Powermax1100 comes with a new torch

Hypertherm Inc has released the new RT80 torch, incorporating coaxial-assist and improved contact-start technologies designed for the Powermax1100 plasma arc cutting system. The RT80 is an 80-amp retrofit torch that will bring improved cutting performance and extended consumable life to users of the original Powermax1100.

Based on the design of the Hypertherm T80 torch for the Powermax1250 G3 Series, the RT80 torch delivers cutting speeds 24% faster than the original PAC135T torch on 3/4" mild steel. Coaxial-assist allows the RT80 to reach cut speeds up to 107% faster. It achieves consumable life 173% longer than the original Powermax1 100 torch and uses the same consumables as the Powermax1250.

The RT80 is provided in both manual and mechanized versions. Its lead assembly has Hypertherm's quick-disconnect feature that's fully compatible with the Powermax1100; existing Powermax1100 systems are easily converted. Torch and lead assembly carry a full one-year warranty.

For full details, contact Hypertherm, Etna Road, PO Box 5010, Hanover NH 03755.

TAGS: Fabrication
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