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High-Power LED family gets three additions

Lumex has expanded its family of High-Power LEDs. Available in three different surface-mount packages and 34 product variants, these LEDs combine high levels of illumination with low power consumption. They are for use as vehicle interior lighting, animated signs, warning lights and alarms, LCD backlights, or any application where very high light output with lower power consumption of LEDs is needed.

High-Power LEDs in the LuxLEDs package come in 14 versions with emitted colors of yellow, red, blue, green, and white. Chip technology produces axial intensities as high as 24,000 lumens. The LuxLED package has a footprint of approximately 11 × 21mm (0.44" × 0.82"), and it is designed to handle a maximum power dissipation of 320 mW.

High-Power SuperFLUX LEDs in the PLCC-4 package are offered in 10 versions. They are available in yellow, green, blue, white, and orange/red. Axial light intensities range up to 25,000 mcd, with maximum total flux levels of 15 lumens. The industry-standard PLCC-4 package offers a maximum power dissipation of 120 mW.

Lumex's new AstraLEDs provide the highest intensities of all the members of the High-Power family. These 1-watt LEDs deliver a total flux level of up to 30 lumens with a power input of 350 mA. AstraLEDs are designed for use with automatic surface-mount soldering processes. They are available with two different lens shapes for maximum viewing angle and they have extended metal backplanes to allow efficient heat transfer to the PCB or other mounting surface.

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Dialight LED lighting for military vehicles

Dialight Corp has developed a series of robust, vibration- and impact-resistant LED lights for military vehicles, including transport trucks and trailers. The series includes a red rear taillight, amber front park/turn signal, red and amber 45-degree marker lights, and red and amber marker/clearance lights.

Designed specifically for military applications, the lights conform to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108 and Military Standard 1179. These lighting modules are easily retrofitted into incandescent fixtures, the red rear taillight and amber front park/turn signal being supplied with hard-wired military connectors. The lights are designed to operate within a range of 10 to 30 volts.

Besides providing all the advantages of LEDs including low power consumption, long life, and less maintenance, the new lights provide faster, safer signaling to trailing vehicles than incandescent lights. Signals come in standard military green, desert tan, and black ABS housings with hermetically sealed acrylic lenses that make them suitable for use in extreme environmental conditions.

E-mail Laura Hoffman at [email protected] for further details.

Single-diode technology for back-up lamps

Truck-Lite has introduced single-diode technology to its line of LED back-up lamps. The new 66 Series oval lamp is available with grommet and built-in flange mounts.

The firm uses its specially customized Advanced Optics Design software to provide a more homogenous-appearing light pattern, similar to an incandescent lamp. The appearance of the back-up lamp looks like a traditional incandescent lamp, making it less prone to theft but still providing all the benefits of LED technology. These include reliability, brighter whiter light, and improved resistance to shock and vibration. In most cases, the single-diode back-up lamp will never need replacement.

The 66 Series LED back-up lamp meets photometric specifications when mounted vertically and exceeds DOT requirements and SAE standards for highway lighting. This two-lamp system is ideal for body market or trailer applications. All electronics, including the diode, are sealed in epoxy to withstand road shock and vibration and prevent moisture from reaching the circuits. The lamp uses Truck-Lite's proprietary “Fit N' Forget” connection for increased corrosion resistance and carries the firm's lifetime warranty.

E-mail Jamie Lindemuth at [email protected] for further information.

Replacement lighting systems provided

The Fleetcraft line of replacement lighting systems is available from New Life Transport Parts of Grand Rapids MI.

This FMVSS 108-compliant lighting system from Fleetcraft Products includes incandescent replacement lighting for a variety of applications, including marker lights, stop/turn/tail, and license lights. Pigtails and grommets also are available.

E-mail Scott Hammon at [email protected] for complete details.

Permalite LED lamp gets a lower profile

Phillips Industries has improved the design of its Permalite LED trailer dome lamp to accommodate a fit in any trailer, dry or refrigerated. The recessed depth of the Permalite LED's impact-resistant polycarbonate housing has been reduced to just 0.73“. This allows it to be installed and used by virtually every fleet requiring interior trailer lighting, regardless of trailer type.

The Permalite LED incorporates the latest technology diodes, with whiter, longer-lasting light and less than 40% of the current draw of incandescent alternatives. Because of the unique electrical circuit incorporated in the Permalite LED, light output is identical from each and every dome fixture, regardless of the length of the trailer. Phillips LED's work well in cold temperatures.

E-mail Travis Hopkey at [email protected] for complete details.

Par worklamps above par in performance

A L Lightech Inc is providing two new LED products to the market: the Par 36 and Par 46 LED multipurpose worklamps. These lamps use A L Lightech's patented SHELL reflector technology for superior light output. Both lamps are mounted in a durable rubber housing with a galvanized multi-angle mounting bracket and 3' heavy duty cable. The Par 36 is a 4" white 19 diode 12/24-volt lamp and uses less than 0.4 amps. The Par 46 is a 5" white or amber 35 diode 12/24-volt lamp and uses less than 0.5 amps. Both series offer a five-year limited warranty.

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Roll-Rite electric kits include versatile relay

Roll-Rite has increased the versatility of the electric kit used to power its electric tarp systems, an electric kit often retrofitted to more efficiently run competitive electric tarping systems as well. A heavy-duty relay is the focus of Roll-Rite's new 10900 electric kit. With silver alloy versus copper contacts, the new heavy-duty relay offers increased resistance to corrosion and exceeds the 30-amp rating required to run Roll-Rite tarp systems.

Amp draw and voltage are inversely related — if one goes up, the other goes down. Since voltage determines the speed of the motor, drawing more amps will always slow down the speed. As speed decreases, an electric motor becomes less efficient. Roll-Rite's electric tarp system is designed to reach peak performance at a lower amp draw, and without the need for heavy and expensive high-amp wire.

E-mail Cindy Cook at [email protected] for more information.

Waytek adds limiter fuses to its line

The ANN and ANL limiter fuses are Waytek's newest additions to its line of electrical wiring products.

ANN and ANL limiter fuses are DC-rated and are an economical alternative to the Class T fuses in a non-code installation. Often used to protect charging systems in battery-operated forklifts and similar applications, these rugged, reliable fuses offer high amperage in a compact size (7/8" × 3-1/16"). ANN fuses are rated at 125 volts, for applications up to 400 amps, and ANL fuses are rated at 32 volts up to 300 amps. Waytek has other amperages available by special order. These fuses have durable glass-laminated melamine bodies and riveted construction that offers superior service life in heavy-duty applications.

Waytek also carries the molded thermoplastic base fuse holder for the ANN and ANL limiter fuses. This fuse holder is furnished with lock nuts and has two countersunk mounting holes on 1" centers for #10 flat head screws.

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