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Peterson bolsters interior, dome lights

Several new models of white LED interior and dome lights are the latest additions to Peterson's safety lighting line.

  • Model 361 — Clear 4" round LED interior light with six diodes, polished, stainless steel housing, and removable frosted lens for mounting; two-wire

  • Model 366 — Clear 5.5" × 3" rectangular LED dome or interior light with 24 diodes and white plastic housing that mounts on 4-11/16" centers; two-wire

  • Model 369S — Clear 12" swivel LED interior rail light with 24 diodes, on-off switch, and white plastic housing; two-wire

  • Model 379S — Clear 5.5" round LED dome light with 30 diodes, on-off switch, white plastic housing, and removable white plastic lens for mounting; two-wire

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Circle #202 on Reader Service Card

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