Powermax1000 G3 system on technology's cutting edge

The new Powermax1000 G3 Series portable hand plasma cutting system from Hypertherm Inc incorporates the same power-supply and torch technologies proven with the Powermax1250.

The power supply incorporates Auto-voltage input sensing that allows the operator to run on voltages from 200- to 600-volt, single- or three-phase; and CE models 230- to 400-volt, three-phase without any manual linking.

A Boost Conditioner circuit compensates for any voltage variation. Its digitally controlled inverter delivers continuously adjustable, constant-current output from 20 to 60 amps. This third-generation G3 design permits cuts over a range of metal thicknesses. Intelligent torch design employs five separate Hypertherm-patented technologies.

Powermax1000 torches — T60 and T60M — have HyLife electrodes that extend consumable life up to 10 times. Nozzle wear is reduced by Hypertherm's Dual-threshold pilot circuit. The Coaxial-assist jet design boosts cutting speed up to 20%, and patented “blow-back” technology delivers a pilot arc without high-frequency interference.

Various options are available; full warranty service covers the power supply for three years and torch for one.

Contact Hypertherm, Etna Road, PO Box 5010, Hanover NH 03755 for complete information.
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