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Stone guards, splashguards from Buyers

Buyers Products Co has added stone guards designed to protect the lower front panel of utility bodies and underbody toolboxes from stone chips and road debris.

Constructed of .100"-thick polished diamondtread aluminum, the stone guards provide attractive, durable and economical protection. Available in 12" × 10" and 16" × 18" sizes, both guards include six predrilled 3/16" diameter mounting holes and 12 rivets.

The company also has added a steel splashguard kit to its mudflap product line.

Splashguards provide protection from stones, mud, and debris on dump bodies. The kit includes two heavy-duty 12-gauge 28" × 22" guards, two 2" steel tubes, and two end cap plugs. All steel parts are black powdercoated for durability and corrosion resistance. Predrilled holes provide easy installation, as the tubes weld to the hoist subframe in front of the rear wheels. No additional bracing is required.

For full details, contact Buyers Products, Mentor OH.

Construction industry: Meet the Minimizer

Spray Control Systems Inc (SCSI) introduces Minimizer poly fenders for the construction industry.

These fenders have three advantages over traditional steel and fiberglass fenders:

  • Made of molded plastic, the Minimizer won't dent like traditional fenders. The forever shape allows the dented fender to pop back to its original form. Fenders come in four standard colors: black, white, silver-gray, and red. Custom colors are available on fleet orders.

  • With total weight of 20 pounds per axle, it is significant weight saving per truck and trailer over steel, stainless, fiberglass, or aluminum fenders.

  • The Minimizer keeps rocks and water spray off loads and the back of truck cabs, eliminating the breaking of rear day cab windows and side mirrors. It keeps tiedown straps and bottoms of truck bodies free of slush and mud.

The Minimizer line has a range of mounting options from stainless steel to composite plastic brackets. Most styles can be installed in a few hours. SCSI also offers a line of custom mud flaps, poly tool boxes, and dura scrapers.

For more information, contact SCSI, Blooming Prairie MN.

Air compressor fits on most service vehicles

Scorpion Air Systems' new HD55 hydraulically driven rotary screw air compressor system produces 55 cfm and 175 psi. With 100% duty cycle, it will easily run all air tool applications.

The compact design will fit on any service vehicle with dimensions of 30" × 18" × 18" and weighs 168 pounds.

HD55's rustproof enclosure design will survive harsh weather conditions. The lightweight but durable enclosure was engineered to reduce the overall weight and allows for easy service access. Safety features are standard with all Scorpion air compressors.

Phone 250-751-2502 for more details.

Dana Spicer makes its TPCS even better

Dana Corp's Commercial Vehicle Systems group has enhanced its Dana Spicer Tire Pressure Control System (TPCS) with a new integrated Driver Display Module (DDM). In conjunction with new dash-mounted rocker switches, the DDM simplifies selection of tire pressures to maximize vehicle mobility under varying load and terrain conditions.

Provided as a factory-installed data book option, the TPCS is available on most makes and models of vocational heavy-duty trucks manufactured in North America. It has air seals built into the axles that eliminate the need for external air lines.

The newly designed driver interface supports two load modes — loaded and unloaded — and three terrain selections: highway, off-highway, and emergency. The highway mode permits high-speed travel on paved surfaces; off-highway allows for efficient operation on unpaved surfaces; while the emergency mode provides extremely low tire pressures to tackle exceptionally poor terrains and grades that might otherwise be impossible to negotiate without assistance.

The new DDM unit can display tire pressure by axle group, as well as over-speed and low tire (run-flat) operation. If the system recognizes a fault condition, the DDM will report problem areas to help bring about fast, accurate solutions. TPCS functions with a micro-processor based electronic control unit and supports industry standard diagnostic tools, including the new PC application-based Dana Diagnostic Tool (DDT). Other TPCS benefits include:

  • Elimination of more than 1,000 pounds of vehicle weight.

  • Improved vehicle stability and better accessibility to the cab that results from a 12- to 14-inch reduction of the vehicle's height.

  • Overall reductions in vehicle cost, complexity, and required maintenance.

  • Extended tire life and improved fuel economy that results from maintaining proper tire pressure.

TPCS systems are OEM-installed and thereby fully warranted. Most tandem-drive axles (40,000 to 52,000 pounds) and single-drive axles (21,000 to 26,000 pounds), as well as steer and trailer axles, may be equipped with TPCS.

For more information, contact Roadranger Marketing, Kalamazoo MI.

Products lend a hand in fires, emergencies

Havis-Shields Equipment Corp is offering these new products for the fire and emergency management system markets:

  • Striker 4000 — flush-mount, vehicle scene light available with the latest 12-volt HID technology, or 120-volt halogen option.

  • Kwik-Raze tripod design — with circular folding legs and easy-to-carry grab handle. The new design is standard on all shipments of KR-800 series poles effective June 1, 2005.

  • Silver Billet Kwik-Raze bracket design — machined from solid billet aluminum and featuring bright machined aluminum finish.

  • Halogen map light — 12" flexible gooseneck with permanent easy-to-slide red lens for red or white light.

  • Console for Ford E-Series van — designed to replace the OEM engine cover console for a custom fit and appearance.

  • Commercial cab consoles — designed to fit Freightliner, International, and Sterling vehicles.

For more details, contact Havis-Shields, Warminster PA.

Heat sensor technology integrated into MTIS

Pressure Systems International has announced the development of heat sensor technology integrated into its Meritor Automatic Tire Inflation (MTIS) system. The automatic tire inflation with heat-sensing capabilities available soon from PSI will give a significant audible as well as visual warning to the driver when heat is building up in the wheel end. This allows the fleet to schedule necessary repairs before a potential catastrophic wheel loss.

PSI also has designed a prototype for outboard drive axle automatic tire inflation installed on the company's Technology Tractor and Trailer. The firm uses its patented rotary connection to provide long-life operation. The Technology Tractor and Trailer is outfitted with wheel end computer data recorders that can give a true picture of the dynamics of tire inflation in actual road travel conditions.

For more details, contact PSI, San Antonio TX.

Micro Plastics provides Square Standoff LED Mount

Micro Plastics Inc has added the Square Standoff LED Mount to its growing line of circuit board hardware. The new LED Mount provides secure mounting of both two- and three-lead devices. Molded in nylon, this mount provides protection from heat, shock, and vibration. The symmetrical design with feet on both sides eliminates the need for specific side rotation.

The company also offers supports, insulators, posts, transistor mounts and covers, as well as many other circuit board accessories.

Free samples are available upon request. For more information, contact Micro Plastics, Flippin AR.

Drive tire delivers more miles, less noise

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co has a new medium-duty commercial drive tire that features long life and quiet performance for demanding city and regional applications.

Available in six sizes and load ranges, the Goodyear Unisteel G182 RSD tire is designed with a deep (28/32") open lug pattern for handling in wet or snowy conditions. The tire also has a graduated tie-bar on the shoulder that provides added strength and improved traction as well as reduced irregular wear.

“In city and regional fleet testing, we've found the G182 RSD delivers 12% more miles to removal compared with its predecessor,” said Steve McClellan, Goodyear's vice-president of commercial tire systems, “and thanks to G182's staggered lug design, the new tire is 10% quieter.”

As part of Goodyear's introduction, the company is offering G182 pre-cure retreads — available in early 2006 — so customers can use this tread pattern as a first retread.

For full details, contact Goodyear, Akron OH.

Super 44 LED joins Truck-Lite strobe family

Truck-Lite's release of the Super 44 LED strobe has added a second version to the current 44 family of strobes. With both red and amber versions available, the new lamp was designed with a durable synthetic rubber housing to resist corrosion.

Mounting externally to a vehicle, the lamp fastens on 5/16"-18 stud. The lamp contains a synchronized alternating feature, allowing users to select among dual, quad, and alternating dual flashing patterns by altering the way each lamp is wired. This non-metalized reflector lamp has a wide field of view, similar to standard Truck-Lite Series 44 LED lamps.

These high-intensity lamps meet SAE J845 and J1318 photometric specifications. Compared with conventional strobe heads, this lamp saves on cost and energy. The internal strobe circuit eliminates the need for an external control module or special power supply and requires only the 12-volt input.

Super 44 strobes lamps have all electronics, including diodes, sealed in epoxy to withstand road shock and vibration and prevent moisture from reaching the circuits.

For more details, contact Truck-Lite, Falconer NY.

Expandable sleeving comes in two types

Waytek's expandable sleeving, made from braided polyester yarn, is used to bundle wires and protect hoses. It is easily slipped over a wire harness or tubing by bunching it together and then stretching it to bring it back down to size. The company offers two types: standard and heavy wall. The standard is 10 mil. thick; the heavy wall is 15 mil. thick and provides extra protection against extreme abrasion. This sleeving comes in five sizes and four colors, cuts with a hot knife or scissors, and is rated to 257° F.

For more information or to request a free catalog, contact Waytek, PO Box 590/7660 Quattro Dr, Chanhassen MN 55317.

Silver Eagle selects MTIS

Silver Eagle Mfg has chosen the Meritor Tire Inflation System (MTIS) by PSI as an original equipment option for its converter dollies.

TSE makes mounting base design standard

TSE Brakes Inc is releasing a new mounting base designed to improve fatigue life in the harshest off-road environments. Incorporating changes to the mounting stud reinforcement plates and weld locations, the new HV (High Vibration) design provides superior reinforcement to the most highly stressed areas of the brake actuator.

Paul Clark, TSE's managing engineer, said “In addressing these demands, TSE has engineered a solution that will benefit all our products, so we are standardizing on the HV design across the board.”

The design has been tested extensively, racking up millions of vibration cycles at resonant frequency and g-loads of up to 50-g output, exceeding conditions normally found in the field. Patents have been applied for, and HV models will begin shipping immediately.

For more details, contact TSE, Fresno CA.

Stellar 6628 can lift three tons, reach 28 feet

Stellar Industries Inc's Model 6628 telescopic crane offers 28 feet of hydraulic reach, with a maximum lifting capacity of 6,000 pounds.

The 6628 has a 38,000-ft-lb (5.25 ton-meter) capacity and can lift a maximum of 6,000 pounds at six feet, and 1,350 pounds at the full 28 feet (1,130 kg at 8.54 meters). The 6628 crane uses a planetary winch system with a hydraulic/mechanical brake system. It has a 60 foot-per-minute (18.29 meter/minute) winch speed and a maximum hydraulic reach of 28' from the centerline of the crane. The crane has a hexagonal tube boom construction, which is standard on all Stellar cranes. Using the hexboom design provides a stronger cross section than square tubing. This design eliminates boom flex and side-to-side movement. Contact Stellar, Garner IA, for more information.

Device can store tailgates removed from pickups

Inventor David A King announces his patented invention: the Tailgate Storage Bracket. This device allows for the easy and efficient storage of tailgates that have been removed from pickup trucks.

The Tailgate Storage Bracket consists of a metal bracket system that is attachable to a tailgate, allowing it to be stored in an upright position, flat against the wall. Brackets have mounting holes for attachment to the wall and hinge pins to accept the existing hinge trunnions on the tailgate. Lugs are then used to attach the tailgate cables, while another set of lugs, or latch-plates, are used to secure the tailgate upright. Once secured on the brackets, the tailgate can operate similar to how it operates on a pickup truck. It can be secured upright or released for use as a workshop table.

A patent has been issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. King is working with The InventSAI Network LLC to market the Tailgate Storage Bracket.

For more information, phone The Development Department at 800-747-3109.

Portability gives UB1 a competitive edge

Carrier Transicold, in partnership with ITW Insulated Products, is offering the UB1 universal bulkhead. Designed to be lightweight, simple to use, and to eliminate sizing problems usually associated with conventional bulkheads, they provide maximum convenience.

UB1 bulkheads can be ordered for any size trailer and are portable. “Simplified ordering is just one aspect of why we offer the universal bulkhead. However, the real benefit is in the portability of these units from trailer to trailer, as well as helping reduce cost by no longer having to stock individual trailer bulkheads,” said Ralph Bott, general manager of Carrier's Replacement Components Group.

The universal bulkhead consists of two large two-inch-thick insulated panels that overlap to create a barrier that fits within a trailer of any common dimension. The patent-pending design is easier to operate than oversize conventional bulkheads and will provide a thermal efficient seal, even in older bowed trailers.

For more details, contact Carrier Transicold, Syracuse NY.

Great White can keep Piranha company

Peterson Manufacturing employed the latest white diode technology to design a brilliant traveling companion for its Piranha brand LED family: the new Great White LED license light for working trucks and trailers.

Introduced as the 153C Series, the new rectangular Great White has a 100,000-hour rated life and includes:

  • A super-bright, Great White diode combined with a specially designed bubble optic that produces a light pattern well above DOT specifications.

  • An epoxy-sealed circuit board with hard-wired terminals to protect the lamp from moisture and corrosion.

  • A linear weld that provides a more robust, hermetic seal.

  • Skirted weld-joints for greater protection against tough roads, weather, and chemical washes.

  • A molded three-way female PL-10 plug for easy installation or quick retrofits.

  • A universal design that fits most 150-style brackets.

For complete details, contact Peterson, Grandview MO.

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