Powerbrace builds its longest lockrod yet

Powerbrace builds its longest lockrod yet

Powerbrace longest lockrod yet

Powerbrace Corporation, manufacturer of lockrods to secure swing doors on truck trailers, recently developed the longest lockrod in its history.

Produced for Malteaurop, a malt producer, the lockrod enables Malteurop to secure a 20-foot-wide vat door that holds back 100 tons of fermenting barley. Powerbrace manufactured the 20-foot lockrod along with cams and keepers that assured a safe, efficient unloading process.

Before the lockrod was installed, two operators on either side of the gate worked together to knock out retaining pins at the same time. If one was absent, the other knocked out the pin on one side, then hurried to remove the other pin before the pressure of the grain forced the first side to swing out. The result was commonly a jammed gate that required help from maintenance personnel to reset.

Using Powerbrace's lockrod, the release was simultaneous on both sides, allowing one operator to release the gate while standing safely off to the side.

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