PPG provides Aquacron intermix tinting

PPG Commercial Coatings has introduced a compact intermix tinting system for its Aquacron line of water-based resins, enabling local PPG distributors to mix some 3,000 pre-formulated Aquacron colors at their store locations.

The Aquacron water-based intermix tinting system is designed for use with two fast-drying, easy-to-apply Aquacron topcoat technologies — MV 880 WR alkyd enamel and MV 380 WB acrylic enamel. The system includes 12 tints and three mixing bases for each of its topcoat resins — white, mid-tone, and deep. There are six bases in all, with each supplied in short-filled containers to accommodate addition of tints.

A full complement of color-matching identification tools support the new base tinting system. The Aquacron Color Chip Book offers a selection of some 2,800 color chips and is accompanied by the Aquacron Fan Deck, containing chips for 180 popular industrial colors.

For more details, visit www.ppgcommercialcoatings.com.

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