Powermax380 Cuts Faster, Lasts Longer

Hypertherm Inc's new Powermax380 portable hand plasma cutting system delivers superior metal cutting while incorporating other performance enhancements. It replaces its predecessor, the Powermax350.

Features include easy switching, dual-voltage (115/230) versatility, digital control board, and dynamic boost circuitry to compensate for low-line conditions. Power switch and gas controls have been relocated to the front of the machine.

The 27-amp, 2.43-kw Powermax380 cuts metals up through 1/4" thick (recommended capacity), 3/8" (maximum capacity), and 1/2" (severance capacity). The Powermax380 features a patented active electronic pilot-arc control circuit that helps maintain uninterrupted operation and optimum life when cutting expanded metal.

A patented “blow-back” design generates a strong pilot arc for piercing metals through rust, paint, and other coatings. Postflow cooling provides torch cooling after the cut for longer torch life and easier consumable handling. It incorporates an interrupt feature that automatically stops the postflow for rapid refiring. A new consumable storage compartment allows quick access to Hypertherm replacement parts. For complete details, contact Hypertherm, Etna Road, PO Box 5010, Hanover NH 03755.

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