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Rubber clamps join Buyers Products line

Buyers Products Co has added rubber clamps to its line of truck and trailer hardware. Designed for work trucks, off-road vehicles, military equipment, law enforcement, fire trucks, ATVs, RVs or on any wall, the rubber clamps are particularly suitable for marine applications.

Adjustable straps provide flexibility to secure items such as shovels, axes, hoses rifles/shotguns, fishing gear, and fire extinguishers. They can also be used as a pipe stand-off.

Constructed of transportation-grade rubber, the clamps are UV-resistant and not affected by heat or cold.

Two sizes are available. The RC10L holds objects between 2½" and 9½" in diameter and has a 50-lb safe working load. The RC10S holds objects between 1/2" and 2½" and supports 22 pounds.

E-mail Brian Smith at [email protected] for further details.

Nylon plastic sight gauge guard from Zinga

Zinga Industries Inc has added a new 5" nylon plastic sight gauge guard. Features and benefits of the guard include:

  • Glass-filled nylon construction
  • Excellent sight gauge protection
  • Weather resistance
  • Impact resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Light weight
  • Economical to use versus equivalent powdercoated aluminum guard

For more information, phone 608-524-4200.

Brake lining product built for longevity

Designed for longer lining and drum life and quieter braking, CCM2423 heavy-duty friction brake lining has been introduced by Brake Pro Ltd. Identified by a metallic light red edge, the CCM2423 product was specifically developed by the company for 23,000-lb GAWR vehicles operating in linehaul and vocational truck fleets.

The CCM formula developed by Brake Pro combines three formulation concepts into one brake lining:

  • Conformable, the compressibility of the brake lining, provides greater surface contact.

  • Cohesive, transfer film technology, enhances compatibility between lining and drum.

  • Metallic refers to the metallic fibers added to provide superior thermal capacity and diffusivity, allowing the brake lining to run cooler.

Fleets choosing these application-specific CCM brake linings experience longer maintenance intervals due to longer drum and lining life as well as superior stopping performance, the firm says. For more information, contact Brake Pro, Kennesaw GA.

Fabick pours on quality choices

Fabick Inc, developer of the patented “poured-on” technology, offers more choices, from its sprayed-on to its Poured-on to its Heavyweight protective coatings. Fabick applications include dump and service trucks, trailer floors and walls, sand and salt spreaders, utility trailers, and truck bodies.

Tested under standard application conditions, Fabick sprayed-on bedliner was substantially below the OSHA PEL exposure limits and ACGIH guidelines. Fabick's sprayed-on coatings offer safe spraying alternatives without booths and equipment. Poured-on offers a mirror-smooth finish for cleaner load release, can handle up to 350° F, and wears better than steel. Heavyweight, available through Fabick dealers, combines the strength of Poured-on with a spray-on bedliner over the top for a uniform look and non-skid textured surface.

E-mail Joe Fabick at [email protected] for more details.

A new generation of Shear Genius emerges

Finn-Power International Inc is providing a new generation of the Shear Genius flexible manufacturing cell. The Shear Genius concept offers savings of up to 10% in material consumption compared with traditional fabricating methods. Other characteristics of integrated shearing are high capacity and low maintenance requirements. Easy programming means flexibility through short setup times.

Shear Genius combines the punching, forming, and tapping versatility of a modern turret punch press with quality shearing for separating the components. Unlike laser cutting, only electricity and compressed air are required, while edge quality is more than sufficient for most manufacturing tasks. In general, few components cannot be economically fabricated with a right angle shear.

Automatic component exit allows reliable sorting and stacking of parts by various modular Finn-Power systems. Thus, Shear Genius and linear-drive Shear Brilliance serve as key units in automatic manufacturing lines like Night Train FMS. Similarly, automatic transfer to a bending cell or a press brake equipped with a robot is available. Shear Genius models process sheet up to 60" × 165" (1,500 × 4,200 mm) in size and 0.16" (4 mm) in thickness (mild steel).

For more details, contact Finn-Power, Schaumburg IL.

For less brake drum weight, go for the GOLD

Accuride Corp introduces the Gunite Optimum Lightweight Drum (GOLD). Gunite Corp, a subsidiary of Accuride, supplies wheel-end systems and components for the heavy- and medium-duty truck market.

“GOLD brake drums are designed to be an optimum balance between durability and thermal capability, providing the performance of Gunite's standard full-cast drums, yet saving as much as 170 pounds vs standard full-cast drums on a typical tractor/trailer combination,” said Larry Taylor, Accuride's senior vice-president of sales and marketing.

“During two years of GOLD drum field-testing, fleets reported longer drum life without increased lining wear,” said Dr Omar Fakhoury, vice-president/General Manager of Gunite. “Collectively, drum life expectancy was reported to increase in front (steer) axle applications by 50% to 75%, rear (drive) axle applications by 20% to 50%, and trailer axle applications by 20% to 40%. Gunite field-testing is also showing that GOLD brake drums are effective in reducing brake drum ‘squeal’ vs lightweight steel shell composite brake drums.”

For more details, contact Accuride, Santa Fe Springs CA.

Fuel tank combos fit short-, long-bed pickups

Transfer Flow Inc has introduced 30- and 50-gallon toolbox and refueling tank combos--great for manually filling a fuel tank as well as filling other vehicles or equipment. The 30-gallon unit will fit short- and long-bed pickup trucks, while the 50-gallon unit will fit long-bed pickups only.

Toolbox and refueling tank combos come pre-assembled with a 12-volt pump inside the locking storage compartment. The fuel nozzle is mounted on the outside of the toolbox and comes with an 8-foot hose. The storage compartment of the 30-gallon unit has about 4½ cubic feet of space, while the 50-gallon unit has a storage area of about 8 cubic feet. Tanks are made from 14-gauge aluminized steel for rust resistance and strength, and they are mounted inside the aluminum diamondplate shell of the toolbox. The tanks are baffled to reduce sloshing.

Transfer Flow refueling tanks come with a Department of Transportation exemption number, allowing them to carry gasoline, diesel, ethanol, and methanol fuels. An optional riser kit allows several sheets of plywood or sheetrock to be stored under the tank.

For more information, contact Transfer Flow, Chico CA.

Fleetcraft J Model has 50,000-lb capacity

The Fleetcraft J Model landing gear is provided by New Life Transport Parts Center.

This 50,000-lb-capacity landing gear is available in outside/inside mount with sandshoe or cushion foot group. As with other Fleetcraft landing gear, it meets Truck Trailer Manufacturers Association/American Association of Railroads (TTMA/AAR) specifications.

E-mail [email protected] for further details.

When these fuses blow, an LED glows

Waytek Inc's new ATO and ATM (mini) fuses have an LED light that illuminates when the fuse is blown, providing easy identification of blown fuses in hard-to-reach fuse panels.

These fuses come in ATO and ATM styles and are color-coded to let the user know the right amperage of fuse to replace. For circuits that have a history of blown fuses, replacement is simple.

For more information or to request a free catalog, contact Waytek, Chanhassen MN.

Airtek, HTB available on International trucks

International Truck and Engine Corp offers Hendrickson's Airtek integrated front air suspension and HTB 400LT lightweight rear air suspension on 9200i and 9400i trucks.

Airtek, an integrated front axle and air suspension system, helps improve steer-tire life and residual value, and reduces weight by up to 100 pounds compared with a standard front axle and suspension. It helps protect against bumps and potholes, and the axle-section and leaf-spring geometry produce improvements of up to 30% in ride and 64% in roll stability. Airtek's rubber suspension bushings eliminate lubrication requirements, while the two-piece knuckle steering design simplifies service.

Hendrickson's HTB 400LT weighs up to 250 pounds less than typical 40,000-pound-capacity suspensions. The patented, non-torque reactive design helps deliver quiet, smooth operation. By controlling suspension windup and frame rise, HTB helps minimize wear and tear on U-joints, pinion bearings, and other driveline components. Unlike other air suspensions that carry the vertical load on a combination of steel springs and air springs, HTB rides on a full cushion of air. By carrying 100% of the vertical load on specially designed air springs, HTB delivers up to a 34% ride improvement.

For more information, contact Hendrickson Truck Suspension Systems, Woodridge IL.

Winches combine power with efficiency

Superwinch introduces its new EP Series Super-Duty self-recovery winches for users who need an efficient yet powerful pulling system. These winches are designed for heavy-duty trucks and SUVs with their proven strength and reliability.

The EP12.5 has a rated line pull of 12,500 pounds, a 5.6-horsepower series-wound motor, and 125 feet of 3/8"-diameter wire rope. The EP16.5 has a rated line pull of 16,500 pounds, a 5.6-hp series-wound motor, and 90 feet of 7/16"-diameter wire rope.

Both models feature reliable, sealed switching solenoids and power-in/power-out operation. They include a free-spooling drum; all-metal, three-stage planetary gearbox; automatic load-holding mechanical brake; 15-ft hand-held remote; heavy-duty roller fairlead; forged hook with safety latch; and handsaver strap. Either 12- or 24-volt configurations can be provided.

These winches come fully pre-wired. Solenoids are furnished pre-mounted to the winch motor but can be easily mounted remotely.

For more details, contact Superwinch, Putnam CT.

Comeq expands Americor bending roll line

Comeq Inc has added four new heavy-duty models to its Americor line of three-roll single pinch bending rolls. These new offerings expand the range of models with roll diameters of 7.87"' (200 mm) and feature hydraulically powered lower pinch roll and rear bending roll adjustment, and hydraulic drop end as standard features. An electronic digital readout displaying the position of the rear bending roll is also standard.

These machines are now offered in lengths of 4', 5', 6', 8', and 10', with capacities from 1/4" to 9/16". Cone bending is facilitated by the standard cone bending attachment and the power tilting of the rear roll. Rolls are hardened to 45 Rc so scarring of the rolls during cone rolling is virtually eliminated.

Rapid gap setting of the lower pinch roll is featured on these machines. By inserting a small piece of material of the thickness to be rolled into a gap-setting device next to the control console, the device will automatically stop the elevating of the powered pinch roll when the thickness gap is correct. The customer can have a set of small thickness templates that can be used to speed the set-up of the next rolling job.

Liburdi goes orbital with latest technology

Liburdi Dimetrics has unveiled its latest generation of welding systems.

The latest addition to the Gold Track family, the new Gold Track VI provides 600 amps of current combined with the patented Pulsweld aerospace-derived technology to produce a crisp, stable welding arc every time. With up to eight servos of wire and motion control, hotwire, USB ports, and Internet connectivity, this system can operate virtually any weld head. The Gold Track is also available in a Variable Polarity (VP) model for welds on aluminium and other superalloys.

The P300 features Liburdi's aerospace-derived technology in power sources and embedded controls. Its modular, lightweight design goes beyond a single inverter (normally used in welding) by feeding its output to a Pulsweld current module. The result is an advanced, efficient, portable 300-amp welding system for applications ranging from high-purity to high-volume industrial service.

The PTW160's minimal weight and shoulder strap make it transportable into areas where conventional welding systems cannot reach. Everything needed to perform clean room and high-purity welds is packaged into a small, portable welding system. It comes with a direct-cooled 160-amp inverter power supply, arc starter, and integral controller, as well as optional built-in water cooler and printer.

For more information, contact Liburdi, Davidson NC.

Waltco raises WDL liftgate higher

Waltco Truck Equipment Co introduces the Waltco Direct Lift (WDL) Ultra Series (US) rail-type liftgate.

The WDL US, which comes in steel or aluminum platform models, carries the same dependability, design, and reduced maintenance requirements as the original WDL series, while incorporating new features including:

  • Stationary hardened steel rollers with stainless steel retaining pins.

  • 11"-deep columns and deep sill extensions that reduce the distance a dock plate is required to span.

  • Fully recessed controls with a new three-wire plug-and-play design and weather-sealed quick connectors.

  • Platform auto-latch system that engages automatically when the platform is raised to the stored transit position and two driver-friendly latch release handles that are easily accessible on the curbside column.

  • Recessed multi-diode LED lights for either trucks or trailers.

  • Steel-wrap reinforced columns that provide twice the crush resistance.

  • Weather-tight power unit enclosures with a non-corrosive plastic cover.

The WDL US offers models in four weight capacities: 3,500, 4,500, 5,500, and 6,600 pounds.

For more details, contact Waltco, Tallmadge OH.

NYPLAS prevents leaks and saves time

Manufacturers can prevent leaks without the need for time-consuming in-house application of O-rings, gasket seals, or sealant compounds with the NYPLAS sealing process from Nylok Corp.

The NYPLAS process applies a Plastisol material under the heads of fasteners, pop-style rivets, and double-ended flanged screws to seal out water, dust, and air. The black sealant — processed at ISO-9002/QS9000 certified facilities — meets major automotive specifications and also provides noise-dampening anti-rattle. NYPLAS is reusable and will not shrink or dry out from age or exposure to elevated temperatures.

For more information, contact Nylok, Macomb MI.

TireSavers generate nitrogen for tire filling

New from Parker Hannifin Corp are the TireSaver nitrogen generators for truck and automobile tire filling. By using dry nitrogen gas instead of compressed air to inflate tires, one will maintain proper inflation pressure and prevent a major cause of tire failures.

Dry nitrogen gas will extend tire life by up to 20% and improve fuel efficiency by up to 3.3%. In addition, it provides more consistent tire pressure and reduces or eliminates the need to check tire pressures and top off tires.

Other benefits to inflating tires with nitrogen include cooler run temperatures and elimination of rim corrosion and stem clogging.

Five different systems are available to service applications from a small repair garage to large fleet service stations. These wall-mountable systems are designed to produce nitrogen gas from standard compressed air. The systems are shipped complete with a two-stage system of protective pre-filters and a carbon filter, enabling the tire inflation system to be used on any compressed air system. For full details, contact Parker, Haverhill MA.

Vantraax delivers flexibility to carry loads

Hendrickson's new single-axle slider delivers all the advantages of the Vantraax for various refrigerated and dry van trailer suspension configurations. The Vantraax (HKANT 23K) provides a lightweight tapered-beam, 23,000-lb-capacity system that delivers flexibility in axle spacing and enhanced load distribution, especially on single-axle trailers.

Combine Vantraax single-axle systems for double the adjustability in tandem-axle trailers, allowing axle sets from widespread to closed spaced, or use it as a third axle with a tandem suspension system. However, the HKANT 23K is not currently approved for multi-trailer applications.

Standard with Hendrickson's Advanced Axle/Beam Technology (AXT), the single-axle slider teams tapered-beams and a large-diameter axle (LDA), which increases the diameter of a traditional axle to 5¾".

The Vantraax single-axle comes standard with Quik-Draw, a fully pneumatic, pin-pull mechanism to simplify slider repositioning. For applications not requiring a sliding subframe, a “fixed-pin” option allows permanent setting of the rigid structure in a specific location under the trailer, eliminating the need for welding or bolting the box to the trailer frame.

For full information, contact Hendrickson, Canton OH.

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