Phillips Sta-Dry S7 improves connections

Phillips Industries recently introduced its Sta-Dry S7, an electrical socket that will upgrade and improve the connection between the tractor and trailer.

When a truck/trailer combination is required to move in tandem into a tight space, creating a severe angle between them, the chance of expensive and time-consuming damage to air and electrical cables, nosebox, connectors, and gladhands is higher. Simply increasing cable length to account for this not a good option. Each added foot of cable adds cost, plus a sagging cable will rub on the deckplate causing damage and drawing attention with penalty points from CSA inspectors.

The answer is the Sta-Dry S7, a swivel electrical socket that will allow the cable to follow the movement of the truck. It will accommodate a turn up to 80 degrees (40 degrees left or 40 right) and will automatically disconnect if the turn should exceed that angle. Common damages associated with a jackknife pullout are averted, and the electrical cable can simply be reconnected.

Other features of the Sta-Dry S7 include:

  • When combined with swivel gladhands such as the Phillips Swinger gladhand, all air and electrical lines are safe.

  • The shroud protects the swivel from icing.

  • The patented QCS2 is waterproof, stopping corrosion from entering the electrical system.

  • The Sta-Dry S7 allows the driver to plug the cable in and take it out using his right hand.

  • Multiple wire and cable entry from bottom.

  • Three-year warranty.

Visit to learn more.

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