PHIL licenses its water tank technology to Trinity Mining & Construction Equipment

Philippi-Hagenbuch Inc (PHIL) and Trinity Mining & Construction Equipment Inc announce the licensing of PHIL water tank technology to Trinity Mining & Construction Equipment Inc of San Antonio TX. Through this agreement, Trinity Mining has the ability to sell and manufacture Trinity-branded water tanks based on PHIL designs and technology.

Through patented and patent-pending innovations, the PHIL design has substantially minimized internal tank confined space concerns while making the water tanks easier to maintain throughout their lifecycle.

The addition of access doors allowing easy and unencumbered access from outside the tank to within its compartments is also an industry first. PHIL patented the use of doors that close within water tanks, allowing people and natural air to move freely within the tanks without needing to crawl through holes when the doors are open. This enhanced access to individual compartments has decreased harmful anaerobic bacteria from building within water tanks as fresh air can flow freely from the outside throughout all compartments when open. While in transport mode, all doors are closed, compartmentalizing water to eliminate water surges between compartments, while still allowing water to flow as needed.

Through this agreement, PHIL will continue to design and engineer the water tanks and offer them through the Trinity Mining organization, which will sell and manufacture Trinity branded water tanks tailored to customer requests. HiVol-branded water tanks will continue to be engineered, sold, and manufactured by PHIL.

Trinity water tanks will assist the firm in offering a more complete approach to haul truck systems for customers in mining and other industries. Sizes and capacities of tanks range from 8,000 gallons for 30-ton ADTs up through 80,000 gallons in capacity for 380-ton rigid-frame haul trucks.

For more information on this partnership, contact Josh Swank at Philippi-Hagenbuch at 309-697-9200 or Nick Verska at Trinity Mining at 210-304-7934.

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