Prime Inc installing ATDynamics TrailerTails

Prime Inc, which operates one of the largest refrigerated trucking fleets in the United States, is installing fuel-saving TrailerTail aerodynamic fairings on all remaining new trailers purchased by the carrier in 2013.

A large percentage of Prime's fleet consists of independent owner-operator drivers who pay for their own fuel and who will directly benefit from the investment in fuel-efficient trailers equipped with TrailerTails from ATDynamics. After technology evaluation including independent SAE Type II J1321 testing and wind tunnel testing, Prime found that a combination of TrailerTails and trailer skirts provided the greatest fuel savings at highway speed of any commercially available fairing technology.

More than 12,000 ATDynamics TrailerTails are currently deployed in the United States with more than 50,000 expected on US highways by 2014.

Founded in 1970 by Robert Low, Prime Inc is a refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, and logistics trucking company headquartered in Springfield MO. For more information about driving opportunities at Prime Inc, visit or call 1-877-PRIME-JOB.

ATDynamics' rear-drag reduction technology, TrailerTail, was first released in 2008 and is part of a suite of products engineered to reduce fuel consumption by the freight transportation industry. Based in Hayward CA, ATDynamics is a founding member of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency. For more details, visit

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