Plexus Metal Bonder adhesives designed for optimum performance

New Plexus Metal Bonder adhesives provide a combination of high-strength fatigue endurance, impact resistance, and toughness on metals and other substrates including stainless steel, aluminum, thermoplastics, and composites.

These two-part methacrylate adhesives are non-sagging gels specifically engineered for performance in metal bonding applications such as bus and coach, RV, marine, heavy truck, trailer, and specialty vehicle manufacturing.

Metal Bonder adhesives require no primers and little or no surface preparation on most substrates. They are available with or without 12-mil solid glass bead spacers (for bond gap thickness control) and come packaged in ready-to-use cartridges, pails, and drums. They can be applied in bulk using Plexus FusionMate or other meter-mix dispensing systems.

Plexus MA830 has a working time of four to six minutes and a fixture time of 20-25 minutes. It cures at room temperature to a tensile strength of 3,200-3,800 psi (ASTM D638).

MA832 has a working time of about 14 minutes and a fixture time of approximately 55 minutes. It cures at room temperature to a tensile strength of 3,500-4,000 psi (ASTM D638).

Telephone 978-777-1100 or toll-free 1-800-851-6692, e-mail [email protected], or visit for more information.

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