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Ratchet winch bar designed for comfort

Kinedyne Corp has developed a new ratchet winch bar that provides for safe, convenient tensioning and releasing of winch straps. It is designed to be operated from a comfortable, upright position to limit driver movement and reduce back strain.

Field-tested for safety, the bar attaches to the winch cap with a positive-locking device that prevents it from slipping from the cap holes. The ratchet device allows drivers to operate the bar without having to overextend their reach removing and repositioning the tip while tensioning the straps.

Designed to work with most trailer winches, the winch bar effectively converts those winches into ratchet winches.

E-mail Jim Calico at [email protected] for further information.

Ranger Portabolt supplies maximum security

SGM Enterprises has added Ranger Portabolt to the Ranger Lock line. This adjustable, double-door, no-shackle ABLOY hockey puck lock can be keyed alike, differently, or mastered with other ABLOY locks. It provides the maximum security combination of a no-shackle lock and hardened high carbon, solid steel bar.

A snug fit is provided with 5/8" adjustments from 6¾" to 14½" inside the gap between locking rods of two swing doors of containers and trailers. Adjustable bars for closer 5" gaps are also available. The Portabolt's solid steel housing with a hardened locking rod hook includes an angled deflector shield to minimize physical attack, and a protective casing minimizes access to the lock.

E-mail [email protected] for full details.

Kit helps manual tarp systems go electric

Users of hand-crank cable-style tarp systems can quickly and cost-effectively convert to a direct-drive electric system with the Roll-Rite TaskMaster power kit. Designed to accommodate a 1" cross shaft, the power kit can be mounted in less than four hours; no coupling or cutting is required.

Operated by an in-cab rocker switch, the kit saves time for the trailer driver, while also offering increased safety, convenience, and control. The kit can be mounted anywhere on the front cross shaft to keep the motor away from the outside of the trailer, where it could be hit and damaged.

The kit is powered by the TaskMaster, an electric gear motor that comes with a five-year non-pro-rated warranty. It works without chains or sprockets.

The gear motor installs by spacing out the pillow block bearings with 1½" square tubing (not included). Included in the kit are 85' of 6-gauge dual conductor wire; 15' of 14-gauge, three-conductor wire; and an aluminum mounting bracket. A wireless remote control is optional.

E-mail Cindy Cook at [email protected] for further information.

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