material approved by the Food and Drug Administration for contact with food products. Designed for Thermo King's SB-200 and SB-300 trailer refrigeration units, it mates with the FlexAir bulkhead. For more information, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

Viking offers abrasive blaster

Viking Corp's 4024 RT is a roller table style pass-through shot-and-grit abrasive blaster for blasting structural metal, weldments, or plates at varying speeds. Standard four- or eight-wheel designs deliver complete coverage of the work envelope, and a variable-speed conveyor allows the operator to select the degree of surface cleanliness desired. The 40" × 24" work opening can also be modified to match work requirements. For more information, contact Viking, 3810 N Toben, Wichita KS 67226.

Aluminum hubs for R-series

Webb Wheel Products Inc has added two new aluminum hubs for R-series drive axles to its line of Platinum Series products. These hubs — part #4653 with 3/4" drive studs and part #4656 with 5/8" drive studs — each weigh 21 pounds and were designed for “short” R-series axle applications. Webb previously introduced aluminum hubs for TN and P series trailer axles. The firm says its hubs, combined with new Platinum drums, save up to 16 pounds per axle. For complete details, contact Webb, 2310 Industrial Dr SW, Cullman AL 35055.

Mudflap hanger for tractors

EZ Grip Inc has a new addition to its product line for commercial trucks: the Tractor Model EZ Grip mudflap hanger.

With these hangers, when a mudflap would normally tear off, it snaps out of the hanger instead. Drivers can replace the flaps and get back on the road.

EZ Grip mudflap hangers fit standard tractor or trailer mounting holes and bolt onto the equipment as a permanent hanger to hold any standard mudflap. Hangers are built for heavy-duty use, and springs are plated. For complete details, contact EZ Grip, PO Box 220, North Hwy 83, White River SD 57579.

Alcoa Severe Service wheels supply higher load rating

The new Alcoa Severe Service wheel has a maximum load rating up to 8,000 pounds, exceeding standard hub-piloted wheel load ratings by 700 pounds. An Alcoa 22.5" forged aluminum Severe Service wheel weighs 55 pounds, offering 31 pounds less weight than a comparable steel wheel.

Severe Service wheels offer 10-hole hub-piloted mounting with 285.75-mm bolt circles. Wheels are available in two sizes: 22.5" × 8.25" (part #885600) and 24.5" by 8.25" (part #985600).

These wheels come with a five-year limited warranty. For more information, contact Alcoa Wheel Products, 1600 Harvard Ave, Cleveland OH 44105.

Connectors employ award-winning design

Cole Hersee Co announces its new Brylite connectors for heavy-duty trucks, available in compact 12- and seven-pole sockets and plugs. The Australian Brylite design offers new flat, in-line contacts that are better-suited for tight spaces. This line features connectors with enough contacts for every circuit that must be linked between a truck and trailer. These connectors are available in the United States from Cole Hersee.

The connectors come with nickel-plated brass split pins to ensure electrical contact. Also, the spring-loaded cover protects both the plug and the socket when not in use. This design won the Industrial Design Council Award in Australia.

For more information, contact Cole Hersee, 20 Old Colony Ave, South Boston MA 02127-2467.

Michelin offers new tire

Michelin Americas Truck Tires has come out with a new trailer axle tire, the 275/70R22.5 XTY2 LRH. This tire replaces the current XTY and offers a new tread compound that provides enhanced resistance to chips and cuts and exceptional tread endurance.

The company is also introducing a new tire for high-capacity front axles, the 365/80R20 XTE2. The tread pattern features massive shoulders for scrub resistance, while the computer-aided design permits low noise and even stress distribution across the contact area. For more information, contact Michelin, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.

Unitized hub system promotes long life

Hendrickson now provides the HUS (Hendrickson Unitized System) hub on Intraax and Vantraax suspensions. HUS combines SKF Lunar hub technology and Hendrickson's patented neutral-toe axle and a newly designed journal spindle.

HUS hub units are factory-cleaned, sealed for life, and come with seals designed and fitted to prevent damage during hub installation on the spindle. Individually precision-ground to control bearing adjustment to within ±.001", these hub units provide a high-clamp load across the inner rings, ensuring bearing clearance and seal position are maintained even during vehicle cornering.

HUS hubs also benefit from synthetic grease, developed by SKF lubrication specialists to provide maximum performance under all operating conditions.

Intraax and Vantraax feature Hendrickson's rigid axle/beam connection combined with Tri-Functional bushings, resulting in ride softness and stability. The Quik-Align feature provides fast, accurate axle alignment.

Hendrickson offers HUS on 23,000- and 25,000-lb-capacity Intraax primaries and 40,000, 50,000-, and 46,000-lb-capacity Vantraax slider systems. For more details, contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904.

Jazz supplies AC juice, DC jump-starts

Xantrex Technology's Jazz Portable Power 250 uses an electronic device, known as an inverter, to produce household power from a battery source. Jazz has two AC electric outlets, and DC power from the system can jump-start vehicles. It offers a safety feature that warns (and shuts down) if cables are connected incorrectly to a battery.

Jazz is safe for indoor use and requires no installation or maintenance. The system integrates a 17-amp-hour battery and 250-watt inverter to produce AC power. The product has a built-in fluorescent light and a run time of more than 20 hours.

To recharge Jazz, the unit can be plugged into a standard wall outlet using the AC charger, which is part of the Jazz package. The system can also be recharged from a vehicle's cigarette lighter socket using the DC charge cable included with the unit, or by using a solar panel.

Jazz can run a cordless phone for 37 hours, AM-FM radios for 20 hours, 8" fans for 8 hours, a laptop computers for six hours, and 13" TVs for 2.5 hours. The system can also run 12-volt products like mobile phones for 33 hours or a CD player for 17 hours.

For full details, contact Xantrex, 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4B5.

Dust Collector product line grows bigger

USFilter SPG has expanded its Dust Collector product line. Besides a new fabric filter design, the company offers a larger variety of cartridge-style collectors. More options for cartridge placement mean that USFilter can offer a larger range of machine sizes, and can address the requirements of each application, including ventilation concerns and space constraints.

Cartridge-style dust collector units use an on-line, compressed-air pulse cleaning system with venturis, diaphragm valves, and electronically controlled solenoid valves to ensure that optimum cleaning pressure and flow characteristics are achieved consistently throughout the cleaning cycle. At the heart of the system are multi-pleated element cartridges manufactured by MPF Engineered Filters.

USFilter also introduces a new fabric filter dust collector with a top inlet design. The high inlet with a down-flow design forces dust-laden air down toward the hopper, allowing heavier dust to drop out before it reaches the filter bags. This design permits higher air-to-cloth ratios. For more details, contact USFilter, 1605 E Hwy 34, Suite A, Newnan GA 30265.

Lift-A-Deck II maximizes cargo capacity

Ancra International's Lift-A-Deck II uses narrow aluminum, low-profile aircraft style cargo track and high-strength beams to create a second deck height for palletized freight.

The Ancra standard beams have a 2,200-lb load rating and are easily moved by one operator. When not in use, the beams can be pushed up to the roof for safe and secure storage.

Beams can be positioned in 1" increments. This allows the second tier to be located as low as possible, reducing the trailer's center of gravity and increasing safety. The track features an internal locking design to help protect against forklift damage.

A choice of track styles is available, and most can be flush- or surface-mounted to provide complete protection from cargo damage. Track comes in standard 72" and 100" lengths; custom lengths are available. If needed, track can be made as an integral part of the sidewall structure.

The Lift-A-Deck II track can secure the load by using accessories including cargo straps, tie-offs, and decking/shoring beams. For more information, contact Ancra, 2685 Circleport Dr, Erlanger KY 41018.

Metal-cutting blades last longer, cut faster

DeWALT Industrial Tool Co's new dry-cut metal-cutting saw blades for ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel materials last up to 40 times longer than abrasive wheels and cut up to eight times faster than portable band saws without snagging or creating burrs. Made with specially formulated carbide and titanium, these blades cut pipe, threaded rod, tubing, angle iron, and other materials using dry-cut metal-cutting saws.

The new blades include:

  • 12" and 14" heavy-gauge metal blades for cutting 1/8" to 1/4" section and 2" solid material

  • 14" light-gauge metal blades for cutting 25 gauge to 1/8" section

  • 12" and 14" stainless steel blades for cutting 26 gauge to 3/16" section and 1" solid material

For further details, contact DeWALT, 701 E Joppa Rd, Baltimore MD 21286.

Brake Sentry brings guesswork to a halt

With the Brake Sentry visual brake stroke indicator, a driver can visually inspect and identify unsafe, out-of-adjustment conditions. The industry-recommended “applied stroke” inspection procedure can eliminate the need for mechanics to mark and measure applied stroke at each brake chamber. This also eliminates unnecessary and damaging manual adjustments to automatic slack adjusters; identifies hard-to-detect problems; and reduces driver reports, road calls, downtime, fines, and out-of-service violations. For full details, contact Brake Sentry, PO Box 2256, Asheville NC 28802.

Teflon cable wrap guards against chafing

Spirally cut Teflon cable wrap and abrasion protector for wire bundles and hydraulic hoses used in enclosed-space applications is available from M M Newman Corp.

Heli-Tube spirally cut Teflon cable wrap and abrasion protector helps guard wire bundles and hydraulic hoses routed through chassis from chafing due to vibration and rubbing against metal edges. Applied like tape, this nonflammable wrap creates a protective outer layer, is chemically inert, and operates over a -450° to 500°F range.

This protector will not produce toxic byproducts if exposed to open flame. Offered in seven sizes from 1/16" to 1½" OD for bundles up to 10" OD, it is UL-recognized and meets AMS, ASTM, and military specifications. For further details, contact M M Newman, 24 Tioga Way, PO Box 615, Marblehead MA 01945.

Aluminum extruded body added by Amthor

Amthor Inc introduces its new aluminum extruded body, which provides options that range from cranes and liftgates to various cabinet layouts and sizes.

This product is manufactured to fit any type of chassis configuration and includes a nonskid body floor to help keep cargo in place. The body also comes with interlocking configurations, a protective headboard area, a vaporproof electrical system, and aluminum “spring-assisted” pre-hung doors with stainless hardware. For complete details, contact Amthor, 1041 Route 52, Walden NY 12586.

Carlisle CFSD doubles the life of brake linings

Cohesive Friction Severe Duty (CFSD) brake linings, available from Carlisle Motion Control Industries, feature all the benefits of cohesive friction in a lining designed for severe-duty, high-temperature applications. Cohesive Friction is soft and conforming to the drum, in contrast to abrasive friction materials which “dig” into the drum. Complete heel-and-toe contact between the lining and the drum allows Carlisle to add more usable material to each lining.

These linings will provide at least double the normal life through more even distribution of heat across the friction material. In addition, these linings will at least double the life of brake drums by eliminating abrasive particles. Hot-spotting and thermal cracking are ended, brake noise and uneven tire wear are reduced, and wheel end component life is increased. Early morning brake sickness and unladen truck braking problems are eradicated. CFSD meets all FMVSS #121 guidelines and is guaranteed by Carlisle to provide a 100% increase in mileage between relines.

For more information, contact Carlisle, 4040 Lewis & Clark Dr, Charlottesville VA 22911.

Switchmats guard workers, adhere to rules

Recora Switchmat pressure-sensitive perimeter controls from Automated Machinery Inc (AMI) are designed to protect workers and conform to safety regulations.

Series 14H and 14D Switchmats are 3/8" thick and molded in solid vinyl surrounding two steel plates that form an electrode covering the entire mat to stop machinery and robots. All Switchmats comply with standards for robot and machine guarding.

Switchmats resist oil, dirt, weld spatter, harsh chemicals and liquids, and severe temperature. They are sensitive to the slightest touch of a worker's foot over 95% of the surface. Standard sensitivity is 10 to 15 pounds.

These mats can be wired to stop or start robotic applications, machinery, doors, alarms, or most types of mechanical or moving equipment. They can be customized, and activation pressure can be manufactured to meet almost any sensitivity requirement. For complete details, contact AMI, 1018 Seabrook Way, Cincinnati OH 45245.

Hydrastar actuator speeds brake response

The improved Hydrastar trailer brake actuator is designed to provide maximum safety for towed vehicles through faster brake response. Hydrastar's electrohydraulic operation solves problems common to surge brake systems, such as difficulty backing a trailer uphill or the feeling of being “pushed” by the trailer. The design also eliminates rust, corrosion, and excessive brake fade, and delivers faster brake response. Hydrastar may be actuated by either the towing vehicle's brake light circuit or an in-cab controller.

These actuators are available in two models: 800- or 1,200-psi rated output pressure. Models may be specified for use with drum or disc brakes on single, dual, or tri-axle trailers and feature standard trailer electrical wiring. Actuators are watertight and less susceptible to contamination.

An optional Carlisle emergency breakaway system is offered for all Hydrastar models. This system automatically locks the trailer brakes in case the trailer and towing vehicles become separated. Pressure to the trailer brakes is maintained for a minimum of 15 minutes, as is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation #393.43. For full information, contact Carlisle, 1031 E Hillside Dr, Bloomington IN 47401.

Spectrum offers tight temperature control

Thermo King's new Spectrum Series multi-temperature transport refrigeration systems for trailers, using the new Spectrum remote evaporators, provide up to 35% more capacity, resulting in a 20% faster pull-down and 25% more airflow.

All Spectrum multi-temperature systems feature Thermo King's new Smart Set technology, which allows temperatures to be maintained within a tight band, helping keep dehydration to a minimum and allowing produce to be delivered fresh.

The Spectrum Series also employs Whisper technology for low noise levels. The DAS (Data Acquisition System) provides total load temperature records and is a factory-installed option.

Three Spectrum systems are available for up to three multi-zone trailer requirements: the Spectrum SB, DE, and Super II. The Smart Reefer MP-IV controller is standard on the trailer systems and provides tighter temperature control by operating within a closer range using Smart Set technology. The controller also offers a keypad, system pre-trip inspection, and ongoing diagnostics. EMI-3000 comes standard on two of the three units, providing a 50% reduction in frequency of scheduled maintenance and reduced unit downtime.

For complete details, contact Thermo King, 314 W 90th St, Minneapolis MN 55420-3693.

Scissors lift built for low-volume painting

LPI Lift Systems' self-propelled curved-rail guided scissors lift with side-shifting operator platform is designed for low-volume paint operations where multiple lifts are impractical. This pneumatic/hydraulic powered personnel lift can be used to access both sides and ends of a product as it travels on the floor guide rail. The unit can be rolled off the guide rail and used as a stationary scissors platform for maintenance and fabrication. Operator platform travel ranges from a lowered platform height of 31" to a maximum raised operator platform height of 144". The 30" × 66" operator platform has a 500-lb capacity with a powered side shift of 16".

For full details, contact LPI, 800 Wisconsin St, Mailbox 10, Eau Claire WI 54703.

Maxon redesigns BMR from the ground up

Maxon Lift Corp has introduced the new BMR•A liftgate, a redesign of its BMR liftgate. The most significant change in the BMR•A is the aluminum platform option, which reduces the gate weight by up to 632 pounds.

The BMR•A offers other new features including: face-seal fittings throughout to reduce the chance of leaks; Deutsche connectors; potted-switch sealed electrical system; more open arm design; easy-access roller design; platform pin and connector design; and LED lights and bottom stops as standard equipment.

For complete details, contact Maxon, 11921 Slauson Ave, Santa Fe Springs CA 90670-2221.

Work lamp shines in all kinds of weather

Superior Signals Inc has unveiled its new 3000 series Safe-T-Alert work lamp. The Model STA3300012 features a Par 36 rubber housing that is weatherproof and shock-absorbing to protect the 4411, 12-volt DC sealed beam for longer life. Applications include fifthwheel, material handling, off-road, and utility vehicles. For additional information, contact Superior Signals, 15785 S Keeler Terrace, Olathe KS 66062.

Electric crane designed for full-size vans

An electric crane, designed for vans such as the Ford Econoline and General Motors' Express and Savana, is now available from Pickup Equipment Inc of Houston TX.

The Van Crane mounts at the rear corner of a van to maximize available cargo area. Conservatively rated at 300-lb capacity, the crane uses a remote-controlled electric winch mounted on the end of the boom to raise and lower cargo. The two-piece boom is locked in place when cargo is being lifted, but pivots in the middle as the load swings into the vehicle. The pivot point in the midpoint of the boom lets the crane operator position the load in the center of the cargo area and still have a boom length that provides the crane sufficient reach.

Inspiration for the design came from customer requests. Sewer cleaning companies specifically sought a way to get their 275-lb machines in and out of a van by using only one person for the job. However, the Van Crane has a wide range of applications, according to its manufacturer. For more information, phone Pickup Equipment Inc at 713-699-8700.

Sulfur-busting devices keep batteries fresh

VDC Electronics Inc has developed three automatic three-stage maintenance chargers and desulphator-conditioners able to handle up to six batteries at a time. Available for 12-, 24-, and 36-volt battery setups, these BatteryMINDers safely maintain batteries over extended time (at full charge), while continuously conditioning them. The units work on all types of batteries, including 12- and six-volt deep-cycle, maintenance-free, agm, gel, and sealed-valve regulated.

Models 12041, 24021, and 36131 produce high-frequency pulses, causing sulfuric acid crystals to unbond and returning acid to the electrolyte. The unit's second stage “floats” the battery at full charge without overcharging it. During the third stage, the battery is automatically desulphated.

For additional details, contact VDC, 83 Cedar Lane, PO Box 5537, Englewood NJ 07631-5537.

Reversible steering axle cuts turning radius

Somerset Axle Co LLC's patented and patent-pending reversible steering trailer axle made its debut at the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers show recently.

Intended for less-than-26,000-lb-GVW trailers, this axle is designed for use with Somerset's air bag suspension products. Advantages of a reversible steering axle in a spread-axle configuration include a reduction of up to 25% in the turning radius. Other benefits are improved trailer stability and handling, less tire wear, reduced load transfer to the tow vehicle, and less damage to freight and trailer. For more information, phone Somerset at 715-842-8899.

Air control valve supplies another way

A new MicroKing four-way air control valve complements the line of MicroKing three-way valves from the Pneumatic Division of Parker Hannifin Corp. MicroKing valves are miniature, direct-acting valves used with air, inert gas, or vacuum. Applications include rapid control of actuators, piloting of other valves, blowoff, and dispensing.

The four-way valve is offered as a direct-acting inline valve or a subbase valve. Both offer M5 or 1/8" ports with a flow of .18 Cv and a 4.8-watt solenoid. Valves feature built-in flow controls and a choice of IEM or subbase bar manifolds with side or bottom porting, as well as sandwich regulator options. Inline valves offer several porting configurations including built-in 1/4" Parker Prestolok fittings. Subbase valves use manifold-mounted regulators and offer built-in 1/4" or 6-mm tube fittings.

Both three- and four-way valves can be mounted simultaneously on a single IEM bar manifold. Manifolds also are tapped for the Valvetronic 110 collective wiring system that offers self-addressing integrated connectors and read-outs designed to promote human-machine dialog. For full details, contact Parker Hannifin, 8940 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060-2186.

With Model 12, one lamp does double duty

Truck-Lite Co Inc has introduced the new LED Model 12 combination sidemarker and clearance lamp. Measuring about 3" × 1.6" × 1.4", it is designed to operate at 14 volts and .11 amps. The lamp has an optical lens design that lets one lamp, when mounted on a 45° angle, function as two lamps. In addition, LED Model 12 is brighter, safer, and more resistant to corrosion, moisture, shock, and vibration. It also draws fewer amps and illuminates faster than an incandescent lamp. LED Model 12 lamp is compatible with Truck-Lite's existing Model 12 products, mounting holes, and accessories.

LED Model 12's circuitry is fully encapsulated in epoxy. The standard terminal receptacle design allows for quick lamp replacement with most harness systems. This lamp also has a three-year limited warranty and complies with SAE J592. For further details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

NS Series suspensions come in two models

Holland Neway International's NS Series trailer slider/air suspension system comes in two models. The NS-400 is engineered for standard, 40,000-pound dry freight and refrigerated van applications; the NS-450 model is designed for 45,000-lb heavier-duty van applications. Features of the slider include:

  • Produced from 80,000-lb-yield steel, the slider has strategically placed reinforcements to prevent buckling and racking.

  • Full-height G-shape crossmembers prevent slider racking, and crossmember spacing simplifies service access.

  • Lightweight roll-formed upper rails.

  • Qwik-Release system allows one person to reposition the slider and retract wedge slider pins with 20% less pull effort. An air pin puller is available as an option.

Highlights of the suspension include:

  • New, stronger, lighter-weight trailing arm design.

  • Three-bushing suspension design has a high fore/aft spring rate to control axle movement and reduce vibration.

  • Patented two-pin axle adapter reduces torsional axle stresses and improves trailer tracking.

  • Welded axle connection accepts most commercially available 5" round axles.

  • EZ-Align non-weld axle alignment technology does not require any welding or special tools. Alignment takes minutes.

  • Optional External Dock Locking (EDL) system automatically eliminates dock walk and dock squat.

For full details, contact Holland Neway, 1950 Industrial Blvd, PO Box 425, Muskegon MI 49443-0425.

Truck gen-set fits on Freightliner tractors

TruckGen offers a new step box pan that can house a generator on Freightliner Classic XL tractors.

Although the current Freightliner factory-built step box pan is 11" high, the TruckGen version is built with enough depth to install its compact UCT1-3.5 generator. Once the gen-set is mounted in the pan, the original factory step box lid and foot step are reattached to the box, hiding the onboard generator.

The UCT1-3.5 is the centerpiece of the TruckGen “Total Truck System,” comprised of the 3,500-watt gen-set with its own remote radiator, separate electric air- conditioning/heating units, and an electric battery charger. The gen-set weighs 160 pounds, and the air-conditioner/heater is about 90 pounds. For more information, contact TruckGen, 1732 St Johns Bluff Rd, Jacksonville FL 32246.

Cantilever-style liftgate provides auto-tilt

Waltco Truck Equipment Co now offers cantilever-style liftgates that accommodate a stationary receiver-type trailer hitch. Features of the BZ-100 and BZ-150 Series Level Lifts include:

  • Large cantilever platform keeps cargo stable on all types of terrain and allows the operator to load and unload cargo from either the rear or the side.

  • Auto-tilt feature with memory tilts the platform down at ground level for loading/unloading and returns it to a preset horizontal position.

  • Hydraulically powered open/close feature eliminates the need for manual folding.

  • Adjustable tilt cylinders prevent overtilting of the platform.

  • Electronic cylinder locks prevent the platform and cargo from lowering in case of hydraulic line failure.

  • Thermally protected power unit shuts down the power to the liftgate before heat buildup.

  • Dual-lift/dual-tilt cylinder design boosts platform control, load stability, speed, and reliability.

  • Dual cart stops keep rolling carts secure on the platform while the platform is being lowered, raised, or leveled.

  • Stationary push-button control box lets the driver operate in full view of the rear of the vehicle, platform, and cargo.

  • Hand-held remote control lets the driver operate the liftgate from the ground, platform, or bed level.

  • Weather-resistant power unit enclosure protects power unit.

  • Platform marker lights increase visibility and safety.

  • Power shut-off switch prevents unauthorized liftgate use.

  • Steel bumper pivots out of the way as platform is lowered.

For complete details, contact Waltco, 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge OH 44278.

Valve/tank assembly keeps out salt spray

Force America's VT-35 valve/tank assembly features a single rubber latched cover that encloses all components: tank, valve, filter, filler breather, sensors, valve fittings, and hose ends. The cover employs a gasketless, passive-seal design that eliminates salt spray while venting moisture. The tank is tri-point-mounted, preventing tank cracks and weld failures caused by truck chassis frame flex. The tank's 35-gallon-capacity accommodates large telescopic hoists. A high-capacity 5-micron nominal microglass filtration system assures fluid quality and lower service intervals. The VT-35 accepts all Add-A-Stack and Add-A-Fold valve offerings. Valves can be configured in either gear pump or load-sensing versions and can be controlled by air, hydraulic, cable, or electro proportional actuators. Pressure-compensated flows to 50 gpm and pressures to 6,000 psi are provided.

For full information, contact Force America, 1601 Airport Rd, Waukesha WI 53188.

Patriotic products help Red Cross relief

Purchase of Life-Time's American Eagle stainless steel quarter fenders and five-color American Eagle mudflaps generates a donation for the relief efforts of the American Red Cross.

American Eagle quarter fenders have an eagle permanently etched into a mirror stainless quarter fender with a four-color matching top flap; they come in five different models. American Series mudflaps have a similar five-color, heat-stamped logo and can also display the company name if desired. They are available in 24" × 30" and 24" × 35" sizes. For complete details, contact Life-Time, 430 W Main St, PO Box 707, Canfield OH 44406.

Xantrex lets comforts of home hit the road

Volvo now offers the Xantrex weatherproof inverter/charger as a TruckMatch option on its VNL 610, 660, and 770 models. The inverter/charger transforms DC voltage from a truck's batteries to 120-volt AC power so truckers can have the comforts of home on the road.

This inverter/charger provides 1,000 watts of continuous power and 3000 watts of peak power. When connected to “shore power” at a truckstop, terminal, or at home, all 12-volt DC and 120-volt AC loads run off the inverter/charger while it simultaneously charges batteries using a three-stage charging strategy. The inverter/charger features an integral low-voltage disconnect system that protects batteries from excessive discharge. For full information, contact Xantrex, 8999 Nelson Way, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5A 4B5.

New tire for front axles

Michelin Americas Truck Tires has announced a new tire for high-capacity front axles, the 365/80R20 XTE2. The tread pattern's shoulders resist scrubbing, while the computer-aided design minimizes noise and distributes stress across the contact area. A cool-running casing from dual tread compounds allows for superior retreadability.

For more information, contact Michelin North America Inc, One Parkway South, PO Box 19001, Greenville SC 29602-9001.

Air-compensated pintle hooks lock safely

Buyers Products Co has added two new 45-ton air-compensated pintle hooks to its line of towing products. These rigid-type pintle hooks feature a “double-safe” locking system with a lock/clasp/impact arm interacting design that combine to prevent release of the eye when air pressure is applied. The air-actuated plunger provides cushion, reducing trailer jerk.

The P45AC4 is designed for use with a lunette eye having an internal diameter between 2⅜" and 3", and a material cross-section between 1¼" and 1¾". It is constructed for four-bolt mounting.

The P45AC6 is designed for use with a lunette eye having an internal diameter between 2⅜" and 3", and a material cross-section between 1⅝" and 1¾". It also is constructed for four-bolt mounting.

Both are available individually, or in complete kits that include brake chamber, bracket, and mounting hardware. For more information, contact Buyers Products, 7700 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060.

QuickRack racks up pluses for its versatility, simplicity

For pickup truck owners who want the flexibility of an equipment rack without it being a permanent fixture, QuickRack fills their requirements.

This rack is installed or removed in less than three minutes and stores in a small area. No holes need drilling and no rail system need mounting. Except for Super Duty cabs, QuickRack fits all pickup trucks with access to the underside of the bed rail. A patented attachment allows rack sections to be positioned anywhere along the bed rail.

Strength-tested at 1,500 pounds, the unit has a cargo capacity of 500 pounds. It comes with a five-year warranty. For complete details, contact QuickRack Inc, 4539 E Vermont, Phoenix AZ 85018.

Structural blast systems provide flexible design

Newly designed Trublast structural blast systems are suitable for installation in existing buildings where height restrictions of 19 feet or less exist. The flexible design accommodates either four or eight blast wheels and includes many standard features found on BCP high-production machines.

Trublast systems feature the BCP one-piece cast-manganese wheel pod that positions blast wheels at an optimum work angle. The cast-manganese blast wheel housing with patented Radial Targetlok control cage and tapered V-Lok blades makes BCP blast wheel easy to set up and maintain. Machines are factory pre-wired and function-tested. Trublast structural systems from BCP include a floor-mounted abrasive adder/storage hopper, access ladder, and upper maintenance platform. Blast wheels are available in traditional eight- or more efficient 12-blade arrangements. A structural monorail roof slot with double-layer polyurethane roof seal and roll conveyor spaced at 24" provide material handling flexibility. Optional features include spill hoppers, blowoff, external conveyors, and PLC controls.

For complete information, contact USF Surface Preparation Group, 2410 Speers Rd, Unit 3 & 4, Oakville, Ontario, Canada L6L 5MZ.

M700 fender never gets bent out of shape

Spray Control Systems Inc's new Minimizer M700 plastic fender for bulk and tank trailers works for all Class 7 and 8 truck and trailer applications. It is designed for aerodynamic looks, easier access to the fifthwheel pin, and longevity. According to SCSI, the fenders will hold up to major impacts, and even hide scuff marks left behind.

Made of high-density polyethylene material, the M700 is impervious to chemicals, heat, cold, bumps, and dings. It keeps rocks and water spray off loads and the back of truck cabs, and it keeps tiedown straps and bottoms of truck bodies free of slush and mud.

The Minimizer line also has mounting options available from stainless steel to composite plastic fenders. Most styles can be installed in a few hours. For more details, contact Spray Control Systems Inc, Route 3, Box 247C, Blooming Prairie MN 55917.

Underbed boxes keep the elements at bay

New Jobox white steel underbed boxes from Delta Consolidated Industries Inc provide weather resistance, strength, and dependability. A wide rain gutter surrounds the entire door opening to channel water away from the interior. Features include a long-life, automotive-style bulb and EPDM Neoprene weather stripping surrounding the door opening.

Available in several sizes and lengths, the steel black underbed boxes have high-strength reinforced, 12-gauge cold-rolled steel doors and 14-gauge bodies. A stainless steel rotating T-handle locks the door at the top and on both sides for greater resistance to forced entry. The door is equipped with cold-rolled 3/4" steel hinges with 1/2" stainless steel hinge pins. For more information, contact Delta, 2728 Capital Blvd, Raleigh NC 27604.

Prestobloc fittings perform varied functions

Parker Hannifin Corp's Prestobloc pilot-operated blocking fittings are pneumatically controlled check valves that mount onto both ports of an air cylinder to block movement of the piston rod at any selected positions. They also function as safety devices by preventing the exhausting of air from the cylinder in case of a power failure.

These fittings use an internal diaphragm poppet valve, which is controlled by a separate pilot signal. The pilot signal operating on the diaphragm holds the spring-loaded poppet valve open. Removing the pilot signal allows the spring to close the valve, trapping air in the cylinder. The fittings can be incorporated as part of a safety stop system to help prevent descent under load in case of power failure, as a stroke control to stop the piston in various positions for conveying and handling objects, and as a safety lock for assembly and punch presses. They also can be used along with an emergency switch to permit restarting the cylinder after resetting the emergency switch.

For further information, contact Parker Hannifin, Catalog Services Dept, 8940 Tyler Blvd, Mentor OH 44060-2186.

When space is tight, Model 35 LED is right

Truck-Lite Co Inc's new Model 35 LED combination lamp can mount virtually anywhere an incandescent Model 35 is used. Measuring 1.30" high × 4.00" long × 0.75" wide, the new lamp accepts all existing mounts and plug assemblies. With its “peaked roof” design, it can function as a clearance and marker lamp on corners of trailers and truck bodies. When mounted at a 45° angle, the lamp meets all photometric requirements for forward (marker) and side (clearance) lighting. Available in red and amber versions, the lamp draws 0.11 amps at 13.5 volts.

Kits are available under part numbers 35075R (red) and 35075Y (yellow) and include combination lamp and Fit 'N Forget plug. An extruded aluminum armored mounting bracket (#35720) is sold separately. Wiring is routed through a larger 0.65" access hole in the base of the bracket to protect lamps from damage. For complete details, contact Truck-Lite, 310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

Wheel-weighing scale can be linked in series

A portable wheel-weighing scale that can be linked in series for mobile inspection of multiaxle trucks, RVs, aircraft, and other vehicles is being introduced by Alliance Scale Inc.

The Alliance/CAS RW-Series wheel-weighing scale features cast-aluminum construction, has a 1" LCD illuminated display, is battery-operated, and comes with an AC adapter/charger. Available in 10,000- and 20,000-lb-capacity models, up to six scales can be linked for multiaxle vehicles and display individual or total weight in pounds or kilograms.

Accurate to 1% of vehicle weight, this scale provides digital filtering to compensate for vibrations, has a standard printer port, and operates 20 hours on a single charge. Designed to handle 150% overload, single- and double-width models measuring 18" × 21.1" × 2.4" and 28.3" × 22.3" × 2.4", respectively, are available.

For more information, contact Alliance Scale, 1020 Turnpike Rd/PO Box 509, Canton, MA 02021-0509.

Recycle waste oil on-site, save on heating

Even shops with low volumes of waste oil can recycle on-site and save heating costs with Shenandoah Mfg Co Inc's new Model 145 waste oil heater. The Model 145 delivers 144,200 Btu/hour of warmth and burns waste oil, transmission fluid, and even regular heating oil. The smallest heater offered by Shenandoah, the Model 145 includes all features of larger heaters. Shenandoah's patented burner with slide-gun assembly is designed for easy maintenance, and its swingout mounting enhances accessibility. The heat exchanger come with a 10-year limited warranty.

For more information, contact Shenandoah, 1070 Virginia Ave, Harrisonburg VA 22802.

Boxed dump valve a match for Vantraax, K-2

Hendrickson has begun production of the Boxed Dump Valve, another design for installation on Vantraax and all K-2 trailer slider boxes. This unit provides a manual dump control fitted in a protective enclosure to shield the valve from the elements and road debris. The control features a ball valve, brass body, and chrome-plated brass ball, which rides in Teflon seals.

This unit is predrilled with holes to bolt directly to the Quik-Draw panel on the driver side of the K-2 slider. A top flange on the mounting panel also allows the unit to be mounted by bolting or welding below any trailer floor crossmembers or other structural members.

A rubber strap keeps the door firmly closed when in the latched position. It has a large T-handle for opening and locking, and the mounting panel has zinc plating and a stainless steel hinge. For full details, contact Hendrickson, 800 S Frontage Rd, Woodridge IL 60517-4904.

Hercules dairy body includes integral skirt

Hercules Mfg Co's new refrigerated dairy body has an integral skirt with sheet-and-post construction, galvanized or Kemlite interior linings, steel or aluminum treadplate or extruded aluminum flooring, and a 46" to 48" floor height (depending upon chassis).

Cold-plate blower units combined with standard Hercu-Loc urethane foaming technology provide thermal efficiency even on long multistop routes.

Rear door options include single rear, two- and three-panel full opening, roll-up, sliding, and swing-sliding. Side door options include reach-in, single, and sliding. Fluorescent interior dome lighting options also are offered.

Decal installation before riveting gives customers the flat decal presentation. For additional information, contact Hercules, PO Box 497, Henderson KY 42419.

Easygauge eliminates manual measuring

Automec has introduced Easygauge, a single-axis programmable stop for punching or drilling applications. Easygauge speeds productivity by eliminating manual measuring and layout. Hole-to-hole accuracy is also increased.

Easygauge comes in travel lengths from 6 to 30 feet. An operator programs in a series of dimensions and manually sets a guide that determines the front-to-back location of the holes. The operator pushes the workpiece against the stop, cycles the punch, then Easygauge moves to the next position, and so on.

The control requires no programming expertise and can store repeat jobs in memory. Easygauge includes the control, moving stop, and solid support table with legs. Optional roller tables are available. Accuracy is +/-.005", and speed is 400" per minute. A video is available showing 6-ft travel operation in both a light and heavy application. For complete details, contact Automec, 82 Calvary St, Waltham MA 02453.

Lamp equipped with clear lens and housing

Truck-Lite Co Inc provides new clear lens and housing Model 19 (3.78" × 1.23" × 13/16") clearance/marker lamps. Since light-emitting diodes (LEDs) emit colored light, the red or amber of the diode will be seen even though the optical lens is colorless.

These new lamps are interchangeable with standard Model 19 lamps. They can be combined with gray, black, or chrome bases. An unlit lamp with a chrome base is virtually unnoticeable when mounted on stainless steel.

The Model 19 has all its electronics completely scaled in epoxy to resist shock, vibration, corrosion, and weather. The polycarbonate lens and housing resist abrasion and impact, and each lamp is covered by a three-year limited warranty.

At 13.5 volts, each lamp draws 0.05 amps. A full complement of FMVSS 108-required clearance and marker lamps will draw little more than half the current of a single incandescent lamp.

Model 19 lamps are recommended where space is at a premium, such as on narrow upper rails. Truck-Lite Model 19 LEDs feature standard connectors. For more details, contact Truck-Lite, 1310 E Elmwood Ave, Falconer NY 14733.

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