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Avalanche spreader installs in 15 minutes

New for 2006, the Avalanche dump box salt/sand spreader connects to a dump body in about 15 minutes. Just slide it through an opening in the truck tailgate and lock it with a pin. Use it for salting or sanding and quickly disconnect it to haul other material; there's no need to change the whole dump body anymore.

This unit can carry a bigger payload than with a V-Box, and it costs less than a combination body because it is installed on an existing dump body without conversions. It weighs less than other such products, which makes it easier to install and disconnect.

The low-maintenance spreader has pre-lubricated bearings that do not need greasing for the first season. Components such as spinner deflector shields, driveshaft covers, and fasteners are made of stainless steel. Service points are at the rear of the unit, at arm's reach.

These salt/sand spreaders are guaranteed for one full year; choose from stainless or carbon steel models and various sizes. E-mail [email protected] for full details.

Onboard scale monitors snow loading

TruckWeight, a manufacturer of onboard scales for commercial trucks, tractors, and trailers, says owner-operators and truck fleets are using the company's wireless onboard scale to monitor the effects of snow loading.

Called Smart Scale, the scale gives drivers precise information about the weight of their vehicle even as it's traveling down the road. Designed for trucks, tractors, and trailers with air suspensions, it includes a sensor with an integrated antenna, DOT fittings for the vehicle's air line, and a wireless handheld receiver.

The sensor measures temperature and pressure changes in the air suspension and relays data to the handheld receiver using a low-power radio transmitter. A computer in the receiver interprets the information and provides an axle weight and gross vehicle weight measurement accurate to within 150 pounds. It produces readings once per minute, and every three seconds when sensors detect the truck being loaded.

The wireless receiver has a range of 100 feet, allowing readings from the truck cab or loader or while the vehicle is running on the road. Because there are no wires to thread into the cab, most truck operators can install and calibrate the sensors themselves in less than an hour with no special skills or tools. Smart Scale's weatherproof, shock-resistant, and non-corrosive housing requires no regular maintenance, and the sensors are accurate in temperature extremes ranging from -40° to 158° F (-40° to 70° C) and use common AA batteries.

More information is available by e-mailing Peter Panagapko at [email protected].

Western array gives snow/ice a meltdown

Western Products has introduced the MVP Plus V-plow, which comes in 7½', 8½', and 9½' sizes in steel or poly. New hydraulics produce a superior operating speed, and trip-edge design and double-acting cylinders are standard.

Also new from the firm is the Tornado poly/electric hopper spreader, which has 1.25-cubic-yard capacity and spreads sand, salt, or a sand/salt mixture. A belt conveyer, powered by a ½-horsepower electric motor, delivers a more even flow of material. A quick-detach spinner simplifies removal and storage. Standard top screen with two-piece poly cover doubles as a spill guard to keep material out of the truck bed.

Western is also offering Nighthawk halogen plow lights. Two-stud mounting reduces shock and vibration, and state-of-the art reflector optics provide a smooth, wide beam pattern. The lens is adhesive bonded lens to seal out water; a 1,500-hour, H13 headlamp bulb minimizes replacement.

Access for further details.

Meyer's new snow-control equipment ensures reliability and efficiency

Meyer Products' new Super-V plow, available in 8.5- and 9.5-foot sizes, offers a 70-degree attack angle and 30-inch height. The Super-V's bottom-trip design holds most of its load if an obstruction trips the plow, reducing the number of passes required to finish a job. The bottom-trip design also allows the plow to trip regardless of how the wings are configured.

This plow is backed with the new ROC Solid Warranty, a three-year warranty that covers all new Meyer plow systems purchased after Aug 1, 2006 and includes both parts and labor. The company also offers a five-year structural steel warranty.

Meyer has extended its line of contractor-grade Aggressor moldboards with the introduction of a trip-edge version of its moldboard. With a 75-degree attack angle and high profile, the Meyer Diamond Edge has the same basic design as its Aggressor sibling, but is a bottom-trip plow. Both the Diamond Edge and Aggressor moldboards are readily compatible with Meyer mounting systems.

Operating a 10,000-pound vehicle with a plow attached in front is now easier and safer, thanks to Meyer's new version of its Nite Saber light system. The Nite Saber II features a four-headlamp system, advanced complex reflector design, high-output harnessing, and compatibility with The Nite Saber I.

The system has separate bulbs for both high and low beams. An advanced complex reflector design, or “Clear Optics,” allows more light energy from the headlight bulb to be used to light the road.

High-output harnessing ensures that maximum electrical energy is transmitted to headlights. The Night Saber II also has a wrap-around turn signal design.

For more information, e-mail Pete Robison at [email protected].

Fabick helps prevent being snowed under

Fabick Protective Coatings Inc, developer of the patented “poured-on” process, also offers a way for the snow removal industry to save time, money, and fuel. With its coatings product sprayed onto the face of a plow, snow literally rolls off the plow instead of just being pushed off the road. The truck needs less horsepower to move snow, which saves fuel.

Since the snow rolls off the face of the plow, snow removal operators can plow at a higher speed. They can cast the snow further off the road, helping to reduce the size and height of the snow pile and resulting in a safer roadway and shoulders. Another cost-saving factor is that the coating keeps the plow from rusting during the off-season.

E-mail Joe Fabick at [email protected] for more details.

Hopper boasts all-polyethylene construction

SnowEx, a division of TrynEx International, offers the V-Maxx 8500 bulk spreader. The company's first 2-cubic-yard capacity, V-box-style spreader features a hopper constructed entirely of heavy-duty polyethylene.

The V-Maxx 8500 features a patented multi-angle hopper combined with an inverted-V salt/sand baffle and attached vibrator that allows for continuous material flow, no matter what is being spread.

Though the hopper has 0.375-millimeter thick-wall construction, the V-Maxx is up to 40 percent lighter than similar capacity steel-built options and is easier to install or remove.

Powered by a ½-horsepower, high-torque commercial continuous-duty 12-volt electric drive system, the V-Maxx 8500 produces a 1,800 inch-pounds of torque at the auger transmission output shaft.

The independent spinner/auger controller makes SnowEx V-box-style spreaders user-friendly. This cab-mounted controller allows for both independent spinner speed and an infinitely adjustable ratio between spinner and auger. Spread width is variable between 5 and 40 feet. For more details, phone 800-725-8377.

V-plow provides twin-pivot tower design

Sno-Way's new 28V Series V-plow is 28 inches tall and comes in two standard blade widths: 8'-3" or 9'-1". In addition, the 28V model is available with steel, polycarbonate, or stainless steel blade skins that are interchangeable. This provides the commercial contractor the flexibility to change the blade sheet for specific applications or fast servicing.

This V-plow has a twin-pivot tower design. The double-hinge design provides more strength and a third rolling surface for more efficient snow removal. The blade design also has full blade trip action in either the scoop or V position and independent wing shock protection against hidden obstacles.

Other standard and optional 28V features include:

  • Sno-Way Drive-ln Mount System.

  • Direct Linkage System. This plow-to-truck connection eliminates “chain slap” commonly associated with hydraulic chain lift systems.

  • Energy Interruption System (EIS). This system eliminates replacement of lighting relays and modules.

E-mail Jess Wiinamaki at [email protected] for further details.

System facilitates mounting snowplows

The newest of Arctic Equipment Mfg's “One-Piece Removable” snowplows is the Quik-Link III. This unit was introduced in the 2005 line-up in both low- and high-mount lift frame models.

The system operates with a single handle that is spring-loaded and puts the two mounting pins in place at the same time. This device has proven much easier and quicker than putting in two manual pins as was required before. Even if the truck has not been perfectly aligned to the plow when reinstalling it, the spring arm can be released, and by nudging the truck forward, pressure from the spring arm will push the pins into place automatically.

This new system will be available on all the lift frames produced in the 2006 season as an optional add-on.

E-mail John Kidd at [email protected] for more information.

Blizzard plows can subdue Old Man Winter

The new Blizzard Power Plow can hydraulically extend its moldboard width from 8' to 10' (Model 810) or from 8'-6" to 11'-3" (Model 8611) at the flick of a switch. Use the entire blade and increase productivity by angling the leading wing forward to direct snow into the moldboard, which effectively eliminates spill-off. This plow can fully angle — to the left or right — while in the scoop position, enabling it to carry as much as 20 percent more snow.

Blizzard's new Speedwing truck-mounted multi-position plow can be installed on ¼- and one-ton pickups. It has wings that automatically default to a scoop position when plowing in the straight-blade position. When angle-plowing, the trailing wing automatically drops back in line with the main moldboard, while the leading wing retains its forward position to prevent spillover. The wings can stay mechanically fixed in a straight-blade position for back-blading.

Access for more details.

Fisher's weaponry takes on winter

Fisher Engineering is offering the new Poly-Kaster hopper spreader, a poly/electric spreader with 1.25-cubic-yard capacity that spreads sand, salt, or a sand/salt mixture. A standard top screen and two-piece poly cover serves as a spill guard to keep material out of the truck bed. The belt conveyer, driven by a ½-horsepower electric motor, delivers an even flow of material; the quick-detach spinner facilitates removal and storage.

The firm's new XtremeV V-Plow comes in 7½', 8½', and 9½' sizes in powdercoated or stainless steel. All-new hydraulics produce a 50% increase in operating speed. Double-acting cylinders for efficient back-dragging are standard equipment.

Also new from Fisher are the Intensifire halogen-illuminated plow lights. State-of-the art reflector optics provide a smooth, wide beam pattern, and a 1,500-hour, H13 headlamp bulb minimizes replacement. The lens is adhesive bonded lens to seal out water; two-stud mounting helps reduce shock and vibration.

Access for more information.

To clear snow around homes, see The Boss

Those seeking a tough, reliable snowplow to clear snow from around homes now have a second lightweight snowplow option from The Boss Snowplow: the new 7'-6" Sport-Duty snowplow for half-ton full-size trucks and SUVs.

Weighing 481 pounds, this slick poly moldboard plow is specifically built for personal use, while offering the same standard features as full-size plows from The Boss. The new plow hitches and unhitches easily with the RT3 Hitch System. It also comes standard with the firm's SmartLight package, SmartTouch 2 Control, High-Performance hydraulic package, and a two-year warranty.

Phone 906-776-3511 for further information.

Avalanche connects quickly to dump body

The Avalanche dump box salt/sand spreader from Ledex Industries connects to a dump body in about 15 minutes. Just slide it through an opening in the tailgate of your truck and lock it with a pin. Use it for salting or sanding, and quickly disconnect it to haul other material. There's no need to change an entire dump body anymore. It satisfies the need to reduce changeover time between snowfalls.

The Avalanche lets the user carry a bigger payload than with a V-Box. It costs less than a combination body because it can be installed on a dump body without conversions.

Pre-lubricated bearings do not need greasing for the first season. Components like spinner deflector shields, drive shaft covers, and fasteners are made of stainless steel. Avalanche spreaders are also easy to maintain because service points are at the rear of the unit, at arm's reach.

These spreaders are guaranteed for one full year; choose from stainless or carbon steel models and various sizes. For more details, e-mail [email protected].

Tubular-table plow proves tough enough

Henke Mfg's new Tube Table Snowplow is heavy-duty in design and construction and is suitable for high-country, rugged applications where extra durability is required.

Featuring a 5 × 5 × 3/8" tubular reversing table, this plow provides one of the toughest reversing mechanisms available. In addition, a six-spring tripping mechanism allows the moldboard to pass over roadway obstacles and automatically reset to the plowing position. A special shock-absorbing rubber block limits trip travel for added safety.

E-mail Matt Hood at [email protected] for more information.

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