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Premium Used Trucks formed by Mack, Volvo

Mack Trucks Inc and Volvo Trucks North America have established the Premium Used Trucks program to help their dealers capitalize on demand for quality pre-owned vehicles.

Premium Used Trucks was initiated to assist dealers in getting the stock they need to take advantage of the high demand. Fleet trade-ins are the primary source of the vehicles available through the program. About 90 days before these trucks are returned, descriptions and pricing are posted on a web site. Eligible dealers can then review this information and make purchases electronically. Initially, each dealer organization is allowed a proportionate number of vehicles. Dealers requiring more can then purchase any vehicles not secured during the initial offering period.

Each truck in the program is certified as a Premium Used Truck only after it passes an in-depth inspection. Dealers that participate in the program must meet specific requirements for trained and dedicated used truck sales personnel.

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