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AIRman adds ACE air control assemblies

Suspension dump and fill, lift axle operation, tailgate latching, and free wheel are available from AIRman as individual control systems or as combined arrangements.

These controls can be operated manually, electrically, or by air pilot from the cab, outside on the vehicle, or all of the above. Enclosures can be outfitted with gauges, external control knobs, and automatic reset. AIRman can provide a system from its line of standard control arrangements or custom design an air control enclosure to meet a specific requirement.

ACE air control assemblies include rugged and reliable control valves. DOT-approved fittings and tubing are carefully routed for compact, space saving efficiency. Each system comes with a schematic and operating instructions.

These complete control systems comprise the assembly labor that OEMs typically have to incur while building their trailers and bodies. Now, AIRman provides a total controls package ready to mount, plug in, and operate.

Enclosures are heavy-duty and high-impact molded fiberglass with stainless steel hinges and hardware. A NEMA 4 watertight rating and a lockable clasp keep out contamination and unwanted adjustments. ACE air control enclosures eliminate corrosion concerns, and they provide an attractive appearance wherever they're mounted. Bulkhead porting is available for connection to ride bags, lift axle systems, or tailgate latching actuators. Other options include a variety of colors and observation windows.

E-mail Chad Dusseau at [email protected] for more information.

The Strongback needs no painting

Highway Products Inc introduces its latest model of The Strongback flatbed. Major features include:

  • Lighter weight for more payload, added fuel efficiency.

  • No painting, no rust. Construction-grade all-aluminum manufacturing (structural T6 extruded “C” channel side rails, ⅛" diamondplate decking).

  • 4" long sills and crossmembers on 12" centers, 3" aluminum channel head board and rear tail apron.

  • Extra LED lighting placed in headboard and rear apron for enhanced visibility and improved appearance.

  • Rope hooks every 24 inches for easy tie-down.

  • All sizes of toolboxes and removable lumber racks.

  • Optional 30,000-lb combo fifthwheel/gooseneck ball hitch.

Highway Products builds these flatbeds for GMC, Chevy, Ford, Dodge, Freightliner, International, or other brands of trucks.

For more information, visit

Fittings line reduces components needed

A new line of fittings with integrated filters for air/vacuum or liquid service applications has been introduced by Industrial Specialties Mfg Inc.

These miniature fitting/filter combinations offer the engineer an option to select one miniature fitting that also includes an inline filter, allowing the reduction of system components. These fittings come in straight, elbow, tee, or coupling configurations.

Standard products are equipped with 43-micron nylon filtration and nylon bodies. Optional materials and colors are provided.

Product literature and free samples are available upon request. For more information, e-mail [email protected].

Parker Chelsea offers Combo Valve Option

Parker Chelsea Products' Combo Valve Option enables one controller to operate both a Powershift PTO and Dump Pump.

This new design will allow the user to convert a current hydraulically shifted PTO (270/271 and 277/278 Series) to a 12-volt electric-over-hydraulic shift unit. The Combo Valve Option also can be used with an air-shiftedPowershift PTO (230/231 and 236 Series) via a special installation kit. Without the need for separate PTO and pump controls, the Combo Valve Option delivers the same in-cab look and feel of other controls regardless of whether a manual or automatic transmission is employed.

E-mail Jeff King at [email protected] for complete information.

Airtek, Softek supplied on Blue Bird buses

Hendrickson is providing Airtek integrated front air suspension and steer axle and Softek front suspension and steer axle on Blue Bird's All American Type D school bus chassis.

The company now supplies suspension systems and steer axles for Blue Bird's entire Vision Type C and All American Type D school bus platforms.

Airtek delivers superior ride, stability, and handling to the All American in an axle rating of 14,600 pounds. Its rubber suspension bushings eliminate lubrication requirements while reducing twist and flex in front spring connections.

Both Airtek and Softek feature Hendrickson's Steertek axle with a two-piece knuckle to allow kingpin maintenance without removal from the axle beam. Optimized steering geometry reduces “bump steer” and “wheel kick” over uneven terrain.

Offered on the All American in capacities of 13,200 and 14,600 pounds, Softek integrated front leaf spring suspension and steer axle system produces a stable platform with superior roll stability during cornering and in crosswinds.

Visit for more information.

Warepad can help suspension life

GSM Innovative Products Inc's Ever-Durable Warepad (EWP), a suspension accessory produced from tough polymer, ultra high molecular weight (UHMW) polyolefin, has completed its 30-month field testing.

Foster Blue Water Oil/FLT, a petroleum hauling company that participated in the test, reported 33% wear remaining on the Warepad. The OEM hanger and equalizer showed no visible wear after the Warepad was run for 30 months.

Per Dennis LaFore, Foster Blue's transportation director, and Jeff Cox, the firm's maintenance manager, said they are satisfied that the Warepad did its job of protecting the OEM hanger and equalizer and reduced noise. They were also amazed that the amount of leaf spring replacement in the same period was cut by 95%.

The Warepad can extend the life of hangers and equalizers in a truck trailer spring suspension, reduces noise, and can be installed in minutes without welding, torching, or grinding.Truck fleet owners can reduce maintenance costs, increase up-time, and improve utilization of trucks.

Access for complete information.

Utility makes Quik-Draw standard equipment

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Co has made the Hendrickson Quik-Draw pneumatic slider pin-pull system standard equipment on all reefers and dry vans, including the 3000R reefer and the 4000D-X thin wall dry van.

Triggered with a simple pull of a knob, the Quik-Draw pneumatic slider pull-pin system improves driver productivity by making it faster for drivers to move the gear. Leveraging the trailer's air system and applying continuous pressure, the Quik-Draw eliminates tugging, hammering, and jerking with manual slider pins.

E-mail Brett Olsen at [email protected] for more details.

Air Cuff Lock helps prevent truck thefts

Transport Security announces the Enforcer Air Cuff Lock #3000 for securing truck brakes. Made from high-strength Lexon material and secured with a high-security ABLOY lock cylinder, the Enforcer completely encases the air brake valves and prevents unauthorized release. These locks can be keyed alike, differently, or to a master system.

Other Transport Security products include Enforcer kingpin locks, Seal Guard locks, roll-up door locks, Air Cuff Locks, C-TPAT security seals, and the ABLOY line of padlocks.

E-mail Nick Erdmann at [email protected] for more information.

Supra 950: Big on cooling, small on noise

In its own quiet way, the Supra 950 truck refrigeration unit boasts the highest output of any truck unit made by Carrier Transicold. The new diesel-powered unit completes a two-year transformation of Carrier's single-temperature truck refrigeration line, which also includes the Supra 550, 650, 750, and 850.

David Kiefer, Carrier Transicold's product manager-Truck Products, said, “At 100° F ambient with its setpoint at 35° F, the Supra 950's cooling capacity is a huge 32,000 Btus.”

Like others in the series, the Supra 950 was acoustically engineered to significantly reduce sound output. A new, all-composite bottom panel seals against the housing, helping to buffer and redirect engine noise.

The Supra 950 unit uses a 1.1-liter CT3-69 TriVortex diesel engine and a six-cylinder compressor. Engine and compressor deliver high-capacity refrigeration while running at relatively low speeds, reducing wear and tear on the mechanical system and conserving fuel. The Supra 950 unit can be optionally equipped with an electric standby motor that helps reduce noise and eliminate exhaust emissions at the loading dock.

All Supra units are controlled by the Cab Command microprocessor with a driver-friendly in-cab digital readout.

Visit for more details.

SB dock bumpers excel in harsh situations

SB Industries has introduced a new line of rubber dock bumpers, with a majority of models in stock and available for same-day shipping.

Provided in a variety of two-hole truck trailer and specialty size options, these dock bumpers are made of high tensile, abrasion-resistant natural and reclaimed rubber compounds. They feature hardnesses of 60 to 90 duro and are designed to withstand temperatures from -60° to 180° F.

Applications include dock bumpers; bumpers for trucks, trailers, and forklifts; as well as to help protect curbs, rollers, walls, corners — any place where metal-to-surface contact is harsh and continuous. Custom-made bumpers are also available for order, either branded for a specific company use or molded into a unique shape.

E-mail Richard Arthur at [email protected] for further details.

Protective Packaging material helps guard semitractors, trailers of National Guard

The Massachusetts National Guard's Field Maintenance Shop in Framingham MA had an immediate need for secure storage and preservation for 23 diesel semitractors and 10 trailers. The unit wanted to compare humidity-controlled indoor storage with barrier-packaged outdoor storage.

A search found an answer in the Protective Packaging Corp of Carrollton TX. This company can travel nearly anywhere and work on site, preparing equipment for outdoor storage without risk of damage. The cost is a fraction of having to remove corrosion or replace damaged parts; also their proven technology and materials eliminates the hard work and expense of applying and removing preservation processes such as cosmoline or elevator grease.

Steve Hanna, president of the Texas company, traveled to Massachusetts accompanied by two of his field service technicians. From customer information and vehicle specs, they had previously determined and shipped ahead a sufficient supply of material. Each piece of equipment was enclosed within Protek 4000, a tough 9-mil-thick barrier packaging wrap and top cover each unit with a UV-resistant, reinforced nylon cover. First Sergeant Gregoire of the Framingham unit coordinated the work with the Protective Packaging team. The assignment was completed in four days.

For further technical information, e-mail Steve Hanna at [email protected].

Heil updates 7000 automated arm

Heil Environmental has updated the 7000 automated arm to increase the lift's durability and further extend its lifecycle. Additionally, Heil is making its enclosed oil bath gearbox, which is standard on the Python automated arm, available as an option for the 7000 arm to reduce maintenance.

Engineers have augmented the design of the 7000 automated arm's joint configurations by bolstering weld penetration in critical areas. Minor modifications also have been made to specific arm components to reduce stress at key locations.

Like many automated arms, the 7000 uses an open gear set to operate its grabbers. This gear set is exposed to the elements and needs regular maintenance. Many automated arm grabber gears and linkages last only about 500,000 cycles — less than two years of use — before requiring replacement. Heil's enclosed oil bath gearbox, however, encloses the gears in a protective housing and keeps them lubricated, substantially reducing grabber gear wear and maintenance.

The 7000 automated arm is available on the Formula 7000 automated side loader and the DuraPack 7000 automated side loader. Retrofit kits and replacement parts are available through Parts Central, a Heil company.

For more information, access To learn more about Parts Central, visit

Putnam provides electrical products line

Putnam Hitch Products Inc has introduced its new line of privately labeled electrical products to meet wiring needs. In the firm's 2007 pricing, the entire electrical line has been reduced. Most items come in clamshell packaging with fit information printed on the front for easy reference. All products contain comprehensive, fully illustrated installation instructions. Each is engineered and designed to industry standards using only original OEM connector assemblies.

Visit for updated information.

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