Peterbilt honors its leading dealers

Glenn Larson, dealer principal of Peterbilt of Joplin, was recently named the 2006 Peterbilt Dealer of the Year.

Larson is celebrating his 20th anniversary as a Peterbilt dealer this year. The Larsons own and operate seven full-service Peterbilt dealerships in Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri.

Larson won Peterbilt Dealer of the Year in 1998 for the Peterbilt of Joplin dealership, as well as in 1995 and 2003 for the Mid-America Peterbilt (O'Fallon MO) dealership.

Peterbilt also announced the dealer recipients of its 2006 Best in Class awards:

  • Don and Terry Pasiuk, Peterbilt Pacific, Abbotsford, British Columbia

  • Eric and Blake Jackson, Peterbilt of Utah, Salt Lake City

  • Marvin and Rusty Rush, Rush Peterbilt Truck Center, Houston TX

  • Ed and Eddy Stahl, Stahl Peterbilt, Edmonton, Alberta

Additionally, Peterbilt announced winners of several annual category awards:

  • Marvin and Rusty Rush, Rush Peterbilt Truck Center, Dallas TX, received the Peterbilt Red Oval Dealer of the Year award for the top-performing pre-owned truck program.

  • John Arscott, Peterbilt of Baltimore, received the Peterbilt TruckCare Dealer of the Year award for aftermarket services.

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